~Gravure idol♥ flashback featuring 金田美香

Beppin School January 2003 featuring cover girl Kaneda Mika

Kaneda Mika shashinshuu and Beppin School cover (Some of the images in this post are of a mature nature so if you’re under the age of 18 please do not view this post any further. Thank you =) ).

What better way to test your new scanner than by borrowing a friend’s slutty books :P? Okay maybe slutty not’s the right description…..Mmm I’ll call them slightly or a lot hentai then. You may have noticed in the past couple of posts that I’m no longer dealing with those dust particles which mysteriously had gotten under my old scanner’s glass as well as those annoying lines which would appear on everything. I now have a flatbed type scanner and it’s so so so much easier to use as even the design adjusts to the thickness of the book or magazine being scanned by lifting accordingly in its back hinges =). The images too I think look a lot sharper as the support software included does a great job at making everything look just right…..I’ve been scanning @ 300 dpi now just to see how it would appear online as I used to scan @ 200 dpi for awhile and ever since moving to WordPress. I’m completely in love with my new CanoScan♥ っo(*´∀`)o!Where have you been all my life (・c_・;)?

A very special thank you~* to a friend (you know who you♥ are) for making the scans in this post possible, arigatou~ =).

So today’s featured gravure idol is Kaneda Mika and this magazine Beppin School is one I’ve never heard of before and I must say it’s quite a fetish type of magazine for sure….(gives funny stare @ friend….but needed to stop as he was threatening to take his book and magazine home :P). There’s an abundance of bikini and lingerie as well as bloomers here and with the bloomers I’ve never really understood the male fascination with them as I just think they tend to make our thighs look larger which is never a good thing =/, although they are standard school~wear for sports. And I’m further fascinated by this magazine as I mean just seeing the ads in here like ones for not just custom designed seifuku and new styles but also did you know that there are actual stores that “specialize” in the sales of girl’s panties and bras? And I do mean used* underwear ( ┰_┰)...!!!Who would ever imagine such a thing??? And I don’t even want to know what a guy would want to do with these….I’m just like w~ooooh (・д・`*)!!I imagine that this store must have a distinct scent* to it lol…well you know what I mean if you’re a guy who’s gone down there* and I won’t lie that it’s something we’re most aware of as it’s important to be attractively scented there* just in case….=)♥. The article on Kaneda Mika inside this magazine is rather tiny and especially when you consider that she’s the cover girl =/…..so instead of scanning any of those pages I decided to scan her photo book titled “forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-.” What’s also nice about the new scanner is that it doesn’t damage any book spines as the design adjusts to size (kind of like our vagina’s do…sorry but after seeing some of these photos today I can’t help but think sex* lol :P), so with that I was able to convince my guy friend to let me scan his lol “prized” book っo(*´∀`)o。

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0001

Kaneda Mika does sexy* with a bit of a girl~next~door type of feel to it with the camping, home and karaoke “scenes” and I found most of her photos here to be most alluring to say the least!! A lot of that is just due to her wearing her undies rather than a bikini in a lot of them which equals much more of an intimacy type of feeling and the word revealing comes to mind quite a few times here and that in terms of so little material protecting her special areas* and then there are those shapely creases* (*´艸`)...warning! really sexy* photos to follow o(*´∀`)o゛♥。And if you like these and would like to see more you can thank~♥ my generous friend for allowing me to scan them, he’s been most patient with me (*´∀`)。

Mmm..some of these photos breath the soft words ”ねて♥ほしい..(*´∀`)♥。”

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0002

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0003

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0004

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0005

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0006

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0007

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0008

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0010

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0011

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0012

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0013

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0014

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0015

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0016

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0017

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0018

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0019

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0020

I think this is the prettiest photo =).

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0021

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0022

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0023

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0024

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0025

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0026

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0027

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0028

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0029

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0030

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0031

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0032

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0033

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0034

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0035

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0036

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0037

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0038

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0039

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0040

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0041

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0042

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0043

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0044

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0045

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0046

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0047

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0048

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0049

Kaneda Mika "forget-me-not-wasurenakusa-" IMG_0050

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