~AKB48 psp game giveaway answers & results…

The psp games arrived today \(^o^)/!….

..but before getting to the final results, here are the answers to the 40 questions from the giveaway final =)…..I hope I didn’t typo anything as I was sort of doing two things at once (><);!

1. d) Takashi Ai “mentor”, Kusumi Koharu wins and both she and Kamei were reaching for mics which would then allow the winner face~time.

I always found it funny that Reinachan responded with “none” for this question as she soooo has a role in Momusu! Given though that this was still early on in her tenure in the group.

2 “Chinami” received d) 53.7% of the votes, Marippe’s pb makes a “cameo” appearance in the Morning Musume’s musical “Morning Town”, the location of the Hello! Project shop which was located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is incorrect as the suite number read 313 on the ad sheet while the shop was actually located in suite 304, and if you purchased in a single transaction $100 or more you would receive a green, pink and blue backpack.

3. ARASHI “One love.”

4. The first member of ARASHI to be dropped into freezing water as the result of the then new game “Mote Arashi! Dame Arashi” was a most unfortunate Aiba~kun and for the second part it’s false as the producers of the show needed management’s approval in order for this amusing however cruel game to go on.

If you do get a chance you so must watch “Himitsu no Arashi” as there’s such a fun variety of games and activities and you learn so much about the guys like how they think and what their personalities are like in sometimes most intimate ways~ and all the while it’ll crack you up so much!

5. Maeda Ami, Fujie Reina

6. RIBBON, Nagasaku Hiromi sang the lead on their single “Be my Diamond.” And these were the possible answers given for the idol personal belongings~invasion part:

a) He finds some feminine hygiene items :O b) He finds wads of used tissues :O c) He finds a big sausage :O d) He finds a “vibration” device :O e) He finds an “excessive” amount of bra~pads :O

So what did you guess he would find in her personal belongings?? I so couldn’t believe that an idol or or any person for that matter would be keeping “this” with her lol :O

It’s……..erm a big sausage and actually lol more than one ehhhhh nande? kitto “ero ne” 😛

7.  True

8. Ishikawa Rika

9. Fukakyon (Fukada Kyoko), piano….she’s amazing~* on piano!!

10. a) Maeda Atsuko, and the publication which was used for all of the “bust” questions is…

11. Ueto Aya

12. c) nervous (HYD♥)

13. Suenaga Haruka

14. MAX, “Barairo no hibi”

15. “Hana yori dango” ♥!!!!!!

16. Oshima Yuko a) 58.2% original post, results.

17. Turkey soda….. :O, and the question posed to the unfortunate HYD♥ cast was asking “how many times does Tsukushi hop?” before delivering the pain to an unsuspecting Domyouji? =)!

So cute how “Susumu” answers “about” 24 lol :P…..
And by Matsujun’s♥ reaction…….not only was he wrong but I doooooooon’t think the idea of turkey and soda should ever ever be mixed together xD!
18. Ito Yuna “Urban Mermaid” and CoCo’s “You’re my treasure~tooi yakusoku.”
a) Kasai Tomomi
22. Sakurai Sho
Starring: TABASCOAs Yuko comments that Aichan’s poses are all similar and that to (create excitement with fans) she needs to give them “something more”, Aichan’s lying on the floor in an attempt to be sexy* causes Yuko to slap her saying she’s “only being cutesy….”, “Hey Bad Boy!” and “Yume”, 8/25/96 (1996 was acceptable).
25. ZARD
27. d) 75.8%, Suzuki Airi
d) Takajo Aki
29. True, no, false (she first coined this phrase on an episode of “Music Figher.”
30. True, soroban/abacus
31. True, Mikitty, Kamei.
32. Utaban
33. Kudo Shizuka, (Onyanko Club, Ushirogami Hikaretai), Sayu and Marippe act as their pets  and when their owners leave, their true colors are humorously shown in most disobedient ways :P.
35. Kuninaka Ryoko “Ryukyuu Moon.”
36. 50%, Shingo~kun and Kimutaku.
38. So which did you guess as the answer?…..the possibilities were:
a) She’s attacked with a vacuum cleaner by a maid b) He draws on her face and gets her to perform a monomane, later showing her a mirror c) He places a smelly sock on her face d) She awakes and hits him on the head with her pillow e) He gets in bed with her and greets her “good~morning”
….and it’s a) She’s attacked with a vacuum cleaner by a maid :O.
And which did you choose for this batsu game?…….the multiple choices were:
a) She’s asked to perform an embarrassing monomane :O b) She’s given an awful tasting “drink” :O c) The host buries her in sand and proceeds to sculpt sand~boobs on her much to her dismay :O d) She’s asked to kiss one of the other girls e) The host gets to play one~on~one sumo~sand wrestling with her :O
…it’s c) The host buries her in sand and proceeds to sculpt sand~boobs on her much to her dismay :O.
40. c) 7……even the hosts were surprised lol and for the second part Momusu’s “Ai no tane” post card is colored with black, white, red, yellow, blue, and green.

And now for the results….
“you cannot be serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..”

okay sorry 😛
Mina & mousoufest tied with 8 points
CK scored 7 points & Johpan scored 4 points.
With a tie score a head~to~head will occur between Mina and mousoufest so now we’ll just need to set a date and time to decide the winner =).
Mina and mousoufest I’ll leave it to you to decide on a date and time for us to be online at the same time and I realize that there may be a time difference issue between us so, if possible a time between 12 noon~ 4 pm HST would be preferable on weekdays and on weekends that time could be later or earlier too. If possible please think of a time and date and negotiate it here and I know this could be difficult so please make sure it’s most convenient for the both of you thank you =)!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to ~AKB48 psp game giveaway answers & results…

  1. dreamtiny says:

    I’ve been dying to know since the questions were posted…

    Which episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan is that Mannequin Five segment from, with Sho wearing pink? Do you know?


  2. Mina says:

    Um, bad with time conversions. . .
    Days wise all I know is I can’t on this Thursday and Friday.
    Nos: Monday (3rd), Wed, Sat.

    I’m on the same time as Chicago.


    • mousoufest says:

      I believe chicago is 4 hours ahead of Hawaii, and I’m in EST which is 5 hours ahead
      so for MB’s 12 noon~ 4 pm
      for me it will be 4PM~ 8PM
      for you it will be 3PM ~7PM
      (It’s better if you check on your own as well so if I made a mistake, it won’t be my fault D:)

      So of the days that you are okay, I am also free on the 4th, 6th, 7th, and I think the 6th is the best time. MB and Mina, would you guys be okay with the 6th?


  3. CK says:

    Awww, I was “done in” by those “what happens next?” questions >_<


    • I sometimes see such odd or shocking batsu things but I’m still wondering why an idol would be carrying a package of “big sausages” with her in her bag that was soooooo oddly funny (^q^)!


  4. mousoufest says:

    Wow, I didn’t think there would be a tie :O

    MB, what will happen? Is it also fun ~idol~ questions?:)


  5. Mina says:

    a janken tournament?

    we send our move through email to you then you post the results.
    best out of three or one for all the money?

    : 3


    • mousoufest says:

      Okay so 6th is fine by both of us. and I really don’t want a race where it’s solely based on luck. More stuff that’s actually related to idols would be nice, as this is what it’s about and what we’ve been doing. MB probably has her own ideas about what to do already so we’ll just have to wait and see~


      • mousoufest hmm were you thinking about the Daytona 500?..that thought did cross my mind too although it’s not until February so it’s kinda long from now but I’ll be creating something for the 6th will just have to rethink now….


        • mousoufest says:

          No no no, I was just saying that you will come up wiith something and the participants will just have to wait~ Oh, also, if there any video related stuff? …My internet is good for web surfing but to load videos it takes a long time, so I’m just a bit worried about that 😛 but anyway,I’m looking forward to what you have in mind^^ I hope it won’t be too difficult haha~


    • Mina just wanted to check to see if you’ll have access to a good internet connection for the 6th, it’s just in case timing will play a part in the outcome although I’m not sure yet.

      You know that thought did cross my mind to have a janken game but instead of e~mailing your choices I would have a list of pre~assigned random words which would correspond to either rock, paper or scissors and they’d be different for each of you…..that was just a thought though so now I’ll surely have something ready for the 6th =).


  6. Mina says:

    sooooo. . . r we doing this here?


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