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「Featured Post」~15 reasons why I ♥ Ninja Squirrel~~>(*´∀`)♥

It was just about 10 years ago when I was first introduced to Ninja Squirrel and the entire concept itself sounded just so surreal and odd at first but after you get to know him a bit more I’m sure … Continue reading

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~AKB48 Flashbacks #7/ Oshima Yuko♥ solo feature in UTB Vol.180 June 2007~

It’s always fun looking back through old issues of UTB as you just never know whom you’ll then recognize so clearly now, and yet when those issues were current you simply paged~past some idols not thinking twice then :P. Well … Continue reading

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~Please watch for an upcoming fund raising effort which will be held in collaboration with our wonderful friends at International Wota with all proceeds going to support the recovery of Japan as our online~community♥ comes together =). Mmm..not quite summer … Continue reading

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~Satellite images of Japan before and after the earthquake and tsunami

These overhead images really put into perspective the horrifying and extensive damage incurred to the east side of Japan stemming from the quake’s epicenter…..and it’s a much different and dramatic way to be able to take in so much devastation … Continue reading

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~Hawaii reacts to the tsunami’s continuing impact felt here while our aloha~ spirit♥ shows a way to help send aid to Japan

Hello, just a couple of local news broadcasts to share today from our early evening news as the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan continue to affect so many and even across the ocean here in Hawaii. … Continue reading

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~UTB Vol.202 April 2011 features Manoactive, Sasshi~solo, Gen.9 intro & idols’♥ generation next!

I don’t know if cuteness has any way of easing any of the pain so many are feeling now. But it’s worth a try. I imagine too that many idol events and concerts are being canceled due to the awful … Continue reading

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~A view of Japan after the tsunami

CNN releases NHK footage with an overview of the tsunami’s aftermath on Saturday It’s now just past 11 am Saturday in Japan as I begin to type this and with the light of day there you can see so much … Continue reading

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~Waking up to a tsunami warning in Hawaii

The civil defense sirens have been going off since late last night at about 11 pm so I can’t imagine anyone here getting much sleep if any and for most of us I think we’ve been either busy evacuating to … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~スマイレージ「ショートカット」+ゆうかりん♥、前の髪型の郷愁...

Well the title didn’t strike me at first……but when S/mileage’s latest single arrived the true meaning of “Short Cut” truly came to light (´⌒`。)!!、...but no I’m not crying because the H!P hairstylists have once again struck, as hair as we … Continue reading

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~Ever ponder about your blog’s existence?

The spam here has been getting weirder and weirder like “someone”/ “something” left me a “comment” linking to a vagina tightening cream…..who knew such a thing existed?? A~h thank goodness for WP’s great spam filter as well as my not … Continue reading

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