~ Finding closure in Ryoma-den after a year’s journey in drama

I wonder how many drama fans also watched the final episode of “Ryoma-den” last night and actually if anyone from Hawaii is actually reading this :P. NHK Taiga dramas are amazing accomplishments and productions as they are literally year~long dramas which air on a weekly basis with approximately 45 minute episodes on each night of airing…and just imagine 48 weeks for a single drama! And you just never know which of your favorite or just famously known actors and actresses will make appearances throughout the year long event and besides of course the always great Fukuyama Masaharu taking on the lead role of Sakamoto Ryoma there were special appearances by other favorites♥ too in “Ryoma~den.” And as the weeks pass you can become so thoroughly engrossed as each episode unfolds and unlike the cinematic limits of movies or even standard length drama series, the NHK Taiga dramas can bring to life remarkably a page~by~page translation from novel to screen like no other. In the past my favorite series have been “Toshiie to Matsu” and “Musashi” which I still regard as one of my favorites of all time for NHK Taiga dramas and last night as the curtain fell upon another year long experience I had a most familiar feeling~.

Mmm I would compare it somewhat to losing a friend in a sense, okay maybe not that dramatic but it’s like an emptiness or a void I know which will remain with me for days or even weeks even as the historical figures depicted in these dramas become all to real and there’s an endearment you feel and cherish after spending so much time “with” them it’s almost an anxiety that befalls me when the “final episode” caption appears on screen as the drama’s entirety comes to an end. For weeks watching had become part of my weekly routine and an event I would look forward to….one I had come to count on being there for me no matter what life’s surprises would bring~.

“Ryoma~den” was all this and more and that despite the outcome being most famously known I imagine to just about any audience who’s interested in Japan’s history. U~n there was a much different sentiment coming on for me as the drama paged through Sakamoto Ryoma’s life in just knowing how it would all end and in an instant it all came flashing back like a large wave of emotions as the closing minutes depicted Oryo along the beach with a vision of her lost husband Ryoma in jubilant fashion and then a flood of the journey we’d all taken together this past year in a collage which further moves your heart to smile through the sadness, surely a memory with thoughts of what could have been. Ryoma for all he did and stood for in Japan’s movement towards a modern government for the people and by the people remains a most tragic figure, celebrated yes but tragic no less. I had watched a drama series years ago also depicting Sakamoto Ryoma in what was a mini series of sorts running just about 5 hours in length so while that final scene of Ryoma’s life can never be forgotten, last night it shed so much an all new~light upon how much he meant for Japan’s future and history~.

The final episode had kept me up way past my normal bedtime and even knowing just how sleepy I would feel this morning there was no way I could keep my eyes from watching and a funny blunder of mine to begin with was not knowing beforehand that the final episode was an extra long episode xD! So it became an hour and a half (with many many commercial breaks) and in ways I totally understood and likened the poetical approach of the very dialog in the closing moments in the room in which Ryoma would be killed maybe rather assassinated although he didn’t reach an official title before his life’s end and there’s however an uneasy feeling about finding closure in “Ryoma~den” for me. I mean in the sense of dedicating a year as a viewer to a story which will depict a lifetime over that span however with such care and detail the experience doesn’t seem so long and though true that numerous dramas dedicated to historical figures worldwide have sad endings……Ryoma~den is no less heartbreaking.

(sigh*) I mean when you bought a ticket to go see “Titanic” you knew the ship was going to sink tragically, with “300” you knew that the Spartans were going to be outnumbered and with “Rocky” you just knew that he would keep getting up off the canvas again and again and again and again and again…………..well, maybe we at first didn’t know that about Rocky after all :P.

And now, I can’t wait to see what NHK’s next Taiga drama series will bring ^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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