~A view of Japan after the tsunami

CNN releases NHK footage with an overview of the tsunami’s aftermath on Saturday

It’s now just past 11 am Saturday in Japan as I begin to type this and with the light of day there you can see so much more of just how bad the earthquake and subsequently generated tsunami were yesterday. Hawaii has particularly very close bonds and ties to Japan as many native and American born Japanese live here, spend much time here and visit and while my family and relatives have all moved from Japan with my grandparents and some of my uncles being the last to be born there, it’s nonetheless a close part of my heritage and makes it hurt that much more. Sadly I never did learn from my grandmother or grandfather where they had lived but just knowing it was in Japan in a sense is enough. So many friends and really so many in our community have relatives in Japan and with phone service and power down in so many areas I can’t even imagine how difficult that must be wondering and worrying about your loved ones and just wanting to know that they’re safe and sound. As today has gone by I’m hearing and learning more about the events which led to the disaster and it’s frightening to learn how tsunamis are generated so suddenly and with all of the plate movements in the Pacific, Hawaii too has to be most concerned as this tsunami traveled 6 miles inland which is unthinkable and now Japan is facing power outages which are said to  be at 10% of their households overall =(. I can’t imagine Hawaii surviving such a disaster and you begin to wonder if we have the readiness and resources to recover if such a tsunami would occur here?…….hopefully that never happens. Water, food and shelter will be most important now and it’s good to know that currently there are U.S. aid efforts on their way with numerous military ships heading to the devastated region to help with the search and rescue efforts. Helicopters are now making efforts to rescue those who are trapped on rooftops and I wish for them to get to everyone quickly…….but now they’re reporting that one of their nuclear reactors is nearing meltdown as they’ve been unable to cool I think it was its core? This is really frightening and they’ve just ordered everyone in the vicinity to evacuate if the worse happens….the news just gets worse now.

One thing many must be concerned about is how the idol world is coping and if you check your favorite idols’ blogs many have posted updates on their safety and thoughts and feelings towards all that’s happened so I’ve been occupying my time for awhile now reading and checking in just to know……just a lot of anxiety and worry here and in particular one of my favorite idols is frequently in Sendai visiting home =(. Some idols are still off to work today and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe a group like AKB48 would create a support release which would help to aid the badly affected areas in Japan….and with their soaring popularity…and I’m sure many of them are hurting too inside so it would be a most welcome support campaign I think.

Japan is often said to be most resilient and I just hope they can begin to recover and rebuild and most importantly that the loss of life stays as low as possible. Japan has long had a history of earthquakes but just nothing like this. And now I can barely keep my eyes open…..so sleepy and nodding off at the keyboard typing. My body is wanting more than the three hours of sleep I had last night……..oyasumi.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~A view of Japan after the tsunami

  1. Mike Avila says:

    This is just too terrible! Ive been watching on CNN and the Internet all day. I was worried for you at first with Tsunami watch!

    Our Film society is thinking of have a film benefit for relief efforts Maybe A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies…

    Prayers to all in need!



    • It was so freaky hearing the sirens so late at night but they were in the distance as I think the nearest siren may be not working properly?? So at first I thought I was dreaming them from far away but when i heard that familiar drone when it shuts down (as they do regular testing every first Monday of each month) I awoke and knew something bad was happening =(. It was tense that morning and being up from the night before with so little sleep my mind was mush still and yet I had to watch the t.v. and they even had a countdown this time to show when the first wave was to hit us =(…….anxiety.

      My prayers too to everyone going through so much now in Japan and I heard they rescued a lot more people today and yet in that much more northern town of Minamisanriku they still say that 9500 people are missing =(.


  2. Hi Beautiful,

    Glad you are OK, and I guess your friends and family are all OK too?
    Japan is resilient, and will recover quickly.

    Love To Japan!


    • Thank you~* Joseph o(*´∀`)o゛..yes everyone here is okay and even though my family has moved from Japan it’s still very much like home and just knowing that my ancestors all were born and raised there it hurts to see this =(.

      U~n Japanese are most resilient but it’s just a long road ahead now to recovery but I’m sure everyone will persevere. Thank you~* for your well wishes very much (*´∀`)。Mmm…still looking for ‘beautiful’ though….I’m most ordinary I think =).


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  4. Mike Avila says:

    Just in case: Google has a lost person finder for Japan:


    The Idols are OK?

    Been watching CNN all day 😦



    • A lot of idols have been posting about their whereabouts and reactions in the past two days…….not everyone has posted though but it may be more due to the power outages that they’re experiencing now. I can’t get over the images that CNN is showing and even from live feeds from Japanese television…..it’s heartbreaking that something like this could ever happen =(.


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