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~The winner of AKB48’s “Idol to koishitara…♥” psp LE edition is decided by janken~po!

This all began way back on September 20th and this morning it all came down to a best of three throws/ best of three rounds showdown for the win…..and it all came down to the wire as in the bottom … Continue reading

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~AKB48 Flashbacks #6/ Acchan makes her solo pictorial debut in UTB Vol.178 February 2007~

It all came on the heels of AKB48’s major debut as Acchan made her solo pictorial debut in UTB and while the photography itself is most simple that special~* glow in what I think makes Acchan most beautiful is already … Continue reading

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~AKB48 “1/48 idol to koishitara” psp LE giveaway final to be held in a live chat~room

Format/rules There will be 30 questions total between 3 categories: AKB48, Hello! Project & AKB48 (hypothetically speaking….) where the other entrants, IW’s very own CK and Johpan will take on a fun role in a manner of poll~type answers in … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~ARASHI 10~11 TOUR “Scene”~君と僕の見ている風景~ STADIUM

205 of the best minutes of your life!!! ARASHI~♥ in concert. The stage itself is a defined work~of~art….the positioning of the live band~..yes live band!…string section complete~. The open arena itself provides the perfect ambiance as show~time begins @ dusk … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Ito Yuna「 LOVE~♥」five years in the making…

Last December local girl Ito Yuna commemorated her musical career thus far with a pair of beautifully produced best~of single albums and both LE’s cover art celebrated the Christmas season in symbolic red and angelic white. For the most part … Continue reading

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~UTB Vol.201 February 2011 features No Sleeves, the “skinny” on idols♥ & a touch of elegance

While the latest covers speaks volumes on elegance alone I’ve only heard of cover~girl Takei Emi just from this appearance and from her abbreviated history provided here she’s an idol/model/actress born on Christmas♥ day (now 17) who’s career has begun … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~If Takamina♥ were a Powerpuff Girl she’d be Blossom♥~

It’s funny how the very initial aesthetics are obvious when it comes to accessorizing as a single cute~♥ hair bow atop is a constant and a fashion statement must!! Mmm but when you really dig a bit “deeper”….Blossom and Takamina….Takamina … Continue reading

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~Somewhere between life and passion…

I still remember when I naively asked a friend what the word “blog” meant and then on that day I had no idea of not only its meaning but also how it would become a part of nearly daily life … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~小池 vs.小池

VS. I shamefully just couldn’t resist (although admittedly heavily biased xD…) just with the “Koike” connection and while they do share the same family name and are identical in height @ 156 cm (fun fact =D!), their similarities end there … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~AKB48’s janken senbatsu single 「チャンスの順番」、 favorite♥ team & Mayuyu inklings…

Whether you thought it to be pure genius, pure lunacy or somewhere in between, AKB48’s 19th single pre~production was quite the shocker I imagine for just about every fan and it’s true that very much like Tsunku, AkiP has a … Continue reading

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