Vivian Hsu natural beauty LE first press album with DVD

It’s been ages since Vivian Hsu last released a full length J~pop album and my anticipation grew even further after an initial release date delay which occurred a few months ago gave no indication of a new date at the time but it’s finally here! And the wait was well worth it and for any Vivian Hsu fan I think you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this album!!..not to mention there was also a “date~chance” opportunity included (note: ticket has expired as of this writing). And because her “NICE AND NAUGHTY” single previously included a making of but no pv for the song the first press edition is a must as you can now own an official release of the music video which is sexy x’s 10 plus there’s also the previously released pv for “Beautiful Day” and a very very awesome special surprise~*!!

Vivian Hsu’s “Natural Beauty” album can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Vivian Hsu’s “Natural Beauty” album can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Vivian Hsu’s “Natural Beauty” album can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Remember the Black Biscuits? They were a comedy team x disco inferno joy back in the late 90’s and one of their musical signatures could be found in their single “Timing” which had the infectious power to shift the universe and well…also bring back the afro and bell~bottoms and yes..questionable home décor everywhere (^q^)! My only wish~* is that they would have included the original pv here too as it’s a bit of a tease to get a “document” version which plays like a making of clip set to the song itself so in that sense it’s still most enjoyable as the song is in tune with the visuals throughout =).


~Vivian Hsu ”タイミング~Timing~” (Making Movie clip)









~Updating a J~Pop classic!!~

In addition to the awesome remake of “Timing” which I’ve totally fallen in ♥ with for its all new breezy modern pop arrangement born from a disco frenzy (and also especially for that new pre~chorus and how it leads in with those drums) half of the album does its best to update and put new spins on older songs including “Koi ni ochite –fall in love-“, “Nagai aida”, “Friends” and “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase” all of which are from the mid 80’s to late 90’s. New arrangements always breathes new life into a song ♪♪~ and yet they can keep in tune with their nostalgia when done with respect to their originals surely. And vocally if you think back to Vivian Hsu’s J~Pop debut where you could tell she was consciously sounding out the Japanese syllables singing them through memorization at times rather than through the lyrics themselves, that in itself is a bit of nostalgia as back then she matured so quickly till now where you can feel the songs’ lyrics with much more conviction~.

Recommended listening ♪♪~

”タイミング~Timing~”、”NICE AND NAUGHTY”, “Sunday Morning”, “Beautiful Day”,  “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase” & “Nagai aida.” =)




~Vivian Hsu “タイミング~Timing~” mp3~

~Vivian Hsu “Koi ni ochite –fall in love-“ mp3~


~Vivian Hsu “Nagai aida” mp3~

~Vivian Hsu “Friends” mp3~



~Vivian Hsu “MY LOVE” mp3~

~Vivian Hsu “Rainbow (The d.e.p.)” mp3~

~Vivian Hsu “Beautiful Day” mp3~


~Vivian Hsu “Sunday Morning” mp3~

~Vivian Hsu “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase” mp3~


And speaking of teasing* after all this time you can finally get the original pv for her previously released single “NICE AND NAUGHTY”…but first here’s a link to “Beautiful Day” which is also included…..


~Vivian Hsu “NICE AND NAUGHTY” (music video)~


The visuals for “NICE AND NAUGHTY” definitely lives up to their billing and the alluring and high energy direction and the constant sexual* tension coupled with engaging editing make for what may be the best Vivian Hsu pv♥ ever!!

Hmm…I’m not exactly sure about all of the monkey~love fuss within and I’ve heard of the term ‘monkey~love’ so perhaps that lends into gorilla’s being just as naughty* I wonder (。ーωー。) ?..

..and for a bit more naughtiness* you can visit the original posting here~*.










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8 Responses to ~Vivian Hsu’s NATURAL BEAUTY

  1. Fabio says:

    Did not know she was a singer (seriously). Should I learn more. xD


    • There are a few other posts here about Vivian Hsu’s music career but I’ve been really meaning to add her first two J~Pop albums here too which I will =). Under her Tiawanese name she also was part of a cute group before she debuted in Japan in the 90’s although I only have her Japanese releases and there’s also a music video collection but it’s only on VHS xD…I wish they’d re~release it on DVD one day =). I scanned a little of one of her two early photo books but she’s nude* in them so not too many photos!!…they’re in the “NICE AND NAUGHTY” post. Black Biscuits were awesome too!!…they were only around for a short while with just a few singles and one album and VHS release…..really catchy songs♥ that you may like with a disco flavor to some of them. I’ll add more Vivian Hsu songs here soon =).


    • Oh I forgot to say…..please check out the two versions of “Timing”, one from the late 90’s with Black Biscuits (linked above) and the new version here =) they’re so different and both styles work so well too.


  2. Vivian, darling; please eat something.
    Health is the most beautiful attribute a woman has.


    • (sigh*…..) the pressures of a model and sometimes girls do tend to push the thin image a bit too much. I’m happy that most of our fashion magazines are featuring much more “real” and healthy images for girls to look up to and that everyone isn’t overly thin =). Vivian still so beautiful here ne~*.


  3. alam ko na magiging daw swim sluth kasi daw para maliligo sa Boracay pagusto mo pupunta ka dya’an ikaw ang pwede kahit ano daw ang palaging gusto ang makikta sa’yp


  4. Denny Sinnoh says:

    She had more bling on her VFW hat than my dad’s.


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