~Reinventing Morning Musume

Within just the past few weeks you can feel and sense the wheels turning within Tsunku’s mind. I’ve gone through an array of emotions through it all and while in no way is this pondering below all inclusive it seems that I’m just scratching the surface~.

~The second shoe drops~

Takahashi♥Ai The thud heard from the door hitting both Junjun and Linlin’s butt on their way out still resonates in the room =(…..and and Tsunku has already taken a seat at his laptop writing out his next graduation announcement post and it’s one of the more earth~shaking or shattering ones obviously depending on the level of your adoration♥ for her and what she means to Momusu) in the sense that it’s Aichan♥, Morning Musume’s leader who’s time in Momusu along with Gakisan is heading into the “pinnacle?” tenure of 10 years. With Aichan’s graduation set for the fall it’s still a ways away giving the chance for 9nin Momusu to first redefine the very chemistry and appearance that the group will now take forth~. Personally it’s heart wrenching as since the graduation of Nacchi it’s always been the combination of Kamei/Aichan who have for the past few years been my top and most favorites♥ in the group unwavering and now they both will be gone ( ┰_┰)。 This recent shakeup of members is way beyond anything I’d ever imagined in such a short span of time and yet it’s the inevitable, girls grow up and can’t be idols forever however in these recent graduations/graduation announcement even that notion is way pre~mature~.

~The Menudo recipe~

Morning Musume Gen9 2 Morning Musume Gen.9

While I missed the Menudo craze of the 80’s (being in diapers and then heading to pre~school I most likely had no interest or idea of whom they were :P) it’s a time tested and most successful means to transcend a group through time and generations keeping your fan~base relevant…..or does it really? In hindsight one probably wouldn’t think that the original group lineup would have succeeded to this day and keeping the group “fresh” always it’s been simply genius in keeping the fan~base longing for more with always a peak in interest when new members enter coinciding with the graduation of girls in a continuous cycle. Gen.9 now having been chosen will represent half of the group when Aichan’s Fall graduation arrives well given that Tsunku between now and then doesn’t hit us with another blog post shocker (゜Д゜;)!!!、..and while I’m most enthused in seeing his audition choices in former Egg Fukumura Mizuki and new members Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho and Suzuki Kanon…all so cute! and you can see their talent~* I can’t help but wonder how this group will gel~dynamically chemistry wise as with such age differences being somewhere near 12 years between the most senior and youngest it’s also a bit mind boggling to know that two of the new girls weren’t even born yet when Momusu debuted. And if you think about it that Kirsten Dunst movie “15 and Pregnant” isn’t too far off of a cry from the hypothetical possibility of there being mothers and daughters together in this group with those age differences. Certainly this is the meaning of reinventing oneself, Momusu I think many fans too will agree was in need of a change and just something big to happen but somewhere along the way is this truly what any of us expected or hoped for? I’m certainly not one to pass pre~mature judgment and especially when I consider the genius and vision that is Tsunku in that he always (or nearly always :P) does the amazing~* and his knack for finding talent and potential has brought warmth and adoration and success to an idol group franchise which is simply like no other~. Can this work? Certainly it can and only time will tell and first and foremost Momusu is in my heart and they’re special to me, a group I grew up with which now has reached a time of substantial change and a crossroads of sorts~. They’ll always have my continued support and love♥.

~Not a group to grow old with~

Ogura♥Yuko While there’s Ogura Yuko who never seems to age (hides jealousy xD) what of idol fans “everywhere else” whom do? If you’ve grown up with Momusu like me from their very debut throughout the past decade+ or if you’ve come to love them at any point of their amazing careers you’ve no doubt experienced the anguish and elation that goes along with adoring any group which never grows old~. Girls cycle in and out in a seemingly endless movement in time keeping youth at the forefront all the while for their fan~base it poses the obvious realization that your age is in a constant and inevitable movement of growing further and further away until the day you wake up and see that your most beloved idol group has separated the generation gap between you and them to such proportions that it’s undeniably vast~. While the Menudo~recipe has given renewed life again and again over time to what you most adore it’s also in that same very time transitioned into a face which when you take into account upon pondering can become unrecognizable while it’s all yet so familiar. How long can be truly grasp onto an idol group which never grows old? And with Momusu now you’re seeing members young as 12 years old. And unlike your parents who grew old with perhaps The Beatles or the Rolling Stones it’s not in the cards as an idol♥ fan~…no Paul or John or Mick…it’s ever revolving in our world.

~The face~

Abe♥Natsumi Idol♥ groups which evolve. An ever changing face. Quick think of whom you identify with as being “James Bond.” Depending on your generation and whom you’ve grown up with watching there’s Connery, Moore, Brosnan and now Craig to name just a few in the franchise and each generation will without doubt identify “their” man as being the “face of Bond.” Was/is the face of Momusu for you personally Nacchi, Yuko~san, Aichan, Marippe, Ayappe, Nono & Aibon, Yossi, Rikachan, Kohachan, Kamei, Reinachan, Konkon, Junjun & Linlin?….An idol♥ group in this sense has no definitive “face” for better or for worse~.

It’s an interesting and sometimes amusing aspect when you really think about it and it’s also in so many ways the blurring of lines which can define your very fandom♥ and how and when you decide to inevitably check out~. I’m looking forward to the new look Momusu’s debut and I’m sure countless more fans are doing the very same っo(*´∀`)o!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~Reinventing Morning Musume

  1. mikeymikez says:

    They live forever this way. Seems like taking “cuteness” to the maximum! Did you ever see Logan’s Run?

    I got Playboy today!!! big hugs just one thing… They printed it backwards…. 😦

    Lol – know about Japanese printing. 🙂 in fact we have a Japanese bookstore/music store here 🙂 so you can check it out when you come visit! :p

    Thank you so much MB!!!!


    • E~h? sorry I don’t know what that is xD…..it’s true that an idol group in particular can live~on much longer this way and especially when age does become a factor later…sad part of all of us aging =(.

      lol you mean the Japanese style of books being “backwards” :P…..I know it can look strange at first but after awhile you won’t even notice =). Wait I’m typing as I’m reading so now I see that you already know about Japanese printing xD!! Well I’ll leave that in anyway oh do you have a Book~Off or Kinokuniya there? Book~Off….we have one here too where they buy and sell books, magazines, videos and DVDs. I’m happy~* the Playboy arrived safely Merry belated Christmas~(*´∀`) ♥!!


      • Mike Avila says:

        I was kidding about the “backwards” printing of course!

        We have a Japanese book store called Sanseido here. It’s in a huge Japanese market


        They are so polite and Japanesey ^^ They all seem to be from Japan. Best not to ask them for Playboy, huh? 😉

        Logon’s Run is a Sci Fi film about perfect world, at least until you turn 30…

        Thanks again for the gift! 🙂 I’m enjoying their company even now! ^^


        • lol so no Playboy there? :P…..but I imagine it would be okay as Playboy is still sort of well….’mainstream’ and ‘tame’ for the most part I think xD?

          It’s funny I’ve never heard of this movie….(wonders what happens after 30???)…..

          a~h yokatta (*´∀`)♥!


          • Mike Avila says:

            Lol! I just meant that they might be shocked if I asked them for something risqué !! :p they wear prim little Sales Lady outfits.

            Logan’s Run is classic sic-fi ! You must watch. It should be available at any rental store. Lots of notable actors in it starting with Michael York!

            Let’s just say that right now the crystal on your palm would be red and will start flashing at 30. That means you get to go to “Carousel” and have a chance to be reborn… Of course some don’t want to go

            Blade Runner is a must see too! I just got the 5 Blu-Ray ultimate edition!! Arrived just now.

            Oh, I accidentally ordered 2copies of Jasmine’s Gold CD! Do you want the extra? I listen to mine every day!! 🙂 I’d love to send it to you


            • Mmm…there are even some older sales ladies at our Book~Off and I just think they think I’m weird maybe lol I don’t know….but girls look at Playboy too I know for sure and not even for the “articles” lol it’s true!

              Now I’m like who’s Michael York :P…..ohh haven’t watched that movie either but I’ve heard of it =). I love Blu~ray sooooooo clear and so so so many extra features. Ohh I wouldn’t want to impose but it’s a very sweet~♥ thought o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  2. shar says:

    Maybe I’m just being overly romantic, but I’m actually disappointed that Risa is not going to graduate with Aichan. They joined Momusu together, went through all the ups and downs for the past 10 years, and deserves to leave together on a high note. Instead, now we have her (a golden age member) alone as she tries to herd the next generation of Momusus into the future.


    • I’m having similar feelings too as it may even look/feel odd with a Momusu having such far apart age differences and maybe it’s not just their ages but rather a combination of that as well as having much “older” members alongside such youth this time. I don’t know how it’ll work out but just watching Tsunku work his magic time and time again I still feel most excited to see their debut. So true that Gakisan maybe should graduate alongside with Aichan and you’ve expressed it perfectly~*…for those reasons. Gakisan’s nurturing personality I think will be most suited to lead the new members and yet it’ll be most bittersweet for sure…..Aichan’s her best friend in the group surely (´⌒`。)。


    • It’s fun whenever celebrities get involved in public service no matter what the platform or career it involves and Acchan I’m sure did her very best and she surely understood the importance and challenges of directing such an essential part of every society…..I was really turned off though by the comment by ikkochan calling Acchan a ‘dimwit’ that was really unnecessary and unwarranted for that matter =(. This person for one most likely doesn’t know a thing about Acchan and also this was a just a cute public service publicity outing really so maybe some reading that article were taking it a much too serious light to begin with. Sorry…..I’m blabbering now but it’s just that Acchan~♥ is amazing and so mature for her age and she always carries herself so well plus sings and dances awesomely and more more more…..I just felt I wanted to defend Acchan after reading some of those comments.


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