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~Big Daddy returns home~* ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ

What began as a lazy Sunday soon moved to exhilaration as the final 20 laps were a bit agonizing!!!… know like you’re worried of what’s going to happen…or not happen…….or could something really bad and unexpected happen?? A~h I was … Continue reading

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~SCANDAL’s 「Pride」, seifuku♥ fashion tips & collaboration and which band member is your favorite?

SCANDAL’s Tomomi says it best when describing seifuku making girls look 5x’s cuter!! And just as AKB48’s Tomochin has collaborated with CONOMi now SCANDAL too has set up a collaboration page @ Cdjapan where you can see their personal fashion … Continue reading

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~ARASHI’s “Lotus”, my next guilty pleasure♥

Don’t you notice that drama~♥ theme songs are always like a cut above everything else? It’s like the song “knows” it’s special and everything then falls into place~. To begin with the set is amazing to look @, and then … Continue reading

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~So the Biebs cut his luscious hair and part of the earth stopped spinning, plus the Hello!Project haircut massacre re~revisited and what would you do with a celebrity’s hair?

Unless you’re living under a rock (the new GEICO CM cracks me up…(^q^)! ) I’m sure you’ve heard that Justin Bieber has cut his luscious hair although I’ve heard some say it used to resemble a mop?? Well at least … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Mayuyu♥ and the Chocolate Factory (*´∀`)

I’m thinking that the idol~gods were smiling down on me as they sent me Mayuyu♥ x 2…as in two first press trading cards of my second most favorite member in AKB48 =). The first press editions each include a randomly … Continue reading

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Yan Yan’s still a magazine I collect on a selective basis and it’s always their covers which entice~♥. The magazine rather like a digest…that being its similar size to an issue of Reader’s Digest a magazine I’d see at my … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Manoeri’s “Seishun no serenade”, the birth of Mano~beam, more Eggs♥, why she should remake Thriller & Mano~tips on surviving the undead

Come on you’re thinking “Thriller” right?!! Her outfit….so awesome~♥!~!! Last month Hello! Project’s most genki girl~next~door released her now 9th single!! And much like with the younger Johnny’s acts she continues to play mentor for a number of Eggs who … Continue reading

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..sorry about that but hot~dogs always make me giddy it seems…(^q^)! Seriously though, for “Lucky)☆” Rikachan traveled to San Francisco for a first visit….you know the land of streets~that~are~like~mountains! I’m sure a lot more too :P….it’s just that whenever I … Continue reading

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~Maimi♥, the vigilante??

This appears to be a straight to DVD home release and that typically is a red~flag for b~movie…..but in this case that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t have the potential of being pure awesomeness!!! Just the premise of having one … Continue reading

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~Practice safe shopping while online…

A lot of us shop online for our international music/idol♥ releases so it’s always important to practice safety first and while, no shopping~online can’t cause pregnancy 😛 there is another concern you should be most aware of. Really great advice … Continue reading

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