~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (volume 1)

Idols unzipped...

Today’s the first entry for a new series~ which will appear here every Friday with the theme being idol♥ nostalgia as I take a look back at idol publications through the years, some being from the subscriptions I’ve had. Years and years of issues had become stationary upon the better part of a large bookshelf and now I’ve found a nice and hopefully entertaining way to share them here =).

And after all, idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan to give a visual and text so you’ll be able to see the ever changing evolution of idols♥ in a chronological timeline of sorts. Check in each Friday for more from this ongoing series =).


Also with each issue I’ll be including the contents page ↑↑↑ and here it’ll be interactive with you as if there are any additional articles/pictorials you’d like to see scanned that you see in the contents page you can simply request them and I’ll add those article/pictorials to these individual posts. 


UTB January 1994 (covergirl Uchida Yuki)

Today’s issue of UTB goes waaaaaay back!!! And this issue actually was given to me by a guy friend who’s then girlfriend insisted that he part with some of his idol belongings and this issue is from before I’d ever heard of UTB and had a subscription. Notice the sub~name “PRIVATE ROOM BIBLE”……as UTB has undergone numerous makeovers and themes over the years since and it’s also notable that in this incarnation the dimensions of the magazine are identical to the size that it is presented in today along with the familiar glossy covers and flat~styled spine which gives each issue an added aesthetic quality over some of its competition.

Uchida Yuki graces as covergirl, Ribbon made one of their latter appearances and actress Ishida Yuriko and iconic singer Nakayama Miho make rare idol magazine appearances in this issue. With a glance too at the music release section you can get a sense of the popular music happening back then and idols Hinagata Akiko, Tomosaka Rie and Kanno Miho were still relative unknowns and yet to strike a wave of interest in acting~. (note: Hinagata Akiko would later change ”明子” ~~> ”あきこ”)。























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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (volume 1)

  1. Thanks for the scans! Thanks to idolica i have huge love for 80’s idols 🙂

    First thing i noticed in this issue of UTB…. MUCH less eye glue. This is a good thing.


    • U~n not just with the music back then but even the idols♥ captured so much in style and essence that’s not seen anymore =). I hope this new series will be fun and eye/I~~dol opening too…thank you~* for your insight ^ ^。


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  4. philipleslie says:

    Thank you for linking me here, mb. Such amazing ‘historical’ photos. The colours are beautiful: really boldly used, and the black and white set are amazing. Having seen recent issues thanks to your scans, I have to say that on the whole, this older look is slightly more appealing. But the faces are as timelessly pretty as ever.


    • Did you notice Sensei’s (Ishida Yuriko’s) pictorial in this issue!! She released shashinshuu also back then and her older sister Hikari was active in dramas too back then. Ribbon too is featured in this issue with a pictorial (not scanned here =/) and it’s nostalgic to see the then ‘new releases’ including the Super Monkeys, Ribbon and CoCo with their single “Koi no junction” listed which puts things into a time perspective. Actually the Unzipped♥ series here originally began solely as a magazine idol flashback feature as it eventually changed a bit later on.


      • philipleslie says:

        She looked lovely with long hair. Do you have many of these older editions? The colours and fashions are perfect: bright and optimistic. ‘Koi no junction’! Wow. Twenty years ago.


        • I do have quite a lot of these older issues and actually when I first began the Unzipped♥ series here it was all just old magazine scans in which I was posting weekly, so if you just peruse under the category “Idols♥ Unzipped” which can be found on the right side bar and go all the way back to the very beginning (this post is volume 1) you’ll find quite a few of some much earlier issues of UTB there ^^. U~n I had been including scans of the magazine’s ‘new release’ pages as I’d thought they would add a fun dynamic to it all as one could then see these issue’s time frame from a music stand point….just think, CoCo and Ribbon were still together when this issue came out =D.


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