~Top 10 reasons why this blog sucks :P.

10. No theme Smile with tongue out.394

9. I don’t normally offer downloads Smile with tongue out.

8. There are lots of posts about J~pops♥ yesteryear Smile with tongue out.

7. Larger posts take too long to load Smile with tongue out.

6. Random, you never know what’s coming next Smile with tongue out.

5. Author isn’t single…sometimes ventures into the freezer section without support* thinking no one will notice and sometimes innocently flirts~♥ Smile with tongue out. (aren’t you that guy who was staring @ Foodland?? Surprised smile)

4. Loves old~school…more reasons to ♥ AKB48 Smile with tongue out.

3. You have to type a name to express yourself here Smile with tongue out.

2.  I still have no posts celebrating Nino’s♥ butt Smile with tongue out.

…and the #1 reason why this blog sucks is……

1. (_ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ !) lol Smile with tongue out.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~Top 10 reasons why this blog sucks :P.

  1. SagSousuke says:

    10. Sure you have a theme. Japanese music. With some random racing stuff thrown in once in a while.

    09. It’s already enough that you put so many photos/videos if you offered any more downloads you wouldn’t have money to pay your site. Also, please configure your VLC to take .jpg screenshots. I don’t know why, but it went back to .png some time ago after I had showed you how to change when you changed to WP. Just open VLC, go into Tools -> Preferences, select Video and change the last option “Format” there from .png to .jpg.

    08. Yeah. Great old stuff. I still can’t understand how you like SCANDAL and have never talked about ZONE, but let’s leave that aside. Actually, these days I’d call all H!P blogs “blogs about J-pops yesteryear”, but let’s leave that aside too. I see no problem at all with this.

    07. Then people should buy better internet connections, or disable loading images in their browsers. Don’t worry about that.

    06. Oh, you’re not that random. The personal posts are random, but other than that, you talk about whatever you got and watched recently, and since you buy everything at release, it’s more or less predictable. The randomness is more in the form than in the theme. Like how you unexpectedly abandoned the Takamina = SPEED’s somebody equivalence and went for Takamina = Blossom in your post about her PB. Still, I don’t see why this is a bad thing.

    05. Hum… Yeah, that’s the kind of random personal remark I was referring to.

    04. Isn’t that reason 8 again? =P that’s cheating, no creativity left? Well, I know it’s difficult to find reasons why this blog sucks, so I understand.

    03. No, people can use a pseudonym. You know, I’m not actually called SagSousuke.

    02. I think that’s great. I mean, the lack of such posts. If you ever do that, please include a [WARNING: MALE BUTT] in the title or something as to avoid surprises.

    01. Are we playing Hangman? I’ll start guessing E.


    • 10.I remember someone told me before that they’d see a cute girl and then a car and smoke but they weren’t at a car show but at my blog xD.

      9. I think it defaulted back….I’ll need to check again

      8. I think a lot more Japanese fans go on those yesteryear music posts….I actually want to do so many more like for Moritaka Chisato (should have finished that post a long time ago xD), Nishida Hikaru, Kato Noriko, DCT, ELT, Fujii Fumiya, CoCo, Ribbon, Okamoto Mayo, Sakai Noriko….and I guess it could be endless.

      7. I sometimes fear that it may scare some people just seeing how many images still need to load….the internet here in Hawaii is pretty good and images load okay.

      6. Sometimes when I’m showering I’ll suddenly have the urge to write something differently…I wonder if water inspires me it’s so strange and yet I’m totally serious as I’ve thought of some of the oddest things in there and I don’t know why :P. Ahhhh you remember \(^ ^)/!!!….Takamina used to = Imai Eriko of SPEED~♥….but yes now she’s totally Blossom~♥.

      5. :P…I’m bad sometimes xD.

      4. Mmm….i guess I was thinking here to only include the golden J~pop era like how AkiP inspires~* to and from it….physically, mentally and with his favorite pen =). But yes I was cheating :P…..shhhh

      3. Oh that was for the previous…..’vox requires a sign up to say something’ and now with WP needing to type a name may still be too much =(.

      2. Now I think I have to do a celebratory all~Nino~butt themed post \(^ ^)/!!

      1. You just know there’d be an e or e’s in there…..waiting for Vanna…….oh wrong game xD.


      • SagSousuke says:

        I vote for ELT! They’re the funniest couple ever! Takasan really liked to pick on the guitarist guy on Utaban, I think he called him Ikkun? I don’t even know his name. But he is great.


        • Ohhh I did see some of that…Takasan is so funny how he inevitably picks out a member of a group and has his way with them :P! Their music and how much they changed at one poignant point really hit me back then and it’s became so evident of their music’s origin, something I’ve never really been able to shake =/. A new interview is in the new issue of YOU MUSIC I just posted…..15 years together sugoi ne~!


  2. Mike Avila says:

    Oh dear! None of this matters! We love what you do. You are very good at doing what you do. We love you.

    That said, it’s OK to post less. I know you are trying to talk yourself into stopping blogging and no one wants that! How about at least once a week?



    • Mikey you always make me smile~*!…..I was just having a bit of fun with a random top~10=). WP still has for me over 45 GB of space for media so I’m guaranteed to be here at least for that long still ^ ^.


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