~SPEED Heats Up! Winter fashion

SPEED in Let's Heat Up!...

SPEED Lets' Heat Up! CD   DVD edition SPEED’s latest single “Let’s Heat Up!” is promoting Aeon’s retail line of ladies Winter fashion for 2010. “Let’s Heat Up!” features some great phrasing in its verses as Eriko~chan and Hiro pretty much represent the title track with minimal back~up from the other girls and there’s definitely a Christmas~sy type of feel to it and it may just be those bouncy keyboard notes doing the charm~*. The pv♥ was shot pretty simply and especially when you consider that it’s an Avex production but what’s really fun about this pv is that in much of it the girls were allowed to ad~lib in their own spontaneous camera time and when coupled with their always so awesome dance choreographed parts the two give the feeling of a most stylish and yet festive atmosphere~.

It took me a little while to realize that the coupling with track’s ”カルア”..was “kahlua” as in kahlua milk :P! While I do like the natural flavor of coffee I don’t have much of it or at least not regularly and I used to know this guy who would literally drink coffee all~day~long as from the morning time at work he would be beginning his “coffee ritual” as we called it and even as 4 pm was nearing he was still going to get more coffee and he drank it all dark with no cream or sugar ever! Somehow I think the caffeine had lost its power on him having minimal effect although he was always lol wide awake and very genki* to say the least…(^q^)! If someone pumped that much coffee into me (…as I would never drink that much as it would need to be infused somehow into me :P) I most likely would get nauseous, get a head~ache or “reverse” things* in a very un~pretty way (*>ω<)!!Sorry didn’t mean to gross you out, but anyway “Kahlua Milk” in contrast to the title track has much more of an r&b feel to it and some very dreamy~* keyboards which have a floating effect throughout the song~.

SPEED’s “Let’s Heat Up!” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan

SPEED’s “Let’s Heat Up!” can be ordered here ! HMV Japan

SPEED’s “Let’s Heat Up!” can be ordered here ! YesAsia

SPEED “Kahlua Milk” mp3

vlcsnap-267314 vlcsnap-268793 vlcsnap-268488 vlcsnap-268393vlcsnap-268629




vlcsnap-269367 vlcsnap-269487 vlcsnap-269518 vlcsnap-269565 vlcsnap-269609 vlcsnap-270044

vlcsnap-267537 vlcsnap-267700 vlcsnap-267839 vlcsnap-268072 vlcsnap-268338


vlcsnap-271308 And the ongoing gag of finding new ways to bother Hiro with the “..everybody dancing~” bit lives on and on here too =)!



We just saw Tsubasa celebrate his birthday during the production of “Ai wa takaramono” and during the production of SPEED’s “Let’s Heat Up!” it’s Eriko’s♥ birthday being celebrated \(^o^)/☆!!!...




vlcsnap-273615 vlcsnap-273755 vlcsnap-274003 vlcsnap-274086 vlcsnap-274360 vlcsnap-275131 vlcsnap-275268 vlcsnap-275737 vlcsnap-276167

~making of snaps….







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