~YOU MUSIC April 2011….It’s all about the GIRLS GR♥UPS~


YOU MUSIC April 2011 issue

First time buyer of of this music publication and while this issue heavily features idols♥ in particular YOU MUSIC covers a wide array of musical genres and tastes providing insightful interviews, release news/ reviews, live tour reports and even artists’ fashion, all brought to life with lively and vibrant photography~.

While there’s also a “Hot Guys” feature herein we’ll save that for another day as alone this cover speaks volumes to me and was indeed a tantalizing~* point in luring me into purchasing this magazine as three favorite♥ AKB girls are prominently featured =). Absolutely no offence to Yokoyama Yui who’s also most pretty here….it’s just that I’m yet to know much about her but that’ll soon be taken care of as AKB’s newest unit Not Yet gets an interview article right after their oh~so~cute individual member photos. In a glance here she does remind me of Sae a tiny bit like she could be her gentler alter ego in a parallel universe somewhere Smile with tongue out.


The pages here are a bit sheer so there was a noticeable bleed~through from the opposite side of each page <~~ xD so while I did turn on the application in my scanner which helps to minimize this it also in effect added a much brilliant lighting effect to each photo I scanned and when looking that the two results I chose to opt for the latter just not to have those ghost images appear in the backgrounds…dou? ↓↓↓...

My recent loss of internet nightmare has kept me from posting about Not Yet, just yet….mada (*≧∀≦)☆★ 、but that’s surely forthcoming as there’s so much I need to catch up on. So for now I’ll just post here Not Yet’s feature in YOU MUSIC along with their wonderful all girls groups articles and as this just touches upon the groups out there they could surely make this an ongoing series and isn’t Not Yet channeling a heavy 80’s styling vibe? I mean the ripped stockings are rock n’ roll retro~hot and I even sense a bit of 80’s Madonna through their accessories. (sigh*….) Yuko, Sasshi, Kitarie……..♥♥♥!! and I love how each time I see Yuko standing next to just about anyone near in age it reminds me of just how wonderfully~short~she~is~(*´∀`)♥!!We tiny people must stick together(*´∀`*) ♪。 Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!




Yummy x’s a million~*…..Yuko!




















About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~YOU MUSIC April 2011….It’s all about the GIRLS GR♥UPS~

  1. Shar says:

    Honestly, I’m a little disappointed with how Not Yet turned out. Considering the outfits they wore for their initial promotional pictures, I was hoping for an awesome pseudo rock band subunit ala Buono (still the best thing to come out of H!P in ages). Instead we got a generic pop song for their first single and one of the creepiest PV ever (those masked pom pom dudes in the background? Seriously?). I’m just hoping they get better after this.


    • U~n totally agree with Buono!♥ and even with such a diverse fashion wardrobe for each single version the title track itself was a bit yes ‘generic’ pop….cute though but it was nothing out of the ordinary surely. lol I had very much the same reaction and maybe thoughts after seeing Not yet’s “back~up” dancers….uwaaaaa just so strange I don’t know what the producers or designers were thinking (・o・)


  2. hydeo says:

    haha this year have so much promotion to Girls Band, i see the little bands getting much attention this days 😛

    and well i like a lot of they ;x

    and this remember im using a sasshi as Wallpaper from my cell 😡


    • You do know that girls will eventually take over the world~. I mean….we’ll still need your sperm to keep life going but I think we’ve figured out how to get around that as we can now use frozen~sperm at any time :P. I’m kidding!!!!! I need the person to be there* and my bf says that using birth control is like having “practice*” although I think we know how to do it* by now…(^q^)!

      sorry I don’t know why I just said that :P…..

      I’d fight between Sasshi and Yuko wallpaper…..and then even more idols would enter the debate xD.


      • hydeo says:

        haha i realy dont understand why u get to this subject haha ;x

        what i mean about like they is like all the groups hehe

        haha i always change my wallpaper… now i have a KitaRie wall in my pc 😛


        • (。ーωー。)♪...!

          I’ve been debating whom to have as my new pc wallpaper…..and I wonder if I’ll find Aichan there again as her new pb just arrived today =). It’s bittersweet as I’m imagining this being her last pb as a H!P girl and after graduation you just never know if she’ll venture into further photography as a model although Kamei did release~* a commemorative pb afterward so I’m hoping for the same with Aichan♥.


          • hydeo says:

            humm probably Aichan go have something like kamei or probably even more.. seeing her is the leader and the more old member in the group

            but my Rie wall is <3~~~
            http://tinypic.com/r/5n5bfn/7 this one

            and this one for fun and cute a lot ❤


            • Mmm…graduation DVD and maybe a commemorative photo book too that would be nice =).

              Cute and sexy!!!…Not yet has been in so many magazines surrounding their debut single release~*…..so sad I missed the UTB issue dedicated to them =(.


              • hydeo says:

                well they do this to kame-chan… idont get why dont do this for the pandas too…. but go be strange if aichan dont get all that attention too

                yah, they get a lot appears in magazines but is good to ppl know the 3 yui kitarie and sasshi, so who knows they get more votes now to senbatsu 😛

                humm well if ud ont buy, try download ^^, or buy on ebay


  3. Mike Avila says:

    Pretty! Did you hear hat one of AKA girls performed at huge HK benefit for Japan aid? ❤

    So, your Internet problem is fixed now? Sorry I couldn't help you more! Win7 is much better for most people than Vista, so I hope you get some benefit.



    • I was just reading about the donation they made to help Japan…I’m so happy that so many are helping and lending a hand in every way possible and with celebrities they can do so much as just with their stature a definite following will join in readily =).

      It’s sooooo much easier to navigate…thank you~*!


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