~My new lo♥er.


HP Pavilion dv7-4283cl

It’s difficult to even know where to begin so I’ll just say that in the end after so much tech support and friends’♥ support here online and then finally having two tech specialist physically check over my Vista~turned~>Windows7 laptop…..the “local area connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error message never went away nor was any cure found =(.

Honestly I was contemplating closing this blog indefinitely just knowing that it would take me a few months to save up for a new laptop as it’s not something I was properly budgeted for but I’ve further learned that being in ~l♥ve~ in a forever relationship and bond can surprise you sometimes and even at the darkest of times~……(thank you honey♥!! I LOVE YOU!!!) So then I decided to print out a few “sex~anytime” coupons with no expiration dates for……I’m kiiiiiiiiding Smile with tongue out!!!

So I’ve said my goodbyes to my Vista~turned~>Windows7 laptop which cannot connect to the internet forever and now……the new HP he’s beautiful~*! I would have been happy with a comparable laptop to my old one but the new HP is nothing like him. He’s wonderful on the eyes with a stylish silver color all over…..his body is sexy and sleek (even thinner than my old guy)…..he’s fast with an i5 480m processor although I really don’t have any idea what that really means xD….he’ll watch movies with me with a bluray drive…..and he even multi~tasks well with 8 GB of ram versus the 2 GB I used to have which means he’ll even go the store late at night for me just to pick up sushi and sanitary napkins =)! It must be love!!!!

Seriously though the new desktop is so clear and uncluttered and the new “fences” feature is awesome! And I now have my very first fingerprint scanner….I feel like the Ms. James Bond now :P!…only that now it’s a bit frightening in that if someone sinister wanted to log into my laptop they’d either need to kidnap me =(…or…….well I will not go there =(!!!!! Still it’s really cool like no one else can use my laptop without permission now unless they somehow get my DNA and create another me somewhere somehow (shudders to think…..)….one of me is probably more than enough for this planet :P. So this afternoon till now I’ve been collecting and purchasing all of my favorite and essential programs including vlc, wondershare, windows live, firefox of course! and others…..one thing I’m still missing is my Japanese language keyboard text but I’m thinking it must be here somewhere in Windows7? One thing I’m afraid of reinstalling is iTunes although I’ll surely need it for my iPod eventually, it’s just that I’ve been reading that this ‘Bonjour’ thing which seems to come with iTunes automatically may be part of or the cause of the aforementioned error message which has been tormenting me all this time and what if it causes heartache again when everything now is working again? kowai.Windows7 is nice too as with Vista he used to ask me first if I really wanted to do something and then pause and think about it and then do it and now Windows7 just does it =).

And on a side note did anyone else know that there was such a thing as a “second level” to tech support? I was actually “taken” there via phone connection of course and yet I feel so dirty* and unfulfilled now……I guess it’s like a guy going to second~base on you and yet you had no chance of reaching orgasm* anyway xD.

Now what to do with all of those sex* coupons??

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ~My new lo♥er.

  1. David says:

    What a beauty!

    I want one like that too!!!


  2. SagSousuke says:

    lol, that’s definitely not a dino. Excluding the graphics card, it’s better than my desktop PC. Where do I send “sex~anytime” coupons to get one of these??… I’m kiiiiiiiiding!

    In the end did you do the custom Windows 7 install in the other laptop?

    I don’t know about what Microsoft calls “second level”. Usually it’d mean that you stopped talking to an Indian guy in some call center over at Delhi following a prewritten script and are now talking to an actual tech guy in the place you called. But it could also mean that you were talking to tech support, but were redirected to bug reporting.

    Oh dear, nobody will bother cloning you just to get into your laptop. They’ll just cut off your finger. On the bright side, you could then scare people telling them you’re Yakuza, and you’d never be assaulted again =P Nah, just kidding again, there’s probably an easier way. Hey, when exactly do you have to do the fingerprinting? Is it before your laptop turns on, or before you can log into Windows?


    • Oh sorry I redeemed them all yesterday~* :P!!….a~h I think we’d need to be rabbits to do that! Oh you remember Dino! Happily I still have Dino the “plushy♥” although he’s currently in storage and now I feel bad about that xD just no room for him to roam around anymore like when I was little =).

      U~n I did put the disc back in and instead chose “custom” this time and it was kind of surreal seeing literally a background with only a single desktop icon on it that being my trash~can :O. I did that and when I took my laptop to see a technician he still wasn’t able to determine how to get rid of that odd address and error message and also that “Bonjour” program vanished altogether.

      E~hhhhhh? lol is that how it really works??? :O They did all sound like they had an Indian accent I think and then it was me speaking to their supervisor and then I was “taken” to the second level…..!!! Unfortunately the second level was just like the first floor…….I’m now picturing every computer technician living in India in this very large complex with two spacious floors filled with cubicle after cubicle transferring and putting customers on hold with pc issues :P. I have to find a way to laugh so that helps!!

      omg! that’s what caused my……pause above :P! You would see it in those old yakuza films but they never really showed the guy’s finger coming off thank goodness but just the insinuation is enough for sure :O! I’d be a very sad typist with one finger missing and I’d then spend hours correcting my own text or maybe people reading would understand like if they knew exactly which finger was gone they’d totally know which alphabets to expect to not see anymore like it could be the alphabets……q, a, z and the number 1 and ! too (><). Oh it's before Windows starts up at the password log in screen….it's fun scanning a part of your body and knowing that it's totally unique to the world =). You can also set up scanning for your favorite websites which require log ins but I haven't used that part yet.


      • SagSousuke says:

        You’re pretty close in the endless cubicles idea. The sad part is that that’s a general description of the computer industry, not only Indian call centers.

        Oh, it’s fairly easy to bypass then. I mean, the fingerprint scanning. If it’s only checked on Windows you can just boot your laptop from a CD/USB drive and access the files there. I hope that it’s setup to encrypt all the files on your HD too, otherwise it’s pretty useless.

        Hum, I could be a Yakuza guy and not have problems typing =O I never learned the “proper” way to type, so although I can do ~100wpm my hands are all over the place. So even if I lost a finger I think I could just use another one after a while. What finger do they normally cut? Oh, this looks fun, I wonder if there’s any way I can stop myself from using a finger to see what it’s like…


        • So there are Indian call centers :O?….wait I totally thought you were kidding :P.

          U~n it’s probably more for convenience so I don’t have to type in my full~proof 25 character password each time :P….lol well, it’s actually the same password I use for my luggage lock and it’s shorter: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…..no one would ever guess that lol because um who would be so odd to use that? xD. Don’t tell anyone..shhh :P. I still feel like Ms. James Bond each time though…..silly I know.

          I think it’s one of your pinkies?….although they don’t show it happening and that’s so awesome!!! I’d be a total mess without my pinky to type things like it would constantly confuse me and then I’d be all out of rhythm I’d imagine xD. Hm…you could tape your left pinky to your ring finger and see…..I don’t know that may feel a bit clumsy ne~? You’re so funny =)!!


  3. hydeo says:

    eee haha cool so u get a new laptop :P?

    so lucky hun :P?

    good know u are back so ^^

    Sag… if i remember is in the log to windows… a friend use a cam system to recognize him before log in windows hehe (is much fun look him trying to make windows recognize him aheahea)


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