「Featured Post」~Ito Yuna「 LOVE~♥」five years in the making…


Ito Yuna LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010 LE types A & B with DVD & extra CD editions Last December local girl Ito Yuna commemorated her musical career thus far with a pair of beautifully produced best~of single albums and both LE’s cover art celebrated the Christmas season in symbolic red and angelic white. For the most part I’ve covered each of her singles here so this post is rather to entice with the extras included within each edition. For me I couldn’t help breaking down and getting both despite the CDs on each edition being identical with a complete selection of her singles on each, however with one LE there’s a total of 17 music videos♥ which mirrors the CD track listing completely with the exception of just one song that being “Pureyes” which wasn’t accompanied with a pv previously making for an all inclusive visual collection on a single DVD while the other LE includes 6 previously unreleased recordings on a bonus CD~. I had really no idea of what to expect on the extra CD as the pre~order details didn’t disclose any song titles then and while we’ve all been witness to Ito Yuna’s strength, pitch~perfect nuances and range in her vocals which were also noted and sought after by the amazing Celine Dion herself culminating into a duet single release in “Anata ga iru kagiri~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~”…..here Ito Yuna displays her vocal~prowess in performances of flashback songs from the 80’s~90’s and beyond with an array of hits including Chicago’s “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”, Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and even Celine Dion’s own mega~hit theme song from the “Titanic”..the emotionally moving “MY HEART WILL GO ON.” Talk about choosing some really vocally demanding songs!! Also talk about a really really bad run~on sentence <~~:P…somewhere my English teachers are cringing (/∇\*)!!!In any case these song selections provide the perfect vehicle for Ito Yuna to both impress and have many reminiscing with timeless favorites in her first language…….really really unexpected and sweet~♥.

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010"

Both album booklets are identical with complete lyrics and gorgeous~gorgeous photos of the gorgeous~gorgeous Yuna! with a few extra photos included with the edition including the bonus CD as there are a few extra pages to accompany the extra hit tracks~. It’s also notable that the production of her pvs♥ are very much “Avex” like in that they show off a full~budget and a nice touch in many are those mini storylines which play out in the “background”…some a bit more announced~. The complete scans, audio and videos follow and luckily I was able to embed the pvs with the exception of the bonus clip titled “LOVE Extra Edition” which follows here first and it’s a cute~cute~candid collage of 5 years of memories and behind the scenes footage celebrating Ito Yuna’s musical career from debut till now. And present is a most colorful side to her personality too which isn’t often seen in t.v. appearances and concert footage alike =).

~Recommended listening~

….?? I’d have to say every song (*´∀`*) ♪、..Mmm but okay if I really needed to choose I’d start with “Truth”, “Stuck on you”, “Faith”, “Precious”, “Trust You”, “I”m Here” and “Endless Story”….^ ^♥!!

Ito Yuna’s “LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010 LE type B and RE can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Ito Yuna’s “LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010” RE & other releases can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Ito Yuna’s “LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010 LE types A & B (Japanese, Korean andTaiwanese versions) can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

edit: Just realized that the dunce in me totally forgot to included the extra CD songs (._.;)….okay added with the additional scans =)…..

Ito Yuna “Hard to say I’m sorry” mp3

Ito Yuna “She” mp3

Ito Yuna “I dont’ want to miss a thing” mp3

Ito Yuna “My Heart Will Go On” mp3

Ito Yuna “These boots are made for walkin'” mp3

Ito Yuna “Hero” mp3


“LOVE Extra Edition” clip

vlcsnap-284399 vlcsnap-284548 vlcsnap-284602 vlcsnap-285094 vlcsnap-285428 vlcsnap-285456 vlcsnap-285620 vlcsnap-285806 vlcsnap-285826 vlcsnap-285949 vlcsnap-286015 vlcsnap-286066 vlcsnap-286087 vlcsnap-286155 vlcsnap-286299 vlcsnap-286316 vlcsnap-286694 vlcsnap-286771 vlcsnap-286815 vlcsnap-286842 vlcsnap-286899 vlcsnap-286920 vlcsnap-286947 vlcsnap-287040 vlcsnap-287073 vlcsnap-287234 vlcsnap-287269 vlcsnap-287308 vlcsnap-287416

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0002

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0003

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0004


“Mamotte agetai” mp3

“Mamotte agetai” pv

vlcsnap-247488 vlcsnap-247080


“Let it Go” mp3

Let it Go” pv

vlcsnap-249163 vlcsnap-248928

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0005

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0006


“Imademo aitaiyo…” (with Spontania) mp3

Imademo aitaiyo…” pv

vlcsnap-252385 vlcsnap-250927 vlcsnap-251126 vlcsnap-252127 vlcsnap-252233


trust you” mp3

trust you” pv

vlcsnap-253824 vlcsnap-254239 vlcsnap-254538 vlcsnap-254816

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0007


Koi wa groovy x 2” mp3

Koi wa groovy x 2” pv

vlcsnap-255951 vlcsnap-256424 vlcsnap-257138


miss you” mp3

miss you” pv

vlcsnap-259190 vlcsnap-257986 vlcsnap-258363 vlcsnap-259142

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0008


Anata ga iru kagiri~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~” (with Celine Dion) mp3

Anata ga iru kagiri~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~” pv

vlcsnap-260460 vlcsnap-260539 vlcsnap-260679 vlcsnap-260756

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0009


Urban Mermaid” mp3

Urban Mermaid” pv

vlcsnap-261748 vlcsnap-261954 vlcsnap-262104 vlcsnap-262579

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0010


Mahaloha” (with Micro) mp3

Mahaloha” pv

vlcsnap-262811 vlcsnap-264123 vlcsnap-264024 vlcsnap-264206 vlcsnap-264593 vlcsnap-264479 vlcsnap-265166


I’m Here” mp3

I’m Here” pv

vlcsnap-267285 vlcsnap-265482 vlcsnap-266139 vlcsnap-267205

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0011


Truth” mp3

Truth” pv

vlcsnap-269391vlcsnap-270563 vlcsnap-269614 vlcsnap-270192

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0012


Losin’” mp3

Losin’” pv

vlcsnap-272635 vlcsnap-272195 vlcsnap-272488


“stuck on you” mp3

stuck on you” pv

vlcsnap-274065 vlcsnap-273490 vlcsnap-274425vlcsnap-274399 vlcsnap-274989 vlcsnap-275024

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0013


Precious” mp3

Precious” pv

vlcsnap-277841 vlcsnap-276619 vlcsnap-277037

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0014

“Pureyes” mp3


Faith” mp3

Faith” (acoustic live)


Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0015

Ito Yuna "LOVE Singles Best 2005-2010" scan0016



ENDLESS STORY” (acoustic live)

vlcsnap-280173 vlcsnap-280872 vlcsnap-281346 vlcsnap-281738 vlcsnap-283680 vlcsnap-284239

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4 Responses to 「Featured Post」~Ito Yuna「 LOVE~♥」five years in the making…

  1. Mousoufest says:

    Every single of hers is just a whole new surprise…Some of them are similar yet so different!
    And it must be special for you to have her came from Hawaii as well, right? 🙂 I wonder what the chances of bumping into her in the mall or beach when she’s home~? XD


    • So true she really does have her own unique style and sound and despite the pop/r&b tracks being mainstream for the most part you can always immediately tell it’s her….glad you liked them =).

      Would be most lucky for sure!! Her parents also own a restaurant here in our Moilili~Kaimuki area near Puck’s Alley and I think whenever she visits back to Hawaii she surely pops into there on some nights ^ ^。


  2. wolfychan2 says:

    I’m so glad she did her first Best. ^_^ Yuna Ito is an amazing singer, and her smile wins the heart of everyone. It’s a shame that her sales aren’t as great as she deserves; only Trust You (because it was a Gundam Seed song) and Celine Dion’s duo have reached Oricon’s top 10 since 2007. But this shouldn’t really hurt her fans, we’ll love her no matter what. ^_^

    Thanks for the screen-shots! Omg, there’s no single PV that isn’t stunning beautiful!


    • Time really flew by too!!….as I didn’t realize Yuna~chan’s “Endless story” was that long ago now :O. Sometimes I do wish that she’d show her local♥ side a bit more on Japanese television as she really holds it back but then again maybe it’ll be too much of a shock? for viewers there to see that side of her I wonder? lol and how would they translate her pigeon?? :P……she sings so so amazingly though and I too don’t really get her sales not being greater as she’s every bit as a talented vocalist like other top pop/r&b artists in Japan and her songwriting team’s good too!!

      U~n! I so agree!!! Her pvs♥ have always been so charismatic and pretty!!!


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