「Featured Post」~13 years after…Princess Princess still Japan’s greatest female band~.

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During the last two days I’ve been re~upping and editing in the 64 mp3’s and 12 video clips which were lost in my move when Vox closed….and in tribute to Puri~Puri and in hopes to reinvigorate this posting and with a beloved~* Princess Princess collectible on it’s way to finding a new loving home through a collective effort with International Wota for aid to Japan♥ this single post from my Vox~days I’ve been really wanting to revive to help gain interest =). There were a few bumps though in reproducing this post faithfully that seem to be Vox to WP related in differences in format but all music files and clips are now here again.

(originally posted on July 19th, 2009)…now with new new media content.

~For the most accomplished of bands a thorough excursion through their bodies of work is necessary to fully understand & appreciate their accomplishments….for theirs’ is a tapestry on which rare greatness has gone full circle~.

A very big and special thank you to zdorama!…for without his expertise and love of sharing the very best in music, none of this would be possible. ^ ^

It’s also notable to mention that my fandom of Princess Princess arose and grew just a few years ago in 2005….roughly about 9 years after they had already broken up. Often times I find myself backtracking to find out more about artists/groups with the foremost obstacle being able to acquire their original releases which are usually long out of print…..such was the case with Princess Princess as the only album that I had purchased in “real time” (near its release date) was their final studio album titled “The Last Princess.” So it took months to acquire everything else but over time with a lot of patience and lots of money spent!! XD mostly on Yahoo! Japan Auctions I was able to acquire all of their original album and single releases with the exception of one compilation album (whose tracks appear elsewhere) and their original first three singles which were released on 45 vinyl format (also available elsewhere as album tracks and later as newly remastered CD singles in their singles box set)~. It seems that I’m quite often becoming a fan of artists/groups long after their last release had hit the shelves……….but the journey can be just as or sometimes even more rewarding (with a *friends* help!) versus discovering them while still together as was the case with Princess Princess for me~. ^ ^

This listing is a bit too inclusive of the key words “Princess Princes” but a few of their releases which are still in print can be found within these listings at Cdjapan.

These listings at YesAsia are much the same with lots of unrelated releases but quite a few Princess Princess releases can also be found here at YesAsia.

Originally formed through auditions and for 13 years…Okui Kaori, Nakayama Kanako, Watanabe Atsuko, Konno Tomoko & Tomita Kyoko would remain a solid core without any member transitions. In 1983 they would debut under the group name “Akasaka Komachi” until later in 1986 with a new musical/image direction a change to the name “Princess Princess” (often said “Puri Puri”) would be made producing record sales figures which include over 8.5 million in single unit sales as well as nearly 11.5 million in album unit sales~.

Princess Princess are…
Okui Kaori- Lead vocals, guitar
Birthdate- 2/17/67

Watanabe Atsuko- bass, backup vocals (band leader)
Birthdate- 10/26/64

Nakayama Kanako- lead guitar, backup vocals
Birthdate- 11/2/64

Tomita Kyoko- drums, backup vocals
Birthdate- 6/2/65

Konno Tomoko- keyboards, backup vocals
Birthdate- 7/15/65

From rock to flamenco…calypso to country…jazz to blues…funk to new wave…pop to reggae and just about every musical form in between Puri Puri has done it all~. Not a group that’s easily categorized Puri Puri’s musical prowess was a direct benificiary of their no nonesense musicianship where each member fully held their own right down to Tomita Kyoko’s often complex drumming which male drummers have absolutely nothing on~. In addition the presence of intricate vocal harmonies….the thickest of guitar licks….heartfelt and often classically influenced piano riffs….as well as solid and deeply binding basslines, in all most impressive ingredients which combined for the perfect group chemistry lending to some of the most celebrated and memorable compositions in which Japan’s musical landscape has beared witness to all time~.

Even throughout the 80’s much of anything involving female artists were still very much “packaged”, produced as well as written by others…..and it is here where Puri Puri would set out to create change and even if unknowingly at the time, they would break through that mode of pop culture and stereotypes in Japan unleashing a fury of successful hits and tours all the while performing their own instruments as well as composing their own material in entirety.

A large part of Puri Puri’s musical diversity can be attributed to how each and every member would contribute by composing both lyrics & music and while some members were far more dominant in one field over the other the overall balance as noted below is quite amazing for any band setting~.

Okui Kaori- Lyrics: 8 compositions/ Music: 68 compositions
Nakayama Kanako- Lyrics: 40 compositions/ Music: 16 compositions
Tomita Kyoko- Lyrics: 33 compositions/ Music: 1 composition
Konno Tomoko- Lyrics: 19 compositions/ Music: 13 compositions
Watanabe Atsuko- Lyrics: 10 compositions/ Music: 6 compositions


After more than 13 years together the group bubble had inevitably reached its bursting point. Underlying reasons for Puri Puri’s breakup, some spoken….were along the lines of growing musical differences within the group and a mutual *wish* to keep from hurting their friendships which would lead to the freedom to pursue solo works~.

Unlike most band/group breakups which often times occur in the form of orchestrated press conference, Puri Puri would deliver those words in dramatic fashion as Okui Kaori would announce to what I can only imagine must have been a most stunned audience….the news of their impending breakup on live television via Music Station~. A final tour would be in place……a chance for their widespread fans to capture one last glimpse….a lasting memory as Puri Puri hit all major cities within Japan in one of the most anticipated and celebrated tours the country has seen….bittersweet, bittersweet♥.

Their final tour would be documented within their “Platinum Days” releases which would also document Puri Puri from their very beginnings leading through a journey which would ultimately culminate in visions of their final concert call…..preluding perfectly into their “The Last Live” release~. The two part series “The Platinum Days- The Greatest Princess” 1 & 2 is by far one of the most completely immersing and comprehensive band documentaries that I’ve ever watched. From their first meetings to composing to shopping to dining to late night activities to fan events to their very waking hours, sleeping hours to in studio footage, concert footage to just about anything imaginable in between….”The Platinum Days” delivers~. =) It’s really like being there and for a span of just over four hours you really get a sense of realism of what a bands’ life is really like….inside and out it’s all here, the ultimate fan experience and education~.

~~~~~~~~~Recommended tracks~~~~~~~~~

Fly Baby Fly

Papa (w/ English translation)
Romance (w/ English translation)
Melody Melody
The Summer Vacation
Tomodachi no mama
Minato no mieru oka
The Last Moment
Sekai de ichiban atsui natsu
Pilot ni naritakute
Yuuhi ga yonde iru
Seven Years After
Highway Star
Natsu no owari
Namae no nai machi
19 Growning up-ode to my buddy-
Bye Bye
Guitar Man
Futari ga owaru toki
Rock Me
Sayonara Darling
Stay There
Go Away Boy
Oh Yeah!
I Love You
Rollin’ on the corner
Get Crazy!

(…..just to name a few XD)!!


Puri Puri’s first three singles were released as 45 vinyl singles…..luckily they were included in their commemorative complete singles box set which at a price tag of 15,000 yen is quite an amazing bargain considering the body of works you’ll receive! All tracks are also remastered and come separately packaged in standard sized single jewel cases all housed in a very sturdy box~. When  lined up in order of release date cumulatively the singles’ spines recreate the outer image of the housing box~.

In addition to their complete singles box Sony Music also released a complete album collection (“10 Years After Princess Princess Premium Box 19,000 yen) and this set also includes two DVDs containing….their live at Budoukan in 1994 as well as their last live concert….also everything is digitally remastered. And finally the long anticipated release of their visual collections would finally see DVD quality with remastering throughout as Puri Puri would release “Princess Princess The Box The Platinum Days” (17,800 yen) which includes their previous LD releases…”Princess Princes Panic Tour (Here We Are)”, “Let’s Get Crazy Live at Budoukan”, “Dolls in Las Vegas”, “Video Clips Complete Edition”, “Princess Princess at Budoukan 1994”, “The Platinum Days-1 The Greatest Princess”, “The Platinum Days-2 The Greatest Princess”, and “The Last Live” which is contained on two DVDs~.

Although now outdated these original DVD releases will forever remain *precious*~. ^ ^

Note: only a few selected singles have their coupling with tracks included below…..I really wanted to include them all but this post was taking me waaaaaay too long to finish~. XD

(click on images to enlarge)

Released 4/22/87
~Princess Princess “Koi wa balance” mp3~
Released 7/16/87
~Princess Princess “Sekai de ichiban atsui natsu” mp3~
Released 11/21/87
~Princess Princess “My Will” mp3~
Released 2/26/88
~Princess Princess “19 GROWING UP- ode to my buddy-” mp3~
Released 5/21/88
~Princess Princess “GO AWAY BOY” mp3~
Released 10/21/88
~Princess Princess “GET CRAZY!” mp3~
Released 4/21/89
~Princess Princess “DIAMONDS (ダイアモンド) mp3~

Where it all began for me….my very first favorite♥ Puri Puri song~ and truly one of the catchiest J-Pop songs ever written!! Coupling with….

~Princess Princess “M”mp3~

…amazing song! I could probably say that about so many here so I’ll just keep quiet! XD

Released 7/1/89

Reissue of their classic single only this time there’s an alternate, latter version included~.

Released 4/21/90
~Princess Princess “OH YEAH!” mp3~

Coupling with…..

~Princess Princess “Pa pa” mp3~

To this day one of the most heartfelt and beautiful ballads ever written~♥.


Papa ni awasetai hito ga iru no
totemo yasashikute watashi no koto aishitekureteru no
papa mo nanto naku kizuiteta deshou
dou ka okorazu ni saigo made hanashi wo kiite
mmm…zutto kakushitete, mmm…gomen nasai

I want papa to see a person
He is very kind and loves me
papa, you probably already knew it, didn’t you?
Please don’t get angry and listen to me
I am sorry that I didn’t tell you until now

doushitemo kiridasenakute

by all means, I couldn’t bring up the subject

ano ne, ano hito papa ni dokoka niteru no
senaka mo futoshita shigusa mo

well, he looks a little like you, papa
his back, and his gestures

ano ne, papa mo ano hito kini iru hazu yo

Well, papa, you will be pleased with him

watashitachi aishiatteru no

we love each other

watashi ga umareta hi no shashin ni wa
narenai te tsuki de watashi wo daku papa no egao

In the picture taken of me when I was born
with inexperienced hands embracing me, papa’s smilng face

mmm…papa no waishatsu, mmm…tabako no kaori
itsudatte omoidasu no

papa’s white shirt, the fragrance of his cigarettes
I always recall it

ano ne shikarareta yo ne, asakaerishite
ano toki no papa no namida no

Well, I was scolded when I went back home in the morning
papa also shed tears at the time

ano ne, ima goro watashi wakaru ki ga suru

well, I feel now I understand

papa no ko ni umarete yokatta

It was good to have been born papa’s child

mmm…papa no kawari ni, mmm…watashi no koto wo
ano hito ga mamottekureru no
ano ne, watashi nandaka mama ni nite kita
ima wa mou sore ga ureshii no

He will take care of me on behalf of you, papa
Well, I have become a little like mama
As for now, I am glad to know it

ano ne, papa mo ano hito kini iru hazu yo

Well, papa, you will be pleased with him

watashitachi aishiatteru no

Because we love each other

(translation by R.Tang)

Released 11/21/90
~Princess Princess “Julian” mp3~

Coupling with…..

~Princess Princess “ROCK ME” mp3~

……”ROCK ME”…..amazing double a-side!!

Released 5/10/91
~Princess Princess “KISS” mp3~
~Princess Princess “KISS” music video~
Released 10/25/91
~Princess Princess “SEVEN YEARS AFTER” mp3~

Coupling with……

~Princess Princess ”I LOVE YOU~窓辺にて~” mp3~

….”I LOVE YOU”….two distincly different versions of this song were recorded~. The pvs animation is mesmerizing. =)

Released 2/5/92
Princess Princess “Jungle Princess” mp3~

Coupling with…..

~Princess Princess “Sora yori umi yori (Puri Puri Samba ’91)” mp3~

….”Sora yori Taiyou yori (Puri Puri samba 91)”…further shows their diversity!

Released 5/21/92
~Princess Princess “Pilot ni naritakute” mp3~
Released 12/2/92
~Princess Princess “POWER” MP3~

An amazing double a-side release!!!

~Princess Princess “REGRET” mp3~

Released 5/3/93
~Princess Princess “Dakara Honey” mp3~

Coupling with…..

~Princess Princess “Tokimeku koro wo sugitemo” mp3~

Released 10/1/93

A re-issued sort of single featuring the ’92 mix of “Sekai de ichiban atsui natsu.” =)

Released 11/10/93
~Princess Princess “Futari ga owaru toki” mp3~

Beautiful jazzy track coupling with…..

~Princess Princess “Sayonara Darlin’ mp3~

~Princess Princess “Sayonara Darling” music video~
Released 5/1/94
~Princess Princess “THE SUMMER VACATION” mp3~
~Princess Princess “THE SUMMER VACATION” music video~
Released 2/10/95
~Princess Princess “Birthday Song” mp3~
Released 10/21/95
~Princess Princess “Fly Baby Fly” mp3~
~Princess Princess “Fly Baby Fly” from The Platinum Days 2~
Released 2/1/96
~Princess Princess “Natsu no owari” mp3~
~The albums~

As aforementioned Sony Music released a commemorative 10th anniversary complete album collection which included two concert DVDs….Budoukan 1994 & “The Last Live”…..all digitally remastered~. =) Well worth the 19,000 yen price!! Concerts in 5.1 surround…just so worth it! =)

I was able to bid on and find a few first pressings from Puri Puri’s album collection….including the gatefold style ”
Let’s Get Crazy”, the binder style “Lovers”, a most amusing spinwheel style “Bee-Beep”, Puri Puri “Presents” box, and Puri Puri’s “Daizenshuu The Complete Songs of Princess Princess box set collection~.

I’ve selected just a few tracks from each album…….hmm no doubt I’m playing favorites♥ here ne~! (。ーωー。) ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪~

Released on 5/21/86

1. Kiss De Crime

~Princess Princess “Shoujo Amazoness” mp3~

3. AB/AC
4. Tokyo Kanojo
5. Yasashii satsui
6. Kuchizukewa ohayameni

Released on 5/21/87

1. Girl’s Night
2. Koi wa balance
3. Iwanaide

~Princess Princess “So long dreamer” mp3~

5. Omoide no sukima

~Princess Princess “You are my starship”mp3~

7. Umi ni hitoshizuku
8. Hypnotized

~Princess Princess “Motion Emotion” mp3~

10. Your Vibration

Released on 2/26/88


~Princess Princess “19 GROWING UP- ode to my buddy- mp3~

2. Wonder Castle

~Princess Princess “MY WILL” mp3~

4. Flame
5. Keep on Lovin’ You

~Princess Princess “GO AWAY BOY” mp3~


~Princess Princess “She” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Romancin’ Blue” mp3~

9. Joudan janai
10. Koi no pending

Released on 11/21/88


~Princess Princess “GET CRAZY!” mp3~

2. Sorenari ni iihito

~Princess Princess “STAY THERE” mp3~

4. Love and Blood

~Princess Princess “Hecchara” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Yuuhi ga yondeiru” mp3~

7. Hitomi dake mitsumenai
8. Hitorijime
9. Street Woman

~Princess Princess “M” mp3~

11. Heart Stompin’ Music

Released on 11/17/90

1. Moonlight Story

~Princess Princess “Tomodachi no mama” mp3~


~Princess Princess “DING DONG” mp3~

4. Rain

~Princess Princess “Koi ni ochitara” mp3

6. Spies in Love
7. Shake If Off

~Princess Princess “Papa” mp3~
(English translation for “Papa” is above in singles listing)

9. Kaisoku to watashi

~Princess Princess “Parade shiyouyo” mp3~
Released on 12/21/91

In some ways…..their “Sgt. Peppers” album~.


~Princess Princess “ROCK ME” mp3


~Princess Princess “Tinker Bell” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Typhoon no uta” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Julian” mp3~

6. Rollin’ On The Corner
7.Sabitsuki Blues
8.Tsukiyo no dekigoto

~Princess Princess “THE LAST MOMENT” mp3~


~Princess Princess “HIGHWAY STAR” mp3~


~Princess Princess “One” mp3~

These last few tracks…..simply amazing!! On any given day any one of these could be favorites♥~.

Released on 12/7/91


~Princess Princess “Dear” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Namae no nai machi” mp3~

Some tracks here have a wonderfully “Bon Jovi” sound to them~. ♥


~Princess Princess “Jungle Princess” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Sora yori umi yori (Puri Puri Samba ’91)” mp3~

5. Sabaku no taiyou
6. Joker to 100 hito no mouja

~Princess Princess “SEVEN YEARS AFTER” mp3~

8. Summer Madness
9. Come Back

~Princess Princess “Romance” mp3~

♥~~~~!!!!! this song!!!! ♥


Mayo naka no warui yokan
tameiki ga tsumoru heya de
Bad premonitions at the dead of midnight
sighs accumulating in the room
hitori de tokei ni shibarare
anata wo matsu yoru
kieru tokimeki no ato ni
kakureru nanika ni obieteru zutto
hiza wo daite hitomi tojita

Being bound alone by time,
the night I am waiting for you
I was always afraid of something hidden
but this feeling is disappearing
I sit moodily silent

ima wa omoidasenai kimochi no
naka ni ano koro no futari ga iru
marude eiga de mita romansu no you ni

Now I can’t recall the emotions that was the romance
between 2 people like I saaw in the movies

dakedo anata wo nakushitakunai
nanimo tashi kana mono wa nai kedo
tabun anata ga soba ni iru dake de ii

However I don’t want to lose you
I don’t have anything certain
perhaps it is good if only you were beside me

kutsu oto ni mimi wo sumasu
surechigau yume to kotoba

Straining to hear footsteps
dreams and words passes by each other

kono mama kimochi ga hanarete
owaru kamo shirenai
nagai tsuki hi no kotae ga
wakare janai you ni itoshisayo sotto
fuyu wo koete umare kaware

Our feelings are leaving as they are
it may come to an end
the answer to long nights and days
is not to be separated
reincarnate those loving feelings through winter

itsumo sugao wo mireba owari no
koi wo kurikaeshita dake datta
kitto dareka ni tadori tsuku hi no tame ni

Whenever I see my face without makeup
I relive that lost love
surely, for the sake of the day when I find my way to someone

zutto anata wo nakushitakunai
konya kizuita you na ki ga suru
tabun anata ga soba ni iru dake de ii, aa, soba ni ite

I don’t want to lose you ever
tonight, I feel that I became aware of that,
perhaps it is good if only you were beside me, aaaah, please be with me

itsumo sugao wo mireba owari no
koi wo kurikaeshita dake datta
kitto anata ni tadori tsuku hi no tame ni, aa, anata ni kitto

I relive that lost love
surely, for the sake of the day when I find my way to you,
aaaah, to you, surely…

(translation by R.Tang)


~Princess Princess “I LOVE YOU” mp3~

Alternate version of “I LOVE YOU” to the single version~.

Released on 7/15/92

Puri Puri’s 1992 compilation album includes in addition to previously available past hits….an instrumental track “The Private Fanfare” as well as an all new song “Hareta hi ni” which embodies beautiful harmonies~.

~Princess Princess “Hareta hi ni” mp3~

Released on 1/21/93


~Princess Princess “GUITAR MAN” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Melody Melody” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Kareshi ga hoshii” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Bee-Beep”mp3~

5. Uchi ni kaerou

~Princess Princess “REGRET” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Minato no mieru oka” mp3~

All outstanding tracks!!! but I have a personal attachment to this one! (above!) ^ ^


~Princess Princess “POWER” mp3~

10. Wedding
11. Sweet Valentine
12. Voice

Released on 12/22/93


~Princess Princess “Kizuato” mp3~

2. Bird’s-Eye View

~Princess Princess “Sayonara darlin'” mp3

4. Glass Heaven

~Princess Princess “Futari ga owaru toki” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Koi suru champion” mp3~

Kyonchan takes charge!!! ^ ^

7.Oh! Monkey Woman

~Princess Princess “Kaze ga fuitara” mp3~


~Princess Princess “Soreja ne” mp3~

10. Kataomoi

Released on 9/1/94

Compilation album released on September 1st, 1994~.

Released on 12/13/95


~Princess Princess “Bye Bye” mp3~

2. Propose
3. Nagisa wa namida no paradise
4. Garakuta wo fuki tobase
5. Hello!

~Princess Princess “Himawari to cardigan” mp3~
7. Koi wa cantare
~Princess Princess “Jyunai” mp3~
~Princess Princess “Maware! Merry~Go~Round” mp3~
~Princess Princess “Fly Baby Fly” mp3~
Released on 12/9/96

“The Last Live” mirrors the live DVD release with two discs and 17 tracks. Originally released on December 1st, 1996 the special packaging is in a binder format~.

Released on 6/1/96

On June 1st 1996 Sony Music released an all inclusive LE serial numbered box set which includes Puri Puris complete audio discography comprised of 120 songs (including alternate versions~). This release includes a binder with 7 discs total w/ booklet and comes housed in a special slip case with imprinted designs~.

Sony Magazines published a comprehensive hard cover book titled “Heavenly Days” which covers the history, live dates and discography of Puri Puri from 1987-1996~.

Shinko Music also published a memoir styled hard cover edition titled “Hello, Good-Bye” which covers Puri Puri’s career from 1986-1996~.

~Live performances and music videos~

These selected performances andclips truly speak for themselves~….so I’m going to shut up already! (人∀`*) Enjoy! ^ ^

~Princess Princess “Diamonds <ダイヤモンド>” (The Last Live)~

~Princess Princess “GUITAR MAN” (The Last Live)

~Princess Princess “GET CRAZY” (The Last Live)

~Princess Princess “Julian” (The Last Live)

~Princess Princess “Melody Melody” (live at Budoukan 1994)

~Princess Princess “SEVEN YEARS AFTER” (The Last Live)~

~Princess Princess “19 Growing Up” (music video)~

Perhaps one of the most *emotional* entrances to any song performance……..as a lifetime’s worth of memories hit upon a single ~tune~. When Kaori says Princess Princess in the past tense it’s really one of the most heartbreaking moments in music…..even years later I still get emotional watching their final concert and so much of my emotions are torn up in this single space in time~. Princess Princess’ music though will always live on in fan’s hearts and minds….Puri Puri ~forever~♥~. ^ 

No cap, no comment…no gesture can truly define these emotions……

..they’re once in a lifetime..


♥~Princess Princess “Fly Baby Fly” (The last Live)~♥

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  1. LazyMan1 says:

    Well first off wow what a post it was a long one how long did it take you? lol anyway this is a band i have heard of but really never heard there music played by them it seems all the music i heard by them were covered by other artists which happens a lot in the j-pop world usually means you were well liked by your peers. I have to say they are very talented and very gorgeous and it makes me wish i could of caught them when they were still around. With a career as long as them im sure they have a big back log of music so this may take some time and alot of money to get. I have always liked there music even though i only heard cover versions of them. Even though they had a long career it gets you thinking that you should never take it for granted that they will always be around and you look at the groups we like today someday they to will call it quits and its a saddening thought but with a mind set like knowing they will call it quits oneday will allow you to cherish the time with them now even more ne~.


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    Huge post MB 🙂 To me it feels like you just had to be there to feel it. Obviously you felt it. That make you like a veteran of the scene ^ ^


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    diamond…. I randomly clicked on it and said to myself 'dang… this sound familiar….where have I heard this before???'
    High King sings it on that huge cover cd that just came out.
    I agree. this is awfully catchy.
    @lazyman1: you're right about cherishing our current favs now, because they won't last forever. I often wish I had found out about Hello! Project when they first came on the scene, but at least they're still functioning and growing, you know? I want to try to appreciate them more.


  6. A~h!!! that was so my inspiration for finally posting about Puri Puri! (*´∀`*) I've been meaning to post about them for awhile but when H!P's "Chanpuru 1" album arrived a few days ago I just knew that I couldn't wait any longer. XD It's the very first track too!!!….and they also perform a great Kome Kome song too~! "Kimi ga iru dake de." I'm planning to post H!P's cover album up soon and I really wanted to have a reference post first before doing so……..lol this post took so long to finish~. XD I'm happy that you love "Diamonds" too! ^ ^


  7. Hmmm…..lol it took me quite awhile to finish! 😛 I think maybe about 15 hours or so over two days~. (。ーωー。) That's such a great point as truly beloved groups do tend to have numerous cover versions done over the years…..The Beatles♥ probably the best example! =) No doubt that Puri Puri's influence stretches long and far and they really broke down so many walls for female artists in Japan….and along the way left us with so many awesome songs!!! I too became a fan after they had already broken up and it's happened to me quite a few times it seems. It was quite a journey acquiring their releases as just about all of their original releases are out of print for some time now but there was some fun in finding them one at a time…..the auctions though were quite costly!!! 😮 Still I love owning the original releases……luckily now their entire discography in singles, albums and DVDs can be obtained by purchasing just three of their *beautifully* put together box sets~. They are a bit pricey but sooooo worth it I think!!!! Very well said!…..we must cherish all artists ne~♥. o(*´∀`)o゛ Puri Puri's music♪♪ will always live on. ^ ^


  8. Awww it took me so long to post this but I really wanted to include so much as Puri Puri truly can't be appreciated without a most thorough listening and experience. Hopefully this will introduce them to more future fans and I hope the endearment can continue always~. They composed so many amazing songs♪♪~…..I did a bit of late editing to this post as I wanted to include both recommended tracks to start ones' listening experience with as well as a better explanation of how I came to ♥ their music and comraderie so much~. LOL no doubt I needed to backtrack to get to know them and it's really one of the more special musical journeys that I've been able to experience over the years….Puri Puri is very very *dear* to me. ♥ Often times to fnd out where we are now, we need to look to and better understand the past~. But really Puri Puri's latter releases are in no way dated in sound as their diversity has really stood the tests of time I think. ^ ^ I hope you'll give a few of the newly added recommended tracks that I edited in today as I think you could really love these songs and embrace them too. o(*´∀`)o゛ ♥


    • Michael West says:

      Thankyou so much for posting all this. My name is Michael and I’m from Australia. I discovered Princess Princess by pure chance while surfing youtube videos six months ago. I happened accross the music video for ‘Go Away Boy’ and thought it was the coolest thing I’d seen in a long time. I became a fan of Princess Princess and Kanako in particular straight away. I’ve managed to buy all thier cd’s and the solo cd’s by Kanako and Kaori on ebay. I don’t own any of the dvd’s yet as I’m desperately trying to find that 9 disc DVD box set but I can’t find anywhere I can buy it. One thing that bothers me is that although I love the music I really don’t know anything more about them. Being a big fan I’d like to know everything so thanks for writing this as I have gained a little more insight.


  9. Awwww….I think they're adorable♥! And especially when you watch the complete two disc documentary "The Platinum Days-The Greatest Princess-" as you'll really get to know their *personalities* so much and in the most endearing and candid ways too! So much unexpected footage in these documentaries along with their music♪♪~ and so much to love~. Puri Puri accomplished and did so much for female musicians/bands/artists in Japan breaking down so many stereotypes and their everlasting legacy inspires the next generations of female talents in Japan as tributes and noteworthy artists of today have shown in both their recollections…discovery and appreciation of their music~. ^ ^


  10. Craig says:



  11. Hi Craig! I'm not sure how much into the rock sound you are but there's some really amazing songs in their collection~. Oh and I just added a couple of translations to the songs "Papa" (really sweet lyrics and I think you'll like this one!) and "Romance." At the top of recommendations would also be "Diamonds", "One", "The Summer Vacation", "Julian" and "Tomodachi no mama." Thank you for listening♪♪~! ^ ^


  12. Craig says:

    (You're right about me and the rock sound, I'd like to thank you for your understanding.) With your help as translator yes I think you have indeed singled out my favourite song there ("Papa"). Thank you MB for sharing 🙂


  13. xmangerm says:

    And they might even stay together for another decade or more. Time will tell.


  14. LazyMan1 says:

    Here is my favorite Version of one of there songs i have heard which i think can be pretty comparable to the Original of course i could be a tad bias enjoy. (^_^)VDiamonds


  15. I sort of grew up around it as my brother and his friends would often listen to rock music so it really made me love and become so accustomed to that *sound*….but indeed it's not for everyone ne~. ^ ^ I'm so happy that you like "Papa"!! It's really sweet in meaning and just the beautiful composition and Kaori's vocals are so heartfelt♥.


  16. I keep *hoping* that Princess Princess would regroup….but so much time has passed but even if for just a single or album it would be so wonderful!! ^ ^


  17. I can share in your bias as I love Yukosan so much too!! o(*´∀`)o゛ I've often mentioned here how I still feel that she was and will always be H!P's/Momusu's best leader that they've ever had and I wish that Tsunku had given her more material to perform in the latter years as Yukosan has such a unique and amazing voice….from her early enka singles to pop to anything else she's always awesome! Yukosan performed "DIAMONDS" so amazingly and wow on Pop Jam!! Thank you so much for linking this live clip!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。I also love that the band kept the song's composition really close to the original…something that I think HIGH KING could have benefited from perhaps. But as cover songs are often times interpretations and aren't meant to be so identical to the originals as that can really be the point of doing cover songs to begin with I am warming up to HIGH KING's versions surely. =)


  18. zdorama says:

    Awesome, EPIC Post!


  19. Thank you so much zdorama!! o(*´∀`)o゛ This is just one instance of you introducing me to such amazing music♪♪~….and for that I'm forever *grateful*. I was so apprehensive when I first was trying to put everything together…like surely I'll forget something!..(._.;)….or maybe I'll screw it all up!…(*´艸`)! It's just when trying to present a group/music so *special* and beloved I just get so worried about getting it right as I really want to show them in the best light possible in which I'm able. Now I'm just thinking that I really should have included little album descriptions about the tracks in general and how their sound had evolved over the years….silly silly me was trying desperately to finish by the past Sunday….lol and 15 hours later it seems that I still forgot to include so much..(;´□`)! A lot of past memories for me came back so warmly too……learning about Puri Puri was truly a musical♪♪~ journey back then and writing this somehow brought it all back so fresh and new~. I found myself watching their pvs and concerts…as I shamefully haven't done in awhile (/∇\*)…while choosing the clips to include. A daunting task for sure!! Upload times were long and the weekend was passing too quickly it seemed (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!! to include everything that I truly wanted to but I really really tried to get it right at least just a little~. And to think the inspiration to write this all began from seeing H!P's HIGH KING performing "DIAMONDS" on their new wedding cover album…..きゃぁーっっっ!!! I only wish their version were less electronic sounding and perhaps a lot more *live* with band instrumetation ( ̄O ̄*)! Still….they were the inspiration…(^q^)!


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  22. Klaus says:

    Hello, a great female band, my friends and I like it very much, I´m from Germany. I have all CDs and 2 DVDs and I search the DVDs Live At Budokan 1994 and The Last Live. If you can help me to get it write to patryk@freenet.de please. I will buy it or trade. Thank you 🙂


  23. Michael West says:

    I’m new to Princess Princess’ music but now have all thier cd’s on ebay. I liked this article. Can anyone tell me where I can buy ‘The Box’ – The Platinum Days’ DVD box set? I’ve tried CD Japan and Sony Music japan and they say it’s deleted. I also tried Amazon japan but they won’t send it to Australia where I live. If anyone could send me a link as to where I can buy one for $200-$300 I would very much appreciate it.


  24. Pingback: 「Featured post」Takoyaki, rockin’ the Queen of Hearts~♥ & the “true” origin of SCANDAL… | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

  25. Alejandro Cruz Garcia says:

    Website: http://PrincessPrincess(プリンセスプリンセス)FanMexico
    Comment: Hi very good day, I followed carefully this post, because from the moment you hear me fall in love with Princess Princess his music, his sense of his joy today is very difficult to find such talented bands you transmit that energy , how to play each song, the reality is that I can ensure the date I found one of my favorite bands and easily put in the number 1,
    19 Growing up, it was the first song I heard and it was thanks to Nami Tamaki, who has a version of this song, Diamonds, Beep Bee, Fly Baby Fly, Keep on Loving You, Jungle Princess, Joudan janai, I We Are, Tokyo , Kiss da Crime, Yuuhi ga iru yonde, Sekai the natsu ichiban atsu, Oh Yeah! etc.
    Actually there are many melodies which sometimes I wish I could have a reference or know how to find Box Sets you have in your collection, but I envy you because I believe in a healthy way and admire the great effort you made to get as much material , I like the album The Last Live, spread the feeling that I used and I’m sad not to have grown at the time, today there is not much information about them and less in Spanish, I have a Facebook site incomplete as Princess Princess (プリンセス プリンセス) Fan Mexico, I feel like acmalandrin@gmail.com, and hopefully I can share that love of this great band that is still in place in the hearts of fans they have and should be many more greetings!! !


    • Hi nice to meet a fellow Puri Puri fan~♥! So cool that you actually got into them from another artist paying tribute to them and that’s so much the perfect song in “Diamonds” to hear for the first time as it’s as catchy as any song could be. All of their song writing was just incredible over their years together and I love too all of the songs you’ve mentioned here. Pretty much most of their original releases are sadly out of print but you could still search auction sites and you may be able to find many of them, even first pressings too =).

      Puri Puri is also releasing a new live on DVD and Bluray very soon! It’s supporting the recovery of Japan and it’s of their recent reunion tour from last year! These can be pre~ordered, here are the descriptions and links:

      2857 yen US$33/85.42 Release Date:2013/03/27
      Description:The part of this DVD sales will donate to aid the effort to recover from the disaster.
      URL – http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/d.html?KEY=SECL-1303
      PRINCESS PRINCESS/PRINCESS PRINCESS TOUR 2012 – Saikai – at Budokan[Blu-ray] Blu-ray
      9333 yen US$109/85.42 Release Date:2013/03/27
      Description:The part of this DVD sales will donate to aid the effort to recover from the disaster.
      URL – http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/d.html?KEY=SEXL-26
      Again nice to meet you! And I hope you can find more songs to love here ^ ^。


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