~Majisuka Gakuen, the greatest idol♥ drama set to return

Maeda Atsuko in "Majisuka Gakuen"...


AKB48 in "Majisuka Rock n Roll"...♥!

~AKB48 “Majisuka Rock n Roll”~

When we last saw Maeda Atsuko sitting upon that vandalized bench she had just gone through a complete series by means of befriending one Daruma after a reluctant history while simultaneously kicking the butts of what seemed like at least half of the school…no make that the entire school as there didn’t appear to be any graduate students who weren’t complete hoodlums in a quest to kick the new transfer students’ butts to a pulp, present there, although Yuko does receive her diploma but that’s another entirely different story.

Much of the AKB girl’s blogs have been abuzz from last week of the new drama series announcement and it’s not clear yet whether it’ll entail an entirely new storyline with all new characters or if this will indeed be a “sequel” although there are hints that the sequel path may be taken as Takamina does mention the thought of being resurrected (through the series). And it got me thinking about the original (one and only right now :P) and readily after watching “Majisuka Gakuen” a few months ago not only was it by far the most engrossing all inclusive~idol drama series of this nature but there was also a sense of poetic closure with Maeda earning her respect from the most feared/respected Yuko and then their walk into the light~*. And leading up to those high emotions was a culmination of many facets including all of the cult martial art movie retro~ness which took on the likes of “The Five Deadly Venoms’” personality where Maeda herself appeared to absorb the styles of her foes and an ally alike as “snake style”, “monkey style” and the like became analogies in themselves with “head~butt” style and the dreaded open palm “kabuki style” just to scratch the surface~. Then there’s the school itself, a worn down battered battleground complete with the token~useless~teacher who means well though :P, a principle with gang ties in her closet (looooove those flashback scenes!!!!), the much needed new millenium and beyond sexually confused character (gosh*!! they couldn’t have casted Sae any funnier and better!!), the lovable side~kick punching bag in an amazing role by Nachu whom I actually know nothing about….well other than “learning” that her large face is the love~obsession of one aforementioned Sae (。ーωー。)笑、a most freaky health room guy (best never to get sick(・д・`*)!!)、the mischievously instigating and aptly named “Nezumi” (Mayuyu) who’s busy pulling all of the strings from start to finish,….Myao~Lovetan & Oku Manami who look like the most devoted “Baby, the stars shine bright” shoppers and cutesy clothing catalog~junkies turned (or always were??) violently vicious terrors (….once again casting perfection @ its best as voices gone lolli meets high school fright night :O) and last but certainly not least are the performances by Matsui Rena and Kojiharu as Gekikara and Torigoya respectfully. And while the idea of Kojiharu’s “Torigoya” character brought a most unique twist of devilry to the fight complete with mind~altering tricks it was surely Matsui Rena as “Gekikara” who stole the show….or at least that entire episode where she goes all koo~koo for cocoa puffs crazy on everyone in her path, those being any friends or associates of poor Maeda. Those close up toothy noises, her never ending wild laughter and her lust for blood~terror would even make Jack proud and when coupled with her horror cliche of being the gift~that~keeps~on~giving you know the type that just won’t seemingly go down and stay down despite being pummeled over and over??….now that’s terror at its finest/scariest when performed this convincingly (゜Д゜;)!!There’s also the case for character representation through names and in addition to Mayuyu’s “Nezumi” there were other brilliantly cast names with notably Sasshi being “Wota” (dreams of a date with ears~♥ @ her favorite maid cafe (*´∀`) ....)and Kitarie being “Unagi”….well you may not get why “Unagi” initially but let’s just say me thinks that some of you see her as good enough to eat* (。ーωー。)♪。

And even with all that said, what really made this drama great were the main underlying storyline between Acchan and Takamina and how the ripple effects of that friendship and forever~bond would ultimately lead Acchan to face her self imposed guilt and ascend the stairs to both destiny and her acceptance of friendship once again. Makes you wonder where it all could be heading with a now second part in the works which is set to show later this year in April and if it will indeed pick up exactly where it all ended becoming a true sequel or if the roles and site will be recreated totally perhaps then giving way for Yuko and Takamina to appear once again. Even with the “obvious” open ending with beloved SKE48 member Matsui Jurina making a second pronounced appearance aside Acchan and those fighting words spoken, in some ways I could’ve still totally have seen this as single series with no following series ever in that there was closure for the main script and in those fighting words spoken by Matsui and as seen countless times is dramatic endings in movies alike, there is also the tendency for abrupt curtain calls in very much this exact same mannerism~. Surely though AkiP will place perfection upon perfection in this case and there should be absolutely no worries of any of this becoming the “Weekend at Bernie’s 2” poster child although the first “Bernie’s…” shouldn’t have ever been made to begin with ne~ :P.

I can’t help but feel an excited anticipation of SKE48 girls making their presence in the upcoming drama even more as they take the lead from Jurina perhaps, entering into the fray of idol~♥ pride battle~.

And one last thought, why is Miichan always crying (´⌒`。) ?Looking forward to the new drama series!!!

a visual memory lane~♥…..

Oshima Yuko in "Majisuka Gakuen"

vlcsnap-6178 vlcsnap-11667 vlcsnap-6303 vlcsnap-12561 vlcsnap-6470 vlcsnap-12782 vlcsnap-7039 vlcsnap-14758 vlcsnap-7338 vlcsnap-14970 vlcsnap-7795 vlcsnap-15159 vlcsnap-8654 vlcsnap-15276 vlcsnap-9008 vlcsnap-15295 vlcsnap-10996 vlcsnap-16150 vlcsnap-6109 vlcsnap-11390 vlcsnap-17494

Maeda Atsuko in "Majisuka Gakuen"

Miyazawa Sae in "Majisuka Gakuen"


vlcsnap-25853 vlcsnap-19979 vlcsnap-28265

vlcsnap-35560 vlcsnap-19456 vlcsnap-20634 vlcsnap-20830 vlcsnap-23904 vlcsnap-24214 vlcsnap-24653 vlcsnap-26553 vlcsnap-27118 vlcsnap-27605 vlcsnap-27995 vlcsnap-28510 vlcsnap-28837 vlcsnap-29191 vlcsnap-29577 vlcsnap-30969 vlcsnap-32714 vlcsnap-34072 vlcsnap-34634 vlcsnap-34889 vlcsnap-35396


~Lolli’s gone bad~ (・o・)

vlcsnap-36226 vlcsnap-36959 vlcsnap-36980 vlcsnap-37519 vlcsnap-38107 vlcsnap-38275 vlcsnap-39052 vlcsnap-39701 vlcsnap-39895 vlcsnap-39951 vlcsnap-40085 vlcsnap-40117




vlcsnap-51279 vlcsnap-42890 vlcsnap-43228 vlcsnap-44022 vlcsnap-44351 vlcsnap-45783


~A premonition~

vlcsnap-49540 vlcsnap-50699 vlcsnap-52048 vlcsnap-53153 vlcsnap-53622 vlcsnap-56373

vlcsnap-66894 vlcsnap-57617 vlcsnap-58565 vlcsnap-61769 vlcsnap-63345 vlcsnap-64183 vlcsnap-65050 vlcsnap-65572 vlcsnap-66606



vlcsnap-69186 vlcsnap-69895 vlcsnap-70356 vlcsnap-71296 vlcsnap-71534 vlcsnap-72658 vlcsnap-72866 vlcsnap-73218 vlcsnap-73879 vlcsnap-75650 vlcsnap-75670 vlcsnap-76511 vlcsnap-76560 vlcsnap-77392 vlcsnap-77892 vlcsnap-78075 vlcsnap-78798 vlcsnap-78952 vlcsnap-79071 vlcsnap-79163 vlcsnap-80017



vlcsnap-82860 vlcsnap-82903 vlcsnap-82984 vlcsnap-83035

vlcsnap-93776~The mischievous “mouse”~

vlcsnap-85133 vlcsnap-85726 vlcsnap-86337 vlcsnap-86731 vlcsnap-87126 vlcsnap-87204 vlcsnap-90581 vlcsnap-91511 vlcsnap-91839 vlcsnap-91899 vlcsnap-92322 vlcsnap-94499 vlcsnap-94811 vlcsnap-95005 vlcsnap-95089 vlcsnap-95268 vlcsnap-95589 vlcsnap-96931 vlcsnap-97067 vlcsnap-98084 vlcsnap-98674


vlcsnap-104232 vlcsnap-98928 vlcsnap-100745 vlcsnap-100777 vlcsnap-102548 vlcsnap-102803







vlcsnap-130036 vlcsnap-130116 vlcsnap-130162 vlcsnap-130648 vlcsnap-130944 vlcsnap-131715 vlcsnap-131910 vlcsnap-131958 vlcsnap-117911 vlcsnap-131990 vlcsnap-118732 vlcsnap-133309 vlcsnap-118767 vlcsnap-133449 vlcsnap-118830 vlcsnap-133513


~AKB48 “Sakura no shiori”~

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