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「Featured post」~Tanaka Reina…attracted.

It required international fans to go through a proxy or friend♥ in Japan to order. Reinachan hasn’t had a solo pb in so long now and yet that sexy~drought continues. At 55 minutes I can safely say you’d surely need … Continue reading

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You knew it was just a matter of time and either in or coming soon to a supermarket near to you is Doritos~Wasabi♥! I’m not much of a chip eater but yum still!! Shhhh…they’re a bit strong though so you … Continue reading

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~Top 10 reasons why this blog sucks :P.

10. No theme . 9. I don’t normally offer downloads . 8. There are lots of posts about J~pops♥ yesteryear . 7. Larger posts take too long to load . 6. Random, you never know what’s coming next . 5. … Continue reading

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~Happy belated Cake♥Day to IW!!!

While I still don’t in particularly enjoy eating cake like um…..ever! I wouldn’t miss IW’s Cake♥Day and even if I wasn’t able to connect to the internet then to post this properly =(…I did (swear on my life and that … Continue reading

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~My new lo♥er.

It’s difficult to even know where to begin so I’ll just say that in the end after so much tech support and friends’♥ support here online and then finally having two tech specialist physically check over my Vista~turned~>Windows7 laptop…..the “local … Continue reading

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