「Featured Post」~AKB48’s most stylish, Itano Tomomi solo debut「Dear J」

Itano Tomomi in "Dear J"

Itano Tomomi Dear J LE types A, B & C In all of my years of idol♥worship I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed an idol with such fashion sense and timing as with Itano Tomomi and even when word of her solo debut went viral on the web I still hadn’t anticipated her image and presentation here to be so so profoundly stated and in a sense even definitive of her personality. Tomochin…AKB48’s fashion princess?…..perhaps fashion goddess is even more appropriate and while her fashion sense has long been widely known and seen, “Dear J” has no doubt heightened that very unique appeal in which she brings to both AKB48 as a group and the idol~world alike~. And while she can seamlessly turn on or off the girly idol appeal, unlike some of her fellow AKB48 members Tomochin also carries a deep and true sensuality about her which also makes her so much a standout in the group.

Call it simply packaging/marketing genius on the part of King Records to include on each LE an exclusive song not found on any of the other editions as well as the allure of types A, B & C holding exclusive also an additional clip each, which includes special movies of a behind the scenes making of, a fashion collection as well as an extensive mock~type of interview. As a soloist Tomochin’s vocals are a bit reminiscent of 90’s pop artist Sasaki Yuko with a sweet~♥ overall tone and well controlled range suited perfectly to the sleek and mid~tempo styling of the r&b flavored tracks “Tunnel” (which I find to be the best track) and “Thank you” respectfully. Title track “Dear J” gives the listener the cuteness of electronic~pop with a nice cool kick about it and rounding out this release giving perhaps a true sense of versatility is the gentle~ballad “Stay by my side.”

Itano Tomomi’s “Dear J” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Itano Tomomi’s “Dear J” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Itano Tomomi’s “Dear J” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Itano Tomomi Dear J first press photos And continuing in the grand tradition of select AKB releases “Dear J’s” first pressings each include a most beautiful photo extra~*! It also wouldn’t be a stretch for me to say that these are some of the most glamorous of Tomochin I’ve seen yet as they’re each representative of the single’s overall fashion~theme. I’m not quite sure of the sequence or how many are available if these are indeed randomly inserted photos for this single as the numbers in the corners don’t seem to be of a numbered sequence?…..or maybe I’m just confused?…lol that happens a lot :P. Neowing also is including a photo extra of their own and continuing with that tradition I’ve always received duplicates of the very same photo since they began including photos, so Mmm….just below are two of the same as I’ve included one of the photos from Neowing to be mailed with the AKB48 psp game for Mina =).

Itano Tomomi Dear J (Neowing photo extras)

Itano Tomomi "Dear J" LE type A scan0001Itano Tomomi "Dear J" LE type A scan0002

You really can’t overstate the level of style, elegance and just pure heat♥ in which Tomochin brings to this release in literally every aspect of it….I mean even the walls are designer bag~built ^ ^♥!!And in the case of the aforementioned type A’s coupling with track “TUNNEL”, for me it really comes out on top of this release as being the most powerful and impressionable and it’s so fittingly also presented as the fashion showcase in what can be seen as a catwalk fashion show/ pv♥ where Tomochin absolutely sells it*…..owns it* and performs it all with a most striking sensually~sexy* poise all done with complete class~. Her wardrobes are very much varied too from chic to casual and what I love too is that there isn’t anything way out in left~field~outer~space…..you know like when a designer one day stares @ a coffee table and a hula~hoop for what may be hours upon hours and then decides to make an evening dress out of it :O.

Itano Tomomi "Dear J" LE type B scan0003Itano Tomomi "Dear J" LE type B scan0004

Type B’s extra clip is an extensive interview but it’s no ordinary interview as Tomochin is playing the part of a dare I say pop~diva??….lol it’s cute though as in the latter part of the clip they even included her NG’s :P! Who knew that being a pop~diva could be so difficult? xD

Itano Tomomi "Dear J" LE type C scan0005Itano Tomomi "Dear J" LE type C scan0006

Type C’s DVD includes a special making of clip where all phases of the production are touched upon going from Tomochin’s on the spot catwalk/ strike a pose training to more behind the scenes footage of her “Dear J” music video shoot as well as interview portions~.

~Itano Tomomi “Dear J” mp3~

~Itano Tomomi “TUNNEL” mp3~

~Itano Tomomi “Stay by my side” mp3~

~Itano Tomomi “Thank you” mp3~


Itano Tomomi “Dear J” (pv)



vlcsnap-8209 vlcsnap-8264 vlcsnap-8501 vlcsnap-8574 vlcsnap-8606 vlcsnap-8644 vlcsnap-8684 vlcsnap-8702 vlcsnap-8765 vlcsnap-8823 vlcsnap-8975 vlcsnap-9017 vlcsnap-9094 vlcsnap-9133 vlcsnap-9244 vlcsnap-9448 vlcsnap-9663


vlcsnap-9909vlcsnap-10956 vlcsnap-11081

vlcsnap-11460 vlcsnap-10956 vlcsnap-10667 vlcsnap-10711 vlcsnap-10881 vlcsnap-11116 vlcsnap-11167



Itano Tomomi “Tomomi Itano Collection –Special Movie-“ (featuring “TUNNEL”)




…Mmm there’s always something* so sexual about pearls and then you have the way Tomochin’s holding them here (*´艸`)...!So funny she was directed a bit on how to hold them…I think it was in the making of =).

vlcsnap-14188 vlcsnap-12723 vlcsnap-13141 vlcsnap-13253 vlcsnap-13643 vlcsnap-13705 vlcsnap-13924 vlcsnap-14004 vlcsnap-14052



vlcsnap-12004 vlcsnap-16419 vlcsnap-15522 vlcsnap-12227 vlcsnap-12275 vlcsnap-15370 vlcsnap-12406 vlcsnap-12423 vlcsnap-12444

vlcsnap-15880 vlcsnap-16435 vlcsnap-16460


vlcsnap-17290vlcsnap-17032 vlcsnap-16990






Itano Tomomi “Tomomi Itano Interview –Special Movie-“

vlcsnap-3095 vlcsnap-3641 vlcsnap-4206 vlcsnap-4225






Itano Tomomi “Making of Tomomi Itano –Special Movie-“




vlcsnap-13118 vlcsnap-13738 vlcsnap-13854 vlcsnap-14064 vlcsnap-13501 vlcsnap-14460 vlcsnap-14629 vlcsnap-14655 vlcsnap-14733 vlcsnap-14866 vlcsnap-15054


vlcsnap-15413 vlcsnap-15440 vlcsnap-15452 vlcsnap-15486 vlcsnap-15503 vlcsnap-15687 vlcsnap-15718 vlcsnap-15736 vlcsnap-15823 vlcsnap-15855 vlcsnap-16034 vlcsnap-16198 vlcsnap-16395 vlcsnap-16504 vlcsnap-16538 vlcsnap-16636 vlcsnap-16815 vlcsnap-16947 vlcsnap-16964 vlcsnap-17466 vlcsnap-18490 vlcsnap-18660


vlcsnap-19033 vlcsnap-19965 vlcsnap-20041 vlcsnap-20085 vlcsnap-19709


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6 Responses to 「Featured Post」~AKB48’s most stylish, Itano Tomomi solo debut「Dear J」

  1. natty says:

    lol @ her bodygurad in the interview., he looks just like my uncle!!


  2. Mike Avila says:

    Wow bee sting lips -,very sexy!! Especially looks good in lucky rabbit’s foot fur skirt :p

    She does seem to want to rip off her top(s) in that one sequence – no wonder you love her so!! ^^

    Do you have pearls?!


    • I’m so happy you noticed that first =)!!…….I just don’t know where to even begin when it comes to Tomochin’s lips~♥….i mean they’re the most uniquely shaped and they take the thoughts of alluring or even pout~y to entirely new heights for sure!!! How is one born with such lips naturally??? The classic lip shape, even that fairs in comparison to Tomochin’s~♥.

      lol e~hhhh?? Mmm…it’s actually much better when a guy does that to you believe me :P!…sometimes though underwear can be expensive so you’re then like please be gentle with that lol…….oh dear (*´艸`)。

      You know I don’t own any. I’ve never really been a pearl~type I guess…..I’m not your glamorous type xD. I wouldn’t match anything I like to wear and then I’d feel out of place…..Mmm but a girl still can have pearls* trust me (。ーωー。)♪~!


  3. pregunta says:

    where did you find the first-press pictures (not the neowing/ three of the same) of tomomi? was it packaged inside the single or external of the single, much like the neowing/ three of the same photos? thanks.


    • Oh the first press photos were included inside each CD single’s jewel case…..if you lift to the DVD side they were inside upon the single’s back covers. So happy~* AKB has been doing this more and more with their photo offerings with their commercial releases so it’s not only the “theater versions” which include these gorgeous photos♥…Tomochin’s being most beautiful here ^ ^。


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