「Featured post」~松浦亜弥「Click you link me」

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (jacket cover)

Matsuura Aya Click you link me Matsuura Aya, still simply the best. While worlds away from Ayaya’s “Momoiro♥kataomoi” days, “Click you link me” yet again reaffirms the artist, the voice…& the artistry within~. The recording hiatus and wait has seemed much longer although Ayaya’s swan~song “Chocolate damashii” now approaching a release from two years ago is a melody I can still keep within me. “Double Rainbow” reached out to perhaps a new audience too, and reminiscing back then I remember reading mixed reactions~* as really a part of us has literally for some, grown~up alongside a beloved idol♥ or group as we both would collectively experience milestones and maturity plateaus in a tapestry of memories tightly interlocked with specific songs and visuals brought to life in deep vividness. Letting go sometimes can be the most difficult as we sometimes and maybe not even quite consciously wish~* for our idols♥ to remain ageless in time….less they move on to a more mature stage and presence~.

Matsuura Aya’s “Click you link me” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Matsuura Aya’s “Click you link me” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Matsuura Aya’s “Click you link me” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Matsuura Aya in "Double Rainbow" Autumn 2007.... Matsuura Aya concert tour 2007 Autumn Double Rainbow The stairs to the inevitable can be heard with each astounding performance in Autumn’s “Double Rainbow” and from the very first vocals of Ayaya’s opening with the most beautiful and heartfelt ballad “Egao” till the final notes, her range and musical presence….immediately profound~. While many of her previous concerts have brought so much energy with the performances being very much in a more youthful approach, with “Double Rainbow” you can really see the full transition from idol♥ to artist.

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan)Moritaka Chisato Lucky 7 Now at 24 years old, Ayaya is ready to show once again why she’s always been a cut~above during her years with Hello! Project and why she has all of the makings of an artist ready to bloom~. While the cover~art speaks volumes of the styles heard on “Click you link me”, a personal high~anticipation was the promise of a recorded duet between Ayaya and the legendary and incomparable Moritaka Chisato~. A song with a longing, a history of a past love unrealized and the emotions within which inevitably simmer over in times of deep reflect….now heard with a meeting between artistries past and present. And while Ayaya previously released a version of “Watarasebashi” as a single a few years ago this interpretation is much much ~♥~!!, and unlike other covers the feel of “Watarasebashi” is surely one which demands no real improvisations or change in identity as some of the song’s melancholy and undertones would perhaps be lost in such a musical translation. Here “Watarasebashi” is heard with minimal changes keeping its warmth♥ in instrumentation right down to the alto~recorder solo performed by Moritaka~san herself in the mid~break, and the arrangement and the subtleties of having Moritaka Chisato’s vocals recorded in a soft~backing opposed to having both Ayaya and Moritaka~san be heard in equal lighting lends to keeping with this being Ayaya’s “version” and making for a most memorable duet transcending time~.

Moritaka Chisato “Watarasebashi” mp3 (from album “Lucky 7” released on May 10th, 1993)


(“Watarase Bridge”)

Watarasebashi de miru yuuhi wo anata wa totemo sukidatta wa.
kireina toko de sodatta ne. Koko ni sumitai to itta.

You loved to watch the setting sun from Watarasebashi Bridge.
You said, “You’ve grown up in a beautiful town. I want to live here.”

Densha ni yurare kono machi made anata wa ai ni kite kureta wa.
Watashi wa ima mo ano koro wo wasurerarezu ikitemasu.

You would come to this town aboard a train to see me.
I live with the memories of those days in my heart.

Ima demo Yakumo jinja e omairi suru to anata no koto inoru wa.
Nagaigoto hitotsu kanau nara ano koro ni modoritai

Whenever I go to the Yakumo shrine, I still pray for you.
If one of my dreams came true, I should go back to those days.

Tokoya no kado ni potsun to aru koushuu denwa oboete masuka?
Kinou omowazu kaketakute nando mo juwaki totta no.

Do you remember the public telephone standing at the corner of the barber’s?
Yesterday I came to feel like calling you up and picked up the receiver many times

Konaida watarasegawa no kawara ni orite zutto nagare miteta wa.
Kitakaze ga totemo tsumetakute kaze wo hiichaimashita.

The other day I went down to the shore of the Watarase River and watched the water running down for a long time.
The north wind was so sharp that I caught a cold.

Dare no sei demo nai. Anata ga kono machi de
Kurasenai koto wakatteta no.
Nandomo nayan da wa. Dakedo watashi koko wo hanarete kurasu koto dekinai.

Neither of us is responsible for our parting.
I knew that you could not live in such a rural town.
Many times I thought over whether I should accompany you or not.
But I cannot live in a big city, leaving here.

Anata ga sukida to itta kono machinami ga
Kyou mo kurete yukimasu.
Hiroi sora to tooku no yama yama. Futari de aruita machi.
Yuuhi ga kireina machi.

You said you loved this town. Night has been coming.
The sky is getting dark, and I can only see the form of mountains over there.
Night is falling in this town where I walked with you.
Night is falling in this town where the setting sun is beautiful

Matsu Takako Minna Hitori maxi~single Takeuchi Mariya’s “Minna hitori” which in  late 2006 saw the coupling of Matsu Takako as performer and Takeuchi~san as writer/producer is also given the Ayaya touch~* on “Click you link me”, and here staying true to the original composition you can compare both versions as the assembly of top musicians and vocalists alike shine~.

Matsuura Aya “Minna hitori” mp3

Matsu Takako “Minna hitori” mp3 (released on November 29th, 2006)

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) As aforementioned the styling of every photo shoot pays tribute and compliments to a golden~age in American history and here through the coupled music, “Click you link me” while as a whole boasts an adult contemporary pop feel throughout it no doubt dwells in deep jazz undertones even in the much more pop arrangements, but truly the beauty of this album is the incorporation of jazz stylings~ ♪ which is immediately heard in the opening track “The Difference” which lends to other inner genres of the craft heard here in arrangements of bossa~nova to swing~jazz both bright lighted in approach to small club~intimate.

And in listening from beginning till end you’re familiarity with the original Ayaya versions of songs such as “Suna wo kamu you ni…NAMIDA”, “dearest” and “Hitori” to name a few as well as other “covered” songs here will no doubt lead to a much more moving and ear~opening experience as just hearing such beloved ballads with very much different arrangements and interpretations will enlighten your musical~soul so much more in these instances~.

Favorite♥ tracks for me include “Hitori”, “feel your groove”, “dearest”, “Yokohama rondo”, “Minna hitori”, “Click you link me” and of course “Watarsebashi♥.” Every track though grows on you with each listen earning this album….

..Maochan’s♥ music seal of approval っo(*´∀`)o♥~♥~~♥~♪~*

So without further delay, here’s “Click you link me”…

Matsuura Aya “The Difference” mp3

Matsuura Aya “Feel your groove” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) Matsuura Aya “Suna wo kamu youni…NAMIDA” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) Matsuura Aya “Yokohama rondo” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) Matsuura Aya “Home nite” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) Matsuura Aya “Click you link me” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) Matsuura Aya “Katari tsugu koto” mp3

Matsuura Aya “Interlude~Okay~” mp3

(not actually a song….just 30 seconds or so of “interlude” time)

Matsuura Aya “Watarasebashi” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan) Matsuura Aya “dearest.” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan)Matsuura Aya “only one” mp3

Matsuura Aya “Hitori” mp3

A ska flavored jazzy version of “Hitori”….genius!!!!!!!! The happiest tones on the album…I think so!!

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan)Matsuura Aya “Minna hitori” mp3

Matsuura Aya "Click you link me" (booklet scan)

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18 Responses to 「Featured post」~松浦亜弥「Click you link me」

  1. zush says:

    With 5 to 10 words how would you convince me that this is a great album & I must get it? Actually I’m gonna get it anyway but let’s pretend that I’m still in-between my decision.


    • Hmm……you do know that I’m a oshaberi~* and can’t stop talking :P! Hmm..how to express this in so few words? I guess the way I opened this post……’Matsuura Aya simply the best.’ I think that would do it and I think you have so much respect for her too so this is a must buy! How did I do??

      lol I know I totally sucked :P!!


  2. zush says:

    lol! yeah, well… if I wouldn’t know Ayaya and her greatness I think you probably couldn’t convince me with those 5 words. However if we can assume that I’ll trust you, which I by da way do, then I would get interested about this artist which is still very new for me. so your words get me thinking that “there must be something about Matsuura” which leads me to the ordering procedure … or something like dat ;D


    • While Ayaya’s earlier releases were very much more in the idol~vein of styling and really really catchy!!…just more and more as she grew musically and vocally she became so different from the rest of H!P and a standout~. During her release hiatus Ayaya has also been seen performing in much smaller venues giving fans an intimate performance adding also a warmth to her shows which are sometimes lost a bit in larger domes and concert halls……so happy~* you’re ordering too \(^o^)/☆...

      Just below is the pv which made me fall in love with Ayaya~♥…..and then I just had to order her entire catalog of releases ^ ^。


      • zush says:

        yep there sure are two sides of Ayaya and I too like both of ’em. My first crush on Ayaya happened as early as 2001 when “Tropica~l Koishite~ru” was released. Hah ha, she played tennis against herself on that colorful PV. And the second crush happened when Naked Songs was relesed. Former H!P girls going to jazzy tunes?! REference: Kago Ai.

        No matter what she does, the voice and the style is always there!


        • W~aah! you discovered Ayaya so early \(^o^)/☆

          Love~love that pv♥ too!!! H!P were so creative with their pvs back then more so than now…one day I’d like to see an Ayaya vs. Riichan tennis battle~!!! U~n “Naked Songs” the LE version remains I think one of the all time best releases and also in terms of extras too as that DVD with all of her in~studio performances is beyond awesome! Really refreshing and impressive too to hear her songs being interpreted into jazz arrangements =).


  3. mikeymikez says:

    hehe! I love that video! So “animated”! 😉 She puts so much in to it!

    I usually can’t watch the video on my iPad, so just seeing it now and recognizing it.

    Wonder what it will take to have H!P include English translations, at least on a web site, as that is the only common language most others have in common. I think the govt is starting to recognize that Japan is not profiting as much as it could from all the cultural power Japan has.

    You are a great link for that. You understand and love it in a way that non-Japanese speakers couldn’t hope to find elsewhere. So you are providing a valuable service to H!P and Japan. ❤


    • A~h you were watching the “Momoiro kataomoi” video above? The direction was so cute!!….and I adore the factory idea and Ayaya even markets her “product” too =). I was meaning to ask if iPad doesn’t play streaming video? I know that some android phones won’t play them either but I think they’re going to add Adobe Flash to some newer phones now? Then again I do see android phones playing YouTube….I’m confused :P! Maybe Adobe Flash allows a different type of video to be played?

      I know with the Japanese cinema they’re recognizing this too as there are more Japanese movie versions including subtitles in English and not only in Japanese =)…..hmm with music though that may be far away still, but as you say surely it’d enhance their sales so much. Mmm…I don’t think I do that much…you’re much too sweet~ ^ ^♥。


      • mikeymikez says:

        Many videos on youtube have been converted to play on iTunes and others. Flash is the issue. Some videos in flash only. Apple doesn’t like flash. Steve Jobs says that is the number one source of crashes on Macs. So, he refuses to let it on iPods (ios). HTML5 includes native capabilities to play embedded video. But it’s pretty new and not everywhere yet. But it’s getting there! I saw some android reviews that noted how fast battery power drained playing flash! ^^

        Hope they add translations more! Def help me!!


        • mikeymikez says:

          oh! LOVE the video – so kawaii!! I remember when you put it up the first time 🙂


          • That is so much a problem I imagine, I wish someone could create a super~battery for phones so even flash wouldn’t drain them so much =). I can totally understand now why he won’t allow flash into his iPod or iPhones….mac creators are really smart about keeping their creations free from having issues. My screen’s really tiny so watching video isn’t really the best so I’ll mostly use it for music but now with an iPod I’m thinking my phone can just be a phone =).

            U~n this is definitely one of my most favorite♥ Ayaya pvs ever!!….you just never forget your very first time ^ ^♥


  4. Mike Avila says:

    I can see you with a Mac one day! You would love it, I am sure! Not so many silly problems to deal with.

    You can easily keep videos on your iPod. I have an excellent Firefox addon for getting them from YouTube. Nice to have a few on hand. I like to make them for the Princesses to introdude them to a singer or concept, then the acutual song means more to them. So glad you have an Apple device now! 🙂 Auntie MB is H!P Now – lol

    I won’t forget first time – even if it was “virtual”! 😉


    • I know they have no viruses?….and a much more stable operating system just so pricey I think =/. Still I’d love to get a Mac laptop for sure!

      That’s so good of you to create such a complete experience for the girls and especially with live clips you can really appreciate a song that much more. U~n my very first Apple thingy and it sure took me awhile :P.


      • Mike Avila says:

        I am thinking of getting a Mac too. The New Mac Mini is awesome for the money. Macs aren’t perfect, but a lot less problems for a lot of reasons…

        Ah ha! I would have spoiled you like the Princesses with Apple gear, if you would have let me! 😛 Best to do the right thing completely I think. They went from 1st generation Nano to i Pod Touch’s now hehe. They can watch videos and music. They don’t have any audio books that I know of…

        I make you an Apple fangirl dear! lol

        PS = watching Modern Marvels show about ’80’s Tech! Lots of things were “born” then – hehe 😉


        • Just the thought~* alone is sweet♥….w~ah they’re so high~tech and lucky to have Uncle Mikey =). Mmmm….80’s that would include me, I think big hair fashion :O and lots of bubble gum pop!…although these are surely not marvels :P.


          • mikeymikez says:

            I finally did get a Mac!! A MacBook Air!! So small and sexy!! 🙂

            And HTML 5 is mainstream now!! So most youtube s play fine ❤




            • Those are sooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!! I’m intimidated by their prices by they’re definitely on everyone’s wish~*~* list I imagine!! U!n that’s so good too! How have you been? Work? Health? Happiness? You know I always wish the very best for you♥.


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