~MB is four years old today~ =)

It’s amazing how time flies so quickly!! I’ve gotten busier recently and it’s not just the Christmas♥ rush of shopping and things but also in other ways my time has been a bit more filled now personally…..thank you~* for keeping interested even with my sometimes blog~delinquency tendencies (。p_q)...、that is if you’re um….actually reading this e~he :P.

Gosh* MB is four years old now and I never really imagined I’d still be writing here but as long as there’s someone willing to read then surely I can keep babbling on here…..and I think blogs remain alive thanks to you♥!

So….here’s to perhaps more of my baka~ramblings, occasional sexual* musings and other thingies~* that interest me and hopefully you♥ too. After finishing my green~tea it’s off to bed for me….have some green~tea too =). I don’t think one cup will keep me awake or will it?…..oh dear too late I drank it already :P.


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to ~MB is four years old today~ =)

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Wow! 4 years now. We are the same age!! ^^

    You have come so far dear! Wish we could have our private talks, but you know how happy I am for you, I am sure ❤

    More Musings!! :p


    • lol ehhhhh? 😛

      I owe a lot to you♥ and in these past few years I’ve overcome a few things and now I can move ahead~*….your friendship means so much to me thank you~♥. Interestingly I could probably tell you more* now with experience for real……but sometimes things leak out here too surely ^ ^。


      • HarimaKenji says:

        it’s the PV I linked to… but why is it here obstructing your sidebar? =P
        I love Acchan with glasses in this PV ❤


        • U~n I was just trying something as I saw that you could insert a video directly into a comment but I have no idea if you can shrink it a bit xD…it’s so gigantic. Somehow with no text it appears but if it’s that giant maybe it’s not so good =/.

          Mmm…Acchan daydreaming about sensei~♥…….she’s so cute here! I so agree…..megane suits her ^ ^


    • W~ah! it finally posted in a comment…..I guess I had to leave any text out for the clips to appear here although I must say that video screen is most larrrrrrrge :O! lol 😛

      Arigatou~♥ Harima~kun! I love this video, Acchan’s smile is so adorable!! And great that they featured so many of the girls in this video too…..you know the first time I watched I had to hunt to find Yuko♥ lol I was like ehhhhhh where is she :P! The senbatsu ranking are always changing in time as some girls here I don’t see quite as often now like with Kitarie =/. I purchased AKB’s first video collection but it doesn’t go as far as “Namida Surprise” just yet…..I do hope~* that they release the next volume(s) soon! Spencer Peet sent me an AKB video collection too….I don’t know how he fit so many of the videos on there will the extras too :O


  2. zendra says:

    Many happy returns MB . It’s not easy to run a blog like yours for so long and remain fresh and inovative – but you manage that with no problems . Hoping you post on the wonderful Momoiro Clover before too long so my life can get even better !


  3. zush says:

    Happy 4th! So many things has happened during these lively years. . .


    • Thank you Zush~* (*´∀`*) ♪♪!!、we sort of grow with our sites too ne =)! U~n so true as topics aren’t difficult to come by as fast as events keep moving and changing all the time ^ ^。


    • Thank you~♥ so much! Creating a blog has been and still is a learning experience…me mostly lost :P! But it’s been fun these past years and I’m happy to have met you, thank you for your friendship♥ always and I apologize so much for my online delinquency (> <);


      • Ur always welcome ^.^ Don’t be sorry, I understand it and I am too especially this month everyone will be so busy.

        Thank u for ur friendship as well – It’ll be treasured, always~!


        • Aw you’re so sweet~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥、..I hope you’re doing great with your Christmas shopping, I’m usually kinda late (> <);……this year though I started a bit earlier so I'm almost done a surprise for me :P. I love the weather too as it's even a bit cooler and it was even "chilly" here last night and this morning which is nice as it's usually always warm…warm here ^ ^。


  4. Sofia says:

    Ohayo (it’s morning here see) Aki-chan! Hisashiburi, sorry about that. I still pop in here, I’ve just been bad with commenting. Gome. I hope your doing good though, and happy 4 years!!! It’s really unbelieveble how fast time flies, I totally agree. Soon we’ll all be proper grownups, hehe. Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’m still with you. Have a great day dear! ^_^


    • Oh no I’ve been the absolute worst!! I’m sort of having less time to be online recently and I haven’t been to friend’s blogs (*>ω<) 、I'm really sorry. I wonder if this is what it's like to be married lol….like having less free time? 😛 Thank you~♥…..from your terribly unworthy friend =/


  5. tiggerkun says:

    Happy belated birthday MB! Omedeto! I’m glad to see this blog is still alive and doing well. My life got extremely busy and I lost you when VOX went away. Don’t ask me how I found you again…it wasn’t easy. I hope you and you family are doing well amidst all the earthquakes and Tsunamis. ^_^


    • I know that was so sudden with Vox closing =(…..for awhile I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue blogging but I received so much help from friends here so that I could get everything from Vox to WP and in learning WP’s format that was most challenging too but HarimaKenji was my savior!! Thank you~* for the well wishes and happily everyone here is okay and safe =)♥. It’s wonderful to hear from you….I’ve missed you too (人∀`*)♥。


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