「Featured Post」~Oshima♥Yuko Tokyo ~> L.A.

Oshima♥Yuko in "kimi wa, boku no mono"....


Oshima Yuko Kimi wa, boku no mono DVD with photo extras This set is a must have!! as with Yuko’s lastest shahshinshuu & DVD (“Kimi wa, dare no mono?” & “”Kimi wa, boku no mono”) comes with photo extras~♥ and actually one from Neowing while the other two are included with the DVD inside….and after watching I was more endeared to her “school” photo as that segment shot in the classroom and on campus outside were both really cute parts of her DVD~. Her photo book also includes a two~sided poster as well as back and front covers showing really cute off~shot pictures taken during her visit…..complete with personalized notes~♥!

Oshima Yuko Kimi wa, dare no mono photo book with poster And what’s so different about “Kimi wa, boku no mono” is that it isn’t shot in your typical “idol” way and what I mean by that is that it’s not chaptered into camera seducing♥ segments but rather “Kimi, wa boku no mono” is presented very much like a documentary instead and it’s very warm and candidly~revealing of how production goes on a day~to~day basis~. I also had no idea that there was so much desert around L.A. as I always think of Nevada as being so much desert! desert! desert!

Oshima Yuko’s releases can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Oshima Yuko’s releases can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

So before heading into the many images and sights which were memorable for me, here are first the front and back covers of her shahshinshuu which are revealed when you remove its outer dust~jacket….and it wasn’t too long ago that I was watching Yuko’s “to, yuukoto” DVD but this DVD’s so much more awesome~* I think!!!…

Oshima Yuko "Kimi wa, dare no mono" shashinshuu front cover (scan0001)

Aaaaa~h! these are so cute neee

Oshima Yuko "Kimi wa, dare no mono" shashinshuu back cover (scan0002)

And doesn’t this ↓↓↓ bring into a whole new light the meaning of um……”lucky~dog?” :P…



~AKB48 arrives in L.A.!~

vlcsnap-71819 vlcsnap-71873




vlcsnap-71975 vlcsnap-71994 vlcsnap-72012 vlcsnap-72051 vlcsnap-72075

And it all culminates into the gathering above as Yuko is joined by her fellow group~mates♥ but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself xD here as this documentary goes literally from…..

vlcsnap-29555 vlcsnap-29578 vlcsnap-29750

..Yuko finishing her appearance @ a photo studio in Tokyo and from there it’s to the airport and onward to L.A. and chronicles everything you can imagine in between~. A sweet anticipation you’ll feel is how everything is building up towards the “rest” of AKB arriving in L.A. for their guest of honor appearance and concert for the 2010 Anime Expo event~!

vlcsnap-30263 vlcsnap-30307 vlcsnap-30326

Here she speaks with Tomochin briefly before saying good~bye.

vlcsnap-30606 vlcsnap-30665 vlcsnap-30967

On the way to Narita airport…..and I wonder if anyone else has fallen asleep while perusing his/her cell phone?? I know I surely have and I’ve actually woken up wondering where it went only to find that I’ve been sleeping on it for hours….not the kindest way to treat your phone for sure :P.


vlcsnap-31476 vlcsnap-31494

Just a snack before boarding and gosh* I never really thought about this before as I’ve never had anyone wanting to photograph me for a publication before lol :P….but somehow this tiny treat almost comes back to haunt poor Yuko~♥ (;´□`)!

vlcsnap-31808 vlcsnap-31834 vlcsnap-31916 vlcsnap-31966



vlcsnap-32387 vlcsnap-32878 vlcsnap-33195 vlcsnap-33328 vlcsnap-33408

Upon arriving in L.A. Yuko’s initial itinerary gives her quite a scare!! So cute how she reacts to learning that her very first work in L.A. will involve a mizugi~photo shoot @ the beach……as she mentions that she just had a snack at the airport not too long ago and for us girls you just don’t want any extra tummy showing while dressed in so little (/∇\*)!

vlcsnap-33789 vlcsnap-33809

Make~up time =). It’s funny as I usually won’t wear any when going to the beach although of course Yuko’s going there for a very very different reason.


vlcsnap-34173 vlcsnap-34193 vlcsnap-34298 vlcsnap-34324 vlcsnap-34376 vlcsnap-34394


I love how everyone had such a warm♥ reception for Yuko and it surely must be so so different and maybe even odd when people have no idea of whom she is :P! She’s even asked if she’s a singer (・o・)...

vlcsnap-34791 vlcsnap-34994 vlcsnap-35169 vlcsnap-35202






vlcsnap-35526 vlcsnap-35543 vlcsnap-35568

Time to get all of that sand off =)! I wonder how one may apply to become the official Yuko sand~dust~off~er?


vlcsnap-36453 vlcsnap-36479

Nothing like getting settled into a new comfy♥ bed!! But work starts quickly and it seems to me that that photographer guy was really waiting for the wind to blow up Yuko’s dress ↓↓↓??...

vlcsnap-36849 vlcsnap-37137 vlcsnap-37282 vlcsnap-37744 vlcsnap-37791 vlcsnap-37821 vlcsnap-38002 vlcsnap-38043 vlcsnap-38234 vlcsnap-38289 vlcsnap-38401 vlcsnap-38424 vlcsnap-38535 vlcsnap-38560 vlcsnap-38588 vlcsnap-38611

The aforementioned “lucky~dog”……=)!


vlcsnap-38955 vlcsnap-39024 vlcsnap-39039


While I’m a little skeptical of these types of readings this surely was an eye~opening experience for Yuko! She learns that while she possesses great talent that her talent really lies in acting and that she’ll grow to become a great actress~*, that she places too much pressure upon herself which can cause her to break down =(, but the most intriguing of readings occurred when it was revealed that there is a person involved in her finances which is described as a person with “a large face” whom is “two faced” and is bad for her finances and it really puzzles Yuko and you gotta love her reaction she’s so funny and cute here! And this particular reading stayed on her mind throughout the trip as she later refers back to it still wondering whom this person could be.

vlcsnap-39500 vlcsnap-40080 vlcsnap-43258 vlcsnap-43403 vlcsnap-43429 vlcsnap-43590



vlcsnap-44118 vlcsnap-44210 vlcsnap-44293 vlcsnap-44313 vlcsnap-44333 vlcsnap-44422 vlcsnap-44572

“Kanpai!!” and what a busy day!!…..



vlcsnap-45309 vlcsnap-45409 vlcsnap-45471 vlcsnap-45497 vlcsnap-45551 vlcsnap-45578 vlcsnap-45609

These were some of the first images seen when “Kimi wa, dare no mono” arrived for pre~order……and I don’t know how she’s able to walk barefoot on the desert turf! I mean atsui (/∇\*)!!、even here once the sun has been up for awhile the sand can burn your feet so much! This shade of blue is so pretty as it contrasts the desert landscape….


..really sexy* too!

vlcsnap-45940 vlcsnap-46039 vlcsnap-46160 vlcsnap-46185 vlcsnap-46234

And even a wardrobe change out in the middle of the desert :O……I wonder how much privacy there can be in such a tiny set, that being the van they drove in lol I don’t think I could ever change in front of or even around others so near to me xD.


Here we witness the dropped ice~treat :O! I couldn’t help but giggle a bit while watching how Yuko was struggling to get the ice to peek out of its wrapper and then it fell =(. I hope~* they bought her another one~♥ =).


She melts me with her smile♥!

vlcsnap-46565 vlcsnap-46604





vlcsnap-46796 vlcsnap-46816 vlcsnap-46927


Here’s such a cute segment!! Not only do we learn that Yuko likes Jim Carrey as an actor but that guy in blue I think wasn’t just play acting as I Mmm…am pretty sure he has a crush~♥ on her here for real!! o(*´∀`)o゛~♥!But who can blame him…I think I’d come~onto her too if I were in such close proximities…..did I just think that out loud (*´艸`)...?

And I love how they dressed her here…..megane♥.


vlcsnap-47316 vlcsnap-47404 vlcsnap-47462 vlcsnap-47645 vlcsnap-47914 vlcsnap-48119 vlcsnap-48314


…….he likes her! her likes her! you can just tell and innocent flirting never a bad thing =)♥. This was cute!

vlcsnap-48828 vlcsnap-48853 vlcsnap-48870 vlcsnap-48902 vlcsnap-48944




vlcsnap-49557 vlcsnap-49584 vlcsnap-49670


And now for the sexy* part of attending a university….although something about open~showers frightens me (・д・`*)!!

vlcsnap-49888 vlcsnap-49959 vlcsnap-49983 vlcsnap-50003 vlcsnap-50023 vlcsnap-50139 vlcsnap-50315


What a wonderful eatery!….authentic Japanese cuisine in a casual atmosphere♥. Miso soup gooooood!!! But natto baaaaaaad!!! I don’t even know where to start about why I cannot bring myself to eat natto, oh wait! the smell yuck~yuck~yuck (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓


vlcsnap-50663 vlcsnap-50713 vlcsnap-50742 vlcsnap-51107



vlcsnap-52255 vlcsnap-52292 vlcsnap-52431 vlcsnap-52450 vlcsnap-52468 vlcsnap-52666 vlcsnap-52924






I was like why aren’t any of men helping Yuko with her luggage =(? It looks so heavy and then there are stairs…..

vlcsnap-53428 vlcsnap-53496 vlcsnap-53657

This place really got a reaction~* from Yuko!!! It’s so spacious and pretty inside! Hmm I wonder* what those bars over the bed could be used for? Yuko monkey~ing around on them was cute!!


The bathroom is amazing too…I love that it has a separate tub and shower♥!

vlcsnap-54640 vlcsnap-54871 vlcsnap-54954 vlcsnap-55274


Now this is about as candid as you can get as mid photo~shoot a bikinied Yuko is told by staff that Japan’s World Cup hopes are teetering on penalty kicks against I think it was Paraguay?….so she quickly heads from the pool ~> to a nearby t.v. set to watch catch the final moments of drama……it was so sad when Japan lost this way and here you can see Yuko’s reaction =(.

vlcsnap-55761 vlcsnap-55815 vlcsnap-55943



….off to the nearest t.v.!!!

vlcsnap-56149 vlcsnap-56199 vlcsnap-56272 vlcsnap-56288 vlcsnap-56304




You’d need a rest too after such stress!!! =(……


..and it’s back to work.

vlcsnap-57490 vlcsnap-57520 vlcsnap-58407 vlcsnap-58567





vlcsnap-59141 vlcsnap-59251 vlcsnap-59314 vlcsnap-59463


vlcsnap-59590 vlcsnap-59707 vlcsnap-59771 vlcsnap-59934 vlcsnap-59986



Joshua Tree just makes me think of U2….lol it’s that strange? 😛 I used to wonder what does a Joshua tree look like?? This park is so gigantic!!!..and with Yuko running free what could be better =).

vlcsnap-61114 vlcsnap-61386 vlcsnap-61642 vlcsnap-62066 vlcsnap-62428 vlcsnap-62458 vlcsnap-62635 vlcsnap-62770 vlcsnap-62806


vlcsnap-63414 vlcsnap-63653


The days are winding down and soon the other AKB members will arrive too in L.A. for the Anime Expo~.


vlcsnap-63950 vlcsnap-64124 vlcsnap-64542 vlcsnap-64676 vlcsnap-64792


vlcsnap-65181 vlcsnap-65268 vlcsnap-65366 vlcsnap-65437

vlcsnap-65653 vlcsnap-65793 vlcsnap-65954 vlcsnap-65994


Venice Beach looks awesome!! Would love to visit there one day for sure! Just the atmosphere with street~artists along with so many eateries and places to shop♥ and see! You gotta so love the custom AKB~art that guy who’s like a giant (or are we really that short? lol 😛 )….makes for her complete with a rap~♪....!






vlcsnap-66728 vlcsnap-69371 vlcsnap-69423 vlcsnap-69461 vlcsnap-69479


Yaaay so awesome!!!







vlcsnap-70164 vlcsnap-70459 vlcsnap-70486 vlcsnap-70525


….the Hollywood walk of fame~* (sigh*…..)…!

vlcsnap-70644 vlcsnap-70741 vlcsnap-70925 vlcsnap-71162 vlcsnap-71206 vlcsnap-71443

Such tiny hands…cute!..and you know what they say about us girls with tiny hands??…..Mmm tiny gloves :P!


It’s the “end” of Yuko’s ♥ L.A. experience…..well nope it’s just beginning! And again it’s so awesome how this DVD leads right up to the arrival of Yuko’s AKB48 group~mates!…..I  hope you enjoyed this little Yukorin♥ journey with me it was fun to cap~♥ =).

AKB48♥ in L.A. Anime Expo ikouyo~!!!

^ ^♥ 終わり。


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  1. These are fantastic pictures of Yuko. Thanks for posting them MB!


    • I had a really fun time capping~♥ this DVD =)!….Yuko always so honest and expressive (melts*)….ugh! I’m not sure of what’s going on with the mail but your package still hasn’t arrived =(. I wondering if it would be sent back to you though?…or maybe it was really lost =(.


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    For God so loved the world, he sent us Yuko.

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