site update…running out of options now

As of this morning these have been on my mind:

Is a virus causing this? And if so what would stop this from happening again even if I save up for awhile and invest in a new laptop being that I’m already running Norton =(.

Fourth tech guy I spoke with told me I should have chosen the option “custom” where I would have completely replaced all of wondows and lost all of my paid for programs. Third tech guy told me to choose “upgrade” because I was upgrading from vista and this way I would keep all of my programs….so now I’m getting conflicting advice and what if I were to choose “custom” now and lost everything and still my internet connection does’nt work and still says “unidentified?” =(

The last person I spoke with also said he thinks it’s a hardware failure and has nothing to do with software….which means that everything I’ve done has made no sense and with a new pc costing $800 for something comparable I can’t readily afford that now with other commitments I have =(.

Last gasp for help may be I contact microsoft themselves because if they can’t fix something they made I have to believe no one can =(…..

I’m getting pretty good at typing on this tiny qwerty cell phone keyboard but that’s not helping anything =P.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to site update…running out of options now

  1. Spoke to microsoft help this morning and they’re going to need to call me back tomorrow afternoon as they said this is an ‘advanced’ problem and they need to research it for me.


  2. I hope you pc gets fixed soon! I don’t know what i would do if it happened to me… If it is any consilation windows 7 is pretty good…


  3. SagSousuke says:

    Just wondering, what paid programs do you have that didn’t come with a CD so you could just install them again? I imagine those would be stuff that came initially with the laptop, and in my experience those are all junk anyway. First thing I do when I get a PC is delete everything in it. There’s probably something free and better to whatever it is you’re worrying about.

    Also, Norton is great if you want to waste your system’s resources. It’s the most bloated security suite there is, and it doesn’t have results to show for that. I’d just go with Microsoft’s free antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials)… well, actually I just stay without any antivirus, but I’m crazy. Changing to Windows 7 is already a step to blocking viruses.

    Hey, you said the connection was shared right? That should mean someone else uses it. Can they use it or is it just you?

    I’d told you already about the “custom”/”upgrade” thing. Fourth tech guy is right that since you’re trying to solve a configuration problem by reinstalling, there’s a high chance you’ll be importing the wrong configuration if you just upgrade. Third tech guy is right in that installing from scratch is more work and you might as well try upgrading first.

    What frustrates me is that everybody you talk to seem to want to just guess and leave you to make a diagnostic… It’s not that hard to tell if it’s a software or hardware problem, one of them would just have to boot your laptop with a Linux distribution (an alternative operating system that can be used straight from a DVD or pen drive, without having to install on your laptop) and trying to connect to the internet using it. If the problem is Windows’ configuration, it’d work, and if it’s hardware it has plenty of tools to test and find out what’s going on, which Windows doesn’t. But I think it’s still a bit complicated for you to do it yourself, and in any case there’s no way you could get it without an Internet connection in the first place. Sorry, I don’t know what else I could advise you to do. I wish I were in Hawaii to help you =( or at least knew someone there…


    • It’s mainly my Wondershare dvd program which allows me to edit video into sections, crop and reformat for youtube or Videopress….i’d be really lost without it =(.

      Oh I didn’t know that they have their own antivirus..I always see new pcs with a norton free trial so I always assumed the pc would be bare without it. Un I’m sharing the modem and because we have different work hours we’re pretty good at not bothering one another and he has his own laptop and a portable usb connection too so he takes his laptop with him sometimes….he’s been away for the past week so I can’t test his laptop with the modem.

      A~h if you lived here i’d probably ask you to come over all the time until I drove you nuts…XD! You’re already my internet saviour and so so much of a best friend to me…I wouldn’t have been able to move here to WP without you <3!! I'm hoping microsoft help can fix it tomorrow and I never knew that tech support had a second level…?? I was taken to level 2 support yesterday and today and I wonder if that's anything like a guy getting to second base as I'm told….lol a girl friend here is laughing saying that guys only have one level of intimacy and only home plate :O…you can virtually slap her if you like =P.


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