~AKB48 psp game giveaway final~

The fight is on!!

#1 seed: Mina
#2 seed: Mousoufest
#3 seed: Johpan
#4 seed: CK

Please, if you’re not one of the entrants named above please refrain from answering any of the questions in this post. Thank you =).

~The rules~

Final results and correct answers will be revealed after this game has finished in entirety and all questions available have been designated. This will take maybe a bit of cunning, luck and of course your knowledge =)! But most importantly please have fun with it ^ ^♥。 The seeding noted above is the continuous order in which each entrant will take their turns until all questions have been designated. You may be wondering what the perks may be for the #1 seed (Mina) for having won the first four weeks of racing, and for this final game the #1 seed Mina will always have the perk of being able to choose which question from the list below that she would like to attempt to answer when her turn arrives each time for the entirety of the game. Everyone else will need to answer the question which is designated by the seed preceding you: so Mina will begin this game by choosing her own question and then attempting to answer correctly, Mina will then choose which question #2 seed mousoufest will need to attempt to answer correctly whereby mousoufest will then answer and then choose the question in which #3 seed Johpan will need to attempt to answer correctly and after Johpan answers he will then be able to choose which question #4 seed CK will need to attempt to answer correctly and so on and on until ten complete rounds 0f questions have been designated (which may result in ultimately some questions not being answered if a player fails to answer a question within the 24 hour allotment resulting in their loss of turn). Also remember though that #1 seed Mina always will choose her own question in which she wants to attempt to answer throughout the duration of the game~.

In anticipation of the time being spent between questions getting too long perhaps at times, after all four entrants have attempted to answer one question each going through one round a 24 hour time limit will begin for each entrant’s next turn and will be marked precisely by the time when “your” question is designated to “you.” For Mina, this will be marked by the time CK posts his answer to his question in each round as she gets to choose her own questions. I’m thinking that subscribing to this one post’s comments may be helpful in keeping you up to date to when it’s your turn to answer maybe. Each question may only be designated once whether it’s thought to have been answered correctly or not. Each correctly answered question will earn 1 point and when the answers are revealed at the end of the game when all 40 questions have been designated/answered the entrant with the most points will win AKB48’s psp game♥ (in case of a tie a live head~to~head will occur). (hint: a high percentage of these questions originated from posts here while some will be knowledge based =) ) If the time limit of 24 hours is thought to be too short a period of time for questions to be answered for each person’s turn please let me know so it can be extended in order to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to play =).

Questions or edits to rules may be subject to change at any time.

1. Members of Morning Musume were once asked on a variety t.v. program ‘what image?’ they represented in the group…….out of the following answers which one is incorrect?

a) Michishige Sayumi- “cute” b) Ogawa Makoto- “comedic” c) Tanaka Reina- “none” d) Takahashi Ai- “mentor” e) Kamei Eri- to be” fawned over”

Also in an episode of Hello! Morning where Mikitty gets her “Kamei♥” on as in she both dresses the part as well as mimics Kamei’s behavior, a one~on~one tug of war fight between Kamei and Kohachan occurs….who is triumphant and what item are they both trying to reach for in order to win the tug of war battle?

2. In an online poll here, what percentage of readers voted Tokunaga’s photo book “Chinami” over Tsugunaga Momoko’s “Momochiiii?” and which member’s photo book once made a “cameo” appearance in a Hello! Project musical?

a) 51.2% b) 68.4% c) 80.9% d) 53.7%

Also, Hawaii was once home to an official H!P shop called the Hello! Project Information Village. One of the earliest advertisements of their opening was a promo sheet included with Morning Musume’s Hawaiian themed single album, however one piece of information on this sheet was incorrect. First, what was the error, and what would be the correction? And if you purchased more than $100 in a single transaction at the shop, what did you receive as a free gift and what color(s) was it?

3. What pv is this screen cap from?

4. Which member of Arashi was first to be dropped into the pool of freezing water in “Mote Arashi! Dame Arashi?”

a) Ninomiya Kazunari b) Sakurai Sho c) Aiba Masaki d) Matsumoto Jun e) Ohno Satoshi

And despite the extreme nature of this game, Johnny’s Entertainment was not required to give their permission for this game to be produced.

a) true b) false

5. This AKB48 member was part of the ambassador dream team who appeared at this year’s Anime Expo and considers her charm~* point to be her eyebrows, name her and whom was she paired with during the Expo’s “Meet & Greet” event?

6. This idol♥ group released a single titled “Be my diamond”, can you name both the group as well as the member who’s singing the lead in this song?

Also, when it comes to variety t.v. and idols♥ you just never know what will occur “spontaneously” such as suddenly having your belongings and your purse being looked through…..omg! and then the panic sets in as you hope um…..that you didn’t bring anything “odd” or embarrassing with you to work that day (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ...!!!、so what happens next in this clip as the host goes through this idol’s belongings showing “it” to everyone?

a) He finds some feminine hygiene items :O b) He finds wads of used tissues :O c) He finds a big sausage :O d) He finds a “vibration” device :O e) He finds an “excessive” amount of bra~pads :O

7. Ayu (Hamasaki Ayumi) appeared in an idol♥ pictorial styled feature in UTB (Up To Boy) long before her ascent to the Oricon top?

True or false?

8. This popular ex~Morning Musume member once was “caught” saying not so nice things about the wota audience she observed, name her.

9. This immensely popular idol/actress once made a music video which featured a bunny on guitar and a giraffe which later led to an all out water gun fight….name her and the instrument on which she excels on.

10. Mmm who has the larger bust size? (stats by an unofficial publication)

a) Maeda Atsuko b) Kashiwagi Yuki c) Matsui Jurina

11. This idol, actress, singer & wedding dress designer once starred in a school drama where her character suffered from a gender disorder….can you name her?

12.  In the drama “Hana Yori Dango”, how does Domyouji’s demeanor appear when asking for a first date with Tsukushi?

a) agitated b) happy c) nervous d) nonchalant e) aloof

13. Name the idol♥ whom appears at the very top of this post giving a choke~hold.

14. This popular all female J~Pop group whom debuted in the 90’s were once back up dancers for one of the all~time~most successful J~artists whom has a catalog of over 40 singles now. They also released a cover version of a popular American boy~group’s single. Can you name them and what was the Japanese title of their cover song?

15. From which drama does this image originate from?

16. In an online poll here, what percentage of voters favored Oshima Yuko over Maeda Atsuko? And whom has the larger bust size by 1 cm? (stats by an unofficial publication)

a) 58.2% b) 91.8% c) 75.2% d) 51% e) 55%

17. Name this shockingly odd soda which was served as a batsu penalty drink during a part of the cast of “Hana Yori Dango’s” visit to NY and what was being “counted” in the batsu game which resulted in their loss?

18. Name the pvs from which these screen~caps originate.

19. Mmm who has the larger bust size? (stats by an unofficial publication)

a) Kasai Tomomi b) Miyazawa Miho c) Itano Tomomi d) Watanabe Mayu

20. In which drama are “two bears better than one?”


21. This idol♥ idol~ized and aspired her vocal styling~s from Amuro Namie, she also early on appeared with the group Luv 2 Shy before going solo and in a single of hers she…”pleads to her loved one to call her on the telephone….”, name her.

22. This member of Arashi♥ in a most memorable episode of “Mannequin Five” found that wearing pink♥ on that day would haunt him in ways most likely unimaginable in an ongoing joke which would not end, name him.

23. This all female band and one of Japan’s most successful all~time announced their break~up on live t.v. just prior to performing, name them (lead vocalist now goes by a different last name).

24. In an online poll here, this percentage of readers would use TABASCO if Aichan (Takahashi Ai♥) would have lunch with them.

a) 14.3% b) 89.7% c) 51% d) 33.3%

On an episode of Hello! Morning while promoting one of Aichan’s photo books a bit of fun~jabbing occurs between Kamei, Yuko and Aichan  where at one point Aichan points out that her favorite pose is her “back~pose” to which Yuko asks if….”they wouldn’t take a photo of your front anymore?”, what later causes Yuko to slap Aichan?

One of the more obscure singles I own is by Kikuchi Aina where she is wearing a striped skirt on its cover, name both the title track as well as its coupling with song and original release date.

25. This J~group’s very first live concert was performed aboard a cruise ship in unprecedented fashion and due to capacity more than 2 million fans whom requested tickets had to be turned away. Their first live concert also didn’t occur until quite late in their history, can you name the group?

26. While everyone knows who took “their talents” to South Beach, in an idol♥ parody posted♥ here what was Acchan’s (Maeda Atsuko) final “Decision?” (“what” was she taking and “where” to?)

27. In an online poll here, what percentage of readers opted to “go 18 holes of golf” with Airiin (Suzuki Airi) over Ogura Yuko? Also who shot the single higher score on any one hole in their rounds of golf?

a) 89.9% b) 51% c) 66.9% d) 75.8%

28. Mmm who has the larger bust size? (stats by an unofficial publication)

a) Oshima Yuko b) Sashihara Rino c) Miyazawa Sae d) Takajo Aki

29. Kamei once said on an episode of Hello! Morning that a particular drink tasted like bamboo flooring.

True or false?

If the above statement is true lol, did she actually admit to licking* the floor at some time :O?

Yes or no.

Kamei first coined the phrase…”Eri no world” on an appearance on Utaban.

True or false?

30. Tsunku once paid a visit to Kohachan’s (Kusumi Koharu’s) residence going over the vocal nuances of his classic composition “Furusato.”

True or false?

Also, what device does Kohachan♥ excel on which is historically made out of wood?

31. Hello! Morning at one time or another featured sumo~body suit fights, a parody on Hikawa Kiyoshi and a giant bird turd which looked very much like a Hershey’s kiss. True or false?

If all three statements above are true, which member was seen throwing the giant “Hershey’s kisses” from a rooftop and who parodied Hikawa Kiyoshi?

32. The origin of “Johnson” occurred during which t.v. program?

33. Name this popular artist and at least one group she’s appeared in whom Morning Musume’s Iida Kaori would parody in Hello! Morning skits at times holding a doll.

Also, in an episode of Hello! Morning Yossi and Makochan act as pet owners who eventually pit their pets against one another in a show down of who’s pet is more obedient, which members are playing the role of their pets?….and what causes both of them to suddenly act out disobediently which leads to one of the human characters actually fetching for a ball?

34. The most endearing~♥ and adorable words….”please don’t abandon me…” were said by this idol & voice actress at the end of her promotion tour for a popular anime series, name her….and yes even this alien made an appearance in a related promotional clip!

35. What pv is this screen cap from?

36. In an online poll here, what percent of readers declared themselves a “dog” person versus a “cat” person? And which SMAP pairing won kisses on that day?

a) 50% b) 17.2% c) 85% d) 33%





Her expressions are the absolute best…Chizuruchan has that special wrinkled up nose thing going on and her demeanor is just purely sweet! ^-^….sorry getting sidetracked :P! I love her though!!!!

37. Name this idol.

38. (Mm the question here wasn’t idol or even music related so I did a little add~in being that it hadn’t been chosen yet =) ) Early morning idol♥ room invasions are a favorite pastime of producers and hosts and can create quite the situation xD!…and here he’s already drawn underarm hair on her and written the kanji for “fat” which can also mean “big” or “thick” on various parts of her body ( as in “futoru” or to gain weight or basically just be heavy :O!) which she sooooo is not =(! Guys this word must never be spoken to your girlfriend or there’s the possibility that she may not speak to you again :P!

So what do you think happens next in this clip?

a) She’s attacked with a vacuum cleaner by a maid b) He draws on her face and gets her to perform a monomane, later showing her a mirror c) He places a smelly sock on her face d) She awakes and hits him on the head with her pillow e) He gets in bed with her and greets her “good~morning”

39.What happens next in this clip?

The batsu penalty is:

a) She’s asked to perform an embarrassing monomane :O b) She’s given an awful tasting “drink” :O c) The host buries her in sand and proceeds to sculpt sand~boobs on her much to her dismay :O d) She’s asked to kiss one of the other girls e) The host gets to play one~on~one sumo~sand wrestling with her :O

40. On an episode of Music Fighter host Aoki Sayaka mused the thought of joining Morning Musume, out of the 11 current members then how many approved?

a) 4 b) 5 c) 7 d) 8

Also what colors appear on the front side of Morning Musume’s “Ai no tane” postcard (the side opposite their autographs) which was signed by the five original members of the group and given out during their first single event where the girls were challenged to sell 50,000 copies on their own in order for Morning Musume to be able to debut officially as a group?

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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95 Responses to ~AKB48 psp game giveaway final~

  1. mikeymikez says:

    One lap to go!! ^^


  2. johpan says:

    This is pretty fitting since it’s almost exam time at school… why not make it exam time on the internet too XDDD glhf to all competitors 😀


  3. CK says:

    Wow, some of those questions!!!!!

    Anyhow, I guess it is easiest for me in the sense that I never need to pick a question for Mina if she always gets to pick her own. With that in mind…

    A little strategy for the rest of you, especially Joh and Mousou (sorry Mina!). I would think twice before picking the hardest questions for the person behind you, especially in the early rounds. It might be better to pick all the perceived “easy” questions first, otherwise Mina will run away with this!



  4. mousoufest says:

    Some of these questions are really difficult! 😮
    It should be fun trying to hunt down the answers XD
    When does this game start? Right now? As for the time to answer, I think 24hours is enough:)

    CK, good advice! I will definitely keep that in mind. 🙂


    • U~n Mina starts the game when she answers the first question she chooses and then designates a question for you =). Okay I think 24 hours should be okay then, really depending on the speed of answers given this game could take as little as a day or as long as a month…..it’s really up to you ^ ^。


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  6. Mina says:

    3. One Love
    #34 for mousoufest
    I think 24 hours is manageable.


  7. mousoufest says:

    I am guessing Hirano Aya to be the answer of #34~
    and just to not over-think this I will give the next question #35 for Johpan-chan 🙂
    (Yay for laziness! XD )


  8. CK says:

    answer #11: Aya Ueto

    back to Mina


  9. Mina says:

    15. Hana yori dango
    Onto 21


  10. Everyone please note the edits I’ve made to a few yet to be chosen questions, these were done after a friend suggested to me that some were sort of “much too copy, paste and Google friendly” xD.


  11. mousoufest says:

    21 Ishii Yuki

    I hope that’s right T-T

    23 for Johpan~


  12. johpan says:

    I really need to work on my assignments before the end of the semester and I can’t research anymore so I’m just going to take a shot in the dark and say:

    23. SPEED

    and for CK,


  13. CK says:

    #39: I will guess “b” the awful tasting drink

    back to Mina


  14. Mina says:

    32. Johnson came from an episode of Utaban

    Next #18


  15. mousoufest says:

    Such difficult questions T-T

    Anyway, I think the answer for #18 is “Ito Yuna – Urban Mermaid” and “CoCo – You’re my treasure”. Hope it’s correct:)

    #25 next!! 😀


    • Gosh* I just have to ask….do you know CoCo? I mean their music, history and members? If so we’d have so much to talk about =)!…I own their complete group discography as they’re one of my earliest J~pop ♥’s!!! I mean you even capitalized the second “C” which is something I don’t think would be normally known? I think the song title you answered with is sufficient enough although half of the song title is missing though…just in case you’d like to add it =). Otherwise you’re quite amazing at finding things on the internet I must say if you don’t actually know CoCo ^ ^。


  16. johpan says:

    25: ZARD

    next, 31


  17. CK says:

    errr….not sure if I understand the phrasing of #31, is it true/false? and is the last sentence one question or two seperate questions?

    So I will just guess Kamei Eri

    back to Mina


  18. Mina says:

    5. Maeda Ami, the member with her was Fujie Reina)



  19. mousoufest says:

    #9 This idol/actress is Fukada Kyoko! And she is very good with playing the piano^^

    #13 next 🙂


  20. johpan says:

    #13 Haruka Suenaga

    next #9


  21. johpan says:

    ok then… next,


  22. CK says:

    #7 True

    back to Mina


  23. Mmm..CK as much as I love your auto~generated blue face~y, maybe if you were a bit fuzzier like Johpan...(*´∀`)o゛


  24. Mina says:

    10. B (Kashiwagi Yuki)
    (when I went to double check to see if I was right some said that Maeda and Kashiwagi are the same)



    • Hi Mina as the publication is purposely unnamed here, some of these questions and these stat/measurement types in particular are more meant in the spirit of the game being the fun of feeling a bit of suspense and in some cases taking a “eyed” or calculated guess and anticipating whether it is right or wrong….and having fun with that =). Of course the specific publication I’m using for reference will be revealed when the game is complete then revealing the “correct” answers and I only do own one such publication with AKB body stats which made me a bit giddy* as it was the first time I was seeing these idol♥~type stats for the girls which then gave me the little fun idea to include them here somehow just to create a bit of a ruckus of who’s boobs* are larger ^ ^。


  25. mousoufest says:

    #37 Her name is Ayukawa Honoka ^^ Picture is from her photobook “Urizun” 🙂

    #4 next


    • ↑↑↑~ mousoufest up up on December 6th in comments, I had a little question I was asking =) I’m beginning to wonder if you have special powers??….like if I asked you what I ate for breakfast this morning you could tell me (。ーωー。)笑


      • mousoufest says:

        Okok I replied XD Sorry, WP doesn’t send comment notifications like VOX so I didn’t even notice the comment @~@

        Hahaha, I wish I have super powers >_> I’m gonna guess you did not drink milk in the morning, right? And you did not have salad 🙂 I’m gonna guess you had rice! XD


        • OMG I did have a salad….wait I’m just thinking you did say “salad” even though you said i didn’t…no actually that was for lunch what am I talking about 😛 which means you are right! :O What kind of dressing did I use :P?
          I think though that you can subscribe to individual entries on WP although I don’t know how to do it :P…or maybe I just don’t see the option because I wrote this I wonder….


          • mousoufest says:

            I don’t know XD I just randomly wrote some possible food choices and hope it was correct, haha. As for your new question~ I’m gonna guess you did not have dressing! 🙂 <- I feel really good about this one!! Am I right? XD

            I don't know how to subscribe either…Oh well XD


            • The odds would be that that would be correct and one day a friend I was having lunch with commented that I could go out into the yard and eat the greenery okay being that I sometimes don’t use any salad dressing :P…..today though I used a little bit of a light~ranch dressing. lol blue cheese scares me…just a random thought it’s just that smell :O


            • Mina says:

              Under the section where you can type your comment there is a place to check off “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”. just click that before posting.


  26. johpan says:

    gonna take a shot in the dark and say…

    4) aiba and true




  27. CK says:

    #14 MAX – Bara iro no hibi

    back to Mina


  28. Mina says:

    20. Gokusen



  29. mousoufest says:

    It’s a) 50% and I didn’t just guess~ .
    And the winner for that day were the red team, which is KimuTaku and Shingo-kun~

    #29 next!


  30. johpan says:

    I used to watch hello! morning like crazy and don’t remember this happening so I’ll say

    29) false




  31. CK says:

    Jeez joh, must you give me every “what happens next” video???? 😦

    well, just a wild guess for 38), I will say D she awakes and hits him on the head



  32. A~~~hh it may be one of the more difficult ones and I just edited that in yesterday and you did get them both :O


  33. Edit to #6, but I think these are the fun questions too =)


  34. Mina says:

    28. A) Oshima Yuko

    Onto #6


  35. mousoufest says:

    The group that released “Be my diamond!” is ribbon, and Nagasaku Hiromi was singing the lead~

    The second part of the question’s answer is c) He finds a big sausage :O

    Wow that was a really hard question…

    #24 next!


  36. Mina says:

    . . . um what happens now?


  37. CK says:

    I will wait for the official ruling from MB…

    So MB, what happens now?


  38. This is something which I imagined could occur with the 24 hour deadline, so in essence Johpan is missing this one turn and because no question can be chosen for CK, CK will now choose his own question for this one turn.

    Question #24 becomes available again to be chosen or given to another player and note that it’s now a three part question, as I’m sure the answers have been well sought out by this time it being in “play” for so long =).


  39. CK says:

    #8 Rika Ishikawa



  40. Mina says:

    12) C (nervous, although I think this question is somewhat up to interpretation).

    I’m going to release 24 again.


    • Mmm…Domyouji with his upbringing finds himself in “uncommon” ground in this scene as his normally bossy and “entitled” way of thinking is challenged by his inner demons here as he is finding himself attracted to Tsukushi and so cute as he’s quite the clumsy one when it comes to true relationships and love and how one would “normally” ask for a date with one you’re attracted to~. His people skills are um…..missing at this point :P. I also love how he seeks out love advice too in this same episode =). I cracked up at this scene the first time I watched….HYD♥!


  41. Please note in the rules if you have not already, that a loss of turn doesn’t constitute you getting any additional turn(s). The game consists of 10 rounds only.


    • mousoufest says:

      So that means there will be one extra question without answer at the end~?

      Also, what happens if I only answer half correctly on a 2-part question? and what if the answer is not even available on the Internet?


  42. mousoufest says:


    a) 14.3%

    The single by Kikuchi Aina is called “Hey! Bad Boy”, the title track is of the same title, and the coupling song is called “Yume”. As for original release date, other than 1996, I was not able to find the information anywhere on the Internet 😦 I wonder if this information is even on the Internet!

    And, can I get back to you on the question about Aichan? XD If yes, I’ll post it a few hours later than the 24hr limit. If not, I will just guess Yuko slapped Aichan because Aichan said something bad 😛


  43. CK says:

    BTW, I believe these are the remaining questions after Mousoufest answers #24…
    1, 2, 16, 17, 19, 22, 26, 27, 30, 33, 40


  44. johpan says:

    30) true. it was during the final stage of her audition. and for part 2: the abacus




  45. CK says:

    #22 Sho Sakurai

    back to the Yankii…


  46. Mina says:

    A) Kasai Tomomi

    Next is 33


  47. mousoufest says:

    The parody is played on Kudo Shizuka, who was part of Onyanko Club.

    Yaguchi Mari, Michishige Sayumi are the ones playing the pets. And as soon as their owners leave them, they lose their cuteness and showed true colors (while speaking human language!). Tsuji-chan was the one who was fetching the ball.

    #1 next


  48. johpan says:

    OK, I can’t remember for the life of me and I don’t think I will be able to find it before my time runs out so…

    1) d
    I’m going to say koha and some type of food item…




  49. CK says:

    #27 The answer is D 75.8%

    As far as part two of the question. I’m not sure what is meant by “higher”, as higher could be construed as “better” or “more strokes” But as far as I know the only scoring I am aware of was Airi’s horrific “8” (Mr. Airi must have been “facepalming”). I never saw Yuko-chan play that poorly on any hole…

    So the answer (as far as I can interpret) is Airi

    back to Mina


    • Sorry I can be so clumsy with words :P…..u~n by higher I meant more strokes and a worse score =). I don’t know if you’ve ever played miniature golf but there’s sometimes this most “evil” hole where it’s shaped like a volcano with the hole right atop and it’s sooooooooo near to impossible to get the ball to go in lol….like I’d putt over twenty times before it goes in while everyone else says “omg” and laughs :P. And then there was this other one where a giant stick no…board would be manually swung over the hole swaying back and forth so you needed to time it so that the wood thing wasn’t in the way when your ball arrived……needless to say the person you were playing would almost always speed up the sways just as you hit your putt and then your ball would be hit away and it was so going straight in xD. I miss miniature golf…it was like a form of entertainment~torture!!


  50. Mina says:

    16) A, Oshima Yuko
    Onto #2


  51. mousoufest says:

    Mina, you’re so predictable! Just pick the longest question :/

    I’m gonna just guess b) 68.4% and Momoko’s that made a cameo. As for the Hawaii part…Can’t find anything about it. I am quite curious to know where that the answers to the questions can be obtained 😛

    #26 next! I think this one is the easiest~


  52. johpan says:

    i thought i answered already. oh well. skip me again.


  53. CK says:

    Okay, I guess that means I get to pick mine again…


  54. CK says:

    #40 c) 7

    the colors on the postcard are red, yellow, blue, and green (also black and white if you count the print/background/borders)

    and I think that ends the game…

    Do we congratulate Mina now??? BTW Mina, any chance I can get a couple of battery covers???


  55. I’ll have the results posted soon…just waiting for the prize to arrive. =)


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