~So the Biebs cut his luscious hair and part of the earth stopped spinning, plus the Hello!Project haircut massacre re~revisited and what would you do with a celebrity’s hair?

Unless you’re living under a rock (the new GEICO CM cracks me up…(^q^)! ) I’m sure you’ve heard that Justin Bieber has cut his luscious hair although I’ve heard some say it used to resemble a mop?? Well at least he and Tom Brady won’t have to fight it out over whom gets to keep the look anymore…you can vote here in retrospect :P.

So you can go with..

..or you can go with…

..or you can go with…

..or you can go with..

..or you can go with…

..or you can go with…

…okay you get the idea :P.

The scary part is that I heard on the radio this morning that he lost like 80,000 Twitter followers due to his locks being cut??….is that serious?? oMG that’s like our Aloha Stadium’s capacity x’s 1 1/2 well slightly higher than that and it’s astonishing to say the least. I agree though that hair and styles are most important and when it comes to any celebrity male or female it can be both a turn on or turn off depending on personal tastes and such….and apparently the mop~top look was paying off for Bieber so now what will happen to his career? Like will thousands stop listening to his music because his hair is different? Sounds absurd surely and yet you just never know. Even idols go through the hair affair of cutting it drastically only to then grow it back or attach extensions in the meantime……makes you wonder though. Why cut it so much if you’re only going to wish it were back and then use extensions to cover it up?? Remember the hair scare of the Summer of ’04??…..when Ayaya scared the heck out of us Σ(゜ロ゜;ノ)ノ!?And then there was the hair crisis which touched down here in Hawaii when Gomaki appeared for her FC event with a much shorter~do (;´□`)!!!In fact with Hello! Project there are chapters and prequels and Ewoks and trilogies to speak of…..

Not so long ago in a place not so far away…(cue Tsunku’s version of “Koko ni iruzee!”)…(cue laughter) Just kidding! Sort of :P.

Episode I The Hairstylist Menace: A young boy is found to be extraordinarily strong with the force and Gotou Maki cuts her hair and then shoots her first “Alo-Hello!” DVD. :O

Episode II Attack of the Scissors: It is found out that the little green one moves very quickly despite the use of a cane and Kamei cuts her hair and then releases her 2nd shashinshuu. :O

Episode III Revenge of the Hair: The little one now grown up must struggle between the darkness of really bad dialog & really bad acting while Gotou Maki’s hair has now grown back to a nice long length. 🙂

Episode IV A New Hairstyle: The big bad one with asthma now rules the galaxy mercilessly while secretly building the most awesome haircutting device anyone has ever seen…the flobee and Ayaya cuts her hair shortly after joining GAM. :O

Episode V The Beauty Shop Strikes Back: Kamei finds out that Tsunku is her neighbor’s uncle’s half-brother’s cousin’s mechanic’s good friend from down the street and Rikachan cuts her hair and Biyuuden releases their 7th single. :O

Episode VI Return of the Hair: A cast of thousands including a lot of Snuggle teddy bears help to restore peace and order in the galaxy and Kamei’s hair is at the perfect length again (人∀`*)♥。

But with Bieber their actually going to giveaway or auction off his hair which is both fascinating and a bit creepy at the same time?? I mean I guess one would want some of his hair if you were a fan but what exactly would you then do with his hair after you’ve won/gotten it (・c_・;)?....??~~>?I know personally if I ever got a hold of some of Yuko’s♥♥♥ hair I’d keep it close always and sleep with it every night…….:P. Okay I’m kidding!!!! Sort of. Well. Let’s not go there xD. If I ever got some of Acchan’s or Aichan’s hair I’d probably braid it into a nice accessory or something that I could wear in style…..:P. But then what if it were some of Nino’s hair or Matsujun’s hair which I accidentally snipped off after sneaking by security one night after an event? What then? Well after I was released from questioning and given therapy and I promised~* to never do such a thing again I’d probably get them framed and matted to display for everyone to see =D. Okay I’m so kidding about that too!! Well. Sort of . Kinda depends on which part you’re wondering about (。ーωー。)笑。

Hm, so what would you do if you ever got hold of some of your favorite♥ celebrity’s hair?? Please vote below =).

Still as true as death and taxes……our hair does grow back, eventually. So if Bieber decides to grow his back to the mop~top look which many adored worldwide so too will his legion of followers re~follow/re~friend him back on Twitter and Facebook I imagine =).

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to ~So the Biebs cut his luscious hair and part of the earth stopped spinning, plus the Hello!Project haircut massacre re~revisited and what would you do with a celebrity’s hair?

  1. SagSousuke says:

    I don’t know about a favorite celebrity, but I’d put Bieber’s hair on fire. And I don’t necessarily mean the part of it that he cut.
    Hum… I don’t know. I wouldn’t have much use for hair, I’d prefer that nobody cut it.


    • SagSousuke says:

      Hum, the first paragraph about Bieber was supposed to be like this but I got the command wrong =(


      • A~h lol there’s voting for “other” but they’re keeping their “other” a secret (。ーωー。)♪

        You know I thought that more fans would want to frame something like this rather than be possibly creeped out by it :P. Still it’s hair….someone else’s and I was just thinking about how that in general is reacted to in society. I mean, most friends I know are genuinely freaked out by having someone else’s hair on them or well of course in one’s food :O!! But if it’s your bfs then their hair is like totally different and it’s then not a creepy thing at all 0%…..like if I found my bf’s hair floating in my ramen~♥ I would still eat it…the ramen~♥ that is not his hair :P. However if it were a strangers I would totally throw out the ramen~♥ and even despite how much I loooooooooove ramen
        (;´□`)!!!E~h?! lol run Bieber run!!! You know he looks rather “normal” now after cutting his biebs trademark look away……like maybe he’s not as unique or maybe unique isn’t the right word I’m looking for but rather he doesn’t have that look lol you know the one Tom Brady tried to copy :P. I think he looks a bit older too….don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing though for his major fan~base? It would be most sad though if that many fans stopped listening to his music solely based on his hair style…….that’s just wacky lol xD.


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