~Dear Jonny♥


Last Christmas one of our dear cats past away of old age and we’d had him for about 16 years+ till then so needless to say it’s been a most sad and difficult time since then. He had grown up with our other dear cat whom we had taken in as a stray after a New Year’s night which had one of our neighbors then taking her inside thinking she was our cat….so I was really thinking that she’d want to have a new friend~♥ around as it surely must get lonely well being the only four legged~one in our household now. We ended up adopting Jonny (more on his name a bit later =) ) and for a the first few weeks our female cat totally didn’t want to be anywhere near him!!! Cats being very much territorial this was an issue I was hoping wouldn’t arise and I was beginning to think that perhaps Jonny wouldn’t be able to stay after all =(.

A couple more weeks passed since and now they’re let’s just say…..co~existing in the shared space now =). Our older cat will get near to Jonny just as long as he doesn’t get overly frisky and attempt to pounce on her or do things like play with her tail which must be very very annoying xD. Speaking of frisky. Since our cats had been of a mature age for so long now I had totally wiped clear my memory of kittens being soooooooooooooo sooo active and just non~stop wanting to claw, bite, jump on you (aka known as playing) but he’s sooooooo soooo adorable while asleep lol (see photo above) ♥! Jonny also likes to climb upon our shoulders like a little monkey and smell our hair and rub up against our cheeks and he considers everything in sight to be a possible means of play or a toy :O. And I do mean everything in sight! He simply gets into everything he can reach and as soon as he’s able to jump higher nothing will be safe!! By far the most cute thing Jonny has done is mimicking me while I was petting our older cat Jack (she’s a girl though “Jack” short of “Jackie~♥)….as while Jack was facing away from him he began to literally “pet” Jack along with me which was sooooooo funny and cute!!!! I so want to get that on video and if I manage too I’ll be sure to share here ^ ^。

We since have purchased a large cat~tree for Jonny to play and sleep on hoping it would give our poor legs, hands and arms a rest from being clawed and bitten xD but his favorites remain his little mouse and leopard friends whom he often cuddles with and sleeps…that is while he’s not busy biting and kicking them with his hind legs or carrying them all over the house =). Jonny has really short and I must say luxuriously smooth and fine fur, very very different from any cat we’ve had before as he’s smooth like perhaps a hamster is? His now abnormally looking long eye brow hairs are so cute too and he looks to be growing up into quite a large cat we think as his legs are particularly oversized for him too. Well for now Jonny continues to be frisky nearly all day long including bed~time for us so dividing the house into “his” and “ours” became a new adapting factor during sleepy~time but it’s been working out great.

And now about his name…..

Jonny8 Jonny10Jonny11

…yes we think he soooooo resembles Jonny cat the mascot for the litter company =)!! That’s a Jonny Cat plushy next to him that I got from a salesperson who was doing a demo with the litter awhile back =)…lol it took awhile to get a decent photo as Jonny was very busy sniffing and checking out the camera :P. His placement of his colors are so Jonny cat like and here you can see just how large his back feet already are.


Awww isn’t he so cute you just want to hug him ne~ ^ ^♥!!!

Jonny7 Jonny3 Jonny5 Jonny6 Jonny2Jonny4



About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~Dear Jonny♥

  1. Nirmal says:

    that is just too preciously adorable! the bed sheet rocks too!


    • Oh I’m so sorry =/!!….I somehow missed your comment and I’m only seeing it now. A~h the sheet design I so happy you noticed! Geisha art is always so amazing and yes~ Jonny so precious♥ to us!


  2. Wolfy-chan says:

    Awwwwwwwww, Jonny is so adorable! *-* That’s right, young cats are SO hyper compared to older ones! I only have an old cat, but I had a friend who had a young cat and OMG, so much difference. xD I bet you have to watch over Jonny allll day, but I’m sure that that drag is not comparable to the joy he’s bringing to your house~. ^_^

    You know, my cat’s name is Simba and he’s 14~15 years old, he’s been with me since I was 4 years old. He’s been my unique cat (and pet) so he’s so important to me~. But sadly his health isn’t very good these days. :/ He’s always been an “obesse” cat and used to enjoy a lot his eating, but he started to loose a lot of weight and now he’s so tiny… We found out that he had diabetes, lol. I had to shot him with insulina 2 times per day. But then he had an epileptic attack, and when I brought him to the vet they told me that he’d better stay at the clinic so he could stabilize. T_T It was so hard because he’s never been outside our house in all his life (and if he had, it was with me around). But well, it was just for 2 nights. Now he hadn’t diabetes anymore, but he has pancreatitis and heart hypertrophy now. :/ I have to give him 2 pills per day directly to this mouth… But well, he’s mostly happy. ^_^ I get full of joy when I see him relaxed at the balcony enjoying the Sun. :3

    Regards to Jonny!


    • A~h thank you~♥ Wolfy-chan o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!..I had totally forgotten about just how feisty and non~stop energy kittens are :O!!! Our two older cats (our eldest passed away this past Christmas =( ) have been that way so long that you tend to forget xD. So when we adopted Jonny it was like w~oh reliving that all over again lol…:P. He plays with everything imaginable!!!!!…things he shouldn’t play with too and everything in the house can instantly become a toy to him xD.

      Oh that’s so wonderfully sweet♥ o(*´∀`)o゛、and I love the name Simba so perfect as cats are like I think distant relatives to the lions?…I think I saw that somewhere. And you grew up with him every step of the way that’s so endearing and pets are family♥ and I so know what you mean. U~n our older cat too went through some overweight issues but when he became sick he lost a lot of weight and also had surgery =(. I always hear that diabetes in cats can be common and it’s worrisome =/ I’m so sorry Simba’s had to go through this but I know you’re most loving and there for him…..he’s really like a best friend you having grown up literally with him day by day =). Our elder cat needs to have fluids injected daily as she has kidney failure =(…..and while there’s no way of improving her condition we can make her days much more comfortable with the iv fluids….I’m so afraid of needles so at first it was difficult to do but we’ve gotten better at it now and she seems much happier too. Wow cats can develop so much in common…..our cat also has high blood pressure a result of her kidney failure so she needs to take a pill every day too like your cat but only a fraction of a pill is needed and we hid them in salmon flavored pockets so she doesn’t notice and she eats them yummy~ly♥ =). That’s so cute and just how cats can occupy their time….it’s relaxing and heartwarming♥….our cats like to watch the birds play outside and even the geckos and chameleons capture their attention instantly~*. I wish your Simba lots of love always~ ^ ^♥。


  3. ooooh precious little cat oooooo


    • Ohhh we had just gotten him then~!! He was sooooo tiny!!!! Funny he’s not that much larger now but so nostalgic to look @ these now…..lol it hasn’t been that long i know =P!! So wonderful you love cats~♥ too…..yeeh! =)。


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