~It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought we’d go to a love hotel~~>♥


Well nothing says “I ♥ you” like saying you shouldn’t get anywhere near to me and definitely no kissing (*>ω<) !!、well seems I’ve managed to catch a cold on the very worst day of the entire year to catch one ( ┰_┰)。Not only am now completely toxic to others but also tonight’s dinner plans are off too =(. Funny thing is that I have no idea of how I became sick as I sometimes can recall being coughed on or near to by someone who isn’t covering their mouth xD, going to bed with wet hair the night before (really stupid!) or something similar happening a few hours before the cold kicks in but not this time…..the cold just found me.

I’m totally medicated now =). I’m not sure if it helps my mood though as I’m still in a bad one =/. A friend had some contact left~over from her trip from Japan and lol she for some reason threw away the outer packaging so I’ve no idea of how many doses I’m allowed in a day 😛 so I’m keeping it safe at just two capsules…..sounds safe right =)? I hope so. I also have prescription strength cough medication which is sort of like drinking melted down licorish and lots of Halls and Ricola plus I’ve been taking ibuprofen as I’ve had a headache and toothache which is from my nasal passages being not so happy right now. All I can say is ..きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!!!

Germs have ruined Valentine’s Day this year, I sincerely hope yours is germ~free and much much better than mine ^ ^♥。

Oh and about the love♥hotel……you’ll just have to use your imagination a little, sort of like I’ll need to use mine the rest of the day in order to imagine Valentine’s Day being romantic~♥ :P. Friends can be so caring too!….as a friend brought over this ↓↓↓ DVD today and announced aloud that it was supposed to cheer me up since I’ve “gone all toxic~on~everyone and will be grump for some time….” but somehow I think it’s more for him after watching just two chapters of “Love Hotel” lol (u_u*)..(really I’m crying inside!!)…it’s a stimulation* type of DVD but it’s not porn (;゜□゜)!!! There’s no nudity in it so I’m not sure what you’d call this although something like this could work* on Valentine’s Day I suppose. Like if the girl were open minded and the guy….well the more I think about it I don’t know, because if a guy shows you a DVD like this there’s surely only one thing* on his mind (´-ω-`)。




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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought we’d go to a love hotel~~>♥

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Are you wearing “protection” as you always say? ^^

    Sorry you are sick on your big day!! That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t owe you the goodies though… 😉

    I think that DVD may be interesting you more than you let on. Like adults predend to only like Disneyland because of the kids! Hehe

    There is a Murakami book that features Love Hotels rather prominately

    And do you know there is womans porno? Made especially for the sensibility of women they say. Maybe that’s what this is?

    I send you cold clearing hugs!!


    • M~m arigatou♥! Feeling a bit better than yesterday although yesterday was awful so it’s still not good but I do feel better =). lol you know that was always meant purely as a joke to have that written in the header although you may need protection* before reading or viewing some things recently :P. I don’t really know what readers want more or less of as most are very quiet here…..so I just post whatever comes along of interest and some of it may be risque (。ーωー。)♪

      Oh we have a “make~up” date planned for when I’m no longer toxic to mankind lol xD but it could be another week with the way I’m feeling now.

      Mmm….I really just skimmed through parts of it to get the caps as there’s very little in the ways of dialog and I was surprised after awhile that there was any dialog at all xD. Something I didn’t realize right away was that for the most part this DVD was shot in a first person perspective….you know like if you were there it’s almost freaky odd (・д・`*)!!I mean with idol♥ date clips I can totally understand this angle being used……well I don’t know that doesn’t sound fair does it I guess it’s just a bit freaky to me still and then she touches herself a little too at one point (fast~forward! fast~forward!) (;゜□゜)!!A guy friend said the funniest thing to me but this was awhile ago but I just thought of it now……he said something to the effect of……that if he were me he’d never need to leave the house again as he could see everything* he wanted anytime he wanted (。ーωー。)笑!But then I told him that if he were me then it wouldn’t be so exciting to look @ yourself….really! Is the ability to see breasts any time of the day really of that much importance lol xD! You know I don’t think I’d ever want him to wake up as me like ever!!!……I think I would feel violated afterward when I got my body back lol (;゜□゜)!!!!Wait that’s not funny.

      You mean they “make” this for girls?? E~h? Are they directed by men or women? Not that men couldn’t do it properly…..I don’t know just sounds odd.


  2. Mike Avila says:

    Glad that your feeling a little better, at least! Hugs

    I was kidding too about the protection… I thought that very cute a a subtle warning that things might get a little racy sometimes! ^^

    I think the guy meant if he could keep the man brain and have the female body. Not likey, I think!

    The womans porno is mostly directed by women, I believe… More from a womans point of view. I don’t think the DVD you watched was like anything I am talking about.

    So I can’t borrow your body for a while till you get well? I’d leave you some interesting memories :p

    Seriously, get well dear!! ❤


    • Thank you~♥!! Must be working too as I feel a little bit better today and now I don’t sound so nasal~ly odd =). I really didn’t have any intention of things getting more mature here but in time I guess it felt better to open up to new subjects instead of staying the same. Oh no that would be breaking the rules of body swapping lol :P….oh wait but then there was Freaky Friday :O. Mm, I’d be a bit afraid of what a guy may do to my body if he were given free reign lol =).


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