「Featured post」~小池 vs.小池




I shamefully just couldn’t resist (although admittedly heavily biased xD…) just with the “Koike” connection and while they do share the same family name and are identical in height @ 156 cm (fun fact =D!), their similarities end there as one idol♥ is much more “gravure” while the other is more on the playful side, one is talented~* in color guard while the other has delved into acting, one is much easier embarrassed while the other isn’t bashful about pushing the envelope a bit and while both are most kawaii~*!….I can’t help but give the edge to Yui~chan♥ because if one were to try sticking things into and around her nose a more adorable♥ reaction and sound♥ I don’t think is possible :P!!! lol okay that’s not very deep reasoning but just watch!~! and do turn up the volume for this adoooooorable~♥ sigh* as you just wouldn’t want to underplay it it’s that cute~♥ and funny I promise 😛 ↓↓↓...

~Yui~chan  performs one of the cutest of sighs* all time in a “crime scene” batsu game~

…w~ah~! most certainly idol games can be quite extreme and extremely strange for that matter in abundance and in case you’re a bit curious as to what was going on there Yui~chan♥ was being challenged in a “crime~scene” sort of idol game where the girls must try to keep from moving any part of their body out of the chalk~mark like the one’s you see on CSI all the while being……um what’s the word or thought I’m looking for???…..being…….Mmm idol~tortured I guess for lack of a better term….I for one would have totally lost it when they reached my belly~button or toes or back or stomach or shoulders or my arms or legs or…well……thankfully not down there* (*´∀`)♥!!!!!、.. I’m much too ticklish~!!! (。ーωー。)笑。So sad I can never get a massage ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!!


i’m okay…really. (´-ω-`)♪

And then there’s “bad~sexy” Yui~chan♥…well the host didn’t think her air~shower sexy but it was still so so cute ne~ =)! This is fun though as idols are asked to perform a sexy* act impromptu….talk about being put on the spot*↓↓↓ (・д・`*) !!

~Yui~chan “bad~sexy” xD~


~The “evidence”~

And speaking of idol “crime~scenes” here’s the “evidence” just below to help perhaps make up your mind of whom you think is more adorable~♥ or well let’s just say whom you’d rather have at your very next birthday party because who wouldn’t so love♥♥♥ having an idol~tastic birthday celebration ne~ ( ̄▽ ̄)♥...

ps. just say no to clowns I hear they scare some (*>ω<) !!

投票して下さい~^ ^♥

….me thinks there is though love for clowns but they’re just not as cute~♥ and you probably wouldn’t want to see a clown in a bikini ne~ xD…..

Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥

~Koike Yui~

A~h I guess there wasn’t a smaller flag available lol! but Yui~chan is so cute trying to wield that gigantic flag performing her color~guard talent~*and w~ah so dangerous and heavy!!!..just as she says :O!! Color guards are awesome!!!

Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥ Koike Yui♥

Koike Yui♥


Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥

~Koike Rina~

Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥ Koike Rina♥

Koike Rina♥

Koike Rina♥

Koike Rina♥

Koike Rina♥

Koike Rina♥

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 「Featured post」~小池 vs.小池

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard of the second, but not of the first.
    Bikini clowns FTW!


    • Mmm…Rinachan I think is much more popular?..and gets more media attention. lol I soooooo was looking for the “clown” vote :P! Still no clown votes lol but I really have heard that some people are so so afraid of clowns or they well….don’t find them funny or cute or……I don’t know not very clown~like to begin with xD. Yui~chan♥ so cute too though o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  2. hydeo says:

    sorry MB but i dont go lost Rina-chan aheaheha

    she is so cute <3~~ and adorable and funny :3~~ and that cute face <3~~ and i love her eyes

    gomen Yui :\ haha

    yah vote for Rina

    and much funny the yui videos have the full videos ??

    when her turn the head and make the sound aheaheha


    • A~h :O! lol poor Yui~chan♥ ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。...oh I do have the complete DVDs almost 6 hours of idol♥ fun =)! Yui~chan’s sigh*!!!!!!!……she was so cute and that just cracked me up so much…(^q^)!


  3. Mousoufest says:

    Yui-chan’s “sigh” is sooo funny XD That is such an interesting game…I wonder how they even thought of that? XD

    I remember seeing Rina-chan in a recent drama! Odagiri Kyoko no Uso I think it was called? I thought she was so cute…It’s such surprising to see her come up again~


    • Producers of such shows have such strange imaginations :P!! Just the batsu game…..gosh* I’ve seen the unthinkable (・o・)...

      Oh so lucky~*!!….I’ve only seen Rina~chan in magazines and clips and she really is so adorable♥…….now eagerly awaiting Yui~chan in a star role although she’s acted a bit too =).


  4. Wolfy-chan says:

    At the screenshot of the first video, I thought the police girls were Reina and Eri from Momosu… lol

    They’re both adorable! *-* But I’m more Rina’s type, heh… :3


    • You’re right I’m looking at the frozen image and there’s definitely a resemblance to Reinachan and Kamei that’s so funny! I’m thinking there must be a guy somewhere in Japan who’s sole job is to think up ideas for wacky batsu~games to play on idols :P…….I just don’t know how they come up with this stuff it’s so randomly strange sometimes and yet entertaining although sometimes at an idol’s expense xD.

      U~n they’re both really cute~^ ^♥。


  5. Mike Avila says:

    I love pinku stockings and shoes! ^^


  6. Mike Avila says:

    Like the pinku!

    And Year of the Rabbit on Feb 3! ^^


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