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「Featured post」~Manoeri’s “Seishun no serenade”, the birth of Mano~beam, more Eggs♥, why she should remake Thriller & Mano~tips on surviving the undead

Come on you’re thinking “Thriller” right?!! Her outfit….so awesome~♥!~!! Last month Hello! Project’s most genki girl~next~door released her now 9th single!! And much like with the younger Johnny’s acts she continues to play mentor for a number of Eggs who … Continue reading

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..sorry about that but hot~dogs always make me giddy it seems…(^q^)! Seriously though, for “Lucky)☆” Rikachan traveled to San Francisco for a first visit….you know the land of streets~that~are~like~mountains! I’m sure a lot more too :P….it’s just that whenever I … Continue reading

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~Maimi♥, the vigilante??

This appears to be a straight to DVD home release and that typically is a red~flag for b~movie…..but in this case that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t have the potential of being pure awesomeness!!! Just the premise of having one … Continue reading

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