~New record label, Buono! still rockin’!!


Buono! Zassou no uta LE first press single & pv DVD single releases After a bit of a hiatus Buono!’s new single and first under their new record label Zetima (part of the Sony Music family) it’s once again reaffirmed….you can’t take the ham =)♥ out of Airiin or the helium =)♥ out of Momo. We should be so lucky~* that neither ever changes although if Momo still sounds like a red bull on helium @ age 30 i may have to revisit that thought a little (。ーωー。)笑!I was a bit surprised to see their move from idol label giant Pony Canyon whom over the years has represented a vast majority of idols and idol groups but with Zetima it just feels right also, sort of like the mother ship calling them home in a sense =). And that would explain the slightly pre~mature “best of” album release as it’s customary whenever a group changes label homes but despite the change to the production team’s credit Buono! remains as the Buono! we’ve fallen in love with and that also extends to the efforts put forth into their styling, sets and storyboards~.

My only concern is that there are no lingering effects from the label change as it would be devastating if they had legal struggles to deal with if say their previous catalog of songs became an issue if they were to appear on Zetima now instead of Pony Canyon =/….let’s hope none of that becomes an issue =).

Suzuki Airi in "Zassou no uta"

I mentioned this awhile ago just how Airiin so much looks like a classmate of mine from high~school….Pamela and it’s pretty uncanny as you’d really think they were sisters if they ever stood next to one another (*´∀`*) ♪。Airiin may have a slight edge in the sexy* department though…….and saying that may come back to haunt me i know xD. I used to call Pamela a dork because she was in band while she called me a dork because I was (still) am one :P. And as you watch the pv (which is just a bit below my bun* rant :P) the only beef I have with the styling here is what I sometimes consider to be the dreaded granny~bun look (;゜□゜)!!!...

Warner Bros. Grandma

…I mean the hair bun can be most stylish if done right and with the right look but most of the time it inevitably makes me think of the Warner Bros. Granny, you know the one who’s always catching naughty Sylvester trying to eat poor Tweety at the most inopportune of times :P.

Buono! in "Zassou no uta"

I do though get the whole blue~collar mechanic thing they were going for and how I guess the bun can be relatable in that sense and even the song’s title with “weed” in it creates sort of a grungy feeling….butt but still it sometimes doesn’t suit youth all that well I think and in Momo’s and Miya’s case here all I can inevitably think about is that oh~so~famous phrase which goes something like……

hamburger furniture

…”will that be one giant bun?….

burger girl? (・o・)

..or two?” Or was that supposed to be “will that be one lump or two?” and just oMG someone had fun ↑↑↑ with their PhotoShop…(^q^)! Okay that’s actually disturbing!!!


Anyway, the “Live at the Garage Ver.” music video is just below too and it’s rather like a “dance shot version” although it’s without so much of any dance choreography for the most part so it’s more like a “Rockin’ at the car show CM ver.” Does rather look like a car show mini~concert doesn’t it =)!!

Buono! in "Zassou no uta"

~Buono! “Zassou no uta” pv~

vlcsnap-5161 vlcsnap-5583 vlcsnap-5719 vlcsnap-5880 vlcsnap-5978

Buono! in "Zassou no uta"


Luscious golden~locks…..reminds me of Henkka (*´∀`) ♥!

Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta"

~Buono! “Zassou no uta” (Live at the Garage Ver.) pv~

Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta" Buono! in "Zassou no uta"

jacket scans

Buono! "Zassou no uta" LE (jacket scan)Buono! "Zassou no uta" LE (back cover scan)Buono! "Zassou no uta" pv DVD single (jacket scan)Buono! "Zassou no uta" pv DVD single (back cover scan)

~Buono! “Runaway Train” mp3~

~Buono! “JUICY HE@RT” mp3~

“Runaway Train” has wonderfully heavy instrumentation and Buono!’s trademark sound is most awesome here as they always seamlessly layer their melodic vocals over the heaviest of music creating quite the contrast while “JUICY HE@RT” has a rather retro~90’s rock sound…both good coupling with tracks with “Runaway Train” I think being the very best here~.

….and now the Buono! girls talk NASCAR gossip…..

Buono! talks NASCAR....

Buono! talks NASCAR....

Buono! talks NASCAR....

Buono! talks NASCAR....

Joe Pesci as himself....

…..I blame these thoughts on all of the cars in their pv♥ (^q^)!

Buono! in "Zassou no uta" making of...=)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~New record label, Buono! still rockin’!!

  1. strawberrie says:

    I only bought the complete single in itunes. I haven’t have the change nor the money to order the single and single v. I have been saving for an apartment and also I seem to accquire more bills lately. I the GRE didn’t cost so much. I’m sure I would have order this single and single v along with the blu-ray version of the graduation concert of kamei, junjun, and linlin.


    • So wonderful that iTunes has so much J~pop♥ in their catalog =)!! I ended up getting the DVD version of their graduation concert although Blu~ray so tempting!!! I just saw that Aichan’s upcoming image DVD will be available on Blu~ray…..I had already pre~ordered the DVD version so no Blu~ray for me either =/. I wonder what my very first H!P Blu~ray release will be??


  2. strawberrie says:

    I know my first H!P blu-ray release will be the concert. Just when I get is another question. I’m avoiding using my credit card or else I would have pre-order it already. I guess I have to wait longer to see the concert.


    • I’ve been debating which H!P release will be my first J~Pop Blu~ray……I was just looking at Aichan’s new DVD being released on Blu~ray but I already pre~ordered it on DVD xD…….it would be like Aichan♥ so clear….like she was right in the room with you oh no wait that’s 3~D :P! Ayu is releasing the 3~D format already and I’m sure others are too……I just don’t like wearing those glasses to watch them as say you have a number of guests over and you’d like to all watch a 3~D movie or concert and then you don’t have enough glasses for everyone =(…and they’re so expensive =(. I was reading that Japan has developed a format of 3~D which doesn’t require those glasses to be worn……I wonder when we’ll see this too. Gosh technology moves so quickly…..soon there’ll be 4~D although I don’t know what that would mean…(^q^)!


      • strawberrie says:

        I understand how you feel about the 3-D thing. I hate wearing the glasses and it’s quite annoying for me and espeically my father. We see movies together all the time but during UP he had to re-adjust the glasses several times because it was hard to wear over his glasses.

        Hopefully there will be a time where you don’t have to wear glasses like with nintendo 3ds.


        • I just heard about the new Nintendo 3D this morning =). I wonder how it works where you don’t need to wear the glasses anymore?? Pretty amazing~* and one day instead of a t.v. maybe there’ll just be like a hologram in your living room =).


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