「Featured Post」~Mayuyu♥ and the Chocolate Factory (*´∀`)

Watanabe♥Mayu in "Valentine Kiss"

Watarirouka Hashiritai Valentine Kiss LE types A, B & RE with first press trading cards I’m thinking that the idol~gods were smiling down on me as they sent me Mayuyu♥ x 2…as in two first press trading cards of my second most favorite member in AKB48 =). The first press editions each include a randomly inserted trading card and now with 7 members and you know with Watarirouka Hashiritai powering up~* making them officially one of the cutest idol units ever, make that uber~cute♥ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!..although actually the “7” are based on their radio program (thank you~* CK =) ) so while this is idol~utopia♥ for the moment one does wonder if the “7” will become permanent in the future or is this a one shot single for them?? I’d like to think I speak for the masses when I say hopefully not!!!! “7” must go on ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!New members Wasamin and Mikapon join the “5” and just think how this unit keeps growing!! omg their vocals always sooooooo adorable and Mayuyu♥ the most cute and capable!! I mean Watarirouka has always been most cute in this sense but now….think “Gyu” or “Seishun no flag” on happy~candy x a million :P!!!! Each single also includes a poster~♥ extra…..but I forgot to photograph them here :P.

Watarirouka Hashiritai’s “Valentine Kiss” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan. (note first press singles w/ trading cards are out of print).

Watarirouka Hashiritai’s “Valentine Kiss” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Watarirouka Hashiritai’s “Valentine Kiss” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Mayuyu in "Valentine Kiss"

Of course it’s not all about Mayuyu♥ although part of my heart says yes it is!!! Just check out her solo performance of “Yuuhi no ijiwaru” which is vintage~vintage Music Station in every way♥!!! And I mean right down to the introduction credits given as each performance begins and just how the entire stage is set up with the bleachers aside for the audience/other stars/ hosts and actually it’s very much 80’s retro just as the song is right to its very core……think Matsuda Seiko/ Music Station/ 80’s complete with stage props depicting season. The play on words is for “Yoru mo hit parade” but it’s soooooo much Music Station and Mayuyu owns it♥. The transition is cute too as she goes from home viewer to mega~star in her pv♥ and take note of how much was put into the overall sets’ styling, her wardrobe, the old school J~Pop choreography and just everything as even with her “room”….it’s so so retro~perfect to a tee in the intro! “Yuuhi no ijiwaru continues to impress in the vein of highlighting and bringing back the nostalgic age of J~pop’s golden age……simply nostalgic! And you gotta love how they even extend into the post production after her performance as the set is being quickly changed for the “next” performer….=).

Mayuyu in "Yuuhi no ijiwaru"

~Watanabe Mayuyu “Yuuhi no ijiwaru” (pv)~

vlcsnap-12328 vlcsnap-11979 vlcsnap-13357 vlcsnap-14921 vlcsnap-15140

Mayuyu in "Yuuhi no ijiwaru"

Watarirouka Hashiritai "Valentine Kiss" LE type A jacket scan

And you really have to take your hats off to how Watarirouka~7 didn’t in any way take away from the original members or anything really in terms of individual attention/ spotlight aspects for any of the girls…..and I so love the groupings used for the coupling with tracks which will entice fans by being one exclusive song per single version or lol once again call it marketing genius which translates into separating us from our $ xD……single type A includes the exclusive audio track “Hatsu koi yo konnichi wa” featuring Mayuyu, Lovetan, Nacchan & Wasamin, single type B includes the exclusive audio track “Pajama Drive” featuring Mayuyu, Harugon, Ayarin (who I still can’t believe was once dismissed from the being a team girl =(!!) & Mikapon while the RE includes the exclusive audio track “Yuuhi no ijiwaru”……the Mayuyu♥ solo which is a must have!!!! The common coupling track for all 3 editions is “Somisomirashira”…….kiite kudasai:

~Watarirouka Hashiritai “Somisomirashira” mp3~

~”Hatsukoi yo konnichi wa” mp3~

~”Pajama Drive” mp3~

Watarirouka Hashiritai "Valentine Kiss" LE Type B jacket scan

Watarirouka Hashiritai "Valentine Kiss" RE jacket scan

Watarirouka Hashiritai in "Valentine Kiss"

~Watarirouka Hashiritai “Valentine Kiss” (pv)~

Love the old school choreography and there’s even the incorporation of the legendary “chicken~wing” move here……a staple for many many years ahhh (*´∀`*) ♪~!If you’re in any way a fan or student of J~Pop Watarirouka is so much the essence of it all and it’s pretty much in everything they do and present, even more so than even AKB48 as a unit whom also wholeheartedly represents the resurgence of this highly addictive and catchy movement~. The choco~factory set is nothing short of amazing as well as you know they could have easily have resorted to the utilization of blue screens instead to cut costs but not with AkiP~* he’s most awesome in bringing it…..and lol @ Mayuyu’s initial reaction to the choco~factory set!!! She’s sooooo adorable!!!!…and attentive to detail =)!

vlcsnap-9036 vlcsnap-8093 vlcsnap-8254 vlcsnap-8445 vlcsnap-8497 vlcsnap-8798 vlcsnap-8882 vlcsnap-8902 vlcsnap-8971


vlcsnap-9314 vlcsnap-10060 vlcsnap-10109 vlcsnap-10168 vlcsnap-10399 vlcsnap-10625 vlcsnap-10830




~Watarirouka Hashiritai “Valentine Kiss” (Dance Shot Version pv)~

the "Yuko♥" in Mayuyu... the "Yuko♥" in Mayuyu...

And now let’s embrace the “Yuko♥” in all of us….or well at least here let’s embrace the “Yuko♥” in Mayuyu~♥…..so cute~* as she yes! has a tendency to kiss♥~kiss♥ her fellow members and with Valentine’s on your mind who could resist ~♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛。Mmm…wouldn’t you kiss them all too ne~?…if the opportunity presented itself? I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not that my favorite two AKB girls are the kissing~* type lol  ^ ^♥。


…..ahhh~♥ the heart box is adorable beyond words too! The type B single includes an exclusive 12 minute making of clip~♥….now if only the heart~box weren’t meant to be filled with chocolates 〜(´。・д・。).、but with you know what instead (。ーωー。)笑~♥。






vlcsnap-3319 vlcsnap-2746 vlcsnap-3005 vlcsnap-3091 vlcsnap-3274


vlcsnap-4280 vlcsnap-3843 vlcsnap-3901 vlcsnap-3964 vlcsnap-4259






vlcsnap-9604 vlcsnap-9577

And a most Happy Birthday~*~~*~♥!!!wish to Lovetan who’s celebration coincided with the filming of “Valentine Kiss”…..what could be more fitting!


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15 Responses to 「Featured Post」~Mayuyu♥ and the Chocolate Factory (*´∀`)

  1. ying says:

    I wanted to buy this but I feel so guilty whenever i purchase j-pop cds online. They are so expensive ><


    • I know it’s so true!!!..and our exchange rate here to yen is getting worse and worse by the day it seems =(. What I usually end up doing to save a bit on the shipping is I’ll add orders together with other orders containing releases with release dates which are sort of close…..sometimes it’s difficult to decided though as there are particular releases which I don’t want to have delayed while others I’m okay with waiting a bit longer to receive them. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 is sooooo cute!!!..and just for the Mayuyu♥ solo alone so worth it (but then I’m Mayuyu♥~biased :P)……^ ^。


      • ying says:

        Yeah, i do the same and order all the releases in one go. I went ahead and ordered version B after seeing your blog entry XD. I ordered from HMV this time so the shipping costs almost as much as the CD…

        Mayuyu is cute, but my bias is Rabu-tan! She looks adorable in braids 🙂 I love Harugon too but the poor girl looks like she isn’t taking the choreography seriously in the dance version.
        This isn’t the first time I’ve seen mayuyu making a move on rabutan!!


        • W~ah! so happy!! Supporting our favorite artists♥ means a lot and especially when you see how much downloading goes on…..I think it’s great you ordered this single =)!! I don’t know if it’s true for every mailing destination but I think HMV can sometimes be a bit less costly on shipping than Cdjapan is….or did I get that backwards?

          I noticed Lovetan too and initially it was just her nickname~♥ which is like one of the best ever!!! She’s so funny too though and is a bit more outgoing than some of the other girls…and you gotta love that especially when the competition is so tight in AKB! Mmm with Harugon for me I initially saw her and thought that she looked rather like a local girl here, like she could be a Japanese/American I know that may sound odd but there’s a lot of us here (*´∀`)♥。I thought that was sooooo cute!!! Lovetan is so adorable I’d want to kiss her too =).


    • luciana cardoso says:

      amo vcs sao muito lindas e legais amo tudo de vcs


  2. CK says:

    Yayyy for Seven!!!!!!!!


    • You just made me think of Prince’s “Seven”…♥♥♥!!

      I hope they keep Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 together and not just for their radio show…..at first I was worried a little that it would take away from individual member attention but it so didn’t =). Wasamin did great too…..prays they stay as 7~♥!


  3. philipleslie says:

    Another great review. I am really fond of this WH7 cover/release, especially the pv. The colour palette is beautiful, and the filming is pin-sharp. Such an incredible set (construction and lighting), and I love, in the ‘making of’, when the girls see it for the first time. Mayuyu’s solo, ‘Yuuhi no ijiwaru’, shows how professional she is. One moment she’s at ease, a split second later she’s snapped into performance-mode.


    • Thank you Philip~♥! I really try to have fun with these =)…u~n AKB production always goes so far beyond what I could hope for so they never disappoint. The creativity and love put into the art direction and sets are amazing..so agree! “Yuuhi no ijiwaru” was produced and performed so perfectly not to mention Mayuyu’s amazing performance in it both vocally and as an actress on that amazing 80’s like Music Station set! So many of AKB songs reflect directly on Akip’s direct connection to the golden age of J~pop with his marriage to an Onyanko Club member shines so much in his understanding, appreciation and really his will to help bring back those style of songs and their choreography and writing overall…such a wonderful testament to some of the greatest j~pop songs of all time, it truly was the golden era for this style and aura of music. For years before Akip’s arrival with AKB48 so many Japanese artists, pop and idol alike were moving towards a much more Western and European influence with their song writing and dance choreography styles so true J~pop was sort of being lost in essence. But now with AKB and family going ahead full force it’s really brought it all back, even with many of their stage dances you can see directly their link to J~pop’s past..its uncanny and so wonderful, just everything he’s done to help keep it from dying out and now making this style as popular if not more popular today than it ever was in its own age. Mayuyu has so much potential in life..her anime, she could also strive easily as a seiyuu, a soloist or even an actress I think if she so dreams~*~~* and chooses ^^。This is easily one of my most favorite WH7 singles…along with Seishun no flag and well many more lol =P.

      p.s. it was so cute when Mayuyu debuted and one of the extras on that single featured a cooking/life lesson for Mayuyu, just how that man kept lightly scolding her at times..they were so cute collaborating together not to mention the history of Mayuyu which was enlightening as well and of course the songs all great too!!:



      • philipleslie says:

        That’s fascinating. Thank you. There are quite a lot of J-pop acts and performers I don’t listen to because they sound too Western, and the pv’s are unoriginal. A Western producer of ‘UZA’ pv would never have made the same design choices, or choreographed it with such a brilliant, loose-limbed choreography that dares not to be flattering for the performers. And there would be no variety whatsoever. Taking UZA as an example again, on version B you have an electro dance number (UZA) alongside a bright and breezy song (Tsugi no Season (great pv too) alongside a traditional-sounding song (the beautiful Kodoku na Hoshizora, which has an extraordinarily good pv as well).
        Oh, another wonderfully designed WH7 pv is Kibō Sanmyaku, with its references to the past.


        • That is so true, just the approach wouldn’t have done UZA justice if it had Western influences. AkiP really does have a natural ability for producing such a variety of styles and in keeping with whether it be traditional folk songs or j~pop he does wonders making it Japan’s own. U~n you have wonderful tastes!!…it’s really sweet that we have so much musical tastes in common ^ ^。I was really blown away by the traditional performance of “Akkanbe Bashi” and such a adorable music video too…lol when that guy had that nose~bleed I totally went awwww…♥! At that time I first learned from a friend that Watarirouka Hashiritai was a group reboot inspired by the Onyanko Club sub group named “Ushirogami Hikaretai”…AkiP’s ties and knowledge of the past really has inspired him to new heights and he keeps getting better and better.


  4. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Ahhh !!! … so happy to find a recording of “Somisomirashira”
    This is all a dream, right? I’m going to wake up right?


  5. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Just throwing this idea out there:

    I would like to see a WH tribute sometime, maybe on AK Bingo or one of those shows. They should get the younger members of HKT48, or maybe the NGT48 girls to play the “roles” of each WH member. They still have the various uniforms in wardrobe somewhere right?


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