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Fukada♥Kyoko Fukada♥Kyoko Fukada♥Kyoko

Fukada♥Kyoko Fukada♥Kyoko Fukada♥Kyoko

Fukada♥Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE"

Fukada♥Kyoko The following was composed over the past 5 days and there was just so much that I wanted to include here and yet i needed to hold back a bit in fear of this becoming a monster~post which would frighten everyone (゜Д゜;)!!Not sure if I quite succeed with that last part but anyway here’s the first of many audio/video to follow as you scroll and hopefully read through so as to keep you from falling asleep as I babble on along with lots of media and photos and scans :P……..

~Fukada Kyoko piano solo mp3~

(this I actually extracted from a video clip and just took the audio as there is no actual “music” release for this really really beautiful piano~solo by Fukakyon♥)

Fukada Kyoko releases can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Fukada Kyoko releases can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.


Now @ 28 Fukada Kyoko has reached iconic heights as an idol who’s captivated and entertained in the vast opportunistic world of Japanese media where it’s most common for a talent to explore everything from modeling to television to movies and beyond~. Fukakyon♥ was born on November 2nd, 1982 and has remained with a single management agency (HORIPRO) since her early teens when she first began appearing regularly as either a cover~girl or featured girl in numerous idol magazine publications, then most notably with her early Bomb magazine appearances. Her acting career also began early in her mid teens and although Fukakyon is primarily known as a drama/t.v. actress having appeared in an impressive number of dramas which now total over 40 to date she also has a modest but noteworthy movie resume which includes standout performances first, in the dark realism of an idol’s world brought to screen in the 2002 film “Doll’s which mixes dark short stories and the 2004 cinematic~masterpiece “Shimotsuma Monogatari” (aka “Kamikaze Girls” in international releases) both for which she was awarded best~character awards. Fukakyon also was awarded best~supporting actress for her role as “Touko” in the drama series “To Heart~koishite shinitai~” where she starred beside Kinki Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi and never has a crepe sales stand been so cute. Really moving and inspirational storyline and just the sight of Fukakyon working out beside the reluctant Domoto Tsuyoshi so cute~♥!! And previously she also won best supporting~actress honors for her role in the controversial “Kamisama mou sukoshi dake” which took head on and brought to light the darker side of Japan’s youth and how prostitution affects many young girls…….Kaneshiro Takeshi stars and Luna Sea’s “I For You” serves as the main theme song.

~Favorite film~

Fukada Kyoko in "Shimotsuma Monogatari"

Fukada Kyoko in "Shimotsuma Monogatari" However if i were to recommend a single role overall, it would so have to be Fukakyon’s character “Ryugasaki Momoko” who starred beside the also amazing and talented Tsuchiya Anna in “Shimotsuma Monogatari.” It’s almost an understatement to call it a special~* film, you know those which only come along a few times each decade or less (think the award winning “Amelie” meets Tarentino meets Japanese comedic mayhem not to mention how being able to “hear” the main character’s thoughts is always quirky fun =)!!) When it comes to storytelling which will keep you glued to your seat that is if you’re able to control your laughter and not fall out of your chair, the unlikely and highly amusingly off~beat meeting of “Momoko” and “Ichiko” is as colorful and surreal as they come!! The direction is wonderfully over~the~top and original as the film puts its own spin on just about every well timed~comedic twist and turn you can imagine or even not imagine :P……..snippits that readily come to mind: reverse~birth and the unforgettable visual of seeing yourself shot out of a vagina complete w/ dialog, mini animated story breaks to help one better understand (or keep the kids awake who may be watching :P), yankee ♥, the funniest designer bootlegs ever, a new meaning to projectile vomiting :O, renaissance lolli~♥ lolli~♥ lolli~♥ (“Baby, the Stars Shine Bright” x’s a thousand = Fukakyon♥!!!), yakuza mishaps with it all culminating into one of the funniest and most unforgettable and biggest twists~and~turns to ever meet the big screen. Ever. Really! This film is most wonderful and it’s 100% worth owning as it has endless replay value as I crack up every time I watch it =). Highly recommended…..and oh wait until you see the Unicorn~guy (。ーωー。)笑!!

Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari

Shimotsuma Monogatari

Shimotsuma Monogatari

Shimotsuma Monogatari

Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari Shimotsuma Monogatari

Shimotsuma Monogatari

"Shimotsuma Monogatari" "Shimotsuma Monogatari" "Shimotsuma Monogatari" "Shimotsuma Monogatari" "Shimotsuma Monogatari" "Shimotsuma Monogatari"

"Shimotsuma Monogatari" "Shimotsuma Monogatari"

"Shimotsuma Monogatari"

This movie is absolutely priceless (*≧▽≦)!

~Favorite drama series~

"Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake"

"Strawberry on the Shortcake" Okay this one’s a bit older and yet it’s one of the most memorable Fukakyon dramas that immediately comes to mind when thinking of a favorite. And there’s something so warm and addictive about those little Tackey♥ narrations which appear near the beginning and end each episode and they’re a match made in heaven…..I sort of wish they had stayed together in real~life and gotten married although most would probably disagree and would rather want them for themselves :P. But just at first with those opening and closing dialogs for each episode I then just knew that the next episode couldn’t come soon enough each time. You know you’re addicted to a drama when even a week’s wait is much too long (> <);!!! Theme songs too play such an important role in how one loves/likes a drama and initially it may sound odd that they chose not a Japanese pop song or even a Japanese language song here but instead this drama connects to a pair of catchy 70’s songs from none other than the hit machine which was ABBA. I can’t stress enough of how perfectly it works here with “Chiquitita” leading in and “S.O.S” serving as the ending theme (S.O.S also cutely becomes an acronym of sorts for “(S)trawberry (o)n the (S)hortcake”) and coupled with the visuals of the cast playing happily together during the credits….it’s just (*´∀`)♥!!I guess I’d summarize to say this drama is delicious♥.

"Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake"

“Strawberry on the Shortcake” is one of the un~bashful stories where relationships and adolescence touch upon everything from unrequited love to discovering one’s self to virginity and how realizing the one♥ for you may be closer than you think. Fukakyon and Tackey play the main characters “Manato” and “Yui” who become siblings though in a step brother/step sister sense and initially Yui’s honesty and straight forwardness was a bit of an odd turn~off for Manato but in time he soon begins to realize his feelings for her (not the sisterly type :P) but there are of course complications of other relationships which form not a love~triangle but some other odd shape xD. What I really loved about this drama is how relatable each character was and you can’t help but fall in love with Fukakyon’s “Yui~chan” as her personality and approach to life is on a level cutely aloof and yet she’s so honest with everything never shying away from literally anything in life…..her demeanor so adorable and wrapped in sweetness always =). There are so many wonderful and touching moments that’ll have you attached and giggling inside too all leading up to a heartfelt final episode which also provides and abundance of anxiety too!! The sex* episode was so funny where there’s I imagine nothing quite like “finding” your brother’s condoms or being asked if virginity is a bad thing for a guy to still have (*´艸`)!!、however it all fairs in comparison to Yui telling Manato that she “can’t practice that* with you…” that* of course being that* lol xD. And who could’ve known that stalking could be so clumsy and cute at the same time??…..Fukakyon♥.

"Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake"

"Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake" "Strawberry on the Shortcake"

"Strawberry on the Shortcake"

"Strawberry on the Shortcake"

~Pop star~


Fukada Kyoko Fukada Kyoko began playing the piano at the age of just four years old and although she admits that having to practice at that age was a bit of a reluctant activity then, it’s grown into a passion over the years of learning. While so many idols find pop music and singing early in their careers and then delve into a musical career at some point for Fukakyon it was really rather an idol/actress exploring music and as a vocalist she was just beginning to work with a vocal coach literally on~the~spot as she was in studio for her very first single recording. To be honest Fukakyon doesn’t in particular have a remarkable voice and while she did develop over time for her it was much more of her idol♥ status and adoration by fans which made her venture into music work. Interestingly rather than take initially the much more obvious or traveled road of approaching a music career as an idol with the cute~route the earliest songs released showed a production which rather opted for a much darker sound and style giving some tracks a very moody feel~~.

And as you listen to her albums as well she wasn’t produced so much as an idol even then and even the array of musical styles and 60’s influences dig a bit deeper in tracks such as “Universe” which brilliantly has the aura of an “Eleanor Rigby” like tone and movement and still other tracks breath the exotic flavors of bossa nova and other jazz backgrounds into them. Initially though as aforementioned her debut single “Saigo no kajitsu” is dark and rock influenced and here I’ll begin with her singles then moving on to her two original album releases.

~Recommended listening~

There’s quite a lot here to consume so just for starters I’d say begin with her songs “Universe (strings version)”, “Telepathy” (middle break remind you of a group?……The Bealtes~♥ =) ), “How?”, “Umi no kanata sora no hate” (“Beyond the sea, end of the sky”), “Easy Rider” and “Swimming.”

~My Fukakyon♥ collection っo(*´∀`)o~

my Fukada Kyoko music collection

my Fukada Kyoko image DVD collection

my Fukada Kyoko photo book colledtion

Fukada Kyoko Exotique pb with photo extra

~The singles~

Fukada Kyoko "Saigo no kajitsu" jacket scan

“Saigo no kajitsu” was released on May 19th, 1999. (first press edition includes one additional track)

~Fukada Kyoko “Saigo no kajitsu” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Umi no kanata sora no hate” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Anata ga shitte iru watashi ga honto no watashi to wa kagiranai” mp3~


~Fukada Kyoko “Saigo no kajitsu” (music video)

Fukada Kyoko "Easy Rider" jacket scan

Easy Rider” was released on September 1st, 1999.

~Fukada Kyoko “Easy Rider” mp3~


~Fukada Kyoko “Easy Rider” (music video)~

Fukada Kyoko "Kirameki no shunkan" jacket scan

“Kirameki no shunkan” was released on February 2nd, 2000.

Fukada Kyoko “Kirameki no shunkan” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Atom Heart Mother” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "How?" jacket scan

“How?” was released on July 19th, 2000.

~Fukada Kyoko “How?” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Hidarite” mp3~


~Fukada Kyoko “How?” (music video)~

vlcsnap-138357 vlcsnap-136766 vlcsnap-136846 vlcsnap-137051 vlcsnap-137427

Fukada Kyoko "Swimming" jacket scan

“Swimming” was released on June 6th, 2001.

~Fukada Kyoko “Swimming” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Universe” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Figure” mp3~


~Fukada Kyoko “Swimming” (music video)~

vlcsnap-138936 vlcsnap-139145 vlcsnap-139892 vlcsnap-139852 vlcsnap-140883

Fukada Kyoko "Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru" jacket scan

“Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru” was released on October 3rd, 2001.

~Fukada Kyoko “Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Route246" jacket scan

Fukada Kyoko "Route246" jacket scan

Fukada Kyoko "Route246" jacket scan

“Route246” was released on May 22nd, 2002. This song reminds me of Pizzicato Five with that great 60’s vibe and do I spy a John Lennon style Rickenbacker? =)

~Fukada Kyoko & The Two Tones “Route246” mp3


~Fukada Kyoko “Route246” (music video)~

vlcsnap-246542 vlcsnap-247386 vlcsnap-246654 vlcsnap-248052 vlcsnap-247984 vlcsnap-248171


~The albums~

Fukada Kyoko "Moon" booklet scan

Fukada Kyoko "Moon" booklet scan “Moon” was released on March 15th, 2000. The first press edition is housed in a clear outer slip case and includes a thick~glossy 10 page color booklet in addition to the liner notes booklet~. A few alternate versions of previously released songs appear within the 11 tracks here beginning with a possibly even more distorted version of “Kirameki no shunkan.” Recommended tracks: “Anata ga shitte iru watashi ga honto no watashi to wa kagiranai (2000 mix)”, “Sakura no sono”, “Saigo no kajitsu” and “Easy Rider.”

Fukada Kyoko “Kirameki no shunkan (alternative Mix)” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko “Anata ga shitte iru watashi ga honto no watashi to wa kagiranai (2000 mix)” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Moon" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Gozen yoji no mukou gawa” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Into The Light” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Moon" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Sakura no sono” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “prayer” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Eien no ichi nichi” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Moon" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Mune ippai no ai wo” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Easy Rider” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Moon" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Kuroi ame” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Saigo no kajitsu” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

“Universe” was released on November 21st, 2001. Definitely a superior album to “Moon” with even more inspired arrangements to accompany a then much more confident vocalist in Fukakyon♥. So cute the first pressing includes an extra outer card which here is referred to as a “stereo visual card” =D……what we call a hologram card :P. If you check out the music collection photo I took which is posted earlier in this post you can catch a glimpse of the dual images being displayed simultaneously. The jewel case for “Universe” is extra thick to help accommodate for the hologram card as well as a slightly thicker liner notes/ photo booklet. This album opens up with an awesome remix ( i don’t say the words awesome and remix very often in the same sentence…..I’m usually partial to the original versions :P) of “Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru” which is extra~cool~jazzy~breezy~♥!!….and it’s much better than the original =). Other recommended tracks include: “Telepathy”, “Swimming”, “Universe (string version)” also arguably better than the original, “American Short Hair”, and “How?”

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix)” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Telepathy” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Swimming” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Shitsumon ga aru no” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “Koi suru mune no tameiki” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Universe (strings version)” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “American Shorthair” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “Figure” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

~Fukada Kyoko “How?” mp3~

~Fukada Kyoko “People” mp3~

Fukada Kyoko "Universe" booklet scan

Fukada Kyoko “Canon (fer remix by Sohichi Terada) Piano: Fukada Kyoko mp3~

~Image DVDs~

Fukada Kyoko "for me" DVD

Fukada Kyoko in "for me" Between 99’ to 01’ Fukakyon released four image DVDs and as a sign of the times each were cased in a traditional sized jewel case whereas today’s DVDs are almost exclusively packaged in tall full sized cases. Each DVD served as both image DVDs and also a sort of documentary of her growth as a musical artist both vocally and instrumentally providing clips of an early live FC event, in studio recording and rehearsals, art direction, vocal coaching, music videos, making of her music videos, extensive and intimate interview clips, NG moments :P, slide show photo albums and of course lots and lots of image~footage including mizugi and other cute and sexy clips~. “for me” was released on January 20th, 1999, “to me” was released on March 17th, 1999, “for you” was released on December 17th, 1999 and “to you” was released on June 20th, 2001. Following are a few special clips and accompanying caps as well as the pvs♥ included on each DVD release.

Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo)

If you clicked on the very first mp3 of this post than you’re already most familiar♥ with the piano solo performed by Fukakyon……here’s an accompanying clip. So beautiful~*…..I can loop this on my iPod and the melody repeats seamlessly ^ ^♥。

~Fukada Kyoko (piano solo♥) clip~

Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo)

Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo) Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo) Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo) Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo) Fukada Kyoko in "for me" (piano solo)


vlcsnap-157159 vlcsnap-159356 vlcsnap-156882 vlcsnap-159578 vlcsnap-157057 vlcsnap-159958


~Fukada Kyoko “face” image clip~

vlcsnap-149526 vlcsnap-150090 vlcsnap-150435 vlcsnap-151102 vlcsnap-151481 vlcsnap-151774 vlcsnap-151824

vlcsnap-152569 vlcsnap-152767 vlcsnap-152833 vlcsnap-153586

vlcsnap-147190 vlcsnap-147225 vlcsnap-147581 vlcsnap-147782 vlcsnap-147830 vlcsnap-148004 vlcsnap-148064 vlcsnap-148125 vlcsnap-148189 vlcsnap-148245 vlcsnap-148484 vlcsnap-148553 vlcsnap-148609 vlcsnap-148667 vlcsnap-148724 vlcsnap-148786 vlcsnap-148908 vlcsnap-149022 vlcsnap-149086 vlcsnap-149152

Fukada Kyoko in "for me"

Fukada Kyoko "to me" DVD jacket scan

Fukada Kyoko "to me" DVD inner jacket scan

Fukakyon’s piano solo was extracted from video from this DVD and just in case you’d rather not scroll all the way back up to the top I’ve inserted here too just below to accompany the photos….

~Fukada Kyoko (piano solo♥) mp3~

vlcsnap-167343 vlcsnap-166724


vlcsnap-169785 vlcsnap-168195 vlcsnap-168554 vlcsnap-168709 vlcsnap-168782 vlcsnap-168802 vlcsnap-168837 vlcsnap-169155 vlcsnap-169249 vlcsnap-169315


vlcsnap-163242 vlcsnap-163406 vlcsnap-163478 vlcsnap-163719 vlcsnap-163969 vlcsnap-164060 vlcsnap-164469 vlcsnap-164559 vlcsnap-164732 vlcsnap-165369 vlcsnap-165468 vlcsnap-165535 vlcsnap-165622 vlcsnap-165779

Fukada Kyoko "for you" DVD jacket scan

“for you” includes some great in studio footage of Fukakyon on piano accompanied by a cellist and also includes pvs and making of footage for her singles “Saigo no kajitsu” and “Easy Rider”….oh and be sure to watch for the Kyoko~snarl♥ so cute!! Here I’ve also included a piano rehearsal clip which includes a bit of commentary from Fukakyon along with the closing credits which always has the cutest and most candid footage =).

But first, a kitty♥ moment  (*´∀`*)♥...




~Fukada Kyoko (kitty♥ time clip)~

Fukada Kyoko (kitty♥ time)




~Fukada Kyoko “Dear…♥” piano/cello duet rehearsal & ending credits clip~

vlcsnap-172687 vlcsnap-172708 vlcsnap-172840vlcsnap-173286

~Fukada Kyoko “Saigo no kajitsu” (music video)~

vlcsnap-184844 vlcsnap-179909 vlcsnap-180992 vlcsnap-181622 vlcsnap-182686 vlcsnap-183454 vlcsnap-184659


~Fukada Kyoko “Easy Rider” (music video)~





Fukada Kyoko "to you" DVD jacket scan

vlcsnap-144658 “to you” includes the pvs♥ for the single “How?”, “Swimming” and “Kirameki no shunkan”….I’ve also included the ending credit clip as it’s just soooooo cute!!!….plus it leads in with a live FC event♥. Keep an eye out for Fukakyon’s encounter with the “making of” cam and her reaction’s so funny when her um….crown falls off suddenly っo(*´∀`)o!Oh and I forgot to mention this earlier but gosh* the producers of her “Swimming” music video were quite naughty as well…..let’s just say that the beginning of the water~gun fight starts with some pretty um obvious? sexual* references (*´艸`)。



~Fukada Kyoko “to you” ending credits clip w/ FC footage and behind the scenes footage~


~Fukada Kyoko “How?” (music video)~

vlcsnap-136332 vlcsnap-135648 vlcsnap-135695 vlcsnap-136028 vlcsnap-136137 vlcsnap-136274


vlcsnap-138597 vlcsnap-136584 vlcsnap-136766 vlcsnap-136846 vlcsnap-137051 vlcsnap-137427 vlcsnap-138357



~Fukada Kyoko “Swimming” (music video)~

vlcsnap-140954 vlcsnap-139824 vlcsnap-140386 vlcsnap-140671 vlcsnap-139950 vlcsnap-140517 vlcsnap-140865 vlcsnap-139312 vlcsnap-140027 vlcsnap-140559 vlcsnap-140936 vlcsnap-139762 vlcsnap-140076 vlcsnap-140575







And now we’ve reached the final section of this tiny post…..just kidding :P!..about the tiny part that is and here I’ve chosen a few favorite♥ photos to scan from each of Fukakyon’s photo books although it’s notable to mention that her most recent release “001 Neo Mook” didn’t arrive quite in time for me to include those scans here too but I’ll surely post those in an upcoming Fukakyon♥ post =). I’ll begin with her pb titled “Pool” which was shot when she was between the ages of 14 and 15 and serves pretty much as her debut~.

Fukada Kyoko Pool photo book

Fukada Kyoko "Pool"

Fukada Kyoko "Pool" IMG_0001

Fukada Kyoko "Pool" IMG_0002

This photo is so nostalgic!!! PS1 🙂 and yes boys we have to adjust clothing too sometimes (。ーωー。)♪

 Fukada Kyoko "Pool IMG_0003

Fukada Kyoko "Pool IMG_0004

Mmm….♥ this penguin love~love photo with Kyoko~chan. Penguins are one of the cutest beings on the planet and Fukakyon one of the most adorable on the planet so get them together and wa~llah! Everything here just pushed the cute~o~meter way past its known limits dont’cha think?…..

Charlie Sheen agrees =)


Fukada Kyoko Colors photo book

“Colors” in a way represented the growing relationship between Fukakyon and Bomb magazine as she graced so many covers of theirs as well as just being pretty much in nearly each and every issue for a long standing time…..here this pb was published as a collaborative effort and a very noticeable shift towards a much sexier* image is clearly present~.

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0005

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0006

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0007

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0008

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0009

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0010

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0011

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0012

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0013

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0014 Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0015

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0016

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0017

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0018

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0019

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0020

Fukada Kyoko "Colors" IMG_0021

Fukada Kyoko Avenir photo book set

When you consider that “AVENIR” sold for just 3500 yen at the time of its original release it’s pretty amazing in retrospect…..two high quality hard cover photo books housed in a glossy outer slip case~* both featuring posters of their own too. The “passe” and “present” themes of each edition cover Fukakyon’s idol photography from 15 to adulthood with of course Bomb magazine producing as well. And if you sense that the first scans here seem to show Fukakyon getting younger in age in succession with each photo shoot I uploaded them a bit backwards…..okay totally backwards 😛 at first but I corrected the order for the latter edition.

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0022

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0023

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0024

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0025

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0026

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0027

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0028

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0029

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0030

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0031

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0032

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0033

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0034

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0035

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0036

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0037

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0038

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0039

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0040

Fukada Kyoko "AVENIR" IMG_0041

Fukada Kyoko Friends photo book

“Friends” is a really cute pb combining a separate photo shoot from lots and lots of behind the scenes photos and interviews with both Fukada Kyoko and Wonbin!! If you haven’t yet seen “Friends” I wholeheartedly recommend it!!!! It’s such a wonderful drama which takes on the issues of language barriers and what can befall from it…..so so many redeeming and cute and funny moments~*! It’s a must must see!!!

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0042

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0043

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0044

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0045

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0046

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0047

Fukada Kyoko "Friends"  IMG_0048

Fukada Kyoko "Friends"  IMG_0049

Fukada Kyoko "Friends" IMG_0050

Fukada Kyoko 25sai photo book

The large buzz around the release of “25sai” were the many photographs taken herein featuring Fukakyon going natural…..as in no make~up and it’s the true testament to the term natural~beauty……..Fukakyon♥ embodying that and so much more =)……some are just blessed with it from birth. Lucky~*  (*´∀`*) ♪!!

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0051

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0052

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0053

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0054

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0055

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0056

Fukada Kyoko "25sai" IMG_0057

Fukada Kyoko Tokyo Pin~Up Girl photo book

“Kyoko Tokyo Pin~Up Girl” features Fukakyon in character for her “Yatterman” role but this photo book is actually a visual extension of the drama……some really creative and artistic photos are herein and to see inside please click~* here as I scanned this pb during my time back @ Vox.

Fukada Kyoko Exotique pb with photo extra

~~>EXOTIQUE…..photo books too are now including photo extras ↑↑↑ っo(*´∀`)o! Mmm…before getting to the scans I would like to just say that Fukakyon♥ was always so meant to have a longer hairstyle and just the sight of extensions here prove it to be true I think =). Fukakyon looks so amazing here!!!!!!! It was quite difficult to choose just a few favorites♥ so I ended up scanning quite a bit of the pb and if I tried to sum up this pb in just two words it’d have to be….beautifully~artistic. From a girl to a woman and the journey in between, I hope you enjoyed it all as much as I had fun putting this all together…..it’s now just reaching into the fifth day of me completing this post. Tsukarechatta!! ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzz.....おやちゅ=)♥!

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0058

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE"IMG_0059

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE"IMG_0060

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE"IMG_0061

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0062

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0063

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0064

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0065

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0066

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0067

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0068

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0069

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0070

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0071

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0072

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0073

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0074

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0075

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0076

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0077

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0079 Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0078

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0080

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0081

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0082

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0083

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0084

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0086 Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0085

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0088 Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0087

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0089

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0090

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0091 Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0092

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0093

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0094

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0095

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0096

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0097

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0098

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0099

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0100

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0101

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0103

Fukada Kyoko in "EXOTIQUE" IMG_0102

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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44 Responses to 「Featured Post」~Fukakyon♥…model, actress, idol, pop star~~> 「EXOTIQUE」

  1. Pyon says:

    Amazing post! I love Fukakyon the most in Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi Dake. Thank you very much for sharing with us… 🙂


    • At the time I remember how it really shook up the drama world too, covering such a dark aspect of youth in Japan. And Kaneshiro Takeshi….that may have been the first time I saw him I think….? Guys just don’t get hotter than that!! Thank you~* so much (*´∀`) !


  2. Mike Avila says:

    She’s so beautiful. Elegant. Scorpio girl! 🙂


    • U~n! Mikey you’re always so observant too =)…..Fukakyon’s a Scorpio. I wonder if we’d get along as friends (*´∀`*) ♥。Isn’t she so amazing!! I love her piano playing and I’ve always thought that she should release an album of all piano instrumentals…..I’d sooooo want that! She’s always been cute and now she’s grown into a beautiful woman and if you get the chance please watch one of her dramas (“Strawberry on the shortcake” highly recommended!!) or “Shimotsuma Monogatari” also highly recommended!!


  3. bubblegum says:

    omg omg omg i just MUST have the whole exotique photobook D:
    -sigh- i want to make graphics with it D:
    O_O can you upload some more amazing pics from it please please please?


    • Hi bubblegum~*….I so wish you had messaged me earlier as whenever I scan heavily with a hardcover photo book I then weigh it down which probably sounds weird 😛 but it so helps to bring the book back as close to normal as in keeping its spine in tact as best I can. It’s just that after applying so much pressure sometimes the binding can begin to separate while scanning so I always do this to try to bring it back to being okay =). I would scan more of EXOTIQUE had I not already weighed it back down….I’m so sorry and I hope you understand =(.


      • bubblegum says:

        i understand T_T -never thought you
        d answer me- >.> . Thanks for explaining , i just wish someone would scan them 😦


        • I did try to choose the cuter~sexier pics♥ here but I understand you wanting more of them as the entire photo book is really visually vibrant and Fukakyon♥ so adorable throughout…thank you for understanding as hard cover books really can be damaged from extensive scanning and I think my copy has reached its limit.


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  7. philipleslie says:

    Wow, another excellent post. Thank you for linking me here. I love the piano solo, and seeing her perform: the sound of the sea at the end of it reminds me of my own recent musical effort! There’s so much here to enjoy, I’ll have to make several return visits, which will be a pleasure.


    • I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing this post so at your leisure is best and there is quite a lot to consume here no doubt =D. I really thought it was pretty unique and especially back when those image DVDs were originally released to see an idol perform like that, she plays wonderful piano!

      Did you get to find the Shimotsuma Monogatari bit? No kidding I’m in love with that movie and it’ll never tire as it’s just so incredibly funny and the imagery so surreal and not unlike when I first watched the movie Amelie which is sort of in the same vein of style with the storytelling and just how these movies were shot. The whole lolli thing and that store she loves and then the biker gang and when Fukakyon goes all crazy on everyone and kicks ultimate butt my jaw just hit the floor as you’d never imagine it ever!! That was the best!!! I love how it goes way back to her father and mother even going back to her birth….literally…all so funny!

      But more importantly did you get to the part about my favorite Fukakyon drama? “Strawberry on the Shortcake”…..I wonder if it’s online to watch or purchase? I do have discs for the pc with every episode just in case.


      • philipleslie says:

        I’ve not got to the movie part yet. I do enjoy that film. As for Amelie: I saw that three times at the cinema. The music’s exquisite, and the characters are all wonderful. (The same composer provided music for Good Bye Lenin, which is a fabulous film set in East Germany at the time the Wall is coming down. It’s very funny, too, and may be in your local rental store? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJb4efZcFUM


        • Good Bye Lenin! looks like quirky fun =D….watching the trailer now and do they really have a Burger King there i wonder =O? But why was that man at the beginning hitting him upon his chest?? Haha was she pointing at the Coca Cola sign? I’m guessing that Burger King and Coca Cola really did invade Germany after all =P.


          • philipleslie says:

            The doctor is demonstrating what to do to his mother if she suffers another heart attack. It’s a wonderful and funny movie that pokes fun at commercialisation (Burger King is really there, and MacD) as well as comparing it to the pre-1989 East Germany. The sequences when the son and his friend record the ‘latest’ news, faking it in order to fool the mother into thinking nothing has changed, are very good. I saw it three times in the cinema too! Can you get a MacDonald’s in China, do you think? Tanimura Yumi’s married to the head of MacDonalds Japan, isn’t she.


        • Must read “Strawberry on the Shortcake” paragraph above =D! Seriously though if you cannot find it maybe there’d be a way for me to upload one episode at a time somewhere?


          • philipleslie says:

            About seeing if it’s online? I’ll check in a while. Thank you for offering to upload it. That’s so kind. Hopefully it’ll be available. I’ve just bookmarked ‘Suugaku Joshi Gakuen’. Is it worth watching? It sounds fun, and the cast would be worth watching even if they were just sitting around do nothing. I’ve yet to watch Pinch Runner, although I have the CD now and love it.


            • That is quite the Hello! Project cast in this drama series!!! I’ve no idea but I agree as with its cast alone it’s most intriguing and even the younger generation is in it too =). I enjoyed “Pinch Runner” a lot and especially Nacchi’s role in it…..if I told you how much I had spent on the VHS and a VHS featurette you’d have me committed at this instant XD.


  8. philipleslie says:

    Hi there! WordPress problems for the last couple of days, but I’ve now spent a little more time on your lovely post. Today I watched the videos. Her voice is quite distinctive: very smooth and middle register and very sensual. Saying that I wasn’t over-keen on ‘Saigo no kajitsu’, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. Maybe it’s the song’s fault, as I much, much preferred ‘Easy Rider’, ‘How?’ and ‘Swimming’, which are mid-tempo, and was pleased when Route 246 grew on me. I could listen to her singing for hours. Meanwhile, the videos really showcase her beautiful face. I’ve also added ‘Easy Rider’ to a growing collection of pvs featuring idols and kittens (she joins Tanimura Yumi and Otsuka Ai). Enjoyed the ‘surprise’ ending of ‘Swimming’. As for her acting, I’ve reached ep 5 of Strawberry on the Shortcake now. Please may it never end; it’s so enjoyable.


    • I’m thinking that Firefox should load this up quite quickly now that you’re using it =)…I’ve always too many images in posts but I can’t seem to help it as I like visuals it ‘seems’ XD. You know I had a bit of apprehension in placing her videos in chronological order as “Saigo no kajitsu” I was afraid would prove to be an initial turn off as it isn’t one of her better songs. “Swimming” is no doubt one of my favorites~♥ and that video in particular is so giddy cute and fun!! I did realize years later when a friend had pointed out that there’s a bit of sexuality in that whole water gun fight scene right there at the ending lol =P….directors are sneaky aren’t they?! “Easy Rider” has such an infectious melody about it and with “How?” it’s the sweetest of ballads!!! Haha that’s very observant of you with the kittens connection there =D! A song like “Universe” (stings ver.) really features Fukakyon’s vocals quite well to go along with that dreamy melody which even has a slight eerie~ness about it. I just read that you’re watching the next episode tonight of S.O.S. and I so know that feeling where it’ll be even a bit lonely after the series has inevitably ended ^^. The ending is most suspenseful too, but that is all that I’ll say.


      • philipleslie says:

        Not looking forward to when it ends…I’m going to have to watch that water fight again to see what I missed the first time! Firefox perfect, although I’m using Safari at the moment as the pages are loading okay. I’ll switch to Firefox for the bigger posts, though.


      • philipleslie says:

        Hi there! I’ve just watched ep 1 of Friends 2002 on GoodDrama. It’s wonderful. Fukakyon is just as delightful as she was in SOS (she’s just leant some Korean). I love the exchange of emails. I’ve just realised why the title of Strawberry on theShortcake is in English, not katakana/hiragana: because it wouldn’t read SOS, then, and link to the Abba song. I’ll save ep 2 for tomorrow, even though I want to watch it now. I have the V-U-Den music video DVD to watch (volume 1, with the first 5 singles). I love V-U-Den. Really enjoyed the Melon Kinenbi 2003 Christmas Concert, which I watched last night.


        • Not sure if you’re still relishing in “Friends”…? The language ‘barrier’ between them is perfectly played and isn’t this series so epic? I mean how it covers so many years with them losing touch and the changes in their respective lives until they see each other again. I was always torn between calling them Biyuuden or V-U-Den….Rikachan’s group!! Erika, Yui and Rikachan were so perfect together and Tsunku certainly wrote for them some real gems! Sounds like you had a very Melon~y last weekend :D!


          • philipleslie says:

            I’ve mentioned MK’s second album elsewhere. I finished Friends and really enjoyed it. The only time I was thrown was when Ji-Hoon joined the army suddenly without an intervening scene. Fukakyon just returned to the store as if one day had passed when it must’ve have been a few weeks. I was so pleased there was a happy ending. I wasn’t previously aware of the way the Japanese regarded relationships with South Koreans, so this was educational too.


            • Gosh I don’t remember that being such a rough transition in Friends =/ but in any case the military duty he needed to fulfill was worrisome for sure =(, U~n Japan has quite the history with their surrounding neighbors and not all of it good in the past during wartime sadly but hopefully over more time that will help to heal more wounds from back then. Of course there are other cultural differences too, but I’m so happy that you enjoyed the mini drama!! On an added note Won Bin is soooooo handsome in this!!!!


          • philipleslie says:

            ‘Minami-kun no koibito’: I’ve watched episode 1 and so far, it’s very watchable. Fukakyon is shrunk to 16cm by the end of the episode. Not sure how it will stretch for 11 episodes, but that will be the fun in watching. Loved her in the mnore recent Housewife Detective series. Hope all is well with you.


            • I’ve also tried watching Fukakyon in Fighting Girl which she stars in which is from around this same time period….but Otousan although she’s not the central character is really good with Tamaru Masakazu (a really heart warming drama!) as well as To Heart where she stars alongside Kinki Kid Domoto Tsuyoshi is also really good and it has the most amazing theme song by them too! Think Fukakyon making crepes in a little stand while relentlessly following around an aspiring boxer in Domoto Tsuyoshi’s character and while it may sound rather ordinary it does get quite dramatic and suspenseful! I usually don’t prefer to stream dramas online but I do want to see her detective series very much. Sorry I missed your birthday =/…..Happy Belated Birthday to you \(^o^)/!!!!

              I’ve got another doctor’s appointment, being sick really sucks (*>ω<)!!!


              • philipleslie says:

                Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’re poorly. I hope you’re magicked well again very soon. Thank you for the belated birthday wish! One year, many years back, I was best man at my friends’ wedding (my speech was the worst speech ever in the history of wedding speeches) and was travelling back by coach when half way through the journey, I suddenly realised it was my birthday, having completely forgotten about it until then.
                I gave up watching Minami-kun on GoodDrama as the adverts were getting intrusive, but someone’s uploaded it onto Dailymotion, so I’m continuing with it there. Fukakyon is unbelievably kawaii. I’m certain you’ll love Housewife Detective: there’s a DVD available, presumably. I’ll definitely search out the series you mentioned. Thank you.
                Really hope you feel better soon. Perhaps you ought to invest in a daruma and make a wish…


                • Thank you~* I’m feeling much better now =). Mmm…I think as we grow older we may tend to celebrate our birthdays perhaps not as enthusiastically…I mean it’ll always be a most special day and yet it’s also like nooooo not another year gone by =P!!

                  Okay I’ve ordered both “Sengyou Shufu Tantei” and “Minamikun no Koibito” so hopefully they’ll arrive by next week =D.


                  • philipleslie says:

                    So pleased to hear you’re feeling better. And it’s wonderful to hear you’ll soon be able to enjoy the two dramas. Minamikun no koibito is wonderful. Interestingly the first episode is a subtly different tone to what follows, mainly in the way the characters are introduced. Fukakyon is magnificent throughout. She has a very wide acting range, doesn’t she.


                    • Thank you ~*….I believe I’ll be getting a flu shot next year when the time comes, although I say that now and yet one of my biggest fears happens to be needles (;゜□゜)!!! I’m absolutely horrified of getting shots!!!!!!

                      I’m onto the second disc of “Sengyou Shufu Tantei” but I think I’ll only be able to watch on the weekends as my weekdays have been too busy =/. Just as you’ve said, this drama is awesome and Fukakyon in particular shines so much in it….her character’s personality and charm so so cute!~! I love how she got drawn into the detective life too and the dialogue’s so well written with perfectly timed humor, thank you so much for recommending this drama♥ :D! Un Fukakyon’s such a capable and diverse actress I agree.


                    • philipleslie says:

                      So happy the dorama is a hit with you! I’ve just two episodes of Minami’s Girlfriend to go. I don’t want it to end, but at the same time, I would like to see Fukakyon restored to her full height (if that indeed happens…I’m still guessing). Nacchi’s sister has a small role. Oh, and by now you must have spotted the actor who was in Ruri no shima in Housewife Detective. He’s a very good actor, which especially shows when his character reveals what’s under the the jokiness.


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