~Morning Musume 「Majidesuka Ska!」Gen.9th’s debut


Morning Musume Majidesuka Ska! LE types A, B,C & D

So fans asked Tsunku to “pimp” their group. And Tsunku responded.

Did anyone else feel as if they were watching a musical at times all the way down to Gakisan’s pronounced flair at the end of her solo lines? All in all I thought “Majidesuka Ska!” was written as a perfect vehicle for Gen.9’s single debut and living up to the “Ska!” in “Majidesuka” it’s full of unwavering energy which you’d so want when introducing youth to an audience whereas the dance choreography provides a light and fun approach to top it all~. And it’s really the visuals that pump so much into the title track and in hindsight opting to pre~order LE’s A through D was the right decision as each exclusive DVD extra provides individual Gen.9 member “introduction” interviews where you also get a bit of a feel for possible chemistry bonds between youth and their senpai as each new member is asked about the senior girls in the group.

LE Type A: “Close up ver. type 1” + Fukumura Mizuki interview

LE Type B: “Dance shot ver. type 1” + Ikuta Erina interview

LE Type C: “Close up ver. type 2” + Sayashi Riho interview

LE Type D: “Dance shot ver. type 2” + Suzuki Kanon interview

Morning Musume’s “Majidesuka Ska! can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Morning Musume’s “Majidesuka Ska!” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Morning Musume’s Majidesuka Ska!” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Happily each of the four pv~extra versions I felt were unique enough and for the most part with just the exclusion of those cute stationary character member poses and the cacti watering if you were to merge all four extra~versions into one you’d get the “original” pv version =). And the “close up versions” are enjoyable here and infused with an undeniable energy with one not being so “close~up” and a lot of that has to do with Gen.9’s presence ^ ^。

It seems almost inevitable whenever an agency adds a substantial number of girls at once that you’re going to find at least one girl with the “awkward~smile” and it’s Ikuta Erina here…..just ask my VLC player and he’d tell you too as he snapped quite a few of them :P. Both Sayashi Riho and Fukumura Mizuki move to the front as standouts where you can just sense their confidence level’s a bit higher and most impressive for a debut while Suzuki Kanon is just a hop~skip~and a jump from becoming the next coming of Kohachan♥ which basically means: mix 1 part Zukki, 5 Hershey Chocolate bars, 1 5# bag of pure brown sugar, a case of Amp energy (be sure not to use the “sugar~free”) into a large tub. Be careful to keep stirring continuously and wa~llah! You’ll almost have another Kohachan♥ but I’m afraid that DNA is far too unique to be replicated =).

Suffice to say my early favorites♥ are between Fukuchan and Zasshi with Zasshi for me having a bit extra of that “it~*” factor edge that I’m just feeling and on a separate note I have a nagging hunch that Sayu’s secretly counting down the days (via a ticker on her pc @ home♥) till Aichan’s graduation as it’ll then signify that she’s then a go to declare officially that she’s the cutest in the group unless of course she’s already done that on her blog? (。ーωー。)。And I’m all in anticipation for the inevitable Sayu vs. Zukki cute battle royale as there can only be 1!!! (・д・`*)!!And last but not least my sincere apologies to Tsunku as I totally thought this was going to be an awkward group line~up for Momusu you know with such age differences between the girls but as always his eye for spotting and nurturing talent and knowing what works seems to prevail =). I just wonder if that oh~so~mean dance instructor lady is still around as I did see footage of her working with AKB girls……??

~Who do you ♥?~

Jacket scans









~Full resolution scans for Bene~

~Morning Musume “Motto aishite hoshiino” mp3~


~Morning Musume “Majidesuka Ska!” (Close Up Ver. Type 1)~









~Morning Musume Kyuu ki member Fukumura Mizuki interview~


~Morning Musume “Majidesuka Ska!” (Dance Shot Ver. Type 1)~





~Morning Musume Kyuu ki member Ikuta Erina interview~


~Morning Musume “Majidesuka Ska!” (Close Up Ver. Type 2)~






~Morning Musume Kyuu ki member Sayashi Riho interview~


~Morning Musume “Majidesuka Ska!” (Dance Shot Ver. Type 2)~








~Morning Musume Kyuu ki member Suzuki Kanon interview~


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~Morning Musume 「Majidesuka Ska!」Gen.9th’s debut

  1. Hello, Would it be possible for you to scan the singles in a better quality /size please ?
    For a project at school I am lookking for high quality scans.
    Thank you ^^


    • Okay~ =) I can add them to this post….but to be fair to the everyone full resolution scans are available to only e~mail subscribers upon request (for posts here dating after my move from Vox) =).


      • Thank you so much !!
        I suscribed to the blog with my e-mail so may I request full size too please ? ^^


        • I’ll have them posted here by the weekend~* =). Just a bit curious about your project, if you don’t mind please share a bit of what you’re doing.

          Have a favorite♥ Momusu member?….favorite♥ Generation?


          • Of course !
            I have to do a website for a music group, official or not, so I decided to do a mini-site for Maji desuka suka release. It’s quite old but I love how they were dressed and with the big letters of the MV I can make something nice I think ^^ If you want I will show you the result.

            My favorites current members anre Riho, Haruka, Risa and Eripon. My favorite generations are 5th, 7th and 9th (quite a lot ^^)


            • I sooooo agree!!! Yup those giant letters were most awesome and eye~catching..such a wonderfully creative idea and really one of the better looking Momusu pvs from that period i thought =). Oh if you don’t mind I would love to see what you’ve done =D.

              Those are such cute favorites~♥ and lots of talent~* there too!….happy to see your fave generations going way back to Gen.5 as they were so monumental for Momusu’s growth and history..very cool っo(*´∀`)o!


            • A~h i almost forgot…you did see the scans i added them over the weekend up above? I did those with an older scanner back then and had them in memory but i hope they’re large enough =).


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