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「Featured Post」~An Up♥Date with 佐山彩香..and a few dating do’s and don’ts :P….

Yesterday a friend lent me this DVD but he left no warning of what it contained and I guess there’s at least one image on the back cover which should have prepared me :P!! Oh no not even that was … Continue reading

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~One last single for Kamei, Junjun & Linlin….

The swan~song for three most beloved members has arrived. And just a few days after their official graduation has taken place in concert and now with just a few more commemorative releases in place, saying good~bye to Kamei who’s been … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Oha Girl Maple with S/mileage~♥

I had so many questions in mind when this pre~order first appeared like what is an “Oha Girl” and I was thinking this perhaps may be a tie~in with an anime series? This single actually is a Hello! Project collaboration … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~So, 489 Yuko♥ photos arrived today…

..and these are a belated present from a friend~♥ and just so many and just a few are duplicates which I’ve collected previously o(*´∀`)o゛♥。Some are from her fan events like from photo book and DVD release events which are great … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~タンポポ...

あまり言うしたくないですけど、... この映画は本とに推薦します(*≧▽≦)!最近ね、MikeNeko~さんはこの映画をすすめてくれたよかったです=) ほんとほんとほんとに面白かった♥!この映画には沢山色々なシーンがあるよ、 例えば戦闘とか悪戯とか手当たり次第のエロチカとか計画とか奇妙なユーモアとかおかしいお婆ちゃんとか最後の食事があります.... でもね~、もちろんラーメン~♥がたくさんあるよっ!!! ずっとずっとラーメンが大好き♥♥♥! 映画を見た後.. 早くラーメン食べたいよぉー(* ̄O ̄)ノ! 体がラーメンみたぃになってしまぅよぉ(´⌒`。) ↓↓↓ ま、好きだからいっか♪え~へ(*≧▽≦)! みんな、ラーメンの美味しそうな食べ方って、知ってる? まず、どんぶりの奥の方から麺を適量取って、箸で一気にすくいとる。 この時どんぶりの位置は、自分と15センチ程の距離に。 麺を縦に二回持ち上げ、フーフー息を吹き掛け、冷ます。 そしたら顔をななめ15度に傾けすかさず麺を口にはこび麺を2回に分けて勢いよく ズッ、ズズッ!っと吸い、麺についた汁が顔の回りに飛び散る!! タンポポを買いたいですか?ここにクリック^ ^。 そして、全体のクレジットでこれもある↓↓↓..えー?何で...(*´艸`)? (・o・)... みんな♥も、オススメの映画、あったら教えてくだしゃい♪

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~SPEED Heats Up! Winter fashion

SPEED’s latest single “Let’s Heat Up!” is promoting Aeon’s retail line of ladies Winter fashion for 2010. “Let’s Heat Up!” features some great phrasing in its verses as Eriko~chan and Hiro pretty much represent the title track with minimal back~up … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~唐沢寿明さんは、歌手として。

唐沢寿明 Karasawa Toshiaki “Boku ni dekiru koto” CD release Originally posted on May 1st, 2009 @ 6:29 am. (edit: all audio tracks which were lost during my move from Vox to WordPress have been re~uploaded to this post. If there … Continue reading

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「Featured post」Matsu Takako…a love story

(Originally posted on February 10th, 2008 @ 2:34 am.) (edit: all audio which was lost during my move from Vox to WordPress have been re~uploaded to this post. If there are any other older posts dated before September 12th, 2010 … Continue reading

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~Watarirouka Hashiritai powers ↑↑↑!!

Just when I thought Watarirouka Hashiritai couldn’t get any cuter!!! They’ve just done so x2 with Mikapon & Wasamin joining them!!! Not sure at this point if this will be a one~time grouping or if the radio~show inspired “Watarirouka Hashiritai … Continue reading

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~A top 50 all~time JPop♥favorite of mine….

Ishimine Satoko “Hajimete wo sagasanakucha” mp3 Written by the multi~talented Hirose Kohme in lyrics & musical composition, Ishimine Satoko’s performance of this most melodic and lyrically moving ballad “Hajimete wo sagasanakucha” is as memorable as they come~. Released on May … Continue reading

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