~AKB48 “1/48 idol to koishitara” psp LE giveaway final to be held in a live chat~room


There will be 30 questions total between 3 categories: AKB48, Hello! Project & AKB48 (hypothetically speaking….) where the other entrants, IW’s very own CK and Johpan will take on a fun role in a manner of poll~type answers in which they’ve given in the past (hmm..wonders if they remember? =) ). I will alternate between the categories in a set pattern until either there is a decisive winner or the questions needed to win runs out.

Each question is worth 1 point and only one answer per question is allowed for each entrant unless otherwise indicated for a particular question, the first to answer correctly wins the point. We’ll be using a live chat in a room to be created and announced tomorrow morning @7 am HST (in this post) where the game will take on a “buzzer” type game type of feel where speed will be a deciding factor as all questions will be most~most simple making perhaps your ability as a speedy and accurate typist a most deciding factor too =). Either Mina or Mousoufest must be ahead by 5 points at any time for the win, making it also a decisive win as this is the finale so I felt that a 5 point margin of victory would be appropriate here~.

Any typos or links included in any answers will be disallowed….so please be sure that names or titles alike are spelled correctly before clicking~* on your enter key (as you may only answer once per question/unless indicated otherwise). Japanese “long” vowels such as the “uu” in Yuuko aren’t necessary and either romanization short or long will be considered correct for vowels (ex: Yuko/Yuuko are both okay =) ).

In the event that the questions run out before a winner can be declared we’ll quickly move to a “janken~po” type of game to also be held in the same chat~room. Pre~determined corresponding random words will be used to represent rock, paper or scissors so that the game is 100% fair and in the case this game is necessary I’ll e~mail both Mina and Mousoufest their own personal rock, paper and scissors…word association list =).

Again these questions will be really really simple making this final knowledge based and a challenge of speed typing with accuracy. If you follow H!P and AKB48 as a fan most will be readily known without the need for much google~researching and with this being an AKB48 game giveaway I think it’s most appropriate to have them dominate 2/3rds of the questions in this game as after all if one is interested in this AKB48 psp game surely they must have an interest in AKB48 =).

The final results will be posted here.

Good luck~* to both Mina and Mousoufest ^ ^。


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~AKB48 “1/48 idol to koishitara” psp LE giveaway final to be held in a live chat~room

  1. Mike Avila says:


    btw, I got tickets for California race March 3/27!!!


  2. CK says:

    WOW!! I am wracking my brain to remember what I said


  3. Good morning……


    room is : #embee


  4. Mousoufest says:

    Can you see?~


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