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Originally posted on May 1st, 2009 @ 6:29 am.

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Karasawa Toshiaki, one of Japan’s most celebrated actors whose career has long been a staple of Asian cinema has a wonderful gem from yesteryear that I’d love to share here~…..and like so many other prominent figures in Japan’s entertainment industry, diversity and one’s willingness & interest to delve into and explore longstanding personal passions or perhaps just to experience a career outside of one’s main forte can lead to the often unexpected and ultimately wonderful~.

Karasawa Toshiakisan has primarily been known for his stage acting, t.v. dramas and movie career and his filmography/t.v. drama listing is truly one of the most impressive with his popularity and longevity being most notable…..some of my personal favorites are “Toshiie to matsu”, “Uchoten Hotel”, “Oishii kankei” and “Kagayake Rintaro.” =)

Karasawa Toshiaki1Karasawa Toshiaki5Karasawa Toshiaki6Karasawa Toshiaki7

And in addition to being such a wonderfully talented actor, Karasawasan is also incredibly handsome~!!…..even in his older years he never seems to lose any of his *boyish* great looks~! (*´∀`*)

But now for Karasawasan’s venture outside of acting and although he released only one album it’s soooooooo well written with catchy♪♪ tracks galore. And it looks to have been a project in which he really worked hard on with a true dedication as he wrote the lyrics for all tracks with the exception of just one….”Futari no subete” which served as the theme song for “Kagayake Rintaro”, such an awesome t.v. drama!! which he also starred in!! And it was while watching this drama that I first became aware of Karasawasan as a vocalist…..interestingly though the theme song which is a duet performed alongside co-starring actress Kiki Kirin is more of a playful tune as it portrays much of the humor and fun which is such an important aspect of the drama along with heartbreak and triumph…..however with that being said, it readily becomes so obvious the vocal talent which Karasawasan possesses even in such a playful composition♪♪~.

Anyone who regularly watches Japanese dramas can most likely understand my sentiment that after just a few episodes…often after just the first one!…..you just want to own the theme song♪♪ so much as it becomes such a part of the drama and so irresistible!! “boku ni dekiru koto” was released on December 1st, 1995 and it was while I was trying desperately to find the drama’s theme song in its single format (“Futari no subete” which was long out of print :/ ) that I became aware that an entire album existed!! ………(゜∀゜)………。After a few months…..the drama still fresh in my mind though……I finally found a used copy in a second hand record store! =) I really wish that Sony Music would re-release this album as it’s filled with such wonderfully *soothing* music~. o(*´∀`)o゛♪♪


At first I was thinking of uploading just my *favorite* tracks but then I soon realized that I genuinely ~♥~ his entire album so much! XD…..from first track “Sunao ni nareyo~yes, my love~” (hmmm….probably my most favorite! =) ) to the very last track.(*dreamy* ballad~) “Kinenbi.” So……….I’ve uploaded Karasawasan’s entire album~. He sings♪♪ sooooooo wonderfully and *dreamily* ………(゜∀゜)………。that you’d never imagine that he’s not really known as a vocalist and rather an actor primarily, and although this release is from ’95 there’s notably no real “dated” feel to any of it as all of the tracks were written in such a contemporary pop/jazz style which hasn’t aged at all in time~. Did I already mention how amazingly attractive his vocals are?!! XD Please enjoy Karasawa Toshiaki’s music♪♪~. ^ ^

Here are romaji translations for each track:
1. “Sunao ni nareyo~yes, my love~”
2. “Tatta hitori de kanashimanaide”
3. “Suiheisen no kanata ni”
4. “Setsunai kisu wa shitte iru”
5. “Boku ni dekiru koto”
6. “Eien no kodou”
7. “Ima mo ikiteru”
8. “Futari no subete”
9. “So Hip ‘sokontoko yoroshiku'”
10. “Kinenbi”

Karasawa Toshiaki 1. “Sunao ni nareyo~yes, my love~” mp3

Karasawa Toshiaki 2. “Tatta hitori de kanashimanaide” mp3


Karasawa Toshiaki 3. “Suiheisen no kanata ni” mp3
Karasawa Toshiaki 4. “Setsunai kisu wa shitte iru” mp3


Karasawa Toshiaki 5. “Boku ni dekiru koto”
Karasawa Toshiaki 6. “Eien no kodou”


Karasawa Toshiaki 7. “Ima mo ikiteru” mp3
Karasawa Toshiaki 8. “Futari no subete” mp3


Karasawa Toshiaki 9. “So Hip ‘sokontoko yoroshiku'” mp3
Karasawa Toshiaki 10. “Kinenbi”


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43 Responses to 「Featured post」~唐沢寿明さんは、歌手として。

  1. Alezra says:

    Oh!! The whole album is just wow… the last one just made my heart melt "Kinenbi" Owww!!! ❤ He has a really great voice >u< Totally dreamy ❤
    *big hugs*


  2. This is my mom's *favorite* J-actor EVER! We saw him in "Imouto yo" and were hooked. (I'm still looking for that series on DVD. No such luck.)


  3. Very Cool!
    -I don't know what the title of this post is, the dumb English-speaking idiot I am…
    In your 1st picture, he kinda remindz me of a young Jackie Chan…!


  4. I'm so happy that you enjoyed these songs♪♪~ too! (*´∀`*) I was so amazed at his singing voice when I first heard this album for the first time! I just never imagined an actor would sing so well…..that sounds so stupid ne~! 😛 And there's so much strength and emotions in his vocals……pure ~♥~!


  5. Ahhh your mom has awesome taste then~!!! (*´∀`*) Handsome…so talented!!…and he sings♪♪ so amazingly too~…..I just never imagined that Karasawasan would sing so well! XD He has a perfect speaking voice so I guess it really translates *perfectly* to singing. =) I haven't been out to watch a movie in a theater for so long…it seems that all I do is hope and wait for the DVD home release. :/ I hope you can share these songs with your mom too~…..and being that it's out of print I'd be very *happy* to send links if she loves his singing♪♪ too. =) Gomen ne….I was looking for "Imouto yo" but couldn't find it subtitled in English……..I recorded "Toshiie to Matsu" for an entire year but sadly it's on VHS (;´□`)…..I purchased a DVD recorder much too late. :/


  6. Oh no please don't think that way! (;´□`)! The title is "Karasawa Toshiaki as a singer/vocalist♪♪……it was just such a wonderful surprise when I found this album releases as he's primarily known as a stage/drama t.v./movie actor….he sings so beautifully though and I *cherish* this album so much! It's out of print as was so difficult to find……Jackie Chan is cool too~! =)


  7. Wow!
    -Well then, I'm glad you were able to find a copy of it!
    Good for you!!!


  8. It's always such a challenge that I take on whenever a release is out of print….it's just that I know it's out there and I want to find it so badly!! Luckily Karasawasan found his way to me~. =)


  9. Awww… -Good for you!


  10. peako says:

    i like karasawa-san too becoz of shiroi kyoto (damn great drama).cant find the CD nowadays, but i managed to get the songs and the scan from my friend XD


  11. Karasawa-san is such a talented and handsome actor ne~! I also enjoy watching him in many dramas and movies~ (*´∀`*)! Until knowing of the drama "Kagayake! Rintaro" where he sings the opening theme song I wasn't aware that Karasawa-san also sang until I saw the credits and it was really him!! I couldn't find the single but a second hand store in Japan had his album and I was so *happy* to find it! His voice is so soothing and *beautiful* and he also wrote all of the lyrics except for just one song~…listening to this album always makes me *happy*! ^ ^


  12. peako says:

    wow u could find the album, i cant find T_Ti've watched abt like at least 10 of his dramas in 3 yrs + time.. and he has a upcoming drama for 2 seasons named [Fumou chitai] (不毛地帯) :Dhe's a hardworking person and he's oso a funny guy XD


  13. Wow that's so many dramas!! (*´∀`*) I haven't been able to see him in anything recently and I think I last saw Karasawa-san in the movie "Uchoten Hotel" and the year long Taiga drama series "Toshiie to matsu" which was so *amazing*!!..but yes so long ago~. I hope that maybe "Fumou chitai" will air here too~! ^ ^


  14. peako says:

    i gonna watch FMCT online XD *i noe im bad*and he lost 7kg due to the new drama, oh dear~ :Si watched 20th century boys part 1 and 2, waiting for the last part to show in the threatres in my country (which is in october) :Dwonder have u watched "imouto yo"? (AKA tokyo cinderella story). it's a damn nice drama omg~ (*´∀`*)


  15. Wow~!….a lot of actors/actresses really do so much to prepare for a role and when it involved either weight gain or loss it's so dramatic for them to do! That's really going beyond acting as they really want to emulate their character's physical aspects too!…just so amazing! Oh I haven't watched that and so *lucky* you get to see it in the theater! I just finished "Smile" and I'm about half way through watching "Ryusei no kizuna" right now and then I'll watch "Quiz Show" with Shokun~….and now I'm really interested to see "Imouto yo"..thank you so much for the recommendation~! (*´∀`*)


  16. peako says:

    haha, u're welcome. imouto yo is a very long ago drama, abt 10 yrs ago.. XDbut karasawa-san is such a prince charming in the drama (:im currently watching kyumei byoto 24ji series 4, matsushima nanako is still so pretty!!! ^0^


  17. A~h I'm just realizing that now….this drama was for way back ne~. =) But I've been watching dramas for a long time too~…..so I really think I'd like this one for sure! Some of my drama favorites♥ I've listed here. ^ ^Matsushima Nanako is so amazing as an actress ne~…I'd say model too and yes~ so so so very *pretty*! (*´∀`*) I really liked her in "Konna koi no hanashi" and "Koori no sekai!" ^ ^


  18. peako says:

    i like nanko in bijyo- ga yaju (or sumting like tat :S), she's so gorgeous looking! O.O anyway, gib u a link to fumou chitai's websitehttp://www.fujitv.co.jp/fumouchitai/index.htmlu should watching shiroi kyoto (AKA great white tower, fujitv 45th anniversary drama), karasawa-san's acting is just so amazing in that drama. The cast is big too, super scary~ XD


  19. *Thank you* so much peako! for the link~! o(*´∀`)o゛….wow that sounds so *amazing*!! I'm going to look for "Shiroi Kyoto!"….I *hope* I can find this drama for purchase!….a~h wait is it still airing? Must check! ^ ^


  20. peako says:

    shiroi kyoto was shown in 2003-2004 march. but u can watch it online, i rmb dramacrazy.net has all the 21 episodes, but not the SP


  21. I think I may be able to order the drama from this site that I shop at the most for dramas….a~h! 2004 I just noticed~. =) Wow 21 episodes is really a long drama ne~…but some of those that my mom likes to watch which are Korean dramas…those are so so long! ^ ^


  22. peako says:

    yea, korean dramas are long, but i like boys over flowers, lee minho!!!! XDi jus found out kyumi byoto 24ji series 4 last ep is 2hr 18minutes long~ my god *faint*


  23. Oh I know a few friends who have also watched the Korean version of HYD♥!! I've obsessed a bit more here♥ too o(*´∀`)o゛. My mom gets so engrossed in them and she can spend all morning and afternoon watching..sometimes never leaving her room~ (*´∀`*)! Wow sugoi~! \(^o^)/☆


  24. peako says:

    actually i didnt really like japan version of HYD :S *dun beat me!*anyway, im rewatching kagayake rintaro again XD, karasawa-san is so cute (:


  25. His mom played by Kiki Kirin was so *adorable* in this drama~!….like when she was dancing in their living room watching Smap on t.v.! =) It was such a touching balance of heart, tragedy and how he persevered so much…..I cried so much watching. One of my all time favorites♥ for sure! =)


  26. peako says:

    yea SMAP, nakai~ XDi remember when karasawa-san went smapXsmap, nakai cant control him at all, he's a kidult ne~ (:my fav is shiroi kyoto, so heart broken after watching the last ep, i even cry when i heard the theme song "amazing grace" T_Tperhaps u may be interested in this interview of karasawa-san and the director of 20th century boys movie, i dun understand what they're talking but it's really very funny XDhttp://www.ytv.co.jp/ten/movie/index.html


  27. peako says:

    i jus found a video abt Shiroi kyoto @ youtube, u may want to watch it (:i remember it's the 1st scene of the 1st ep of SK (:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by4V1JAcwcE


  28. *Thank you* peako~!….Sugoi~ ne…this drama looks so intense in its very beginning and he looks so amazing as a surgeon~! Thank you so much for finding this clip~! ^ ^


  29. mikeymikez says:

    Ah, I’m not the only one without Japanese language skills! 🙂 These are things we’d never learn about without MBsan’s gracious help.

    That’s so nice of you to share the entire CD since it’s out of print. You know about my $150 The Road Home soundtrack? Well, they re-released it as digital only on iTunes for a $10! So maybe there is hope for yours too. 🙂

    My “Holy Grail” now is Corrinne May singing Close To You on the soundtrack of So Close! I’ve looked everywhere for the film’s soundtrack and it just can’t be found. There is a Karen Mok version, but it is not Corrinne’s. 😦 I’ve got some friends living in HK now, so maybe I should offer them something to search for it there in the used CD markets?

    Oh, I made a Christmas “CD” online for all my friends I can’t snail mail to.


    Since I can’t mail you a real CD, hope you’ll like this one! ❤ You could DL them and make a Holidays 2010 playlist! 🙂


    • I’m so happy~* for you to get the soundtrack =)…and so true about out of print releases fetching such high~high prices :O. Maybe in time iTunes will add most out of print releases I wonder to their catalog as I’m sure there’s lots that people would love to finally find online. HK may be the best place as they seem to produce just about anything imaginable…..shhh some I think are underground releases though. I remember that, I was thinking the Carpenters during that opening scene in “so close”…..had no idea that it was a cover version :P.

      Wow so many great songs there!! I’d feel guilty downloading them though….Mmm….I don’t know if I could do that xD.


      • mikeymikez says:

        Pretend its the radio or I send you a real CD. Then delete after the holidays… 🙂 I bought each and every song on it and most are not the usual recordings… I think Elmo would like too! ^^


  30. peako says:

    i managed to get a copy of this album on ebay! YAYYY! (another collection :D)
    btw, have you watched strangers6? a japan-korea-china collaborated drama, karasawa-san is so kakkoii inside! u can dl it via d-addicts 🙂
    here’s the teasers for u 😀
    1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDjjS-Y0teU
    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpKyJnr0l0Y


    • He looks waaay cool~*!! Stoic!…and such a wonderfully mixed cast of cultures in this drama and now I really want to watch! I just watched both clips…love action and this looks really good. Thank you so much for telling me about this I really appreciate it!

      So so awesome you got a copy of his album \(^o^)/ ☆!!I think it’s pretty rare to find one I found my copy at a Japanese used record shop =). His voice is so great isn’t it!! I really enjoy listening to the entire album as there are definitely no filler songs here and if I really had to narrow it down to just one favorite song I think I’d go with the opening song “Sunao ni nareyo~yes, my love~”….that melody and how he sings it just moves me so much~♥!!


      • peako says:

        total 15 episodes, now japan aired till ep14, 1 more to go. 😦
        but beware, there’s a mixture of languages, as in everyone will speak in their own language, sometimes there’s english :).

        i rmb i tracked the details of him filming this drama (in shenzhen) last year via online, my friends in china went to the hotel and managed to get copies of his autograph, and i got one of it (and i laminated it)! =DDDDDDDD
        And i can tell you if u know the details of his characteristic during the filming period, you will love him even more. Good tempered, didnt complain about anything (hot weather and even bad filming schedule) he will just nod and agree with everything. He didnt special-order his bento, he ate the same thing as everyone else, he bought presents/tibits for everyone and even ordered a cake for an actress’s birthday. I rmb one of the staffs said even though he’s very tired, he still go around and ask those calefares etc whether they’re tired or they need anything.

        HE’S JUST SO PERFECTTTTTTTTTTT! (lucky yamaguchi tomoko)


        • Wow it’s a long series..well relatively speaking =P to Japanese drama series as Korean dramas which my Mom used to watch a lot of fun like forever!! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw a Korean drama box set….it was like gigantic! Having three main languages will be a first for me in a series like this…I’ve only seen two like with Fukakyon and Won Bin in “Friends” from a long time ago…loved that mini series♥. I just remembered “Rondo” with Takenouchi Yutaka♥ and Choi Ji Woo that was actually aired here on our local t.v., I can watch him in anything very much like Abe Hiroshi who’s also a most awesome actor.

          Ky~aaaaa you’re so lucky~*!!! So nice to know that there are humble mega~stars too…I hear about musical artists/groups sometimes having a pre~demand list of their needs for promoters to have ready if they’re going to perform at a particular venue and it’s like a part of their contract O_o. Yes~! love him even more now knowing what you’ve just shared and u~n Yamaguchi Tomoko is verrrrrrrry lucky!!! Loved her in “Long Vacation” alongside Kimutaku, Ryo and Takenouchi Yutaka everyone in there so great and the story!


          • peako says:

            and it’s not just 3, there’s total of 5: japanese, korean, chinese, cantonese, english O_O. i rmb i need to stop half-way while watching the 2nd ep, i cant take it, way too heavy for my brain.

            forgot to mentioned that he actually customize-ordered chairs for other 5 main actors/actresses with their individual names on it ^^. it’s kinda crap that they do not have enough chairs for the staffs to rest on, really ridiculous. >:(. but it’s so nice of him to do so many things, as in gave lot’s of presents to them ^^. He still gave the main actors/actresses iphone casing, which every of it cost more than 1 iphone?! seriously, i wanna know how much he’s paid to act in a drama.. >_<. This shows that he pays attention to small little details, i mean he didnt buy presents just for the sake of buying it ^^.


  31. mikeymikez says:

    Blast from the past! ❤

    One Korean drama I think you might like is called Dream High. Great story about a school for aspiring K-Pop stars. Its like the old Hollywood, you have to know how to do everything – sing, dance, act. It's really tough for the kids to succeed and reach their dream of stardom. One song you might really like from someone in the cast is called Love Attack by IU. At least listen to the preview on iTunes 🙂 Dramafever has Dream High and Dream High II. Yes, it's legal to watch. They have agreements with the companies and nice English subs too.

    So many Korean groups are huge in Japan right now. My Japanese friends daughter class is doing a dance to one! 🙂

    Might also want to check out a blog I am doing some stuff for called kkonnect.wordpress.com

    It's for all the Korean related stuff going on San Diego and beyond. I mostly do photography.

    Have you seen I Wish (Miracle) from Japan?! Wonderful!!




    • Hi Mikey thanks for the like♥ =). I’ll check for a trailer clip, thank you for the suggestions! Have you watched one called “All in?” Really long but really good!

      So so true!! there’s lots of Korean Pop making it big in Japan!…wonderful to see the mixing of cultures in music that way.

      Just took a look….wonderful presentation and site and so awesome of you to be so involved and it’s your home too! Lots of love for Korean culture and music out there.

      “I Wish?”…a movie? I haven’t heard of it before.



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