「Featured Post」~If Takamina♥ were a Powerpuff Girl she’d be Blossom♥~


Takahashi Minami 1st photo book Takamina It’s funny how the very initial aesthetics are obvious when it comes to accessorizing as a single cute~♥ hair bow atop is a constant and a fashion statement must!! Mmm but when you really dig a bit “deeper”….Blossom and Takamina….Takamina and Blossom….Blossom and Takamina….Takamina and Blossom…..and soon you can’t tell the two apart or you just feel a bit zany like I do at times :P.

Takahashi Minami’s “Takamina” can be ordered here @ Amazon Japan.

Let’s see…..


….both are absolute gems~* in their respective groups…

Powerpuff girls

…and adored by fans and media types alike~♥!


And when it comes to being the perfect mentor and role~model you can always count on Takamina and Blossom to present their careers, selves and loved ones in the very best of light. Through watching Takamina in lives, variety t.v., interviews and just about anywhere she shows such caring♥, humility, professionalism and class all done with an endearing confidence and poise.


Both Takamina and Blossom are also students of their craft knowing that a deeper understanding and appreciation of idols♥ and kicking butt respectfully will make for a much better prepared future =).

Powerpuff Girls

This is just cute =)!

Blossom rocks!!!

They also both rock!!!! literally…physically….mentally っo(*´∀`)o!!!

Mojo jojo

And in their worlds there’s always the threat of a “bad~monkey” that being well….an actual monkey turned evil~genius during an unforeseen mishap for Blossom and the paparazzi~stalking for Takamina (;゜□゜)!!!

Powerpuff "cosplay"....xD Powerpuff

And there’s cosplay in both of their worlds =)! though note: guys shouldn’t dress up as Powerpuff girls like ever!、…_〆(・∀・@)。

Mojo jojo

Yes, mad monkey =’z bad monkey xD!….

Blossom♥ & Mojo jojo

..and whether you’re watching AKB48 or the Powerpuff Girls,

you just never know what surprises are in store next!!!


Powerpuff Girls AkiP hotline...=)Takamina♥ & the Powerpuff Girls♥…conquering adoring fans hearts and saving Townsville from every baddie all before bedtime~.

Takahashi Minami 1st photo book Takamina (front & back covers)

A~h sorry just had a moment~* :P….now getting to Takamina’s first official solo photo book it comes with a photograph extra and when you remove the outer dust~jacket you’ll see an amusing sight of Takamina chasing after a…..um…….duck…(^q^)! Also on both the front and back inner covers you’ll find portrait drawings of Takamina done by the the most artistic~* Mayuyu♥ and a most interesting one by Kojiharu xD!! If you’d like to see Kojiharu’s drawing I can add it here too =). (edit: Kojiharu drawing scan added =) ).

So funny she sort of makes Takamina appear as an old~lady in way ne~? It’s just all of those lines and even the dreaded smile creases :O…..blackened eyes are a bit creepy too lol but I totally couldn’t draw to save my life so I think it’s still really a good drawing by Kojiharu…just when I saw it next to Mayuyu’s drawing below I was sort of like a~~h xD!

Takahashi Minami 1st photo book Takamina shashin extra

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0001

It’s cute how Takamina’s♥ first solo photo book is also symbolically sized I guess you could say like her….in that it’s quite tiny measuring in @ about 8 1/4” x 6” and it’s soooooo much more than just a photo book really as you’ll see in the 78 following scans that I did yesterday while our new tiny~kitty♥ was busy attacking my legs, feet and he even has a thing* about hair it seems as I found out he likes to climb up upon our shoulders and burrow himself in our hair….Mmm must be the shampoo (*´∀`*) ♪。

I think Takamina’s so pretty!!! and “Takamina” serves as the perfect and all inclusive tribute! And since this pbs tiny these scans are nearly the original size =).

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0002

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0003

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0004

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0006 Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0005

~Everyone ♥’s Takamina!~

This opening section is really wonderful as fellow members and Takamina herself comment on photos they’ve taken so they’re all very candid in nature and really has the feel of perusing through a personal photo~album. Takamina’s so immediately likeable and sweet~♥ and I will never never want to imagine there being in existence any such hate~thread about her anywhere and surely one can’t exist ne~…..but if for any uncalled for and morbid “reason” there is one I especially wouldn’t want to ever know about it (´⌒`。)、..ignorance may be bliss and I’ll choose Takamina♥ each and every time~o(*´∀`)o゛。

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0007

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0008

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0009

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0010

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0011

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0012

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0013

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0014

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0015

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0016

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0017

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0018

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0019

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0020

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0021

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0022

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0023

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0024

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0025

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0026

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0027

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0028

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0029

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0030

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0031

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0032

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0033

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0034

~Growing up Takamina, the 5000 character interview~

Takamina talks history from her youth and how she’s grown and changed during her time in AKB48….and you gotta check out Takamina childhood pics and becoming a single and an idol♥ was really in her future!!

I know they’re tiny but that’s how they’re placed in the interview article and a~h! while her choice of accessories may have changed over the years, Takamina’s hair accessory styling~* goes waaaaaay waaaaaaay back as seen here so cute~♥ =)!!

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0035

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0036

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0037

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0038

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0039

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0040

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0041

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0042

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0043

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0044

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0045

~Takamina & Acchan~

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0046

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0047

There’s also a 60 day Team A document as well as a AkiP interview with Takamina and you can immediately sense how he views her importance and stature as both an idol/singer and as a member of AKB48♥…..and much of the questioning is being done by Takamina herself in both responses and just reactions to her producer =).

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0078

~AKB48 team captain collaborative commentary~

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0048

This is perhaps the most awesome feature in Takamina’s pb as all three of AKB’s team captains Sayaka, Takamina & Yukirin take part in what becomes a pretty revealing discussion and in this new light for me personally I can really get a sense and see how each in their own very much unique way represents their corresponding team so much to a “T”~. All of the scandal/non~scandal stuff I hope hasn’t hurt Sayaka’s confidence in any way and for any of that her self imposed resignation back then most most unnecessary I think. But that’s really a whole other topic of thought and conversation about idols in general and my personal feelings on how during this stage in life how girls really miss out on so much having their images needing to be “pure” in stature and visibly or perceived as being single always. It’s part of the healthy vs. unhealthy wellbeing and happiness issue which I’ve spoken about here in the past…..maybe too much already so I’ll try to restrain myself and shut up fearing redundancy but still I do fully understand and respect the male fan’s perspective (some male fans? maybe not all?) of what an idol♥ can represent to them and how the dating of an idol would create quite a bit of unrest and maybe even a loss in interest of an idol♥. I thought I was going to shut up already (*´艸`)...

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0049

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0050

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0051

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0052

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0053

~Through Takamina’s eyes~

Ever wanted to know a bit of Takamina’s thoughts on her fellow AKB members and with that all 48 of them? These next few pages are then for you as through Takamina’s lens and words there are short and candid messages for each girl and like with their “Chance no junban” single the images and text here for any newer fan is a great way to get to know each in both appearance and noted tidbit ^ ^。

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0054

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0055

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0056

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0057

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0058

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0060 Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0059

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0061

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0062

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0063

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0064

Takamina’s♥ second toe next to her big~toe is awesome….hers is so long I’m just like w~ah (*´∀`) ♥!!

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0065

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0066

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0067

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0068

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0069

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0070

And we finish with bath time~Takamina♥…..complete with some strategically well placed um toys……=).

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0071

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0072

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0073

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0074

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0075

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0076

Takahashi Minami "Takamina" scan0077


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16 Responses to 「Featured Post」~If Takamina♥ were a Powerpuff Girl she’d be Blossom♥~

  1. natty says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 If takamina is blossom them who is buttercup and bubbles? Sayaka and Yuki? 😀


  2. Mina says:

    Buttercup: Sae
    Bubbles: Haruna?


    • You’re awesome Mina~*\(^o^)/☆!!..Sae yes! perhaps with a gruff~ and aggressive personality in ways with no nonsense =)! and I was really stumped when it came to Bubbles as she would so need to be the most girly~girl of girly~girls of girly~girls in the universe and well okay lol in AKB♥!!!! Her demeanor and voice...(*´∀`*) ♪♪


    • ……I have a Buttercup bobble~head in my bedroom and the more I look at her the more she’s beginning to look like Sae right down to her sometimes shorter “punky~cute” hair =)!


    • …that may just be my weirdness though (。ーωー。)♪


  3. summer8100 says:

    pls put up kojiharu’s version of takamina too!! tyvm!!!!!! =p


  4. SagSousuke says:

    Hum… Green is obviously Sae, but the blue one should be one of the lolis. I guess Mayuyu or Lovetan.

    This photobook looks interesting, I like the pages with her opinion on the other members. And there’s some good close up photos there by the way, first time I’ve thought Oku Manami looks decent. Yay for bath pics! And I’ll be waiting for the all night lingerie pillow fight senbatsu. I hope they’ll record it for posterity, I don’t even know if they released the jankenpo one… Hum, there was a pillow fight in a Shuukan AKB DVD now that I think about it. I’ll go watch that.


    • I was watching an episode today and now I can’t stop imagining that Buttercup is Sae I know I’m weird (*≧▽≦)!、..hmm Bubbles would have to be the most girly~girl in the group like if it were Momusu it’d be Sayu although Bubbles isn’t so much a narcissist :P.

      It’s really much better than a bikini pb as the thoughtful passages and comments throughout are much more revealing* =). I always know that AKB will be pushing the envelope somehow lol and then when the books almost to its end the bath~time Takamina appears! Mmm..I haven’t seen a commercial release yet but maybe there could be a theater exclusive DVD available I wonder? I really loved the digest clips that came with their “Chance no junban” singles although having the complete footage would be great too. Pillow fights…..(sigh*) last one was in high school unless I count a friend hitting me with a pillow randomly as that occurs with much more regularity xD.


  5. SagSousuke says:

    Ah, I’m disappointed, I was expecting a Kame style masterpiece. It’s a great drawing, you can tell it’s Takamina with no doubt. Well, I guess as long as she puts a ribbon in the drawing, you could tell… I love how Kojiharu was proud enough of her work that she felt it should be copyrighted.


  6. Wolfy-chan says:

    Hahaha the comparison with Blossom was epic! You know, Powepuff Girls is my most relevant childhood cartoon. I used to know all episodes by heart, and I kinda forced my friends to represent the episodes at school’s breaks, hahaha.

    Thanks for scans! Although I really like Takamina’s long hair arranged in up ribbons, I would really like to see her with short hair though. :3 I think it would suit her pretty well~. But maybe it would be like a trauma to her to cut her hair, since she even wore the current hairstyle when she was a child.


    • A~h that’s so awesome~♥!!!…..back when it was airing with new episodes I used to record them religiously trying to catch every episode and then keeping track of them although I’m not sure if I ever saw every episode. A few DVDs came out back then too and I purchased three of them hoping for extras but not I’m eying a complete collection as I think someone took my DVD collection set =(…..I can’t find it anywhere which is really strange as um there are just a few other people around here who would be watching the Powerpuff Girls xD. That’s to cute that you’d do that with your friends~♥….was such a great animation show! The writing was so great too like how they incorporated even The Beatles into an episode and so so many pop culture references along the way and just wacky good fun =). I can watch hours and hours of them and it still cracks me up…….っo(*´∀`)o!♥

      That’s so true! Mmm…not sure how I’d feel seeing Takamina with short hair 😛 but girls always go through phases of change and experimentation so you never know =). lol it may be just that!!….and maybe Takamina’s hair is her power*…..like with Samson’s hair I wonder ^ ^。


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