a song for a moist day…

…okay it’s not that type of day~♥ just kidding (´-ω-`)!、but it’s just been so so rainy here for the past two days as it’s been non~stop rain….moisture…….sogginess and flash flood warnings for everyone in the islands (・д・`*)!!

So I wonder do others have a favorite rainy~day song♪?One that lends to a mood of calm and warmth* on those days when the weather’s not so pleasant outside? I know it’s snowing and freezing so much in other regions and that the rain is nothing to be afraid of but in some ways I think even with the warmth of a rain song we can all find comfort ne~ in these frigid times o(*´∀`)o゛♥

So while I hope you’ll share your favorite~♥ rainy weather song(s) here I would like to share my most favorite rainy day song with you =)♥.

Yamaguchi Yuko “Walking in the rain” mp3

“walking in the rain” is a really beautiful song that will warm your heart and if you listen on a rainy~day a~h ( ̄▽ ̄)っ♥...it just makes you feel so much and..although admittedly it’s melancholy lyrically and well…..maybe not the happiest song in this sense but it’s just this melody and it’s subtle sense of optimism which really captures me each and every time I listen and I hope you like it too =).

You may also recognize this moving ballad from the same album and it’s the title track which was also featured in a drama series too~♥….Yuko~san’s voice so heartwarming (*´∀`)っ!

Yamaguchi Yuko “believe” mp3

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to a song for a moist day…

  1. Mina says:

    it is snowing a lot here


    • I’ve yet to experience snow and I know it’s most likely made much prettier in the media and movies than what it can be like in real life…..I’d be afraid to drive on such icy roads! And I’d need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe because nothing I own would be warm enough…..I hope~* you’re keeping warm* and cozy o(*´∀`)o゛♥

      …they say it’s going to rain for the next few days here….but I can’t cry about rain and you have snow!


  2. mikeymikez says:

    Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters
    Walking In The Rain (With The One I Love) – Neil Sedaka

    Hey! We got your “Pineapple Express” right here in San Diego! >.< lol For reals, you can see it on the Pacific weather satilite!
    lots of rain!!
    Stay dry and now you got someone to smash the nasty bugs that come in! 😛

    PS – What did you get for your birthday?!


    • Ohhhh love The Carpenters…that’s such a beautiful song! Mmm….I don’t know Neil Sedaka though……??

      A~h I imagine on CNN?….it is raining like so much and we were in drought conditions for the past few years so while it’s so moist* here it’s so much needed =)!! omg! ugh! don’t even mention bugs I’m terrified (・д・`*)!!!!、like I think bugs are ickier than anything else in the world!

      Mostly clothing♥….and some are a bit um….how would you say………sheer xD. I know that underwear can put you into a happier or sexier* mood but lol I didn’t think I needed so much more as how many could one person possibly need e~hh :P! I guess it’s easier than shopping for a blouse or other things size~wise but it’s still humorous =).


      • mikeymikez says:

        Check him out on Wikipedia – he had a lot of hits back in the day…. and try to play that song on YouTube. It’s nice!

        LOL! I know you hate bugs! Especial that mean one that got you last time. 😦

        Nice you know that you are “covered” in the undergarments department! ^^
        Victoria’s Secret?! No more frumpy tee shirts now, I guess 😛


        • Found Neil Sedaka =)…I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before but I do like his voice. I’m been fearing that with all of the rain we’ve been having over the past week that maybe some uninvited insects may make their way in…..hopefully not and especially no centipedes (ノロ≦。)!!!No definitely no long T~shirts when we have sleepovers of any kind…..it’ll be strictly for my alone time sleeping =)!!

          I was looking at our satellite map and they’re saying that another storm system may reach here soon…..I heard it rained so much in California too! I hope everything’s okay, safe and dry for you♥.


          • Mike Avila says:

            Rain over for now! 🙂 Christmas Eve at work this year and tomorrow too! o^O Overtime muny

            Boy, sure am tempted to buy the Complete Beatles in iTunes for $149, even though I have a lot of it….

            Tell those bugs I will personally come over and stomp them if they even thing about harming MB!!


            • A~h I can’t believe they scheduled you for work during the holidays =(!!

              I know with the box set I got all of the tracks are remastered so in cases like this when I already own all of a group’s songs I try to justify getting them again in a special set if they’re remastered or include some other enticing extras~*. I’d say get their box set because it’s so well made presentation~wise too and it comes with a DVD for each album which recreates the original artwork plus some never before published photos too in their liner notes….still it’s very pricey so the iTunes $149 price may still be more attractive.

              Happily even with the heavy rains we experienced during December no yucky icky bugs came inside and Yes! no centipedes!!! Thank goodness I’m deathly afraid of those (;゜□゜)!!!


  3. “Rainy Day Dream Away” by Jimi Hendrix!


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