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「Featured Post」~Mr.Children…SENSE and retrospect (album of the year, ♥ group of all~time)

Happiness♥ is listening to Mr.Children so on this final day of 2010 I have their new album “SENSE” playing on my iPod as I type and has it been nearly two years now or a bit longer since their last … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~48 reasons why I ♥ Crayon Shinchan

1. The ending theme song♥ is so perfect!!..and while it did change over time just seeing the closing credits roll along while Shinnosuke and Shiro dance awkwardly while mother and father….Misae and Hiroshi dream~walk through an array of floating foods, … Continue reading

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~AKB48 psp game giveaway answers & results…

The psp games arrived today \(^o^)/!…. ..but before getting to the final results, here are the answers to the 40 questions from the giveaway final =)…..I hope I didn’t typo anything as I was sort of doing two things at … Continue reading

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~Merry Christmas to you♥~*~~*thank you for a wonderful year (*´∀`) featuring 「Tomochin!!写真集」

Merry~merry Christmas everyone♥!! I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas day… just listening to a few of my favorite Christmas songs and here you can listen too っo(*´∀`)o....♥ Remy Zero “Someday at Christmas” (mp3)…….my most favorite (non J~Pop) Christmas song, … Continue reading

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~Now scanning….

In collaboration with Weeky Young Magazine…..

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~AKB48♥ 2011 official calendar box

First I must say  kudos♥!! to AKB48 for really making a statement when it comes to the price of idol collectibles and whether it be their significantly lower priced shashinshuu, the inclusion of pvs with single releases leaving out the … Continue reading

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~Do girls really watch AV?

Birthday: December 12, 1990 Measurements: 88 – 59 – 85 Height: 158 cm Birth Place: Fukuoka, Japan A friend~♥ sent me an invite to be able to watch from the internet this um…”movie?” And it makes me wonder if they … Continue reading

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~A C~ute and cozy Christmas♥…

With WordPress giving us the magic of snow during the holiday season if you hold Airiin♥ atop for just a moment the snow~* is so pretty falling all around her o(*´∀`)o゛♥、and doesn’t C~ute since becoming 5nin and more so in … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~真野恵里菜「MORE FRIENDS」、whipping :O, latin~jazz, lots of eating, Club Nokia and more~♥!

Immediately the cover alone strikes you as so cute♥!!…as it was shot in a sort of a “Hard Day’s Night” type of way where Manoeri improvises for the camera creating a wall of adorable and funny facial poses to create … Continue reading

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a song for a moist day…

…okay it’s not that type of day~♥ just kidding (´-ω-`)!、but it’s just been so so rainy here for the past two days as it’s been non~stop rain….moisture…….sogginess and flash flood warnings for everyone in the islands (・д・`*)!! So I wonder … Continue reading

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