~Merry Christmas to you♥~*~~*thank you for a wonderful year (*´∀`) featuring 「Tomochin!!写真集」

an angelic~* Tomochin...

Itano Tomomi in "Tomochin!!"

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0060 Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0058 Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0032 Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0027 Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0071

Mariah Carey "Merry Christmas to you"

Merry~merry Christmas everyone♥!! I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas day…..now just listening to a few of my favorite Christmas songs and here you can listen too っo(*´∀`)o....♥

Remy Zero “Someday at Christmas” (mp3)…….my most favorite (non J~Pop) Christmas song, the lyrics so meaningful and such a warm warm melody it’s pure love ♪~♥

Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” (mp3) may be the catchiest Christmas song ever!!….one of the most joyous too! Just no way to not be happy while listening….

Carney & Wendy Wilson “Jingle Bell Rock” mp3

LeAnn Rimes “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” mp3

The Carpenters “Merry Christmas Darling” mp3

Ella Fitzgerald “Sleigh Ride” mp3

Hootie & the Blowfish “The Christmas Song” mp3

Joe “This Christmas” mp3

The Pretenders “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” mp3


There’s also an old Christmas J~Pop song post I did awhile ago here and if you’d like any of those songs re~upped just leave your request in the “request” tab atop the blog =).


And here are 73 scans I did yesterday from Itano Tomomi’s “Tomochin!!” mook Mmm……maybe not so Christmassy? If everyday could truly be like Christmas we’d have an angel~winged Tomochin everyday too =). This is so much one of the absolutely cutest and sexiest* photo books ever!!! And being that this mook is a Young Magazine publication you just know there’d also be lots and lots of comics too (and there’s furigana too, common for a “young” publication =) ) but how about lots and lots of Tomochin comics??….I scanned one of the many many comics below too…Merry Christmas minna~san

♥ mb (*´∀`)。

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0001

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0002

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0003

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0004

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0005

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0006

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0007

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0008

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0009

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0010

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0011

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0012

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0013

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0014

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0015

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0016

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0017

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0018

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0019

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0020

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0021

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0022

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0023

…the inevitable butt photo 😛

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0024

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0025

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0026

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0027

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0028

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0029

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0030

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0031

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0032

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0033

….Mmm there’s “something” perverse about this comic, well actually several “things”....(。ーωー。)笑

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0034

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0035

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0036

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0037

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0038

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0039

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0040

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0041

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0042

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0043

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0044

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0045

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0046

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0047

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0048

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0049

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0050

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0051

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0052

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0053

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0054

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0055

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0056

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0057

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0058

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0059

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0060

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0061

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0062

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0063

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0064

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0065

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0066

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0067

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0068

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0070 Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0069

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0071

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0072

Itano Tomomi "Tomochin!!" scan0073

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to ~Merry Christmas to you♥~*~~*thank you for a wonderful year (*´∀`) featuring 「Tomochin!!写真集」

  1. hydeo says:

    merry Xmas MB ^^ hope everything is ok with u and hope 2011 bea better ir for u ^^

    where magazine come the pics above the manga ^^ ?


    • Thank you~* I hope you had a great Christmas Hydeo!! Oh…the manga is from the same Tomochin mook♥, it’s a “Young Magazine” publication like with Young Jump so there’s lots and lots of manga =).


      • hydeo says:

        much perv the manga too hum ?? aehaheha

        so close to end of the year hehe, so happy new year too 😛


        • Have a wonderful New Year’s too!…are there a lot of fireworks there too? It gets really smoky here and it’ll probably be extra smoky this year as there’s a new ban on some fireworks going into effect with the new year and I just hope there’s a lot of breeze~ =).


          • hydeo says:

            well i live in a small city so problably dont go have much

            but normaly have some noise around ahehaeha

            so take care ok ??

            have a good new year party ^^ we see each other more in the new year hehe ^^

            hope u stay good and get all u want in the new year ^^


  2. strawberrie says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for awesomely cute gifts. I wanted to email you personally but my internet isn’t reliable for the moment so I’m using my phone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well.


    • Ohhh thank you~* so much and it was most wonderful!!..merry christmas♥!! it’s really rainy here for the past few weeks but I guess that’s our version of snow :P….? I’m always worried when shipping things like will they arrive okay and in time so I’m sooooo happy~* your Christmas♥ present arrived okay =)!! A~h I’m so happy you liked them….hmm I was thinking cute~cute and maybe useful….ureshi ^ ^♥


  3. Merry Merry Christmas, MB. More blessings in the yrs. to come ^.^


    • Merry~Merry Christmas♥ to you too!! I hope it was a warm and fun holiday for you too….thank you =)! I wish~* you and yours the very best for the New Year and u~n! the years to come…..thank you~♥!!


  4. Mike Avila says:

    Merry Christmas dear!:)

    Next year I’ll make my Christmas Cd inti a post!! Hehe

    Much love and happiness to MB!


  5. Mike Avila says:

    Popping the balloons! ^^ eek!


    • Thank you~* Mikey and a very Merry Christmas♥ to you too!! A~h love the music this time of year….and lol I guess I’d be a total weirdo if I’d play Christmas songs at other times of the year, still tempting though :P! Best wishes~* Mikey♥….love~love!

      A~h you’re most most belated Christmas♥ present arrived…..iyaaaaa so late =(!!!! I’ll try to have it sent out as soon as possible….nya I’m so late.


  6. Hi MorningBerryz,

    She is almost as cute as you!
    I said ALMOST! : – )


  7. zush says:

    as we have already been wishing Merry Xmas to each other and as Xmas is already left behind I only say … This must be one of the best posts you have evar done. And I’m not talking about Chirstmas songs. There really is angels on earth!


  8. sununcam says:

    haha! am i some late^^wish my friends happy and easy new year.wish you do things feel joy.kimjuyong@yahoo.com is my email when you need it anytime use it.here in my countryside winter night is very cold!!!-10^^envy you^^deep winter ,not far spring! “i dreaming of a white cherry bloosome~”^^safe and healthy life is best life.good day my friend^^


    • Hi sununam~*…we haven’t talked in awhile ne~ and I hope you’re doing well and most happy =). A most Happy New Year to you too~♥! I imagine it must be so cold there and I wish you to please keep most warm* with much love always (*´∀`)♥。


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