「Featured Post」~AKB48’s French Kiss’ 「If」、a mini~drama for girls to learn from, how Akicha turns me on* & the importance of Bruce Willis…

French Kiss in "If"...

French Kiss If LE types A & B with poster extra…I was just reading yesterday that according to a Russian report: “a giant sized asteroid will be heading towards earth in 2036” (゜Д゜;)!!...but then (I decided to get a second opinion because that’s also what you do after your doctor tells you something you don’t want to hear :P)…I read another article that said: “…the giant asteroid almost certainly will not smash into earth…” ‘Almost certainly??’ (゜Д゜;)!!I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound 100% assuring at all!! So. Shouldn’t we be contacting Bruce Willis right about now (・c_・;)?Or at least cryovac~ing…freeze~drying~ or zip~locking some of his sperm for later use, like you know when some other giant rock decides to copy our trajectory again after he saves the earth this time??

I mean every time I see him he seems to be either kicking someone’s butt or destroying an asteroid heading straight for earth so he seems the obvious choice to save us. Just food for thought~. Weird thoughts…..still thoughts though (´-ω-`)。

And I know exactly what you’re thinking right now at this very moment. That you’ve never imagined Bruce Willis and idols♥ mingling together in the same place…shame on you :P.

And getting back to earth now, AKB48’s cuddle~♥ worthy unit French Kiss’ 2nd single “If” c0llaborates with the manga series “Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu” and while admittedly I’m not an avid reader of any manga series the allure here is pretty difficult to fight back on. You know when I at first was pre~ordering this single and checking the incentives for each LE edition what immediately got my attention instead was the notable difference in cost of each LE…..type B going for the average of 1800 yen while type A was listed at a jaw~dropping 3000 yen!!! Priced really like an album rather than a single :O. Now upon consuming it all I can totally understand and justify type A’s album~like price tag as there’s a full production once again and this time it’s directly based upon the aforementioned manga series “Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu” that being in the form of a mini drama starring the most cute Akicha~Akicha~Akicha~♥♥♥, Yukirin~♥ and Mocchi~♥ which runs about 45 minutes and also includes a making of featurette. Also each LE includes an exclusive coupling with track….both appear a bit later in this post alongside the the complete jacket scans =). Like many of the other girls in AKB you can just see so much potential for any of them to pursue a career in acting as all three girls are really great in this mini~drama!, however before going any further….

Akicha♥ the archer

….it’s so sexy* just watching Akicha♥ learn to shoot a bow (*´∀`)♥!!!、..so let’s watch that first, I insist =). And in terms of the turn on* factor when you really think about it don’t we all know our own bodies best….like how guys tell us what they like* and how we should do it* and bend this way* and that way* but not that way* and those* are only for chewing and not now  (。p_q)....so very much in the same way we also know our bodies best and what we like* so maybe perhaps that’s why some of us are drawn into lesbianism because it’s just easier that way and we won’t even need to direct traffic* lol….okay I’m kidding!!!!!!!! Totally totally kidding…(^q^)!

Just food for thought though guys . Although I understand there’s also an “attraction” when it comes to gx2 ♥..あっ、たで喰う虫も好き好き~。
(。ーωー。)笑~♥。Moving on…. 😛

~Akicha archery~~~~>♥!

vlcsnap-36749 vlcsnap-36304 vlcsnap-36399 vlcsnap-36516 vlcsnap-36618

Only thing better would be Akicha wielding a light~saber….

Okay now that I’ve gotten that out of my system :P……single type B is most impressive too as Yukirin stars in a digital comic feature which has her playing pretty much a seiyuu as the comic’s storyline and graphics are literally brought to life through a spoken dialog throughout  but more on that a bit later as the pv for “If” is the centerpiece still…..oh and before I forget the first pressings also include a randomly inserted student card (1 out of 3, one for each girl) and lucky~*!!!…..

French Kiss "If" first press Takajo Aki & Kuramochi Asuka student cards

..I received Akicha♥ and Mocchi♥ cards with the two single versions as I could have easily have gotten duplicates although had it been two Akicha cards that would have been Akicha x Akicha which is the equivalent of doubling your pleasure if you happen to go all doe~eyed each and every time you see her :P. I won’t mention any names but I think she’s typing え~へ(*≧▽≦)!Still, it’s Mocchi who’s perhaps the natural beauty in this group and Yukirin…being most charismatic but there’s just something about Akicha~♥. It’s totally her personality!!!!! At some point you may sense an abundance of Akicha images herein, but I assure you it’s just your imagination =).

French Kiss’ single “If “ can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

French Kiss’ single “If’ can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

French Kiss’ single “If” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

French Kiss in "If"....

~French Kiss “If” (pv)~

Scenes of their mini~drama are intertwined into this pv♥….the song itself, delicious heaven.




vlcsnap-7406 vlcsnap-4067 vlcsnap-4087 vlcsnap-4307 vlcsnap-5071 vlcsnap-5103 vlcsnap-5610 vlcsnap-5642 vlcsnap-5717 vlcsnap-5913 vlcsnap-6088 vlcsnap-6176 vlcsnap-6478 vlcsnap-6505 vlcsnap-6672 vlcsnap-6770 vlcsnap-6934 vlcsnap-7370 vlcsnap-7475 vlcsnap-7658 vlcsnap-7682 vlcsnap-7794 vlcsnap-7850 vlcsnap-7940




vlcsnap-11232 The manga acted out in the mini~drama depicts the uncertainty and inner struggles girls go through when it comes to a love interest and instills the moral of always being true to yourself even when you find yourself most vulnerable. Yukirin plays the central character in the story who find herself in the difficult situation of having given a false impression about her love~life and soon things spiral out of control when Akicha and Mocchi who’ve had their personal struggles with love seek the help and advice of Yukirin whom they believe to be happily in love with a most popular boy. For Akicha it pretty much stems from her shyness and uncertainty of how she may be accepted or just reacted to if she went through with her love~revelation while for Mocchi it’s a bit more complicated as the guy she’s been in love with for some time now was the unfortunate victim of being jilted…..the jilter being Mocchi herself whom after he confessed his interest in her, runs away :O. The sudden revelation she later reveals had made her most happy however it had also caught her off guard and in her moment of panic she didn’t know how to respond readily then to her emotions….instead fleeing :O. Gosh* I don’t even know how you’d would face a guy you literally had run away from at such a moment~♥….love can be tricky, sticky and surprising no doubt (人∀`*)。And to begin with the Japanese language and demeanor of the language itself can be most indirect making for most interesting conversation (watch Yukirin’s eventual love revelation xD) where something’s♥ being implied but not literally spoken. I thought it was cute how Akicha and Mocchi janken~ed to see whom would go first with their asking for advice from Yukirin in her bedroom and how Akicha’s expressions glow while they’re walking their bicycles to her home was priceless~*. So you have Yukirin poised as the love~doctor who actually doesn’t know love at all herself…having that mostly brought on by case of self  imposed “peer~pressure” at the very center but what I just can’t get over is how that “guy” jilted poor Akicha (´⌒`。)..I mean what’s with him?? Like has he never seen her in a bikini before??? lol okay it’s only a drama :P. Anyway the ending’s cute an although open ended in a sense you certainly get the feeling that the guy says yes to Yukirin……oh don’t get me started on that again (。ーωー。)笑。


vlcsnap-26492 vlcsnap-26711 vlcsnap-26873 vlcsnap-27114 vlcsnap-27253 vlcsnap-27274 vlcsnap-27296 vlcsnap-27336 vlcsnap-27910 vlcsnap-28031 vlcsnap-28047 vlcsnap-25853 vlcsnap-29385


vlcsnap-29794 vlcsnap-29816 vlcsnap-30690 vlcsnap-31372 vlcsnap-33116 vlcsnap-33151 vlcsnap-33213 vlcsnap-33352 vlcsnap-33420

vlcsnap-12444 vlcsnap-12552 vlcsnap-12805 vlcsnap-12914


vlcsnap-13318 vlcsnap-14452 vlcsnap-14598 vlcsnap-14681 vlcsnap-14705 vlcsnap-15858 vlcsnap-15966




vlcsnap-17212 vlcsnap-17305 vlcsnap-17615 vlcsnap-17970 vlcsnap-18221

It’s the sweetest scene here where after Yukirin confesses the truth…..Mocchi then seeing her friend feeling so badly lifts her up with this simple gesture♥….me also thinks that if Mocchi keeps cutely stretching Yukirin’s face this way that Sae may seek her out!! But what would Daruma then say…(^q^)! Awwww who wouldn’t want a friend so sweet!






vlcsnap-20004 vlcsnap-21290 vlcsnap-21388 vlcsnap-21441 vlcsnap-21484 vlcsnap-22504 vlcsnap-23518 vlcsnap-23602 vlcsnap-23622


French Kiss in "If" (making of)....

Oh and both coupling tracks are cute~catchy too…..”Chinmoku”’s my favorite♥……

French Kiss “Mae wo muiteru” mp3

French Kiss “chinmoku” mp3

French Kiss "If" LE type A jacket scanFrench Kiss "If" LE type A inner jacket scanFrench Kiss "If" LE type A back cover scanFrench Kiss "If" LE type B jacket scanFrench Kiss "If" LE type B inner jacket scanFrench Kiss "If" LE type B back cover scan

French Kiss digital comic

At first i was considering capping the entire digital comic in sequence but then I came to my senses!!!…..that would have taken being cap~happy to an whole new level….so here are just the final sequences =). It’s really cool how the comic scenes alter with images and with various shifts across the screen throughout giving it a most lively feel~* and Yukirin does awesome as a seiyuu here….somewhere Mayuyu may be jealous (/∇\*)!...


vlcsnap-6774 vlcsnap-6792 vlcsnap-6810 vlcsnap-6833 vlcsnap-6859 vlcsnap-6878 vlcsnap-6918 vlcsnap-6989 vlcsnap-7016 vlcsnap-7047 vlcsnap-7203 vlcsnap-7229 vlcsnap-7270 vlcsnap-7350 vlcsnap-7380 vlcsnap-7398 vlcsnap-7418 vlcsnap-7465 vlcsnap-7556 vlcsnap-7637 vlcsnap-7697 vlcsnap-7762 vlcsnap-7801 vlcsnap-7856 vlcsnap-7916 vlcsnap-8002 vlcsnap-8021 vlcsnap-8078 vlcsnap-8106 vlcsnap-8158

vlcsnap-8188 vlcsnap-8222 vlcsnap-8288 vlcsnap-8349 vlcsnap-8386 vlcsnap-8455 vlcsnap-8475 vlcsnap-8507 vlcsnap-8527 vlcsnap-8572 vlcsnap-8614 vlcsnap-8654 vlcsnap-8708 vlcsnap-8770 vlcsnap-8854 vlcsnap-8909 vlcsnap-8968 vlcsnap-9028 vlcsnap-9050 vlcsnap-9074 vlcsnap-9097 vlcsnap-9119 vlcsnap-9152 vlcsnap-9209 vlcsnap-9267 vlcsnap-9286 vlcsnap-9304 vlcsnap-9375 vlcsnap-9416 vlcsnap-9468

vlcsnap-9518 vlcsnap-9568 vlcsnap-9603 vlcsnap-9668 vlcsnap-9690 vlcsnap-9707 vlcsnap-9754 vlcsnap-9771 vlcsnap-9784 vlcsnap-9812 vlcsnap-9866 vlcsnap-9933 vlcsnap-10058


(“)_(“) ♥

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33 Responses to 「Featured Post」~AKB48’s French Kiss’ 「If」、a mini~drama for girls to learn from, how Akicha turns me on* & the importance of Bruce Willis…

  1. SagSousuke says:

    The mini-drama looks interesting… Maybe it’s time to take a look at them. I’ve mostly ignored French Kiss until now, although I do like Yukirin. Hum, that’s weird…

    I’d definitely be a fan of any idol with a lightsaber. I think Takamina should get it, since she can already handle a sword =P also, she would get along well with Yoda, they could talk about being small leadership and stuff…


    • I’m just amazed at how much of a production they put into these and especially when you consider these are done for a single release albeit they’re for a manga collaboration. French Kiss is really cute and I especially appreciate Akicha in this unit so much….her peppy personality really makes this trio work for me =). I have the most fun seeing their behind the scenes footage where you can see them in a candid atmosphere. I don’t even think that she’s the natural beauty here but when you add in her personality it makes her the prettiest =).

      lol I love that sentiment~♥!! AKB48 should one day do a full theatrical or movie production of Star Wars……I mean if Family Guy could do it why not ne~? Hm now if only we could get George Lucas to agree lol :P.


      • SagSousuke says:

        Mayuyu could turn it into a manga. Takamina would obviously be Yoda, since she’s short already the leader. Acchan has to be Darth Vader, because I want her to have the red lightsaber. Oh, and she wants to conquer the world, so she’s already in character; sure she’s a great actress, but in this she’d be a natural. Of course, we can’t have her appearing with the Darth costume, so we’d throw all the backstory away. She must be perfectly healthy and able to run around and use light clothing while swinging a lightsaber. I guess she could still talk funny, since she’s already done that well in Q10. Acchan being bad means Yuuko has to be good, hum, she’s not exactly the saint type (refer to Takamina dokkiri) but I guess it’s ok. Ah, but Acchan can’t be Yuuko’s mother, because that would mean she’d have to be older than she is, and we can’t have her looking older. Of course I’m already thinking of the movie adaptation of Mayuyu’s manga =P Humm… just imagine a green Takamina =O now imagine Yoda with a big red ribbon =O haha, better not be too faithful to the characters, we already destroyed the Darth image so who cares. Miichan should be R2D2 because he’s funny, that would work. But nobody deserves being C3PO, he’s too great. Except Abe Hiroshi, he’s talented and tall enough for the job, but he has nothing to do with AKB.


        • You know that’s a lot of thought put into this~ =). It should be real one day, like there’ll be the one day ick factor when Acchan tells one of the Kenkyuusei that she’s I mean he’s her father and everyone realizes that there are no men in this saga :O!!!!! Wait, that may not be so icky after all…..:P. Still DraMMMatic! Somewhere Yuukarin of S/mileage will be living with her stepfolks dreaming of one day joining the galactic battle so quick erase the Kenkyuusei part of the script and insert Yuukarin instead….she’d build C3PO and R2D2 and Abe Hiroshi cast as C3PO, genius! Nachu could be Jaba~the~hut only because she scares me (゜Д゜;)!、no I’m lying I really liked her in Majisuka Gakuen…..sorry that was bad casting (*>ω<)!!!Now you know why I don't direct films and instead write this blog…..:P.

          Yuko though……Yuko♥…….whom do I adore most in the Star Wars saga???……….or whom would I most want to make out with in a galaxy far~far~away….lol that is if George Lucas would allow lesbianism (。ーωー。)笑


          • SagSousuke says:

            Forgot to sign up for notifications in this post *marks little square below the comment box*

            Haha, it’s a lot of thought, that’s what happens when I go to sleep. My mind holds on to the first thing that calls its attention and goes on and on for an hour while I’d rather be sleeping… and for some reason, yesterday the topic turned out to be a green Takamina with a big ribbon XD because I read a Mayuyu post on Watarirouka’s blog about a manga she’s drawing and was published, I think in Young Magazine?…
            Hum, I didn’t think of Acchan acting as a male character, indeed that is a possibility. But it’s a waste of opportunity… interesting how my brain immediately changed Darth’s gender instead and didn’t consider the alternatives XD I don’t think there’s enough place for Kenkyuuseis, but they can be the unnamed pilots who get shot by all the missiles that Yuko dodges ~
            But the real question is, who will be Jar Jar Binks? Who’s the most annoying and hated person in AKB? Hum… I suggest a special Shukan AKB school excursion episode with an all against all pillow fight, and make the Jar Jar Binks character the batsu game ~ hum… no, doesn’t work, how would they figure out a winner for the fight and a batsu. Oh well, make it some other idol game more appropriate. I just wanted a pillow fight.
            Hum, Abe Hiroshi does have experience (and good results) with a comedy character, in Trick… lol, that would put Nakama Yukie as R2D2 =P which is fitting, since they’re both in my Top 10 pairings which I’ll finish someday (also to include the greats Taka-san & Nakai-kun and I

            I remember the Battle Royale =D actually I don’t, but I remember that you did it.


            • SagSousuke says:

              Whoa, just got scary here =o I pressed something wrong and saw the tab loading up some other page while I was writing, and then copied everything fast before it changed o.o’ thought I’d lose everything, looks like I posted it instead before it was done. It was almost done though…

              in my Top 10 pairings which I’ll finish someday (also to include the greats Taka-san & Nakai-kun, Aibon & Nono, and I’m thinking Kame & Gaki…)


            • Mayuyu~♥ is amazing!!! She’s really got the it factor for expression and art…..if she weren’t an idol, the most adorable right now she’d be an artist~*. lol I was sort of envisioning Kenkyuusei as the cuddly teddy bears aka the Ewoks~♥? They did kick butt too =). U~n Acchan would be much better suited as a female character….she could be Princess Leia I think and she could befriend the androids in the way she only could……ooohhhh but then does that mean that Yuko~♥ would be the dark one??? Kyaaa! no….although she’d play it well like in Majisuka Gakuen, it’s just that Yuko~♥ oh dear Yuko~♥ wouldn’t be as cute that way :P. I’m all for the pillow fight tournament!!!…and lol I just don’t know who would be Jar Jar xD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I have friends who absolutely hate him….and hate as in really hate and I keep thinking “he’s” not even real :P. Mmm….if Jar Jar Binks had a Twitter or Facebook omg!!!!! Just omg!!!! There’d be way too many angry tweets and messages lol…..:O. I still want to see “Trick”……it’s on my to watch wish list~* for sure!

              Ohhhh….(cries) =(


        • I once tried to write H!P into a story…..


          ..but me and Wu never finished it =(, my fault totally. Maybe it’s time for a AKB~Star Wars mini story? 😛


  2. hydeo says:

    so u get the 2 versions again hehe 😛 ?

    what u get inside ?? something good.. i see some info cards in the pics… only this ;\ ?

    again the song of french kiss stay really good 😛

    i wanted watch the mini-drama buuut i think no one make english subs yet hehe

    and LOL for Kenji comments.. being small leardership aheahea


    • With how they add something unique to each version it becomes almost impossible to not get both….again marketing genius on their part to entice and always win xD! Mmm…”If” came with a group poster and individual student cards (one included with each first press edition)….and I guess the DVDs are also part of the LE lure too being that that there’s also a regular edition available without them.

      Hmm I guess someone will sub them? None of the dialog is really difficult though….it’s just when technical terms are involved then it’s like um….harder to follow.


      • hydeo says:

        yah, is that why AKB normaly take lot of sells haha

        ahhh poster <3~~ look amazing, want one <3~~
        DVD normaly come with the LEs version

        ahh my japanese is bad ^^ i only understand some words hehe

        but i loved the 2 singles from FK ^^, hope they dont stop ;3

        and now have Not Yet too hehe


        • U~n it factors in a lot I think but I still think that AKB’s greatest sales booster for their singles are the voting card access inserts like for senbatsu voting where some fans will purchase multiple copies of the same single and version(s) just to get more of them….plus there are meet & greet opportunities too with I think the “theater” versions~ =). Nowadays it’s almost always a DVD extra and with AKB you know you’re going to get the full value of their productions but when it comes to H!P and how they’re going about it recently I’d still prefer if they went back to offering photo booklets, cards, and special packaging instead of their DVDs as they could easily have every version (dance, close~up, original) of their pvs on a single disc instead. lol but even as I say this……I still pre~ordered all 4 LE versions of Momusu’s upcoming single :P. It may be a make or break single for me as this will represent the new direction Tsunku is taking them so I hope it’s great…..no awesome!

          I would recommend watching a lot of dramas too as you can pick up so much meaning and phrasing from them and use them as a learning tool all the while being entertained as learning should be fun ne~ =). I hope AkiP keeps French Kiss going too…love them! lol sorry it’s just that every time I see “not yet” I’m still thinking about that inner meaning behind it xD.


          • hydeo says:

            yah if i live there and have some extra money i probably go do this too haha buy a lot of cds to get the goods :P.

            Hell really u buy 4 versions ?? haha well the tax for u is not so hight so u dont have much problem in pay. so what come in the 4 versions ?
            well mizuki sings is good and riho is good in dance the other 2 i dont watched much things hehe

            yah i probably go do this haha, when i start the mandarim class, go try watch lot of chinese doramas and programs 😛 to learn more fast, and soon dont need more subed things :P… i do this with japanese, the doramas give me lot of new words 😛
            haha dont care about the name, the group is good enought to go on :3~~


            • U~n I been loyal all of these years and even with my interest dwindling slowly I still love Momusu~♥. This new direction though will mean a lot……for me it is a make or break single in a real sense…..I hope Tsunku puts everything into it as I know he can as he’s so redefining the group now. Right now I’m seeing DVD extras for the bonuses…..wishing for a mini pb booklet and especially to commemorate the new members would be sweet~♥.

              It really is a great learning help to watch many dramas in the language you’re learning as the speech is much more “colloquial” verses being by the forms found in dictionaries so you can really hear how the native speakers do really speak =).


              • hydeo says:

                ah, i like Momosu yet too 😛 but having so much changes there @.@… well they need do something good in this single… because if not they go lost more fans to AKB hehe…haha the new members are cute, but they need do something otherwise they go stay like aika, backdancer who never do nothing in the group hehe

                yah, when i get a job again i thinking in buy some dictionaries for chinese :P… but.. 2 months waiting and the classes dont started yet :\… so sad hehe


                • Was listening to “Chinmoku” today as it popped up while I was listening on a random setting and I was instantly reminded of how great this song is!!….lol you really really don’t like Aika xD. I mean I’m not a big fan of hers either but I started to see something when she was performing with Gakisan in their separate unit for awhile….but you know if she graduated suddenly I might not even cry watching the concert (which always happens…) I hope that doesn’t sound terrible of me…(u_u*). I’m still unfamiliar with the new girls in Momusu for the most part but I’m looking forward to their new single as being an introduction for me so I really hope they do something special with the song as well as with the behind the scenes extras~*. It’ll be critical for this new single to be great as it’ll be the basis to show fans how Momusu will change in the future….I’m hopeful.


  3. hydeo says:

    haha is not like i dont like her… is more something like is a lost member @.@ normaly they dont make anything… only dance O.o
    i dont know if her go get a grad concert but ok hehe :x.. yet i dont watched the kame and pandas grad because go be so sad watch that ;\, only remeber is sad enought aehahe
    is good if they make a 3 songs in the single one for the 4 girls singing together without the others, go be good to know they ^^
    i think in youtube u can find lot of things of the 4 new members ^^
    if the new single dont get good points MM go lost more popularity…


    • Mmm…Aika does show sparks of personality though like when she was slightly terrorizing you know who back on an old episode of HM@ :O. Seriously though I know what you mean but I think she does try in her own way and maybe it could be you’re not attracted to her?…as that I think could really turn the tide. I just received their graduation concert the other day but it’s still wrapped like I’m sort of dreading watching it xD…not that I don’t want to watch it but rather I just know it’ll be emotionally crushing for me to see and especially during the final MC where everyone says their good~byes that’s when I fall apart totally ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

      I wonder if they’d do that? I agree it would be wonderful and especially to know their voices….it’s just that no previous new member has gotten such special treatment =/. I saw some of their auditions but that’s all so far….u~n this single is most important for the group and maybe the most important in their history as they’re making such a drastic change now.


      • hydeo says:

        ah i really dont like much her personality ;\… when her joined the group her is more cute hehe
        haha go be a little hard watch the 3 grad :\… i dont get courage yet haehae… well LinJun normaly post in their blogs… but kame i dont read nothing more about they

        well who know the next single is close do going out if i remember hehe… yah, if they dont get top5 i think go have a big broke things… lot of fan maybe stoped follow MM after the 3 grad and after Ai announced her grad… go be little hard to get attention again
        hope all back to “normal” to the group, i like they a lot

        and, i want Kikka single/album soon <3~~


        • Mmm…it’s okay to say if you’re not attracted too, I don’t think anyone can honestly not consider that aspect of overall attraction or lack of it…completely normal. Then again that may have nothing to do with it for you….u~n! personality I think means so so much more than physical attraction but with most guys I know it usually begins with the other end of the spectrum of being attracted~♥. In time everything balances out but the key is to make an initial impression so with that being cute also of course doesn’t hurt =). I just remembered this classic line from a Marilyn Monroe film…I think it was in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes??”….(gawd how I used to hope that wasn’t true lol!!! or I’d have to dye my hair regularly :P) but anyway she says something to the effect of…..”you wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my gosh doesn’t it help….” =). It pretty much says it all when it comes to debating physical attraction I think….words to believe in I hope!

          Oh has Kamei stopped posting? I was looking up to see if there was a way to add a “streaming” update from blogs here in the sidebar…..sounds a bit complicated or maybe I’m just that dumb :P!! Still I’d like to add that if I can figure it out or even if it would work with my current theme i wonder?

          I’ll miss Aichan so much when she graduates…..and with Kamei already graduated it’ll be difficult for me as those are my most favorite and used to be~current beloved members =(. Gosh both of them graduated in such a close span of time, I never imagined it happening this way and I guess the shock still hasn’t fully set in as I imagine it will when Aichan gets closer to graduating.

          ‘Kikka?’…..sorry I’m like the acronym idiot xD.


          • hydeo says:

            haha is not really about her be beauty or not :P..

            haha i dont like blonde girls ;x~~
            i normaly dont look much the physical…

            humm.. but kamei never have a blog if i remember O.o

            yah is so fast some grads koha them kame and pandas and now Ai o.o… well lets try to like the news ones so O.o, what i think go be really hard to old fans

            kikkawa yuu :P~~.. her album go be released soon 😛


            • Mmm…I was just thinking about the notion that men prefer blondes xD but hopefully brown hair and brown eyes is just as alluring =). Oh I got the notion that she did by your comment above when you said…

              “but kame i dont read nothing more…”

              so I assumed she did. ”

              Kikkawa Yuu? solo single? or as you say…an album too? I’ll check out Centuryland….

              Mmm..I’d give Yuukarin♥ a solo single first but that’s just me =).


              • hydeo says:

                haha i prefer brown hair and eyes or black 😛

                oh sorry the mistake… i mean normaly ppl post news in the forums too hehe ^^

                aheah 2 mistakes in one msg lol, sorry i thinked is an album but is a single :P… anywya is Kikkawa <3~~~ and her stay really good in singing 😛

                heheh 😛


                • Hmm..I wonder if I should join a forum? I mean I don’t think I’d be there to post very often but just to see what everyone’s talking about would be fun and keep me up to date =). I have some feeds to my phone which keep me up to date in a way but with forums I guess you really don’t miss anything ne~. lol we have an English language barrier between us :P….I’m kidding. Mmm…..I’d still opt for a Yuukarin solo single first ^ ^♥。I do like Kikkawa Yuu though and I remember when I first got an official UFA photo of her when they released an Egg themed photo binder with photos collection…..I thought she stood out too back then and yet um….Yuukarin♥ Yuukarin♥ Yuukarin♥ I have Yuukarin♥ on the brain (*´∀`)♥!


  4. hydeo says:

    Hmm..I wonder if I should join a forum? I mean I don’t think I’d be there to post very often but just to see what everyone’s talking about would be fun and keep me up to date =). I have some feeds to my phone which keep me up to date in a way but with forums I guess you really don’t miss anything ne~. lol we have an English language barrier between us :P….I’m kidding. Mmm…..I’d still opt for a Yuukarin solo single first ^ ^♥。I do like Kikkawa Yuu though and I remember when I first got an official UFA photo of her when they released an Egg themed photo binder with photos collection…..I thought she stood out too back then and yet um….Yuukarin♥ Yuukarin♥ Yuukarin♥ I have Yuukarin♥ on the brain (*´∀`)♥!


    ah is good to get some news about the things u like hehe… im rare post to, i go more the for the news or make question about things i dont know hehe
    ah i use RSS too but browser based one hehe… yah forum i think have more news

    haha mistakes ;x…. oh so u have the young kikkawa pics hehe, her stay really beauty and cute now ;3~~ and her voice is really good, try search on youtube her recent live perf ^^

    haha sometime she go get her chance too :3


  5. aaronread says:

    What would I do with frozen Bruce Willis sperm!? I have no eggs to populate, so I’d just kind of make some kind of sperm hospitable aquarium – a spermarium. Name each individual, and feed them of chopped up cucumber and raw potato. I’m no good at this saving the world thing, I’ll stick to baking random cakes and laying down.


    • Hmm….did you see Arnold in “Junior?” lol okay so you sadly can’t have Bruce Willis’ baby =( but your spermarium idea sounds promising =D!! Awwww I’m so sure that you’d make a great super hero and if worse comes to worse you could sneak upon the space shuttle and call shotgun next to Mr. Willis….just don’t tell him that you’ve aborted the idea of carrying his baby ^ ^。


      • aaronread says:

        Haha are you suggesting I should replace my brother for Danny Devito? Because that’s some messed up genetics right there.
        I would be an incredibly poor superhero! I’d save almost nobody except those I am interested in saving. I get fat on superhero food, and do very little besides sit in my colourful pants and cape, complaining about how nobody else wants to save the world.


        • Yup ( ̄▽ ̄)!Well I guess the yolk doesn’t always get divided equally, hey wait I think you just successfully morphed together two Arnold movies? “Junior” and “Twins”…amazing =P!! see you are a superhero ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!So I’m taking a little leap here by imagining that you’d save family….friends…and any hot girl you see?? Oh no but what of your six pack abs =O? I just thought of something….six pack abs….could also mean abs built by many a six packs of beer ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!Oh did you see that guy recently I believe it was in London where her nabbed a would be crook and he just happened to be dressed fully in his Batman outfit? It was surreal seeing that on our local news here…..gosh a true vigilante! Wait……that wasn’t you was it? Because that would explain and justify why you’ve recently been absent from your blog….if that was you then you really should create a superhero blog =D!


          • aaronread says:

            Thats my power? Morphing Arnold films? Haha
            I don’t think I’m ready for the burden of saving people I actually care about, I’d rather other people did that while I applaud in the background? Can that be my power? Applause-man?
            And….ssssshhhhhh don’t let anybody know, it’s our little secret ok?


            • Yes Quickdraw =P! Actually you’re even more amazing now that you not only can morph Arnold films but you can also please* yourself in a single bound ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ! In case you’re wondering…???? 1 bound = less than a minute (・_・)。Okay I’m kidding….really! But Quickdraw may stick I wonder? Captain Quikdraw? Captain QuickDraw? Darth Quickdraw? Captain Super QuickDraw? Okay this is tough….you decide =D.

              Hmm….I sense you gaining power by the comment now! Okay. Captain Super QuickDraw….(golf clap…..) shhhhh (´-ω-`)。You’re so cute! I only kid because I care o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


              • aaronread says:

                Haha I’m not really sharing your love for the QuickDraw, but I’ll play along. That’s how lovely I am!!
                If I gain power does that mean I build up my endurance? Or I become even more quick to draw? Questions questions. I’m guessing superhero pants are now not necessary?


  6. Maybe with your glasses on you’ve got stamina but when you take them off you’re lightning quick and no one will recognize you somehow. That way you can strike with lightning quickness incognito style =)! Oh no by superhero standards you must wear the tights by default ^ ^.


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