~Maimi♥, the vigilante??

Black Angels

This appears to be a straight to DVD home release and that typically is a red~flag for b~movie…..but in this case that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t have the potential of being pure awesomeness!!! Just the premise of having one of the prettiest idols in C~ute’s Yajima Maimi (psss..she’s the one with the perfect facial features (*´∀`*) ♪)acting alongside Ochiai Motoki (actually has no idea of whom he is :P) is sexy looking enough and check the deadly garter belt :O!! According to the details @ Cdjapan who’s now accepting pre~orders this movie is based on an original manga series originally published in the 80’s in “Young Shonen Jump” magazine and call it a case of youth taking justice into their own hands as the law seems to have failed many victims much to the dismay of this……hot vigilante team.

Release date is set for April 27th and the first pressing includes a post card~ =). Looks like a must see!!


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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