「Featured post」~Tanaka Reina…attracted.


Tanaka Reina attracted DVD

It required international fans to go through a proxy or friend♥ in Japan to order. Reinachan hasn’t had a solo pb in so long now and yet that sexy~drought continues.

At 55 minutes I can safely say you’d surely need to be a Reinachan fan @ heart to love this release~*…..I mean for sure Reinachan enthusiasts (I know you’re out there =)!) it’s recommended viewing but for the casual H!P/Momusu fan I’m not so sure.


What I do love is how for the most part “attracted” was shot in a first~person aspect like as if you the viewer were on an actual date♥ with Reinachan and at times I’d have opted for the title “seduced” over “attracted” as the underlying theme as there are just some girls who have a natural knack for sexual magnetism.

Tanaka Reina’s “attracted” DVD interestingly was only for pre~order until February 6th through E~LineUP!’s site a far departure for any H!P release to date making it a LE in essence?….fushigi ne~?




Sultry Reina….thoughtful Reinal…..genki Reina……air~guitar Reina…..moody Reina….and one of the much more personable interviews too is included on this DVD but again the key word is ~visual~ as even the mouthed “candid” dialog “spoken” by Reinachan is silent throughout….more reason to love the interview portion.




The highlight of this DVD?

You’d probably never guess and for casual H!P fans had this been shown in theaters the “oh~S**t” cliché” (I’ve always wondered, did the French invent that word? really I mean they already have the “French” Fry to be proud of Smile with tongue out) of having left the theater before the credits were done rolling and what did I miss panic afterward would have surely struck the next day when blogs began posting on how after you had wiped the drool from your sleep~induced face just moments before and hid behind shadowy bodies while leaving the theater in your exit there was more……!




~Tanaka Reina “Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G” (acapella ending credits) clip~

Now wipe those crustys from your eyes =)!

She’s soooooooo cute here!!…daring yes as anytime you’re unaccompanied willingly you put yourself out there and Reinachan nails it~ as only Reina♥ can~!.
















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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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27 Responses to 「Featured post」~Tanaka Reina…attracted.

  1. zush says:

    WHATTA HEC!? I havn’t been visiting here for a while and now when I came back I see that you have had a BIG trouble with yout laptop/web. I guess now all’s well again. By da way, your shiny new HP looks so kakkoii 😉

    Believe it or not but it was last night I watched this Reina’s e-Hello! DVD. This serie of H!P solo DVDs is really a feast for us true fans. As I some time ago said on my BKI blog, these DVDs are not for every one. You must really love the girl to also love the intimate DVD. For me attracted is the best Reina solo DVD so far. Same words I can say about Miya’s NATURAL AND COOL plus Rii’s Le Soleil.


    • It’s all shiny metallic all over which is surprising as there’s usually a lot more plastic framing which I’m used to. It’s been so trying recently and I’m so relieved and happy~* now that even though I never discovered what was wrong with my old laptop it’s just being able to function again in the world normally =).

      Surely that would have to be the criteria for this series as not everyone would enjoy watching these as much….they’re sort of date~simulation/modeling DVDs in a sense. A~h you got the three so lucky~*!! Going through a proxy was a bit pricey so I only went with Reina’s.


  2. SagSousuke says:

    booooring. Risako was too. Also, Momoko. All these e-line dvds are really just loooong close up shot versions, and I’m waiting for their real versions to be released. See Takitty’s LOVE NO. 10 Making for what a decent DVD looks like.


    • SagSousuke says:

      but the acapella in the end was cute


      • U~n these are definitely not for everyone and I could imagine an audience falling asleep while watching…..now with Hydeo though I think he’d totally stay awake as she’s one of his favorites♥ =). I didn’t check if the release dates had changed but maybe Aichan’s DVD is still scheduled for the 20th of this month….I have her pb in an order containing postponed releases….with Momusu’s new single actually so they’ve been pushed back a little. I can’t wait to see them and especially as they’ll possibly be her last solo releases as a member of Momusu/H!P…..plus Aichan~♥ I think is in the top 10 of cutest people in the world =). I still opt for games and batsu for idol releases like these or even if the idol goes shopping and sightseeing in a fun place it’s so much fun to watch!!


      • SagSousuke says:

        Especially the part where she compensates for the lack of music by doing the “BAM BAM BAM” herself, hand gestures included =p


        • I bet Reina herself was then thinking..we’ve got to liven this thing up people!!! Reina has a band but she should look into joining that Babymetal group at some time (Reina could easily go goth)….funny thing about them is that while groups are normally crediting their members with either an instrument or vocals or both, with them there’s actually a girl credited as the groups’ screamer =O~~~~. How does one audition for that role in a band? It’s so odd and yet interesting at the same time.


  3. Fabio says:

    Reina is not one of my favorites, but she really has something that draws attention.
    Well, good to see everything resolved. And you smile again. ^ _ ^


    • Thank you~* so much Fabio!!!….sorry I kept you up so late and we really did try everything we could have =). I like when Reinachan shows off her sassy or funky fashion sense which makes her so unique how she wears it…..none of that’s in this particular DVD though but the ending credits acapella made up for a lot of that for me.


  4. hydeo says:

    \o/ Reina <3~~

    finally something new from her haha

    how much time without a DVD from Neko ?
    sucks dont have an PB :\~~

    but well is ok reina is reina haha

    i watched a little of the dvd, need watch all soon :p

    i think in this dvds they can make some more plays and jokes… only getting photos sometimes stay boring hehe


    • I knew she’s put a smile on your face=D!! U~n I guess these are solo DVDs only but had they been produced by Wani there’d be an accompanying pb for sure.

      That’s so much the consensus out there…..with games you can never go wrong if an idol’s involved. Like maybe some Reina~Jenga or Reina~Wii or Reina~batsu games or Reina~strip poker or……?? lol no..no Reina~strip poker that sort of just slipped out :P.


      • SagSousuke says:

        Hey, that doesn’t sound boring at all. I’d buy the Reina~strip poker.


        • I’m now imagining it would be both devastating and total elation for the wota world…..like some would secretly* play while still posting that it’s all wrong for Reinahchan to be seen naked behind a hand of cards while others would blatantly ask the game administrator for tips or cheats on how to beat the game because…….’she always folds when you have a potentially good hand or you bet too high’ :P….! Reinachan strip poker would create widespread pandemonium~(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!!


      • hydeo says:

        haha her always cute and funny 😛
        yah is only DVD ;\ this is the bad part

        strip-poker aheahea ??
        but yes show her playing something look fun too, i think Reina have some skill in games aheahea
        so go be funny see her play some 😛

        or some sport things like in alo-hello(when stay all MM)


        • Sorry it’s the best i could come up with on a whim…xD. I’ve also seen Reinachan very connected and emotional even if it’s only a game at stake….like she really takes in much more of it personally which is very endearing as opposed to someone who doesn’t care most of the time even in seemingly ‘trivial’ games =). I won’t forget how she was brought to tears when she unexpectedly out~gamed a boy wizard on an episode of HM@ where they were challenging each other in one of those crane games where you try to grasp and lift out plushies or other goodies with a controlled claw………she showed something so unexpected then too…no other current member of H!P would show that level of emotion and yet Reinachan did =). In the past Konkon and Makochan come to mind in this very sense to share that type of personal caring and humility~.


          • hydeo says:

            i dont watched the entire DVD yet @.@ (motive: SCANDAL concert haha) haha i dont remember much of this episode, but i remember something related to the toy machine @.@
            oh well u know, is reina <3~~ everything is possible coming from her aheahea

            haha konkon remember the microwaves 😛


            • I’m anticipating the SCANDAL DVD….lol 😛 I mean it’s here but I’ve just yet to get a chance to watch it. She was up against a real pro in those toy capturing cranes and just her reaction was amazing…..and I honestly don’t think that anyone even the staff expected that from Reinchan that day =). Reinachan has always been so feisty..like H!P’s fighting spirit~*…I so agree!

              A~h with Konkon I’ve experienced so many emotions watching her~♥…like when she didn’t back down from that staged guy who was slipping her his plates at that sushi eatery while she wasn’t looking..lol that’s when the UFI staff was awesome with spontaneous~flavored ideas!! Or her joy of just enjoying breakfast here in Hawaii for her Alo~Hello!….Eggs n’ things~♥…and how she was the only one who could go toe~to~toe with that giant wrestler guy…what was his name?..I can’t remember at the moment but he’s this huge man and when the brain~challenge came up Konkon surely put him in his place =) that was awesome!! For her honest emotions a poignant moment~* for me was while watching her compete with the other girls in a food guessing game…..each girl needed to pick out from a distance a dish which they believed was real as the theme of that episode was about those wonderfully realistic food recreations you always see in shop’s windows as their menu and Konkon was so sure about a particular dish but another member picked it before she could so she was really unsure and when she picked incorrectly her emotions really came out and it was endearing to see…..only if Kaorin wasn’t so blunt towards her then in that moment though as it triggered tears. I won’t ever forget that as for awhile afterward I felt a little bit of animosity towards Kaorin….I can’t lie about that =/. It was a long time ago though……just reminiscing now =).


              • SagSousuke says:

                You two are talking about Konkon without me… I’m jealous…

                Kaorin was great when being teased on Utaban. But that’s more a confession of my love for All Things Takasan than a compliment to her. She’s pretty boring for an OG member.

                Hum, now where did I put Konkon’s Alo Hello…


                • SagSousuke says:

                  Oh, forgive the negativity, I’m just tired. That’s a good reason why I’ll look for Konkon’s DVD. Hum, I have Erepyon’s graduation DVD to watch too. I saw part of it and it’s brilliant. It’s a one hour+ long interview ❤ with a lot of backstage videos throughout. So well done and so much better than ending with a gravure DVD.


                  • hydeo says:

                    i dont watched yet erepyon dvd too heahea 😡


                  • U~n Johnson and she was such a good sport and made it even funnier too…still I echo what you mean as Kaorin for me too was a bit of a emotion~mixed member in H!P. A~h I know you’ve explored and expressed Konkon’s simply endearing joy~of~eating and she proved time and time again that she was/still is H!P’s most intelligent girl~♥! I’ve always found that awesome and just how she always carried herself…even in those saddening times. Ohhh that sounds great!!!..and I’m thinking especially in retrospect Erepyon’s interview will be that much more enlightening and maybe even more in her reasoning for moving her career away from AKB now. The comraderie♥ and backstage at concerts and events can be the most revealing as the girls are in the element of their workplace at a most public venue….so many amazing moments~* backstage with H!P too! I’m getting all gooey misty eyed sorry! just thinking about especially the graduation concert backstage footage on some of the DVDs….those just kill you emotionally and even though you weren’t even there you just feel so emotionally drained afterward. Me babbling..sorry (._.;)….


              • hydeo says:

                haha so watch the SCANDAL soon :3 really good

                i remember someone crying in this epi of the toy machine but dont remember if is reina

                haha i dont get much konkon time, only sometimes watched some old videos, i start know her close to her grad ;\

                but in the videos i watched when her is there haha dont have how to not love or dont laught with her 😛


                • I know…SCANDAL’s concert DVD is staring at me right now xD and I’m just trying to work so many things into my day that I run out of time before long (*>ω<)!!Will watch soon!

                  U~n it's in the latter HM@…I think I may have posted about this episode here??

                  You so much watch her Alo~hello!!!…plus you get Hawaii♥ too in there =). Ayaya's first Alo~hello! is a must see too as well as all things Aichan♥ and Hawaii…she's so cute and friendly with whomever she meets here. It makes you wonder….what if I had been at the beach or that eatery on that very day at that very time??…..makes me cry!

                  Oh no with Kaorin for me it was very personal….I'm probably in the minority when it comes to feeling this way but it's all in the past surely so no more of those thoughts are with me today…..just reminiscing here =).


                  • hydeo says:

                    haha do this in weekends and put the sound in the MAX 😡

                    i dont remember hehe, my poor memory ;x

                    haha someday i think when i have lot of money i go do a trip to Hawaii 😛

                    haha, so u have a job now stay everyday in the beach waiting for some idol to appear haha 😡

                    hehe 😛
                    yestarday i see a notice konkon get out from gatas O.o…so what her do now haha ??


                    • A~h I’m still yet to watch SCANDAL’s concert =/!!

                      I think you’ll really like it here….usually sunny and warm although humidity can be a bit high but as long as we have our trade~winds it’s really comfortable =)…You may want to live here too!

                      If I could be so lucky!! I remember one episode of HM where they visited our Pearlridge Shopping Center which is so nearby and they were just walking casually into some of the clothing stores and shopping while it didn’t appear that any locals noticed them…(or lol did they edit out those moments I wonder?? xD)

                      I think maybe Konkon has moved away from the idol life….time to start her second phase in life maybe.


  5. SagSousuke says:

    Konkon is trying to be a news announcer, she’s been studying for that for a while already and I just saw her last week with a whole bunch of newcomers in a show. It was a bit funny, she probably had the most stage experience in the whole studio there and she was still completely nervous.
    See here for screenshots.


  6. hydeo says:

    hehe, im close the end now (whatch little by little and so much other things to watch too aeaheah)

    haha who knows if i have how to do this to live in hawaii :p, go be a little hard but i can try something 😛

    i think they cut a lot of parts from the original video aheahea, otherwise that videos go have more than 1h hahaha
    but stay looking around everytime u get out from ur house… a lot of idols go to hawaii do PBs… the places they normaly go is guam and hawaii 😛

    yah like Sag said, look like her go try new things 😛


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