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Smileage Short Cut LE type A & RE singles Well the title didn’t strike me at first……but when S/mileage’s latest single arrived the true meaning of “Short Cut” truly came to light (´⌒`。)!!、...but no I’m not crying because the H!P hairstylists have once again struck, as hair as we all know will grow back quickly if wanted and I’ve even been told that it even grows in places you never wanted it to eventually in life and for us with Okinawan genes it can be even greater of a worry for girls in particular but no the real reason why I’m crying is just to saaaaaay why~oh~why did they “short~cut” Yuukarin’s♥ previously perfect hair??!!!! (´⌒`。)!!!

Okay I feel much better now. I just needed to get that out of my system first (*´∀`)。And a bit later you’ll catch a glimpse of Yuukarin♥ doing a well…..maybe vulgar act??? :O She’s much too innocent though to know what that could’ve meant* but it’s still amusing to see xD!!

Due to an ordering mishap (also because H!P continues to release their pv DVD singles a week or two or three weeks after their single releases =(….) I haven’t yet received the “accompanying” pv DVD single for this release so I’m just stuck with now the “dance shot ver.” which is included with their LE type A version and I didn’t even feel the need to embed it here as it’s…..how can i say, a bit generic? Even the dreaded words low~budget come to mind slightly as that moon set with the earth background with not much anything else happening can be a bit boring at best but happily the song itself is most cute with Tsunku’s talent for catch~iness♥ and the original pv which I watched on YouTube is really fun and cute and yes~! there are even hair cutting scenes albeit maybe not enough of them. Still I have to say that while watching the “dance shot ver.” I couldn’t help but notice how badly those poofy style skirts looked on the girls and dare I say I felt they were a tiny bit circus like xD? Just never been a fan of the poofy look really….I mean frilly can be cute in the right context but here I’m just not thinking w~ah I wish I had that outfit :P……

S/mileage in "Short Cut" dance shot version....

S/mileage "Short Cut" LE type A jacket scan

S/mileage "Short Cut" LE type A back cover scan

S/mileage "Short Cut" RE jacket scan

~S/mileage “Panyasan no arubaito” mp3~

~S/mileage “Otome pasta ni kandou” mp3~

For me personally the most awesome track on this single is S/mileage’s version of Tanpopo’s golden age classic “Otome pasta ni kandou!!!” which has an all new musical arrangement which happily still keeps with Tsunku’s then Beatles♥ love affair he had while composing so many inspired songs~. And while I sometimes don’t opt for the RE it truly was the intrigue of S/mileage including an exclusive track to this edition which is I think the very first for this marketing style by H!P? And in any case I didn’t hesitate to pre~order the RE this time and it so much made this single 1000x’s more interesting and awesome~♥!! If you’re familiar with Tanpopo’s original version I’m confident you won’t be disappointed in the slightest as S/mileage does this song complete justice and even adds their unique vocal spin to it…..that being cute~cute~cute of course! I’m wondering if this is a sign of things to come perhaps?….as maybe H!P too will begin including different songs on their singles for their various versions just as AKB48 has been doing as it can only help to boost sales and interest I imagine and that’s a good thing =).

Here’s an embed of the title track’s original pv which I’m yet to receive =(!!…..

~S/mileage “Short Cut” (original pv version)~

The little snippit showing Yuukarin’s hair being cut is a bit reminiscent of a Ueto Aya pv♥…..I posted here awhile back, remember which one? =) A~h….still what weighs on me heavily is what they’ve done to Yuukarin’s♥ hair though. I mean it’s cute alright. But she so much was better suited to a longer hairstyle don’t you think? The longer hair gave her almost an unfair advantage in the cuteness category and if idols♥ then went head to head literally in terms of hairstyles Yuukarin♥ would be a favorite in many arenas I imagine. Well (sigh…..) hair does grow back. Given that H!P will allow hers to do so. Let’s all pray…….hope~*……pray okay I’m really okay (;゜□゜)!!Yuukarin’s♥ still most adorable and those whimpers you hear are just me having a tiny hair~massacre breakdown :P.

So now that those pesky UFI hairstylists have gotten to Yuukarin♥ let’s reminisce together on what used to be and what hopefully will be once again...っo(*´∀`)o!In remembrance of Yuukarin’s♥ adorable previous hairstyle, today I’ve scanned 67 favorite♥ photos from her debut solo shashinshuu (where’s her 2nd?….) “15sai”………she’s the cutest! For a “junior~idol’s” age everything is most tastefully done styled here from her mizugi to playful~wear to of course seifuku♥ you just knew that had to be a wardrobe inclusion ne~♥ and some of this pb was shot in beautiful Okinawa…..most appropriate for Yuukarin’s♥ ancestry =)…..

And just a thought but I’d so like to see Yuukarin♥ debut with a solo single too just as Yuu is……I think she would generate a lot of fan interest just with her personality alone, add in adorable plus she sings well and I think it’s a win~win for both H!P and fans alike ^ ^♥。

S/mileage’s “Short Cut” singles can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

S/mileage’s “Short Cut” singles can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Maeda Yuuka 15sai pb

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0070

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0003

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0004

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0005

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0006

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0007

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0008

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0010 Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0009

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0011

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0012

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0013

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0014

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0015

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0016

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0017

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0018

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0019

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0020

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0021

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0022

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0023

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0024

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0025

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0026

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0027

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0028

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0029

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0030

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0031

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0032

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0033

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0035 Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0034

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0036

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0037

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0038

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0039

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0040

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0041

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0042

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0043

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0044

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0045

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0046

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0047

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0048

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0049

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0051 Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0050

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0052

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0053

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0054

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0055

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0056

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0057

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0058

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0059

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0060

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0061

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0062

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0063

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0064

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0065

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0067 Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0066

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0068

Maeda Yuuka "15sai" IMG_0069

~making of glimpse~

Maeda♥Yuuka in "15sai" making of...

vlcsnap-107889 vlcsnap-108053 vlcsnap-108991



Maeda♥Yuuka shows us the full body version of the "bird*"

lol! if Yuukarin♥ only knew!! Her body is saying something quite naughty* here…(^q^)! i wonder if it’s much more endearing to be told f*** y** by someone this adorable?? This cracks me up!! I used to have a pink bunny which was made of stretchy material and you could pose him any way you wanted so…….um I could make him do what Yuukarin♥ is busy doing above lol :P. I wonder where did my bunny go now???


vlcsnap-112748 vlcsnap-111970 vlcsnap-112018 vlcsnap-112595




vlcsnap-114106 vlcsnap-113455 vlcsnap-113670 vlcsnap-113944


Maeda♥Yuuka in "15sai" making of


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1 Response to 「Featured post」~スマイレージ「ショートカット」+ゆうかりん♥、前の髪型の郷愁...

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Your bunny went to Hell! J/k I’m sure she has no idea. Must have been directed by photographer !

    Love her little birthmark, which makes her even more distinctive.

    You might be interestied to know that I will be doing beach photoshoot with a group I am member of. Promise not to pose them that way! Though I doubt they are that innocent here! 😉

    Just heard on my iTunes the Celene Dion and Yuna Ito song A World To Believe In! ❤

    I wonder if Yuna knows Korean too?

    Now Rod Stewarts For The First Time! I love this song so much!!

    Having a nice San Diego day with the iPad. I can even do WordPress posts with it,

    Take care!


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