~SCANDAL pays tribute~♪♪ to “G”irl’s rock of yesteryear~

SCANDAL "R~GIRL'S ROCK!" cover mini album (cover scan)

SCANDAL R~GIRL'S ROCK! first press cover mini album with extra photo booklet They’re just the coolest~* and most dynamic girl♥rock band!!!! And I do mean in the now~ as no doubt there have been many awesome bands that have come before from Judy and Mary to Whiteberry to Zone to Princess Princess and many more in~between…..and what way to better pay tribute then by releasing an all cover mini~album =)! With the theme of ‘“r”espect girl’s rock’ going back through the 80’s till 2000’s Ann Lewis’ “Roppongi shinjuu” (“Roppongi suicide”), Matsutoya Yumi’s “Koibito ga Santa Claus”, Jitterin Jinn’s “Sinky~York”, Yamaguchi Momoe’s “Rock n’ Roll Widow”, Judy and Mary’s “DAYDREAM”, Sentimental Bus’ “Sunny Day Sunday” and Zone’s “Secret base~kimi ga kureta mono~” have been SCANDAL~ized♥!!!! The first pressing includes an extra photo booklet with blog themed photos including the girls giving the camera the fin*** :P……lol they even mosaic~ed (not an actual word :P) them out….sort of =D.

Not enough can be said about the girl’s way awesome musicianship and just how talented they are but one need only hear a single track to get a taste of Wow! And SCANDAL are really cute~hot too!!…and I’ve got my favorite♥♥♥ a~h can you guess who? o(*´∀`)o゛♥~

SCANDAL’s “R~Girl’s Rock!” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan. (only 7 first press copies left! as of 6 p.m. HST today!)

SCANDAL’S “R~GIRL’S ROCK!” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

SCANDAL’S “R~GIRL’S ROCK!” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

SCANDAL R~GIRL'S ROCK! sticker extra

You’ll also receive a really really cuuuuuuuuuuuuute sticker set with their mini~album♥! I’m trying to figure out the whole hippo thingy going on there liked do hippos stand for “cover??” somehow as depicted in that street sign (・c_・;)?....but in any case their caricatures are way adorable~♥!

I’m still new to SCANDAL having just bought their “Temptation Box” which I have to say remains as my favorite♥ album of the year so far. My initial reaction and thoughts and the song tracks and photos from SCANDAL’s “Temptation Box” can be found here~. (all songs have been re~uploaded)

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet  scan0003

SCANDAL “Roppongi Shinjuu” mp3 (original artist: Ann Lewis)

SCANDAL “Koibito ga Santa Claus” mp3 (original artist: Matsutoya Yumi) This cover is sooooo cute~cute~!!..and just in time for Christmas♥

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0004

SCANDAL “SINKY~YORK” mp3 (original artist: Jitterin’ Jinn)

SCANDAL “Rock n’ Roll Widow” mp3 (original artist: Yamaguchi Momoe)

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0005

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0006

SCANDAL “DAYDREAM” mp3 (original artist: Judy and Mary) Even if you’re only slightly familiar with Judy and Mary you’ll sooooo recognize their trademark sound and even with a cover =)

SCANDAL “Sunny Day Sunday” mp3 (original artist: Sentimental Bus)

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0007

SCANDAL “Secret base~kimi ga kureta mono~” (original artist: Zone)

~first press extra booklet scans~

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0008

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0009

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0010

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0011

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0012

SCANDAL R~GIRL’S ROCK! booklet scan0013

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2 Responses to ~SCANDAL pays tribute~♪♪ to “G”irl’s rock of yesteryear~

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Wow! I must taste this! If MBchan loves it… Mosaic’ed finger… Makes you think of what usually gets that treatment! 😉

    What are you hoping to get for your birthday? ❤

    Ps – Love the legs of the girl in your Featured link!!


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