~Do girls really watch AV?

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A friend~♥ sent me an invite to be able to watch from the internet this um…”movie?” And it makes me wonder if they really actually try to write out a plot as judging by some titles I’ve read they seem to love to pun real movies at times but AV isn’t something that I’ve ever thought about owning or had any urge to watch and it’s not in the sense of any of it being demeaning towards girls as I believe everyone’s getting paid to do these and they are doing it on their very own free~will so it’s like a lifestyle/career choice I take it. This anyway is meant to be a humorous writing so please don’t take any of it too seriously or throw any tomatoes at me xD. It’s true that everyone (some more than others =) ) wants stimulus at times and when I’ve talked about this subject to some of my girl friends we mostly agree that it’s much more rooted in fantasizing and imagery for us in the sense that it could be someone famous like a hot celebrity guy or even someone we know personally whom we’ve been attracted~♥ to that can be stimulus and not so much a “physical” visual~.

That being said though, I do have a few girl friends who have at some time or another gone venturing into a place like a strip club and some even with the urging of their boyfriends which I find….interesting to say the least! Still it’s apples and oranges between the two as seeing someone naked* or seeing naked things* being done aren’t even in the same parking~lot :P. And I just remembered that there was this reality program which I caught a part of where the subject came up and one of the girls there said something to the effect of….”..I think I have a larger adult collection than anyone else here…” and there were guys in the room too!! There’s definitely nothing to be shameful about and it’s between consenting adults so……..I don’t know 😛 but anyway….

..you’ve probably already thought this but the blindingly bright reason for this particular AV being offered to me is the AKB48 idol connection. It’s funny because without the description of the AV (which is a bit further below) I wouldn’t have thought a single thing as I wouldn’t have known whom she was to begin with. If you’ve been reading here for awhile then you most likely know that I’m more on the newbie side to loving all things~AKB♥ although I guess it’s been awhile now but nothing like fans who’ve been there from the very beginning or early on in their careers so while Yamaguchi Rico wouldn’t ring any bells for me certainly I really didn’t get to “know” Nakanishi Rina very much either while she was in AKB48…..I guess I sort of missed her in that sense.

And I surely believe that there’s a pretty solid line of differences in reactions or feelings towards her entering into the adult video business between fans who’ve known her for a long while and those who’ve adored her as a “pure” idol then, to fans who may have had a much shorter time getting to know her as an idol and maybe never got very attached. I actually didn’t realize until recently that she was in Chocolove lol which was my very first taste of AKB48 posted here…..so I guess that sort of sums it up for me :P!

On a funny note you just know that no one is using their real names in these surely although Rina to “Rico” not the most drastic of changes.

Oh!!! but it’s the description of her AV which is the most eye opening I think?!!

It reads:

“Angelic looking Rico Yamaguchi has taken the Japanese AV industry by storm! Formerly known as Rina Nakanishi, she was a former Team A member of the idols pop group AKB48 before making her adult AV debut in 2010. In a magazine review, it was told that she has only seen one guy’s genitals before making this adult video and together with her admission of not having much sexual intercourse, it has been explicitly implied that there is a strong possibility the sex in this video could actually be her first or second time. Nevertheless, enjoy this video of Rico Yamaguchi, especially since we very rarely get to see a pop-idol transcend into the realm of AV.”

It made me giggle a bit that the writer here is using her “implied….first or second time” as a selling point…(^q^)! And I’m not sure if I want to further explore that thought as it’s just omg!….and I mean omg in both ways as in omg! for her and omg! for whomever wrote this description (・o・)....

Okay so in closing there’s a little poll just below in case you’d like to share~* any of your views on AV yoroshiku ne~^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~Do girls really watch AV?

  1. Mike Avila says:

    Interesting subject you bring “up” dear! ^^ Japanese are quite famous in Asia for their porno…


  2. A~h it’s early still but I was just like w~aah!! just now seeing a vote in the topmost option……thank you for your honesty and um…..that’s a lot of naked* people :P!!….

    …I wonder if watching “too much” AV can make one pregnant (・o・)?...my mom used to tell me that if I made odd faces too much that my expression would freeze that way lol….:P


    • mikeymikez says:

      I voted the 2nd option btw. Better just to stream them and keep for a while, not forever, like immortal H!P videos…

      The only way it could make you pregnant is if you are watching it and messing around with your bf without protection! ^^

      So, how many people have voted all together?


      • Mmm…i just checked and 43 voted and lol I always imagined that guys keep that sort of thing* forever or at least some of my girl friends say that they’ve “found” av “hidden” by their bfs lol xD!

        Noooooo not going to happen!!! Pills are the easiest although I think they’ve made me gain a couple of pounds or at least I’m blaming those on the pill lol :P.


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