day 7

Microsoft never did call and i’d feel foolish to call them as I guess they would have called if they knew what was wrong.

Yesterday our ip thought it could be my laptop’s network card driver so I spoke to HP but since my laptop is no longer under warranty he could speak with me for only a short time or they’d need to charge me $50-$100 for support help….but what he said really puzzled me. He said that I needed to go to their support page and download the driver there so I called a friend and asked them to look for my driver but he said that there was no listed driver for windows 7 for my laptop model. So I called HP back and they then told me that because my laptop was made with Vista my drivers have compatibility issues with Windows 7. So now I’m confused….if a vista laptop will have internet driver issues with windows 7, then why do they offer this upgrade? I mean in the windows 7 manual it says to choose ‘upgrade’ if you’re using vista so it confuses me everything I’m being told =(.

So I called our ip back and after additional checks on my laptop’s setting they’re sending me another modem to try….I originally thought the modem may have broken as the internet stopped working all by itself without me doing or changing anything but no one else felt it could be broken. Maybe if a guy had called they would have listened?…I don’t know. Mmm but then again maybe it’s not the modem but I won’t know until it arrives.

HP told me that I should go back to vista and they wanted to sell me a system disc for $20…..i’d lose everything and my laptop would appear like it did when I first purchased it…..that would be doubly bad though as I had so so many hardware and software compatibility issues back then which took months to fix them all and I also needed to part with some things because vista wouldn’t work with them =(. I so wouldn’t want to go through that again with vista and isn’t Windows 7 supposed to be so much better? I’m heartbroken right now…..

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12 Responses to day 7

  1. hydeo says:

    looks like they giving u a lot of problem

    is so bad the problem with ur laptop ??


    • I’ve gone through a lot of bad with vista but nothing like this before….I have no internet and no one knows what’s wrong =(. I imagine there must be 100’s of spam messages piling up in my email by now but I can’t check it.


      • hydeo says:

        no internt ??

        strange, u tryed format the laptop or give to a tecnical support to look if ur internet moden on laptop is ok ??


        • I’ve spoken to a lot of tech people but they can’t tell what’s wrong……they’re going to mail me another modem and it could be here in 3 days but at this point with everthing I’ve been told, I’m not even sure if this will help.


          • hydeo says:

            is really strange O.o

            if u format the laptop and change the moden… i dont think have other things to give much problem to connect… otherwise all the laptop stay with problem like the motherboard or this things… but is hard say without look ;\

            but when u try use give some error msgs or this things ??

            and how u using internet now ?


  2. SagSousuke says:

    You’re confusing the companies. Microsoft offers the “upgrade” function to all users of Windows 7 so you can install it without losing your old settings. HP is responsible for releasing drivers to their hardware to work with Windows. Microsoft doesn’t guarantee that your hardware will work with W7 when you upgrade. But this all has nothing to do with your problem. You don’t have a problem with drivers. You already had the same problem on Vista, and we can say for sure that it had the drivers installed, so no looking for drivers will solve it. Also, not only is an ethernet port driver way too simple to fail, if you didn’t have it in W7, you wouldn’t even get “Unidentified network”. There would be no network at all detected, which is different from “Unidentified”. The most likely explanation really is that either the modem or your laptop is broken. About the only thing that would explain it being a software problem would be a virus, but it’s such a dumb thing for a virus to do (most viruses nowadays need you to be connected to the internet, since they’ll want to send someone else your credit card information, or download instructions for what they should do, or something else that needs a connection).


    • I’m getting delirious…I blame it on qwerty =(. Maybe someone thought it would be funny if I couldn’t get online and sent me a virus….


      • hydeo says:

        well u buy a new moden right ??

        so for now u go need wait to see if the problem is this ;\
        is really sux stay without internet :~~

        hope is only this simple thing ^^ and u dont need change ur laptop


        • I think they’re mailing a refurbisheshed modem….a friend told me yesterday that his RR modem broke 3 times since he’s been subscribing to them so maybe modems break often? If my laptop is broken then it’ll be months before I can afford a new one so then I’ll close this blog.


          • hydeo says:

            i dont think is so normal to modem broke, mine i have more than 2 years, and never give problem O.o

            humm hope is nothing with ur laptop so ^^ dont want see u closing the blog ;\


          • SagSousuke says:

            Everything breaks, it’s just a matter of luck. I’ve had three different ones in my parents’ house (meaning 2 broke) and that’s in… 6 years maybe? My own still didn’t break, that’s 4 years. On the other hand, I have a telephone wire entering my apartment (2nd floor) through the kitchen’s window, since the internal phone wiring here is terrible and nobody does anything about it.


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