~The winner of AKB48’s “Idol to koishitara…♥” psp LE edition is decided by janken~po!

This all began way back on September 20th and this morning it all came down to a best of three throws/ best of three rounds showdown for the win…..and it all came down to the wire as in the bottom of the ninth..two outs…two strikes…game tied!..and a guy named Bartman in the stands 😛 and some guy hopefully not on steroids or an all cheese~diet @ the plate or it was perhaps like game 7 the finals all tied up at three games apiece with the score @ 105 tied up with .05 on the 4th quarter clock with Shaq @ the line for two free throws :P. In any case though the question portion of the game became a failure as lag time in the chat~room was affecting the fairness of the game so after a bit of consideration and a lot of help~♥ from Sagsousuke who came to our rescue today~*~~* we moved onto the “janken~po” portion of the game in order to decide the decisive winner =). And by the above analogies I’m directly referring to the janken~po face off between Mina and Mousoufest going the distance literally!!!

The format was the best of three Rounds. Each Round consisting of a best of three janken~po throws in itself in order to determine our winnner. Mousoufest won the first round winning in maybe not so much dramatic fashion as Mina I’ve learned has an interest love♥ of rocks very very reminiscent of A~min’s run in AKB48’s “Janken Tournament :O.” I’m pretty sure that she has a pet~rock♥ collection at home and even a rock garden out front in the yard……I mean those rocks must have room to play :P! So Mousoufest won Round 1 but Mina was resilient in both her resisting to her rock owning/throwing♥passions and refrained just long enough to tough out a win in Round 2. So the game then stood where the aforementioned analogies lay, Mina and Mousoufest with a Round each in victory and just one Round left to decide it all…….and after the initial throws each had won 1 throw giving us that “game~7” feel……..one last~final throw of rock/paper/scissors to decide it all…..over four months now and it all came down to this one final decision….rock, paper or scissors (if you’re Mina though rock rock rock is difficult to resissssssssssst (´。・д・。)…so how’s everyone been?…I’ve babbled on too long so here is our winner of AKB48’s “Idol to koishitara….♥” psp LE edition game!……….

Congratulations to Mina on winning AKB48’s psp game \(^o^)/☆!!!、hmm..just no trying to seduce* Yuko♥….she’s mine (。ーωー。)♪

I was originally thinking of including the complete text from our chat~room here but I hadn’t noticed that Mibbit was only keeping the latter portion @ a time so the first two hours or so are missing so the text sort of picks up randomly below for the last 45 minutes. lol I can’t believe that it went on for 3 hours but we had fun with a lot of random conversation along the way too =).

Just one final note: “Mina ♥’s mb” and Mina ♥’s Nino despite what she says below (*´∀`)。

09:15 mb If you were armed with a paper you could only attack with an essay
09:15 Mousoufest I will go with uma this time~
09:16 mb Or make an airplane
09:16 sagsousuke I like essays
09:16 mb How does paper ever win?
09:16 Mina i hate essays
09:16 mb Who thought up Jakenpo?
09:16 Mikapon
09:16 mb We must find him/her
09:16 Mikapon nothing beats rock
09:17 mb Should have been Rock, quicksand , scissors
09:17 sagsousuke then quicksand always wins
09:17 mb Or fire water tuba
09:17 Mina scissors would sink too
09:17 mb Kimchee, poi and Acchan♥
09:18 Mina boot, cockroach, nuclear bomb
09:18 mb Ohhhhh not nuclear!!!
09:18 sagsousuke bulbasar, charmander, squirtle
09:18 Mina i would like to see how that works
09:18 Mousoufest Mina what is your next move? I made “uma”
09:18 Mina kirin
09:18 sagsousuke bulbasaur. I’ve just ashamed my 13 year old self
09:18 Mina sorry
09:19 Mina i would pick squirtle
09:19 sagsousuke Yuko, Kamei and Takitty. let’s see mb figure out the winner/loser relationships for this one
09:20 Mina mikitty always wins
09:20 mb Uma vs. Kirin!!!
09:20 mb Mm…..I think…..
09:20 mb I’d don’t know
09:21 mb Have to take a much different approach then
09:21 mb Like if I wanted to kiss♥ one of them whom would it be?
09:21 Mina kirin are beautiful methodical beasts, how can they not beat a horse
09:21 Mina what is the answer!
09:21 mb Let’s see….then it must be Yuko as I think she’ll kiss me lol she kisses everyone 😛
09:21 sagsousuke I’m sure Yuko would want to kiss you
09:21 Mina enough with the dramatic timing
09:22 mb ………………..!
09:22 mb I’ll let you know
09:22 mb after the break!
09:22 sagsousuke lol
09:22 mb Just had an American Idol moment
09:22 Mousoufest T_T
09:22 Mina i hate american idol, hate you mb
09:23 Mina but i likepuppies
09:23 sagsousuke mb is taking the psychological warfare of janken with expensive rewards to a whole new level…
09:23 mb Mousoufest: Uma= Paper……………………………
09:23 sagsousuke and mina chose her pet rock? XD
09:23 mb Mina: Kirin= Scissors
09:23 sagsousuke =ooo
09:24 mb It’s now tied one Round each!!!
09:24 Mina shut up sagsousuke
09:24 mb Round 3…final round for everything….the tie~breaker for AKB’s psp LE game!
09:24 Mina shut up mb, i hate u
09:24 mb Mina will start the final round…..
09:24 Mina so much
09:25 Mina okay, i didn’t mean it
09:25 Mousoufest come let’s do this!!
09:25 mb Mina ♥’s mb
09:25 mb mb = puppies
09:25 mb so
09:25 mb so
09:25 mb Mina ♥’s mb
09:26 mb Hmmm we still have Sho~kun (ARASHI♥)…….Shingo~kun (SMAP♥)……Nino, Konkon, Matsujun♥……and lots and lots of pet rocks!!
09:26 Mousoufest ??
09:27 Mina hasami
09:27 mb Mina’s deep in thought…….wondering if her pet rock should come out to play now or not =)
09:27 sagsousuke what about ohno (arashi)?
09:28 Mina ohno never speaks, so he would be rock
09:28 mb Poor Riida
09:28 Mina i was deep in though
09:28 Mina t
09:28 mb Matsujun would be…..???
09:28 mb Paper!
09:28 mb Because you’d want to wrap yourself in him
09:29 *** Mikapon quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
09:29 mb Would’ve been funny if A~min were a choice…..
09:29 Mousoufest so what is Mina’s choice?~ Did I miss it?
09:29 Mina matsujun is a tsukomi and he is shiny
09:29 mb Up above….
09:29 Mina so scissors
09:30 sagsousuke A~min should be scissors
09:30 Mina nino too, cause he is a bitch
09:30 Mina no ROCK!
09:30 mb A~min is a rock♥
09:30 mb E~~~~hhhhhh? (cries for Nino♥)
09:30 mb (´⌒`。)
09:30 Mousoufest Mine 😦 What is your choice?
09:30 Mina how is nino not a little bitch
09:31 mb lol!
09:31 Mina he told aiba he didn’t love him
09:31 Mina you can’t deny him
09:31 mb He was kidding…..
09:31 sagsousuke mina chose “hasami” already
09:31 sagsousuke I think…
09:31 mb But Riida kissed Matsujun on their latest concert
09:31 mb U~n
09:32 Mousoufest I’m not so sure if that’s it…I mean~ Mina typed a lot of random words
09:32 mb Hasami.
09:32 Mina it was adorable!
09:32 Mina ohno is a butt touchie, so he never kisses anyone
09:32 mb Matsujun closed his eyes and then looked in shock!
09:32 Mina till then
09:32 Mousoufest edamame
09:33 Mina i love edamame
09:33 Mina junnifer is so in love with riida
09:33 mb Hasami vs. Edamame…..
09:34 Mina im so saving this all for tumblr
09:34 mb Mina: Hasami = Paper………….Mousoufest Edamame = Scissors
09:35 mb It’s funny because “hasami” is scissors…..😛
09:35 Mousoufest I was thinking that! XD
09:35 sagsousuke yeah, I was wondering if Mousoufest knew Japanese
09:35 Mousoufest so evil…MB is so evil
09:35 sagsousuke see, mb really is messing with your heads
09:35 Mousoufest making us all think too much of this
09:35 mb but still it’s a mind game with that word being here’
09:35 Mina my trap failed!
09:35 sagsousuke that’s why A~min should be scissors
09:35 Mina mb hates me
09:35 mb mb ♥’s Mina
09:36 mb Okay Mousoufest will throw first next
09:36 Mina we are just like aiba and nino
09:36 mb E~hhh nande??
09:36 mb Wait
09:37 mb That would make one of us a “little bitch” :O
09:37 Mina i’ll give you a sec
09:37 Mousoufest I’ll go with murasaki~
09:37 mb lol I’m soooooo sweet♥ though so that would mean……Mmmm….
09:37 Mina nino is adorbs too
09:37 Mina i can be nino if it makes you feel better
09:37 Mina since mb=puppies, appearantly
09:38 mb But if you were Nino then I woulds want to date you….marry you….and have your puppies =)
09:38 mb (*´∀`*) ♪
09:39 mb Mousoufest has thrown “Murasaki”…
09:39 Mina i like this conversation
09:39 mb It could all end here…….
09:40 mb Mina is in deep thought….
09:40 Mina kame
09:40 Mina that is why im always deep in thought
09:40 mb Murasaki vs. Kame!!!
09:40 Mina mb must be a seme because I feel violated
09:40 mb Kame not Kamei~♥
09:41 mb Only when you dress up as Nino…..=)
09:41 Mina kamei has spelled her name that way
09:41 mb i was just thinking turtle…..
09:41 Mina
09:42 mb Kamei rocks!!!
09:42 mb I loved that song!!!
09:42 sagsousuke kame = kamei = drawing = paper.
09:42 Mina but kamei ROCKs
09:42 mb Mousoufest: Murasaki = Scissors……………………………Mina: Kame = Rock
09:43 Mina plus turtle is like a rock that walks!
09:43 mb Mina you’re weird =)
09:43 mb Like me =)
09:43 sagsousuke 😦
09:43 Mousoufest ok Mina you’re the next move~
09:44 Mina neko
09:44 mb We are literally at the final throw….it’s tied 2-2 Rounds and now 1-1 in this third tie~breaker game
09:44 Mina okay, which one of us is aiba and who is nino?
09:44 mb Mmm…..Aiba is a sweet~heart so……
09:44 Mina i want to keep this transcript forever and make it a play!
09:45 mb Sweet~♥ or “little bitch???”
09:45 mb So difficult to decide…..lol
09:45 Mousoufest I will go with Matsujun
09:45 Mina nino is not really a little bitch, like sayumi
09:45 Mina eww
09:45 Mina matsujun is gross!
09:45 mb lol Sayu is a supreme narcissist
09:45 mb omg!!!
09:46 mb (・д・`*)!!
09:46 Mina she only preten. . . okay may. . . no she has low self-esteem so she pushes that she is cute
09:46 mb Matsujun is pure ~♥~ always…..he’s funny, kind and I think he’d treat you really well on a date too
09:46 Mina it is to be entertaining, like nino
09:47 mb Sayu visions herself as the cutest of the cute on planet earth =)
09:47 mb Neko vs. Matsujun!!
09:47 Mina do you ever watch matsujun? he is like the narcissist
09:47 Mousoufest should be a battle of Sayu vs. MatsuJun~
09:47 mb I wonder if Matsujun is afraid of kittys?
09:48 mb I said kitty and not the other* word xD
09:48 Mousoufest He loves animals though~
09:48 Mina i had low self esteem so i tried telling myself that i was cute in the mirror and it helped! sayu is the same
09:48 Mina she is really sweet on her blog
09:48 mb Okay so the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09:48 Mina aiba=puppies
09:49 Mina rock, paper, scissors, puppies
09:49 mb Oh
but then she made a lot of Matsujun fans upset when she appeared on an
episode of mannequin five…..she received lots of mean comments on her
blog =(
09:49 Mina she always gets mean comments
09:49 mb She kept picking on his style of dressing…but fans I thought took it waaay too far =(
09:50 Mina in a survey she was voted by women to be one of the most hated people in japan
09:50 mb Her personality is naturally that way.
09:50 mb omg really?
09:50 Mina she gets mean comments about her acne too
09:50 mb I didn’t know about that gosh*
09:50 Mina sayu is really sweet
09:50 mb She is…
09:50 mb Mina ♥’s Sayu
09:50 Mina she just uses a character to get more of a push because Tsunku hates her
09:50 mb okay
09:51 Mina i do
09:51 Mina i have her rival survival uchiwa
09:51 Mina suits her character
09:51 Mina sorry for the tangent
09:51 mb Mina’s Neko vs. Mousoufest’s Matsujun
09:53 mb Because there is a winner and no tie…….maybe you should both shout….I mean type what you threw instead =)
09:53 mb This is for the win…
09:53 mb AKB48’s psp LE game
09:53 Mina paper
09:53 mb Neko = paper
09:53 Mina mb this is not american idol
09:54 Mina or next top model
09:54 mb I totally can’t sing!!!
09:54 Mina i wish i could
09:54 mb Mmm….I’m not tall enough to be a model….
09:54 Mina cause i could totally be an idol in japan
09:54 Mina no i was referring to the pausing
09:55 Mina already have a catchphrase
09:55 mb I still cannot sing xD
09:55 Mina i would be in ske48’s team e, and i would be their captain like cindy (surrounded by lolis)
09:56 mb There
are so many Japanese here in Hawaii……makes me sort of the norm like
there are lots of Japanese girls here so maybe we don’t stand out so
09:56 Mina cause by that time i would be in my early 20s
09:56 Mina so r u japanese?
09:56 mb U~n Japanese/Okinawan….pure
09:56 Mina i’m italian and greek (with natural blonde hair) so i would stick out
09:56 mb The Okinawan comes from my dad’s side =)
09:57 Mina you could of been in coconuts!
09:57 Mina i totally found a couple of coconuts’ myspace pages
09:57 mb I did see their poster for auditions here back then….it was at a Borders
09:57 Mina still don’t know the result
09:57 mb A~h you announced your throw….
09:57 Mina mousoufest what did you through!
09:58 mb Type again
09:58 Mina paper
09:58 Mina neko=paper
09:58 Mousoufest what?~
09:58 mb You can just shout it out now as there is a decisive winner now
09:59 mb no tie this time
09:59 Mousoufest MatsuJun = rock!
09:59 Mousoufest awww 😦
09:59 Mina come on, my friends r going to lunch!
09:59 mb You win Mina!
09:59 Mousoufest I did already announce it
10:00 Mina bye bye
10:00 Mousoufest arhhhh
10:00 mb I just thought it more fun if you both said what your words stood for “out loud” as there was no tie for the final throw =)
10:00 mb Okay congratulations~*
10:01 mb fin
10:01 Mousoufest bye~



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to ~The winner of AKB48’s “Idol to koishitara…♥” psp LE edition is decided by janken~po!

  1. SagSousuke says:

    lol, Mina telling me to shut up made the cut XD


  2. Mina says:

    I love rock and everyone kept on mentioning that I like rock! Kind of giving away my only joy in life (to use rock).


    • I still think you and A~min would have so much to talk about….like how many pet rocks♥ you’ve both adopted and names and colors and size and things :P. A~min threw so many rocks during the tournament…it was rock and then rock and then more rock and no one seemed to catch onto it lol xD.

      It’s okay if you admit your ♥~ for me…or keep it a secret* inside (*´艸`)….♥

      Mina ♥’s mb (secretly*)…also wants to kiss Yuko too.


      • Mina says:

        Yuko and I wouldn’t work because we are both semes

        Oh, there was one question about ex. H!P members and what is their full name based on their nickname. Aya Matsuura also goes by Ayappe (it might of been different nickname in the question but they were close). She said Mikitty calls her that during one appearance on Utaban.


        • Thank you~* for making this morning so enjoyable and having never done something like this before in a chat~room I didn’t know what to expect っo(*´∀`)o!、…had I known better about lag time occurring in chat~rooms I would have gone with the Janken~po idea first =). You said that word earlier and I was meaning to ask but forgot to….”semes” nani? Just thinking now….had we been classmates in school we surely would have both gotten tossed out for too much talking :P.

          A~h I didn’t know Mikitty called her by that nickname before xD…..I always associated “Ayappe” with Gen.1’s Ishiguro Aya only :P.


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  4. Mike Avila says:

    What is other kind of Kitty?? ^^

    Congrats Mina!


    • …………..mmm lol not saying that out loud (。ーωー。)♪ but I’ve noticed that men have a um weakness for it* ( ̄▽ ̄)。


    • I just thought of something funny……how men come out of there* @ birth and then spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in* (。ーωー。)笑、…men can be simple creatures of nature =P. Sorry, I felt to be in a sharing~* mood just now, maybe sharing too much of what goes on in my mind sometimes…(^q^)!


      • Mike Avila says:

        Men are simple creatures, no doubt! Returning to the womb is an ancient concept! ^^ I didn’t understand a good deal of your chat, but it was enlightening in many ways! 🙂


        • I wish I had saved the entire chat as the first two hours and 15 minutes are missing xD….may have made more sense with all of the context included although we did have a fun and wacky at times conversation yesterday so it still may been a bit hard to follow even if all were here :P.


  5. You know every time WP sends me a ping back approval I just approve it although I’ve never really understood what these ping backs are actually for and what purpose they serve :P. They’re in reference to links I add of previous posts but other than that it’s a mystery as to their purpose…..so I keep approving them as I’m thinking there is a deeper meaning there lol =).


    • SagSousuke says:

      The purpose is for people to see that you’re talking about them. They get informed, and they might then read your post and write an answer back, linking to your post, which would send a ping back to your post, and get you informed, so then… It’s like new comments notification, but for posts answering other posts and across different blogs.
      In the case of ping backs inside your own blog, that has the side effect of linking the posts. If you look at the ping backs to any post, you know all the places that post was referenced to; if someone gets to your site through an older post, he might see the ping back and discover the next post in the same topic. That doesn’t work too well with the way WordPress treats the comments though, with the ping backs appearing in the middle of the comments (the idea of putting them here comes from the other purpose, because the other post referencing this would be a “comment”/answer to this one). It’d be better if they appeared as a “Related posts:” in the end of the post, before the comments…


    • SagSousuke says:

      Oh, I guess you never got a ping back coming from another blog so you’re lost about the first purpose? Ping backs work across blogs, so if someone else makes a post in another blog linking to one of your posts, it’d also appear as a ping back to you. Probably.


      • Oh I see….sadly I don’t get ping backs here lol I only ping~myself back I guess :P. It seemed odd at first but makes sense now…now I’ll just wait for someone to “ping” me =).


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