「Featured post」~Finding your one and only AKB48 Oshimen♥, the innocent perils and art of idol seduction & the taboo of breaking your Oshi~monagamy (;゜□゜)!!


AKB48 Oshi bookThroughout history and in pretense, all idols♥ whether popular, new, the next wave of cute, revolutionary, clumsy, alluring, partially naked*, lolli, plaid~clad, studious, doe~eyed, immensely talented, laid back, mysterious, voluptuous, model~esque, innocent, undeniable, naughty, pretty, gorgeous, engaging or sexy* beyond any words available in our human language…..they’re all universal in one certain goal. Your unwavering endearment and attraction.

What a cool book!!! It’s all about declaring and paying tribute to your AKB48 oshimen♥ (*´∀`*)♥ ♪!!、and surely most of us are passionate and dedicated towards our chosen oshimen♥ and indeed while there are favorites abound for any idol group and especially when sizable, there can only be one♥.

Declaring your one♥ and only can be a prolonged inner battle where you find such a sense of finality quite the challenge and while many roads can lead to your Oshimen for most I think there’s always that one defining moment~* where you just know! For me my oshimen and my journey there has been a fun documentation through chance meetings, visual allurements, the occasional late~night tingle and let’s just say lots~and~lots of Yuko♥♥♥! I imagine just about every fan of an idol group has a story to tell about how their most favorite came to be and how it at times can be challenging to remain idol~monogamous…..you know the occasional seemingly innocent eye~flirting which can occur when your second, third and fourth declared favorites in the group show up in a gravure publication wearing not much more than a smile and something* plaid to entice =0. And while every idol intentionally and “innocently” flirts for your attention you just never want to awake the next morning where your bedroom looks much too the part out of a scene in “The Hangover” and you “wonder” in denial as to knowing how your beloved Yuko♥ calendar somehow was replaced by Acchan’s♥ (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ??!!!


Case in point: take for instance this ↑↑↑...innocent Acchan pose where she looks absolutely edi~licious* (ie: alluringly edible*; visually yummy*; imposes occasional or frequent impure thoughts and imagery*; etc.) (。ーωー。)♪ Mmm….in case she doesn’t appear edilicious here then you may not be into that sort of thing…(^q^)!


AKB48 Oshi member cards with AkiP certification seal

Now getting back to just how cool!!! this book is =)! It’s pretty unprecedented how in depth and with what range of fans it illustrates just how widespread and far the AKB48 phenomenon has grown across Japan for an idol group and with such proclaimed passions~*!!! and if you just consider in itself the diversity found herein with the amazing array of fan commentary and contributors which include a wide spectrum of celebrities from just about every walk of life and cornerstone in popular culture for this “Oshimen♥”special gathering of minds, it’s quite breathtaking to say the least including literature and broadcast writers, musicians, authors, manga artist, B.L.T. chief editor, cartoonists, producers from various media, models, film directors, wrestler, poet, psychologist, photographers, dancer, pop stars, comedians, economic analyst and more!!…with the likes of long~time j~pop enthusiast and most talented rock guitarist/composer Marty Friedman to the amazingly talented Kohmi Hirose to name just a couple of wonderful surprises~!

Suffice to say, it’s a most eye~opening read for any dedicated fan!!…and it really opens up an intimate and often times revealing perspective on a personal level of passion and interest as well as our always sought after reasoning in what makes our Oshimen♥ the greatest, gushing always welcome when it comes to our fandoms and just to hear it in this light, again so just wow~ and unprecedented on this level ………(゜∀゜)………。!!!

Just above to the right pictured are the 48 individual AKB48 girls’ punch~out certification cards included with this book and centered just below the cards is the certification seal~* ready with adhesive backing =).

~Have a personal AKB48♥ Oshimen story to share on how she came to be your one~and~only? (share here by May 7th and if more than one Oshimen fandom is shared a random drawing will be held to determine the winner whom will receive any 2 (in print) AKB48 books from Amazon Japan (up to 6000 yen in value)~.

And now for a most delicious~♥ gravure!!

see: edi~licious* (above)

(non~watermarked full sized scans available to subscribers)

























~Complete card scans~

 (non~watermarked full sized scans available to subscribers)

I especially love the card backings with member comments….their photos all so gorgeous~*! And all of the girls’ cards are individually perforated for removal from each sheet which are printed on extra thick and glossy sheets…I think these alone are well worth this book’s price tag and the always modest pricing of books/mooks which AKB48 fans enjoy are so much a + too when compared with similar quality publications from fellow idol♥groups which are typically much more expensive.













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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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40 Responses to 「Featured post」~Finding your one and only AKB48 Oshimen♥, the innocent perils and art of idol seduction & the taboo of breaking your Oshi~monagamy (;゜□゜)!!

  1. SagSousuke says:

    Wow, I’ll make a decent comment when I get through all my tabs and read the post, but just had to say… Best Post Title Ever.


  2. hydeo says:

    yah again u stay far from us hehe, dont answered the other topics/msg yet :~~~ miss u

    but chose an oshimen with lot of good girls, is so hard to chose

    this mag look really cool

    mocchi there <3~~~

    one thing i dont get is yui is a new member and appears more than other old girls aheaheha


    • I’m so sorry Hydeo=(…I’m always thinking I’ll have more time online. E~h? is Mocchi your Oshimen♥?…..I don’t think so right? (Hydeo must just be drooooooling?….. =o) Nothing odd or wrong about that of course as girls were created for this very purpose surely (。ーωー。)♪...I’m always happily amazed seeing how AKB48 prices their variety books and even many of their solo shashinshuu which are mostly “underpriced” I think next to other idol publications and especially when you consider that they’re the peak of popularity now when typically publishers and management would try to create as much profit as possible in such fan collectibles~. More reason to love how AKB makes themselves truly accessible to fans….makes me smile =). Yui somehow reminds me of Uchii…..I’m not totally sure why just yet but she does lol can you help me with my confusion :P? Everyone’s so gorgeous in these photo shoots!!!…..I say yum~♥!


      • hydeo says:

        haha dont worry probably u have more good things to do out of internet ^^

        haha why so surprise if Mocchi is my oshimen ?? well is hard say one go be my oshimen… but i have the top ones who i think can share the oshimen tittle hehe 😛

        u see they are giving a lot of PBs and solo dvds for the girls ;P

        humm i never buyed something from akb or other idols so i dont know the prices of the itens hehe

        uchii ? for me her remember me more Yajima Maime… lot more hehe clone 😡
        i think u say the 2 look-a-like because the hair cut is a little the same

        humm hard AKB girls dont get good in the photoshoots hehe


  3. SagSousuke says:

    Hum… Oshimen story… Well, I don’t enter drawings either way, but can’t really say I have one. If anybody, there’s the story with Erepyon I wrote once, but… yeah, doesn’t count anymore. There are lot of members I like now, and some favorites among them. But still, there are favorites and then there is the oshimen. You just know it’s different. Or as the members would say, I’m DD (which either goes for Daredemo Daisuki or just the DareDemo part, never figured it out… but the meaning is right).

    Now that I think about it, every time I saw them talking about DD it sounded like something bad to be. I wonder why. It’s arguably better for any individual idol that someone is a DD than in a monogamous commitment with another idol, and the chances that a DD turning… huh, let’s call oshiholder someone who has an oshimen… the chances that a DD turning oshiholder will choose them are low, unless they’re Acchan or something, so you’d expect Acchan to be very for the increase of oshiholders following the extinction of DDs, but most others to favor the DD… On the other hand, considering all the new fans are by default DDs, and new fans have limited knowledge of the group, and consequently of lesser known members, these undergirls’ fanbases would be almost 100% composed of oshiholders – their own. In other words, you might find a DD favoring Acchan, but if you’re favoring (let me go look for a name I’ve never heard…) Mariya Suzuki she probably is your oshimen or close; or you’re just into rooting for the underdogs. However, whatever they may really think of this so called Oshi~monogamy, we can’t believe their remarks about it, since they’d gain nothing and risk losses for being contrary. Polygamy includes monogamy; monogamous couples may be offended by polygamous …err, harems?… but the harem can’t possibly argue against the couple. Therefore, it’s always on the idols’ interest to act as respecting of the Oshi~monogamous status quo establishment, even if personally uninterested and even having something to gain if the polygamy was more widespread and all the Acchan worshippers stopped rebuying her PBs to build pyramids out of them and upload photos on the Internet, and maybe bought some different PBs… Oh, but one thing I do see is that while they can be somewhat ambiguous about DDs, they’ll enforce the “breaking” part of the “taboo of breaking Oshi~monogamy” unanimously. They always act appropriately shocked when they hear someone changed allegiances.

    Note to self: People can notice you’ve been reading weird stuff when you start overanalysing trivial matters. Please stop the blatant violation of Gricean’s Maxim of Quantity, which states that one should make one’s contribution to a conversation as informative as is required, but not any more than that and OH LOOK I’M DOING IT AGAIN this was completely unnecessary.

    Anyway, I’d love to have a good amount of info on “oshimen stories” to take a real look into it. Find patterns on how they found the girls, figure out whether the oshimen appears most often right away (love at first sight) or after long exposure to a group, figure out whether the first sight variety lasts longer than the alternative (which is very important for the undergirls when you think about it…), figure out what, aside from graduation, makes people change oshi, figure out if there are any links between consecutive oshis (similar personalities, similar physical appearance, both were first noticed in a similar way), figure out, if any links are found in the previous investigation, whether the link corresponds to the reason the person said they’d chosen their oshimen or if it’s unconscious (for example, someone who changed oshis who both have similar body types but says personality was the defining factor), figure out what genes shaped Tomochin’s mouth, figure out a plan to secretly implant those genes in people as to spread the beauty in the next generations, figure out why Shinoda Mariko has any fans at all, I could go on and on…

    Note to self: Really, just shut up already and go back to the books.


    • Ohhhhh never stop speaking SagSousuke~♥!!!! You often make me feel childlike after you’ve spoken and for me learning and seeing everything in a new and enlightening light~* is awesome! If not for you I would have no WP…if not for you I wouldn’t know how to write a blog entry…..if not for you I wouldn’t exist here. ~♥~. Mmm…..is being “DD” a bit “token” like I wonder for idols like being one of the obvious ones to like or rather…..Hmm trying to find the right words….I can’t quite express it correctly at the moment xD. U~n maybe after Erepyon there is space in SagSousuke’s heart to love an Oshimen again? I just thought of one of the most awesome games that SMAP would play on older episodes of SmapXSmap where there would always be a most special and coveted guest cutie♥ that the boys mutually liked~* and she would have to name each of them into a set category which varied from statures like….”boyfriend”, “husband”, “best friend”….but there was always that one stature, you know it’s perhaps in a slightly distant way like being “DD” for girls but surely it was wooooooooorse =O!!!!!!! No doubt and yet relatively thinking maybe it’s a bit analogy~like. You would cry laughing when the “one” was known during each episode’s game and omg the boys’ reactions priceless!!!!!!!! And the hotter the girl you could just tell by their individual reactions like if you were chosen to be the bf it was good and happy and yet to be chosen as the “husband” it would trigger a head~over~heels reaction lol ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!!!!omg I’ve gotten so off topic and (cries….) maybe that’s why so many are afraid to speak to me here yikes!!! I’m the one who needs to shut up (*´艸`)。Still it’s me. I can’t help being me, it’s all I know…..xD. I think you and Hydeo just tolerate me =)~*. Needless to say your introduction to me of “DD” is most intriguing!!!

      That’s so true……Acchan is like the sun, there’s an undeniable gravity around her and I’d dare for even AKB non~fans to challenge that….I mean Acchan as an individual idol outside of and beyond AKB which she so possesses. Be warned though that Yuko’s dimples♥ are very much like the moon’s dimples and it being closer to earth there’s even a closer “attraction” presence there~ lol…..now you’ll think I’m strange (*´艸`)。Surely a solid Oshi~holder won’t be swayed towards a DD at any time imaginable so only flirting may occur…..but it’s the “casual” flirting by a Oshi~married fan which proves influential which could in time lead to an Oshi~affair, that’s the stage of highest danger to the balance of things! Like if suddenly Sasshi♥ went solo ala Tomochin♥ that would prove to be Oshi~worrisome and so much has to do with timing and catching an Oshi~married fan @ that just right/wrong moment of vulnerability (;゜□゜)!!U~n new fandoms are the chance~* moments of achieving “DD” and although now it’s far behind me I can attest to A~min♥ “DD’ing” me when I early on saw her solo dance feature pv on “Kamikyoku Tachi”…….a single impression by an idol in just the right light and moment can make all the difference…….and then I was like I so adore her Okinawan eyebrows♥….it hits home for me just with my heritage so I’m usually soft that way xD. omg I had to smile at your Acchan pb mountain imagery…..it’s so truly out there! Allegiance is tricky…..sort of like men (not all of course =)♥) when believed to be monogamous by us….like a fan saying @ (creates imaginary idol♥ Oshi marriage alter….) his adored/loved one, I’m committed! only to have his eyes wander and mind (both of them, guys I’ve learned have two~heads always xD!…) look elsewhere as men from what I know of in life experiences both personal and through friends who’ve gone through it can tire of a monogamous relationship =(. So just as idols work to improve their appeal endlessly a marriage in a hidden light has some of those very same dynamics and now I don’t even know why I’m saying this I’m not even married yet ugh! (/∇\*)! My mind wanders and I’m thinking if we were face to face you’d either tape my mouth shut or kiss me as I maybe tend to have either of those effects….so not good when they occur simultaneously though (>_future =).


      • SagSousuke says:

        Hum… I’m a bit lost in this answer… Interesting, DD really is ambiguous. There’s nothing in the expression to say that it applies to the fans, and I just assumed… I think you’re considering it relating to an idol as “this idol is liked by any fan”, but it’s “this fan likes anyone from the group”. So a DD fan is one who doesn’t have any special oshimen, and there’s no DD idol.

        I like the SMAP game =) I saw one post doing something like that a long time ago with H!P and thought about it…….. but I’ve forgotten what I thought. Oh well. Let’s do it again…
        girlfriend = erepyon
        wife = takamina
        best friend = sasshi
        illegitimate affair = kojiharu
        sexy neighbor = takitty
        pet robot = acchan
        friends from anime club in high school = lovetan and mayuyu

        Sasshi going solo would be very weird ~ I’d keep her in groups and MC. Next solo should be Takamina.

        I always type comments in a separate text editor now, never in the WP text area =P although in my case it’s not that comments randomly disappeared, but that I’d type something wrong and reload/close the page or do something else stupid (I have a lot of keyboard shortcuts setup in Firefox and if I accidentally press them, anything can happen…) I’ve lost a few comments already like that. Just forget it.


        • Oh no I’m lost xD…I was thinking in either aspect but expressed things singly. I’ll reply better when I’m not on qwerty =P.


        • Okay let’s see……playing the game format of SmapxSmap♥!….but with a twist with only the AKB girls…….

          Lesbian♥forever mate = Yuko (that was waaay to easy!!..I could drown in those dimples alone forever♥♥♥!!!!!)
          Best friend♥ = Sasshi
          Lesbian♥affair = Acchan or Nattsumii or Kasai (you weren’t expecting me to have only one lesbian affair did you :P!)
          Girl next door I’d want to do lesbian♥ things with = Kitarie, Myao or Natsuki (see above thought :P)
          Pet robot♥ = Mayuyu!
          High school best friend♥ = Oh crap I already said Sasshi…..soooo it’d have to be Akicha (*´∀`)♥。

          Mmm….just seeing Mayuyu solo makes me long for Sasshi solo like it may be odd but still ~♥~ =).

          I wonder if there should be an entire post based on hypothetical SmapxSmap love~friendship~isms?…maybe without the lesbian~isms though but if you’re a fangirl how else to decide xD.


          • SagSousuke says:

            Hum… I’m not sure I understand the difference between the “Lesbian♥affair” and the “Girl next door I’d want to do lesbian♥ things with” concepts, could you expand on that? =P

            I guess poor A~min must be feeling lonely in the corner looking at you… Maybe I’ll keep her company.


            • Ohhhhh nooooooooo as Hydeo always likes to say whenever we “fight” over AKB girls..she’s (A~min’s♥) mine (*≧▽≦)!

              Oh it’s so so very different!!! The closeness for one but more so “maybe” for her being literally right there so to speak where you always have those awkward pauses and gazes at the mailbox when you’re both out to get your mail but also in a symbolic sense as in “Mano~eri” girl~next~door”….that type of appeal like she’s one of us mortals and not an idol in this hypothetical web of attraction :P.


              • hydeo says:

                dont read all the Fight

                but Amin is mine 😡 haha ❤



                • SagSousuke says:

                  Huummm… hydeo is evil, he kidnaps innocent women and runs away. That’s okay to me though, I’ll just go over there and save her; as everyone knows, these damsel in distress stories always end well for the good guy.

                  But I’d rather save Sasshi. Hey Hydeo, mind coming back here and taking Sasshi too?


                  • hydeo says:

                    im not evil.. i only go convince they to come with me :3~~


                    • lol that’s too funny…(^q^)!!! Hydeo the villain, damsels in distress or rather…um kidnapped @ Hydeo’s house and a hero to save the day! \(^o^)/♥!The only problem with that scenario is that Sasshi, A~min, Yuko and I are working on something special* so no time to flirt with the boys :P.


    • omg…..WP lost about three paragraphs of the rest of my reply……why that ending makes no sense =(!……..I don’t know where it went as I was typing for about half an hour but most of it’s now gone…….=(.


    • My thoughts on your two last paragraphs are gone……..(sigh….)


  4. CK says:

    Hi MB! I don’t know if this counts, but this post I wrote almost a year ago is the best example of why I adore the lovely Wasamin!



    • U~n CK & Wasamin is most eligible…..and you share a most unique light for discovery and embracing an Oshi♥ as yours is as personal as can be! You’ve met her and developed not only a visual connection but a personally~literally one which most of us AKB fans can only dream~* of (*´∀`*) ♪、..(kicks An~D!!! for meeting so many cute AKB girls..but then needs to apologize as he’s done so much for me (人∀`*)。)Thank you~* for sharing……with our Oshimen♥ you’d just love to know how they came to be for each and every fan thank you~* ^ ^。


  5. hydeo says:

    haha so im is the bad one now ??

    MB get everyone to her now haha


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  7. widhi48 says:

    aaaarrgh, i want this!! please send this on my email.


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  9. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Two comments:

    1. Your archives are better than the Smithsonian!

    2. Sashi looked like a baby back then. Innocent … so innocent …

    Mi–chan looked like a baby too, but Mii-chan STILL looks like a baby. Is there a Mii-chan as Peter Pan will-not-age theory?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh you found another favorite older post here!! =D You are much much too kind!!!!! And everyone was so little like back then and yet it’s only been like five years or so since this publication was released. They should update these with an all new batch of Oshi♥ cards as every Family48 fan needs to be literally card carrying when it comes to their one and only fave member! They even included a single sticker so you could properly mark your own Oshi♥ card… just one to be sure. Funny thing is that Yuko’s card got my Oshi♥ sticker and now I’m unable to update to Mayuyu since Yuko’s graduation =(. Removing Yuko’s sticker would feel soooooo wrong XD couldn’t do it!!! I liken Miichan’s youthfulness to that of one Ogura Yuko, whom also never ages =D.

      Liked by 1 person

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