~AKB48♥ 2011 official calendar box

AKB48 2011official calendar box

First I must say  kudos♥!! to AKB48 for really making a statement when it comes to the price of idol collectibles and whether it be their significantly lower priced shashinshuu, the inclusion of pvs with single releases leaving out the need for a separate pv DVD single release AKB has really been most fan~friendly in this sense =)!! So when I first saw that in addition to AKB48’s individual large “poster sized” member/group calendars for 2011 that there was also an official group calendar it left some questions as to what the presentation would be like and yes….how much would the price be? 2300 yen is pretty amazing!!!!…and this so cannot be overlooked as my beloved♥ ARASHI released a most most identically style~wise produced calendar box set last year and it’s price……no wait! ARASHI did also include an amazing diary/calendar so price~wise so the similarities while most striking do have differences :P! Still if you click on the link above you’ll see how the packaging is identical in the way that the full sized 12~month glossy wall calendar is housed ingeniously to also includes here additional AKB♥ goodies like ARASHI’S release!!!

AKB48’s “2011 Official Calendar box” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

AKB48 2011official calendar box2 The sturdy outer boxing is identical!

AKB48 2011official calendar box3And just under the wall calendar are: a complete set of 12 clear files, a 3~D card of AKB’s top Acchan & Yuko! (stickered with a ♥), two sheets of stickers (0ne varied) and a code for an additional exclusive coded download for your cell phone’s screen~.

And what’s better than an AKB trading card?…..a trading card in 3~D!!!….it’s really cool!!!!!!..

AKB48 2011official calendar box4..and at first I was thinking maybe the 3~D~ness would come through in a photograph ↑↑↑……um no it doesn’t really does it :P. So maybe a scan instead??? ↓↓↓

scan0002 ….well maybe that doesn’t work either but really Acchan & Yuko’s~♥ bodies appear to be reaching towards you out of the card I promise~* and it’s most sexy!! and the best part of all you don’t need to wear those bulky glasses to see this card in 3~D (*´∀`*) ♪!!

AKB48 2011official calendar box5 So first up is the glossy~group wall calendar which wraps everything inside and the photography is well….♥!

AKB48 2011official calendar box6

AKB48 2011official calendar box7

AKB48 2011official calendar box8

AKB48 2011official calendar box9

AKB48 2011official calendar box10

AKB48 2011official calendar box11

The theme? sexy~sexy~sexy*, hmm… for idols♥ can’t beat that!!

AKB48 2011 official calendar box sticker set...the kira~kira glitter ones~* Here ↑↑↑、↓↓↓..are the two sticker sheets with the one above being here “kira~kira~*” and glittery all over although a scanner doesn’t quite translate that at all xD……the set below is Type D.

AKB48 2011 official calendar box sticker set type D Oshima Yuko 2011 calendar clear file (front)and lastly here’s the complete set of 12 clear files included which were a bit too large for my scanner so the bottom portion with member’s comment dialogue is cut off a bit and I scanned both sides of every clear file but because these are clear~files the reverse side is visible in a “ghost” like image in each scan~. Each clear file has a circular tab atop/right for easy access to your Mmm…..work documents which you’d house in these =)!…..and these files are so well made!!! Each are double sided with cute images which is something I haven’t seen before…or at least I don’t own any idol clear files which are idol~image double sided until now and gosh* Yuko♥ is sexy* like an ice cream cone here……..and I don’t even eat ice~cream っo(*´∀`)o♥...(the images also double those on the glittery~* sticker sheet =) ) Mayuyu’s I think is the prettiest, Miichan’s the most adorable, Kasai’s very sexy*, Takamina’s so so adorable here and it’s like melt your heart~and yet you know who’s in charge sexy*!!…..and both Akicha and Sasshi sooooo soooooooo gorgeous♥♥♥!!!! Mmm Yuko♥ still the sexiest♥ and I think she’s even beyond Victoria Secret sexy and Mmm what can I say…I absolutely adore her and maybe more than is allowed in the statutes of idol♥adoration I wonder..? o(*´∀`)o゛

Oshima Yuko 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Maeda Atsuko 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Maeda Atsuko 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Shinoda Mariko 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Shinoda Mariko 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Itano Tomomi 2011 calendar clear file (front

Itano Tomomi 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Watanabe Mayuyu 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Watanabe Mayuyu 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Takahashi Minami 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Takahashi Minami 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Kojima Haruna 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Kojima Haruna 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Kashiwagi Yuki 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Kashiwagi Yuki 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Miyazawa Sae 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Miyazawa Sae 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Matsui Jurina 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Matsui Jurina 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Kasai Tomomi & Minegishi Minami 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Kasai Tomomi & Minegishi Minami 2011 calendar clear file (back)

Sashihara Rino & Takajo Aki 2011 calendar clear file (front)

Sashihara Rino & Takajo Aki 2011 calendar clear file (back)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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42 Responses to ~AKB48♥ 2011 official calendar box

  1. hydeo says:

    wow, i liked teh design of the calendars 😛

    akicha and sasshi together in the pages <3~~

    u buyed one MB ?


    • U~n those are my photos above…..I was like Sasshi is mind~blowing~ly sexy* here =).


      • hydeo says:

        sasshi stay good everywhere aheahehae 😛

        u see the news about her starting her own tv program in jan 2011 ?


        • Sasshi will have a solo t.v. program?? I’m used to radio programs but that’s so amazing if she’ll have her very own t.v. program!!! Just shows how awesome she is and how fans adore and love her ne~ ~ and her personality is the absolute best to be host (*´∀`*) ♪!


          • hydeo says:

            ahehahea her personality is a little tsundere in my point of view aheaheha

            and her have a big yankee face aheaheha

            but yes her own tv program, if i remember go have more one host with her, but this dont change anything since her is the principal there 😛

            when i get more news i post somewhere to u…


  2. Mint says:

    For scanning the clear files, try sticking a piece of white paper in them so the other side doesn’t show through.
    I hadn’t seen these yet, thanks for sharing! The girls look amazing. ❤


    • Just shows how ditsy I am :P!…..the thought did cross my mind though but by then I had already scanned most of the files so I was like um….just go with it xD.

      You’re so welcome~o(*´∀`)o゛♥…and it never ceases to amaze me of how much AKB always puts into whatever they do! U~n everyone’s so gorgeous ^ ^。


  3. mikeymikez says:

    Pretty! I like those little hats they wear!! ^^ They do spoil you, don’t they?


    • U~n it’s so true of AKB as they always include so many great extras and always some surprises~* too with just about every release they have =)! I still haven’t posted their latest single….I’m so far behind on things xD


  4. hydeo says:

    nah not everyone, i think from akb i only called sasshi tsundere ahehaeha

    why u are tsundere aheahe ?

    yah, hope they give good subjects to her on the program too


    • 😛 me exaggerating……lol it’s just that I don’t hear this word very often so whenever I see it I’ll always think of you (。ーωー。)♪...

      Oh no I’m not tsundere, just kidding…I could just be weird upon first meeting is all :P.

      I’m sure they will and with Sasshi’s personality it’s a can’t miss program \(^o^)/☆


      • hydeo says:

        good u think in me soo aheaheha
        u know the word inverse to tsundere ?? i dont remember ;\

        haha i think every one go be a little weird in the first meet

        yah, lets see how this go, better if someone make subs :3


        • Hmm the opposite of tsundere?…I’m not sure but maybe if someone calls me that :P.

          I hope I can watch too =).


        • HarimaKenji says:

          I don’t know what you’d call an “opposite” of tsundere. Tsundere is someone who is initially hostile towards someone else but gradually starts to like him/her, while still trying to keep appearances by acting cold. If you mean by opposite someone who starts in love and then turns violent, the closest thing would be yandere. Or the crazy “shy girl violently kills protagonist over dating their common best friend” fad that started around School Days but thankfully died fast (I mean, the fad… well, the protagonist too).


          • hydeo says:

            yes this one yandere aheaheahe


          • Mmm..the tsundere character sounds like some of the female roles I’ve watched in dramas in the past but nothing really extreme so maybe they were semi~tsundere if there can be such a thing :P.

            Yikes!! (・д・`*)!!


            • HarimaKenji says:

              “Tsundere” is more common than I imagined, I’ve heard the term in a lot of unexpected (not anime related) places ~ actually, Miichan called someone a tsundere in some Shukan episode I watched recently and can’t remember… And Lovetan was called Tsundere idol in AKBINGO! once, when she was introduced by the narrator in the beginning of one of those great Shoujiki Shogi episodes =D There were two Shukan episodes where Sasshi was one of the hosts, hum, maybe she was the one Miichan called tsundere… I thought she was just being annoying. I mean, annoying is part of tsundere, but not all.


              • U~n the girls would know each other best and being “tsundere” I imagine would become so noticeable…..but i adore Sasshi so much how can she be tsundere lol (/∇\*)!

                In high school a friend used to be soooooo obsessed with this one guy but he was sort of a playboy type and would date anyone I imagine who just needed to have a vagina xD…anyway I never thought much of him because he was never loyal to anyone he dated and when he eventually began making passes at my friend she was already over thinking about him romantically but she did begin dating him anyway just because the huge crush she used to have on him and eventually her feelings became sincere…..and what’s funny I never knew that there was a term for this type of facade and change in heart all the while going on at the same time. He’s lucky she wasn’t yandere for sure….that frightens me (・д・`*)!!


                • hydeo says:

                  oh this typo of guy is a shame for the other guys -.-”, make the girls dont believe in us anymore -.-” so bad…. but someday him go get the pay for this 😡


                  • I know whenever I say ‘men’ (u_u*)…it’s only these types of guys I’m thinking of. I think younger girls may still go for this type but surely it’ll wear off and turn bad eventually if he’s not faithful. U~n I too believe in true karma.


  5. Takeru says:

    Haha I might get one next year, I didn’t want to get one this year because its too sexy not that its a bad thing. Its just I don’t want my parents to kick my butt. So instead I got an SKE48 calendar^^


    • Oh the SKE48 calendar must be sooo cute too!! I didn’t get to see the monthly photos yet but I’m imagining lots of the Matsui’s ne~ =). lol oh it is very much on the sexy* side for sure but maybe if you hung it behind your bedroom door um…..I’m a bad bad influence :P!


  6. hydeo says:

    see so im correct sasshi is tsundere aehahehaea


    • hydeo says:

      ah and lovetan make the typo of tsundere girl aheahea


      • (cries for Sasshi….) she’s just misunderstood (/∇\*)!


        • hydeo says:

          ahaha dont worry i like her anyway…. and her make my day everytime her show herself somewhere 😛

          love for sasshi is big <3~~


          • よかった..(人∀`*)♥。I find Sasshi to have an intense personality at times and I mean in a good way as she’s very passionate by nature. I finally hung up Sasshi’s calendar yesterday after making some space…..her cosplay usagi so cute ^ ^♥!!


            • hydeo says:

              this girls who only go after handsome guys is a problem ^^ normaly get the bad way and normaly hurt a lot ^^ so when appear someone who really like her, she kick him off hehe


              • It’s just physical attraction and it’s undeniable that nearly everyone is attracted in this way at first but after you’ve been through a few ups and downs and although certainly not all guys are that way your priorities in a lasting relationship♥ do change in time =).


  7. hydeo says:

    why the asnwer before go to the wrong place ?? haha go understand

    tha callendar of sasshi is that one where her stay sit and with some cards around her ??
    that pic is so beauty 😛
    i liked a lot

    haha i love when sasshi personality get all up and fire 😛


    • Oh January/February is bunny~Sasshi♥!!….she’s doing her nyan~nyan pose always irresistible o(*´∀`)o゛♥


      • hydeo says:

        hell i want this ahehaea… i think when i get some money i go get the callendar pics and do one @.@ ahhaha or wait next year to do this 😡

        sasshi <3~~ i want a bunny sasshi haha… u watched her program ??


        • Oh no I haven’t watched….is it more of a talk~show program with guests or like a variety show? A host with quick wit and humor can make any guest visit so enjoyable to watch…..part of why I think the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the best as he’s so sooo odd at first and he’s so quick with his humor always and cracks me up the most…(^q^)! And even if a guest is only so so interesting he always makes it work….with his um offbeat humor =). My mom thinks that he’s always drunk on the show lol but I think he’s just naturally wacky~fun. Sorry I don’t know why I’m now talking to you about late night t.v. :P.


          • SagSousuke says:

            A site to find Japanese TV streaming videos:


            The page for Sasshi’s show. I haven’t watched it, but here it is:


            There are two links in there like さしこのくせに #1 前田敦子/ 20110111 this, click in it and it takes you to a page with a choice of streaming sites (Daily = Dailymotion, Youtube, Youku, etc.) and one of these sites’ videos already loaded. then just start watching. The videos are divided in multiple parts sometimes, because the streaming site limits video length.


          • hydeo says:

            i need download yet but .. my pc stay with some problems to work with mp4 haha so i think i go start watch online hehe

            for the images i see is more talk… but maybe this go change with time 😛

            haha, i dont know the guy u talk about :P~~ but look fun, is hard find people who make jokes without be a jerk to make the people laught hehe

            Kenji thx for the links ^^


  8. hydeo says:

    i dont care much about beaty and woman body ^^… i really tryed like the girls like they are… ^^ but anyway i never get much luck with this aheahea always kicked off ^^


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